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Pure Jazz Magazine Vol 7 Issue 1 Horace Silver-PJM 2016

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“EVERYBODY’S GOT A PISTOL, EVERYBODY’S GOT A 45 WHEN OTHER FOLKS GIVE UP THEIRS I’LL GIVE UP MINE” We don’t have sufficient time, nor space to cover all of Gil’s songs. That would take a book, currently in the works. Despite overt acts of historical racism against Jazz infused songs, people often forget Gil included compositions of love where one finds the essence of his soul. SPIRITS (1994). The title song in another salute to John Coltrane was made at a time when ‘The Artist’ himself was at peace. In Gil’s interpretation of Coltrane’s music, the saxophone as a voice instrument, and the call of this ancestor is infused in the birth of the title song. The sax can boom loudly in anger, or soft in seductive sweetness, depending on the mood of its master. piano/ Brian Jackson, Kim Jordan, and Vernard Dickson; on piano /vocals, Gil, and on saxophone, Leon Williams, and Ron Holloway. Malcolm Cecil mixed it. The sound of his Fender Rhodes keyboards, piano, flute, and that deep base, unmistakable voice, Gil Scott-Heron felt the Spirits in the Jazz songs he, and various band members, collaborated on. Gil paid tribute to the unparalleled contribution and loyalty of them when he wrote: “These have been gifts from the Spirit. So perhaps these songs, and poems are ‘spirituals’. I offer these new thoughts on behalf of my band members …don’t ever let the Spirits die.” Having the surviving original band members perform for tributes would co-opted, mixed, and re-arranged in ways, which would displease him. This is about the things we create, and how if we’re not careful, other forces will seek to re-arrange, change, and re-create what they want, instead of sharing the gift of Jazz in his music. The music discussed here represents our collective struggle, still not over, but deeply, and spiritually infused into our Jazz consciousness forever. Thank you, Gil. Patricia A. Kelly is a freelance writter. She is currently editing a book about Gil Scott Heron... MESSAGE TO THE MESSENGER, SPIRITS, GIVE HER A CALL, LA- DY’S SONG, SPIRITS PAST, AND THE OTHER SIDE, PARTS I, II, and III, WORK FOR PEACE, AND DON’T GIVE UP… The origins, and stories behind songs on this album, and more will be found in, “The Poetry Man, A Memoir of my life with Gil Scott-Heron, soon, a forthcoming book. SPIRITS credits include - on bass, Fima Ephron, Rob Gordon, and Rodney Young/drums, on percussion Larry McDonald, and Tony Duncansen, Page 48 - Pure Jazz Magazine Patricia A. Kelly and Gil Scott Heron @ SOB’s be a way of maintaining his legacy, and teaching the messages still unheard to new generations of listeners. “The things they gave us, and left here as Rashassan Roland Kirk once said of John Coltrane, ‘were left for us to learn’. ” Gil Scott-Heron’s music endures. He leaves precious musical gems in the Jazz idiom. The danger now is that it’s being

Magazine JAZZ a la MODE Kenny Barron Trio “Book Of Intuition” by Bernard White Bernard White can be heard regularly on his online radio station Mon - Fri at Well, it finally happened. After a decade of artistic collaboration, the Kenny Baron Trio has finally gone into the studio to produce an album. Featuring Kiyoshi Kitagawa on bass and Johnathan Blake on drums the trio conspired to create, “Book Of Intuition”. The trio plays with a cohesion that is the result of ten years of teamwork and partnership. You will enjoy all 59 minutes of melodic delight. The album begins with “Magic Dance.” The opening chords suggest that we are about to experience a ballad and then the trio effortlessly transitions into a lively Bossa-nova beat. The next tune, “Bud Like” is just that. It could also be call Bud-esque. With the keyboard complexity of Bud Powell we also get the neat and nimble, rhythmic drum solos and accents of Johnathan Blake. As if they knew we would be out of breath we are taken to “Cook’s Bay.” Cook’s Bay is the southernmost bay of Lake Simcoe in Ontario. It is a mecca for perch fishing. The trio successfully captures the spirit of a bright sunny windblown day in Cook’s Bay. In the “Slow Lane”, “Shuffle Boil”, “Light Blue”, “Lunacy, Dreams”, “Prayer and Nightfall” are efforts that complete this long awaited treasure. “Book Of Intuition” is sure to become an often visited location in your library. 2016 brings a new music consumer game in town. It wasn’t that long ago we reviewed vinyl albums. Then we moved to CD’s and DVD’s. Next it was downloads and now it’s complete album streams. Welcome to the new age of music comsumption. Pure Jazz Historic Moment The Savoy Ballroom - Harlem, New York City Pure Jazz Magazine - Page 49