What's It Feel Like To Have Sex With A Sex Doll


Ever wonder what it feels like to have sex with a realistic love doll? Find out right now, but be forewarned that you're going to want to buy one after you read this. Learn more at http://www.bestrealisticsexdolls.com

7/4/2016 What's It Feel Like To Have Sex With A Sex Doll? - Best Realistic Sex Dolls

hot dude!!! You’re going to bust your load in no time and feel so satiated for the rest of the day. Sexual

tension fully released.

Are Sex Dolls Better Than Real Women?

Well, I still love my wife and have no intentions of “replacing” her with a chunk of fake flesh, but she just

doesn’t have the sex drive I do. Sometimes I feel like if she could reproduce without me, she would! Having

kids puts a serious damper on anyones sex life, but I can’t live on sex only once a month or once a quarter.

That’s just crazy making! I get so sexually frustrated that I become a passive aggressive asshole.

So, while I really enjoy my wife’s company and our conversations, when I want to FUCK the other 29 times

a month she doesn’t want to, I have a great outlet that keeps me monogamous, sexually satisfied and

eradicates my sexual frustration. I’d be lying if I told you that my love doll hasn’t been a marriage saver.

My wife even allowed me to bring her into our bed a couple of times for a safe three way. If you can make

this work with your wife, fucking do it!!! There is nothing hotter than having your wife lie on top of your sex

doll and then fucking both of them one hole at a time. I explode in minutes! It’s ridiculous.


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