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MESSAGE FROM OUR CHAPLAIN Dear Friends, July and August – the months covered by this edition of the St Alban’s parish magazine – are, by tradition, holiday months. Many of us are in the fortunate position of being able to take some time-out from our daily routines and duties as we head to beaches or summer houses, or other favourite destinations. However, surveys show that more and more of us are bringing our work with us on these holiday trips. For example, research conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management in the UK found that over three in every five employees (61 per cent) work during their annual leave and even more (64 per cent) read and send business-related emails during their time off. Perhaps most worrying of all, almost one in five (18 per cent) return to work more stressed than when they left! The reasons for this phenomenon are complex and sadly many people feel enormous pressure from their employers to be part of an “always available” and “constantly contactable” culture. However, I do wonder if, for some of us at least, there isn’t a deeper question of faith and trust at work here. For me, the photocopied notice stuck to the vestry door at Church reminds me of an important, and potentially life-altering, truth. If you have never seen this notice, do pop your head into the vestry some day and have a look. This unremarkable A4 page carries a powerful message. It simply reads: “Do not feel totally, personally, irrevocably responsible for everything. That's my job! Love, God!” How true! There is a God and it’s not you and it’s not me. There is a power holding all of us, and all of creation, in being and while it is present in each one of us, it is also greater than every one of us. There is a loving and gracious meaning and purpose to our lives and it is ultimately not dependent on what we do, or what we achieve, or how many emails we answer each day. So relax, have a holiday and allow yourself to rest in the knowledge that there is a God — and it’s not us! Enjoy the summer months. Darren ~ 6 ~


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