Issue: 30 June 2016

Excelsior Newsletter

Excelsior Newsletter

CEO Message

As I spoke in earlier monthly meeting, what drives us here to be part of Mobinius? Working at a growing company like Mobinius is a wonderful way to acquire experience

and continue learning while doing real work in a dynamic environment. It gives you an opportunity to move away from the boring “preset to-do list” into a world

full of new challenges and possibilities. We strongly believe in learning from each other’s experience and success. Also, I believe everyone in the universe is an entrepreneur

in one or other way, you just need a rock solid platform to apply your entrepreneurial thoughts and make it a huge success. Mobinius is that platform for


Whenever I meet new prospects from the across the globe, the first question I receive is “What is Unique in Mobinius? What makes it different from others?” Probably

second question they ask is “Why should we work with you, when we have multiple options?” All the answer lies in the below amazing story at Mobinius.

The end-to-end Communication and collaboration platform, one of the most successful stories to come out from Mobinius as technology partner. We always

believed “Success of our customers is our success”, this is not a slogan of our company. It is in our DNA. This product is outcome of this commitment. When we could

create a product with initial MVP to sellable product, then selling it across geographies and then becoming no.1 in the industry, it is Massive Achievement! Visited

recently our customer’s customer and we were delighted to see the product being used and helping them in many way. You cannot ask for more gratification than

this! The kind of involved approach we have taken, I am sure it is surprising for many. They ask me questions like “Can it happen from company like Mobinius?” “Do

you have the technical capabilities to make it happen?” with their eyebrows stretched to the highest and their eyes wide open. And I have always replied with pride

in my eyes and holding my head high, “Yes, it is, this is the result of our commitment, passion and dedication from all Mobinauts at Mobinius!”

As I have been talking to many people, we have started replicating the same success model to many more products and customers of Mobinius. We have been

greatly benefitted with this approach, which is resulting in our multifold growth.

Sometime disruptions create more successful avenues. We continue to disrupt what we do at Mobinius and hence boundless outcome!


The certificates of Appreciation, Recognition and Achievement framed on the wall of the office is like the medals on a soldier’s uniform increasing

his pride.

These appreciation and reorganizations are the proof of the success Mobinius has tasted in the span of its 6 year journey. Here are few of such

accomplishments which we have received in this quarter

1. In the span of last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including Silicon India editorial board were

keeping a close eye on the companies in the Designing Phase. They evaluated the companies on the criteria of Quality, Quantity, Creativity

and the services given to the customers.

We are proud to announce that Mobinius has successfully fulfilled all the criteria and is recognized as “Top 5 Most Emerging UX/ UI designing

Company in India in 2016” by the reviews of Silicon India.

2. Mobinius has established its new European Headquarter in Stockholm Sweden. Andres Nilsson is handling the European HQ and will take

care of all the business collaboration and customer service in Europe.

3. NASSCOM has recognized Mobinius as one of the

fastest growing Mobility Company in India.

An interview of our CEO Mr. Damodar with Team NASS-

COM was published in their website where Damodar

talks about his vision to become World’s Best Mobility

Company and gave a glimpse of his plan to reach his


Major feats in projects

The most important part of the business is “Customer Retention” which can be done only by providing customers with timely and best services.

Our technical team has put a great effort in meeting the expectation of the customers in terms of quality and timely services. They have also

taken the ownership of some of the projects from our customers and helping them in evolving and taking the product to a new level. Here are

some of the major feats Mobinius has achieved in projects.

1. We had a successful quarter with major milestones completed for the Communication and collaboration platform for Construction, Ship

Building and Facility Management Industries. We have released the android and iOS version of new design solutions with more optimized UI.

Also we are happy to announce that we have released the version 4 for Web and made the life of technical support team very easy with the

implementation of new Admin Tool.

2. New release web version 4 has been introduced with Google map integration and user can view their tickets on Google maps.

3. We have achieved the milestone of creating our first ever windows mobile app for our Netherland based construction client which is live and

available on store for all users.

4. We have successfully designed, developed an Android based application for one of our Manufacturing industry client. The app is made with

carefully designed UI which helps users to find broad range of the products and get its details in no time. We have next phase of the application

already being developed, with a customer feedback now we can only make app much better!

New Business Collaborations

With a continuous restless effort of our Sales and Delivery Team Mobinius was able to strike good deals in this quarter as well. Here are few of

the deals which are going to help Mobinius in achieving the goals that our leadership team has in their minds.

1. Started working with one of the major Bangalore based IT Services Company as their Mobility Service Provider.

2. Started working with a leading education provider company headquartered in Singapore on their UX and Web Solution.

3. Working on a UX project for an Industrial Application for a Tier 1 Automotive Company.

4. Web Development for a Hong Kong based customer.

5. Web solution developement for a customer from Germany.

Mobinius in USA

Mobinius Sales team travelled to the World’s Strongest Economy

USA from 7th June to 27th June 2016 to meet some existing and

new Customer, engage them on latest technologies we work on.

Our Team also shared our latest frameworks and platforms to

enable them to adapt to mobility at a rapid pace.

The trip was even more successful as Team Mobinius attended 4

International Technology event Cloud Expo in New York, Digital

Summit in Denver, IRCE and Techweek in Chicago.

Our team participated actively in the events and made the most

out of them. They met a lot of experts of the industry, listened to

their experiences, got to know about the latest trends in the

industry and the future as well. We also got a chance to network

with them and introduce Mobinius and proudly share our success


Star Employee



Vipin Vishwakarma

Employees are the asset of the organization. Mobinius has always appreciated the hard work and dedication shown by the employees in the process

of making Mobinius a success. Here are some members of Mobinius Family who has done some tremendous job in last quarter and that’s

why they are awarded with Star Employee Award.

We take this opportunity to extend heart full thanks to all our employees, important stakeholders for their hard work and our customers to

believe in us and giving us opportunity to work them. We look forward to a continuous dedication and hard work of Mobinauts and will be more

than happy to reward the deserving members of the team.

Celebrations @ Mobinius

“Live and Work hard, but do not forget to play, to have fun and really enjoy it.”

Mobinius has always prioritized the work life balance culture in its office. It gives an adrenaline rush and a motivation to the Mobinauts to give

their 100% in completing their responsibilities. In the process to continue this tradition a successful and fun filled Quarterly Meeting was organized

by our HR Team.

The motive of the meeting was to show case the

success Mobinius has achieved in this quarter

and to identify and reward the champions who

worked hard to achieve this success. Some

plans for the next quarter were also discussed

in the meeting.

The meeting started on a high node with a motivational

speech of Guru Murthy. We also invited

Mr. Santosh GR, our health insurance advisor to

enlighten us on the benefits of Health insurance

and appealed to take insurance cover for family

and for themselves.

The gathering was later followed by some funny

team activities and an adorable musical combination

of song and guitar by Akash to end the

meeting on a musical node.


Mobinius is the premier mobile solution partner for companies and individuals creating the next generation of digital applications.

Mobinius develops custom solutions for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

www.mobinius.com | +91 80 65653393, 1-786-523-0124 | info@mobinius.com

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