From our mission to our logo design, we want to you show you aspect of our

company, our passion and support as an apparel line for the action sports industry.

Here we have layed out everything from our company business cards, brochures,

packaging and other printed elements of Defy It All.

Within our digital section we have displayed our web page, smart-phone and tablet

applications and our connection map.


Defy It all, not only is this an incredible, one of a kind action-sports

apparel company, but it’s also a way of living life to the fullest. We wanted

to create a brand that stood for something, that made our athletes and our

defiants feel proud to not only represent, but to feel confident in the

support we give them.

It took years to think of the name but only seconds think of our mission.

Defy It All not only pushes the limits, we set them. From our aesthetics to

our team of defiant athletes, we are known as the best.







It’s hard at times to visualize just what our mind, body and souls are

capable of. Hannah Hodges has her target acquired and is actively

becoming the youngest and fastest racers in the sport where men and

usually dominant. Hannah is a true defiant.

It’s so sick to have such an active company backing me, I love having Defy

It All as a sponsor, motivator and friend.” Hannah Hodges


Our clothing is one of a kind, meaning when one garment is released, it

will have a limited run and never be produced again, however, the next

release will be just as exceptional if not even more so.

From T-shirts, Hooded Sweaters, Winter Wear, Tank Tops, Hats, Beanies to

Booty Shorts... We do it all... Sometimes.

We do this to keep our image fresh and make it feel personable in a form

of clothing. When someone Has one of the original runs of DIA's clothing,

we want that to make them feel unique, stylish and a part of the team.


I chose the HTF Knockout Typeface to knuckle up against the DIA logo.

The font is modern, simplistic, open and everlasting. I believe that they

typeface not only looks aesthetically pleasing in itself, it has a large variety

of different weights to expand the brands type if need be. However, the

lightweight of the HTF 26, The intensity of the 28 and the beauty of the 47

are too perfect to alter aside from kerning out each to DIA’s standards.

The body copy is DIN 1451 Mittleschriff. I love the flow and negative space

that the typeface gifts in its usage. Kerned at 0, Leaded at 14, Sized at 9.


The color palette of DIA is minimal in most circumstances. The brand

loves to stand out, no doubt about that, however, boasting our brand by

overdosing our designs in color just isn’t right. We chose a mint color that

we call “make-out” (it’s similar to chewed up bubblegum) We also went

with a salmon like color that we nick-named “pre-game” for absolutely no

reason at all, other then it sounded cool at the time.

The original logo is a gray color and the RGB is all at 167 due to the

owners past profession as a motocross racer. 167 was his amateur racing




10 | 11 | 15





We have chosen you to represent DIA. Your mission, should you accept it, is to continue to defy the limits of your mental state, lifestyle and

sport. At DIA we feel that you are the perfect soldier to fight along side our fellow defiants. As an athlete, you are superior to your

competition. As a person you are exactly what we need.




We wanted our packaging at Defy It All to be

just as bold as our brand. While it may not be

the safest pagaging out there... we figured

the things our defiants do on the daily aren’t

exactly “safe” either.

On the plus side, we are environmentally

friendly and went with a recycled glass

product, because we love the earth just as

much as we love our company and team.






Implanted in the mind of former professional

motocross racer and action sports enthusiast,

Austin Schott, Defy It All was the virus living

within everyones blood who knew just how hard

they could push their limits.

This a back-bone for the wild ones, a flag of

honor, victory and triumph. We are a company

that pushes the limit in all that defines action

sports. We create to inspire and we are inspired

by you and the level in which you exceed your,

ours and the worlds expectations on what is and

isn’t possible. Without a doubt we a brand

without limitations

From our passion toward adversary to the

rebellion behind our “one - off” apparel releases.

At defy it all we push ourselves, our brand and

those who back us to the absolute limit.

We support passion and dedication to a positive

lifestyle. We want those who back the brand to

feel the same sort of love from us. At Defy it All,

we want you to send it in life, harder, faster and

crazier than anyone before you. Set the stage,

It’s all yours.

DIA is not just a clothing line, but a way of life.



The Defy It All mobile site is more simplistic & fast-paced. The

mobile site still comes equip with all the features as the full site, just

with an alternative way of navigating from each category.

To get to the next category (Home, About, Apparel, etc...) Simply slide

to the left or right. When on the category you’re interested in, slide up

and down to read more or tap to get more information

We wanted the mobile site to be as simple as possible yet have a

touch of modern to it. Our Tablet site works the exact same way as

the mobile one, yet is scaled differently for the difference in sizes.


The Defy It All Tablet site is the most usual friendly and visually balanced site. It

has every feature that the full website has, yet is easily navigated through swiping,

tapping and scrolling.

To move from category to category (Home, About, Apparel, etc...) Simply swipe to

either the left or right. Once you land upon the category you want, scroll up and

down to acquire more about the page. To get further engulfed in that particular

page, simply tap and you will be transported into more information about the

specified subject in which you so desire.


The Defy It All homepage Provides

The Defy It All about page tells the

The Defy It All apparel page is our

The Defy It All cart simply allows

The Defy It All contact page allows

users with up and coming DIA

story on how the idea sparked, the

most unique system.

you to make changes to review

a variety of communication tactics.

events, competitions, concerts and

company was formed and our

your order, change sizes if needed

team gatherings.

goals for us, our believers and our

It may appear that only have one

and order your apparel.

One can access our social media

team of defiants.

article of clothing, but simply scroll

pages, email us, call us and apply

As each slide of the home pages

up and watch what happens. Our

The cart is on a one hour timer,

to be a part of our team.

passes, you can simply click or tap

model becomes interactive as she

meaning if you order something,

the event to get more information.

turns around, strips the shirt and

add it to your cart and decide not to

puts on the next limited garment.

complete the purchase, you can go

Each slide will last a total of 4

back within the hour and your

seconds and will be updated as

To purchase the shirt, just click it or

items will still be there. If you are to

soon as the event is over.

hit checkout, from there the user is

miss the one our limit, you must

brought to our cart where you can

go back and re-ad your clothing if it

select your size(s).

is still available. Keep in mind that

the apparel is limited and only

To continue shopping, just swipe

comes in a run of 100 pieces.

back and continue to look through

what DIA has going on.


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