2 years ago

Simon Says Save the Climate Teaching Handbook

E p isode #1

E p isode #1 •••••••••••••••••••••• CliMa te Change Review Questions Q: In the cartoon's photos, how has the snow changed on Mt. Kilimanjaro? Q: What would happen if everyone in the world threw their garbage on the ground like Bob? Q: Why are the animals going to the mountain by hippo instead of car? E p isode #2 Q: Why are glaciers on mountains disappearing? Q: What is one thing Peep the Bird suggests we do to help stop the melting? E p isode #3 Q: What are fossil fuels? Q: What gas is released when fossil fuels are burned to create power? Q: How does this gas contribute to Global Warming? This is called the ___ Effect. © 2016 Hippo Works HiPPoWoRKS