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MSQ cosmetics company was founded in 2010. and quickly grew into a well-know international manufacturer factory. our company is the main prodcution of make-up brushes. it has enjoyed highly repulation in domestic and foreign market. it holds a pre-eminent quality. and annual sales volume of over 100 million USD in makeup field. our makeup brush and cosmetics have been recognized by many professional buyer.
OEM&ODM is acceptable for the makeup brush and cosmetics. your own logo and own design are welcome.

Our Mission.
MSQ'S mission is to provide beauty enthusiasts with the latest innovations in brushes. and makeup tools. we strive for exceptional quality. innovtive, and excellence in customer service

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The Structure of makeup brush

1.Common makeup brushes:

Consists of three parts, i.e. the bristle, ferrule (metal part) and the handle. This is the basic, most

widely used and popular type.

2.Kabuki brush:

(Also called mushroom brushes). Such brush only consists of bristle and bottom case. In fact

there is another part-a blank tube inside the foundation pipe, which is used to carry the bristle.

However it is invisible from outside.The material of the bottom case could be metal, wood,

bamboo, plastic or others.

3.Retractable brush:

Consists of four parts: a upper cover, a bottom cover, bristle, and the joint of two covers. The

bristle is covered inside, so is invisible from outside.

Logo printing ways of makeup brush

Pad Printing

This kind of printing mode applies to wooden handle,the color can be which color you like.

Advantage : Economical

Screen Printing

This type of printing is suitable for printing of the cannular handle,such as tube of kabuki brush ,

retractable powder brush ,and the brush have tube or cap,the color can be which color you like.

Economical and Practical.

Hot Stamp Printing

This type of printing way is suitable for different kinds of material,the wood handle ,bamboo

handle ,

plastic handle and so on. The color of the logo can be gold,silver and so on.

Advantage : Attractive and durable , not easy to be abraded, last long

Oxidize printing

Oxidize printing is suitable for the metal material ,the color the be gold,silver and so on,

Advantage : High texture, can't be abraded, last long

Disadvanctage : More expensive

How It's Made-A Makeup Brush

The production process of makeup brushes is usually as follows:

Purchasing Hairs,Combing Hairs,Mounding hairs,Inserting hairs into ferrule,

Squeezing ferrule,Measuring (to ensure the hair size outside the ferrule),

Dipping glue (drop given glue into the ferrule to fix hair and ferrule),

Refining hairs, Assembling and Packing.

Purchasing hair

We dress hair by oursel or import hair from Europe and Kroea , only the finest of these hair are

chosen and used by us.

Combing Hairs

All the hair is carefully combed to remove any hairs that are bent ,warn, knotted ,without tip or

any other hairs we consider to be of inferior quality.

This work can only be done by handle and by the most experienced craftsman.

Mounding hairs

Hairs are put into a mold to assemble , shape and bundle them.

We never cut hairs to shape the bristles, this helps to achieve high brush performance .

Inserting hair head into ferrule

The bristles are inserted into a ferrule and glued together tightly.

Squeezing ferrule

Some styles of brush need this process , some don't.

Dipping glue

We use professional plant environmental protection glue for making cosmetic brushes to fit


The quantity of glue for each brush is control strictly . Too little glue quantity will affect the brush

of soundness ,too much Glue quantity can cause excessive glue phenomenon ,so this process

need the

slills of various experienced craftsmen.

Handle assembling

Fit a brush head (bristles and ferrule) to a brush handle.


Before any of our products are shipped , we carefully in inspect them individually to maintain our

high standard and delivery of only the finest quality products.

Customer special requirements on makeup brushes need to be done separately,such as the

equirements on logo,

package,as well as the requirements on the color,material and style of hairs,ferrules and handles.



Badger Hair

Squirrel Hair

Squirrel Mix or Squirrel Blends

Pony Hair

Goat Hair

. XGF goat hair (the softest goat hair,but it's very very expensive)

. ZGF goat hair (the scoend soft goat hair,it's expensive)

. BJF goat hair (softer goat hair)

. HBJ goat hair (little weaker than BJF goat hair)

. HJF goat hair (soft goat hair)

. #2 goat hair (common hair)

. #10 goat hair (rough)

. SQ goat hair (the cheapest one)

Kolinsky Sable

Weasel Hair

Red Sable


Pahmi Hair



TAKLON (1-3 colors)

NYLON (1-3 colors)

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Types of Makeup Brushes

Types of Makeup Brushes,kind of makeup brushes......

Author: Date:2012-5-25 6:10:55

Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes have long, flat bristles that are tapered at the ends, allowing for accurate and

precise application of foundation or concealer.

Powder Brush

Powder brushes are big and fluffy, with many bristles to pick up loose powder. These brushes are

to dust makeup powder evenly and loosely across the skin.

Kabuki Brush

A kabuki brush features a large bunch of bristles firmly packed into a circular base, with a very

short handle. These brushes are used for face powder or mineral

foundation and should provide complete, even coverage across the face.

Blush Brush

A blush brush is used for adding blush colors onto the cheeks. Two main types of blush brushes

are most popular: large and fluffy blush brushes or small and

angled blush brushes. The bristles should be soft, as this provides a more natural look.

Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow brushes are small and come in a wide variety of shapes. Angled or pointy eyeshadow

brushes help line the eyes; blunt brushes add color to the eyelids.

For more question please contact ous sales department.

My Beauty Tools Limited is a professional makeup brush manufacturer in China,our web site

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Difficulty: Easy Instructions

Things You'll Need

Towels;Blush Brush;Eye Shadow Brushes;Makeup Brushes;Shampoos For Normal Hair

1 Run the bristles of the makeup brush under warm running water.

2 Apply a small amount of shampoo to bristles and work into a light lather.

3 Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush

is tinted from old makeup.

4 Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush.

5 Allow it to air-dry.

Why Us? Why Our Make-Up Brushes? So What? WIIFM?

When you buy make-up brushes from The Make-Up Brush Company, you are buying into a set

specially designed by our Founder and Chief Make-Up Artist Christine Allsopp. Here are a few

words from Christine ....

"My name is Christine Allsopp and I am a make-up artist for film and TV.

In the course of my

work, many women (and men) have asked me for tips and techniques, as well as specific advice;

so I thought I should share my expertise with more people. And, probably like you, I was fed up

of buying brushes that were overpriced and failed to produce the right effect - so I designed my

own. Trust me - they're exactly what you need.

So why are they unique? Because they are you doorway to a professional, secret world. If you

buy one of the brush sets you will receive a password which is exclusive to you. It gives you

access to my own private make-up room at where you will see women of all ages and colour

using my brushes and techniques to their best effect. In the privacy of your own home you can

watch, copy, learn and adapt your look with professional make-up advice.

Come on-line and join the rest of us - we'll be very pleased to see you there.

Our Foundation Brush

More in depth positives On Shapes and efficiency

Make-up brushes should have bristles that suit the purpose. Sounds simple, and it is when you

are practiced in the correct tension for a bristles particular purpose. For example a Foundation

brush needs to have firm enough spring to deliver foundation thinly and quickly, pressing the

foundation to blend onto the skin rather than just sitting on it, which is what can make make-up

look thick and unappealing. You shouldn't have to press hard, the make-up brush shouldn't

become a limp dishcloth when carrying make-up, it should do the work elegantly for you. An

eye-shadow brush, needs to be soft to work effectively around the eyes, but not so soft it is

ineffective and forces you to spread the hairs by pressing too much, nor chopped so it would

make the eye area sore.

To this end, our make-up brushes are made to optimum characteristics for each and every job

and we continue to work on improving the line to translate what I know instinctively as a

professional, to a brush that helps the casual user do a good job easily. In essence this is the

philosophy behind The Make-Up Brush Company's brand of make-up brushes. There are so many

make-up brushes available that it can get confusing, leaving the end-user feeling frustrated and

lost. The Make-Up Brush Company offers a tried and tested team of brushes that the customer

can trust and enjoy!

How a true team was developed

"On a production I Chiefed at Pinewood Studios in the early 1990's, on which I was making up 3-4

women in 1950's make-up every morning, I noticed that although I had a huge roll of make-up

brushes, I found some shapes in particular most useful; Foundation, Concealer, Powder/Blusher,

Socket Shader and Eye-liner. I began to think of them as my Core Set. When I needed to achieve

more detail in my work, for example for 1950's wet eyeliner, or a softer powder liner, a blended

pencil or a lip shape, I included another 4 preferred brushes which enabled me to work quickly

and effectively." Christine Allsopp

When you're getting actresses ready for the set, you need to be quick and effective in a calm and

efficient atmosphere without it even appearing to be so. Focused progress rather than

work-stopping chit-chat is the order of the day. So choosing brushes that are harmonious with

your way of working is essential for high performance and efficiency. Your make-up brushes need

to be positive and compatible with the way you apply make-up, blend and accent your work.

How to customize makeup brushes with your private label:

1) Please send us your detailed requirements on each brush- material/size/color of

bristle/ferrule/handle, drawings and physical samples will be the best for both of us in case of

any misunderstanding.

2) Please send us your whole logo file which specify the color, location and size of the logo on


3) Please let us know your order quantity, different quantity has different price;

4) Please let us know your target price or budget if you have. Some customers require to

customize makeup brushes with top quality and best material, but with target price for low

quality. Knowing the target price and budget will save time of both customers and manufacturers.

Please note that we have Minimum Order Quantity requirement for the makeup brushes. We do

not sell several makeup brushes with private label. Our Minimum Order Quantity varies

according to different brush type, anyway, the normal MOQ is 1000pcs for each type. Please

check here for details.

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