Bishop Kwang & Kim teaching the Methodist Studies in the Logos

Academy for Ministry and Missions (LAMM) Perth Centre from 22

to 25 &29-30 April & 2 May. All the class members, D.S. Rev.

Milton Nee (front row 6th from right) and co-ordinator, Rev. Pin

Hien Lam (front row, 5th from left).

官 会 督 与 会 督 娘 Kim 于 22-25,29-30/04 及 02/05 在 柏 斯 真

道 事 奉 与 宣 教 学 院 中 心 主 授 卫 理 宗 信 仰 。 全 体 班 员 与 教

区 长 林 宝 强 牧 师 ( 前 排 右 六 ) 及 协 筹 者 蓝 秉 贤 牧 师 ( 前

排 左 五 ) 合 影 。

Bishop Kwang having fellowship gathering with the Australia West

District Pastors and their wives / fiancée on 2 May .

02/05 官 会 督 与 澳 西 教 区 牧 者 及 师 母 / 未 婚 妻 彼 此 团 契 交

流 留 影 。

Bishop Kwang invited by The Methodist Church of the Republic of

China to attend their 53rd Annual Conference Session on the last

week in May in Taipei. All the Pastors and representatives of The

Methodist Church of Republic of China at the 53rd Annual

Conference Session.

官 会 督 受 邀 出 席 在 台 北 五 月 份 最 后 一 周 所 举 行 的 第 五 十

三 届 中 华 民 国 卫 理 公 会 年 议 会 会 议 。 图 示 全 体 牧 者 和 代

表 们 合 影 。

Bishop Kwang attending Immanuel Methodist Church’s 20th

Anniversary thanksgiving lunch on 15May with AC Lay Leader Bro.

Joseph Ting, AC Secretary Bro Thomas Ling, and D.S. Rev. Milton

Nee, District Lay Leader, Bro. John Kwang and the Pastors and

leaders of IMC at the cake cutting ceremony .

15/05 官 会 督 与 年 会 会 友 领 袖 陈 守 仁 弟 兄 、 年 会 文 书 林 国

地 弟 兄 、 澳 西 教 区 长 林 宝 强 牧 师 、 澳 西 教 区 会 友 领 袖 官

佰 圣 弟 兄 和 牧 者 及 教 会 领 袖 们 出 席 神 恩 堂 廿 周 年 感 恩 午

筵 切 蛋 糕 仪 式 时 摄 。

Bishop Kwang preaching at Faith MC in

Hobart on 12 June. Bishop & Kim, Rev.

Peck Kui Kwang with the congregation

members after the Sunday worship

service .

More photos front inside cover for Chinese

更 多 相 片 在 中 文 版 的 封 面 背 页

Bishop Exhortation

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As Methodists believers, we insist that faith and good works belong together as expressed by James in his

letter. What we believe must be confirmed by what we do. To be sure, we are saved by grace! Simply defined,

grace is the love and mercy given to us by God because God wants us to have it, not because of anything

we have done to earn it. In Ephesians 2:8-9 it says: -“For it is by grace you have been saved, through

faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.”

In other words, our salvation must be expressed in ministry and mission in the world. The integration of

personal piety and social holiness i.e. to live a life of scriptural holiness has always been a hallmark of the

Methodist tradition. We affirm the biblical precept that “faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead” (James 2:17).

Methodists emphasizes that Christian doctrine and Christian ethics are inseparable. For faith should always

inspire service!

What God has done for us through Christ, we offer our lives back to God through a life of service. Hence,

discipleship, mission and service are inseparable. As disciples, we become active participants in God’s

activity in the world through mission and service. This is always our understanding and emphasis right from

the beginning when John Wesley started the Methodist movement. He emphasizes that our love of God is

always linked to love of neighbor, and to a passionate commitment to seeking justice and renewal in the


For Wesley, there was no religion but social religion, no holiness but social holiness i.e. faith always includes

a social dimension. When we participate in the church community, we grow in faith. We are therefore

nourished and equipped for mission and service to the world. Therefore, one can never be a solitary


Methodism has sought to be both a nurturing community and a servant community right from the beginning

when Wesley started the movement! For the early Methodists, members of Methodist Societies and Class

meetings met for personal accountability and nurture through giving to the poor, visiting the prisoners, and

working for justice and peace in the community even as they have received the fullness of God’s grace for

themselves. They saw themselves as existing to reform the nation, and that is, to spread scriptural holiness

over the land.

As contemporary Methodist Christians, may we continue to remain true to our calling i.e. to spread scriptural

holiness over the nation where God has place us here in Australia. And we pray fervently that God will raise

up godly leaders in this nation.

Servant of the Lord,

Rev James Kwang


District Superintendent’s Message

Rev Ling Tiong Ting (City Light MC)

Revival is unrepeatable. Each revival movement that has happened in the Church’s history has never been the same. But

every church revival movement is inseparable from the works of the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit does not kindle the fire of

revival, there would not be any revival. Is revival the result of man’s work? If so, then it is not revival – the church may be

full of people, but it may not mean a scriptural revival. Scriptural revival is not kept within the four walls of a church

building, but goes out from the church into the world.

I read an article recently talking about what the Mayor of Jakarta, Indonesia, had done for the city. Basuki Tjahaja

Pumama 钟 万 学 is the first Chinese person to become Mayor of Jakarta. Not only that, he is a Christian. It is hard to

imagine, a Chinese Christian being Mayor in a country where the majority of the population is Muslim. As Mayor, he aimed

to demolish the red light district in Jakarta, something the previous Muslim Mayors, such as the incumbent President of

Indonesia, Joko Widodo, did not dare to do. At the most they would just raid the red light district every once in a while.

Pumama was determined to get rid of it completely. This was a thankless task.

Amazingly, when the council started to demolish the site, there was no protest or bloodshed. The devoted Christian

Mayor feared God, and hated sin. Blessed are those who hate what God hates.

We can gradually see the society of Indonesia experiencing scriptural revival. If the church experiences revival

internally, the fire of revival will then be brought into society.

Today, we can find churches with large congregations in major cities across Australia. These churches, frankly

speaking, are not the result of scriptural revival. But how did these churches increase in numbers? One of the main reasons

is that their congregations were unhappy or unsatisfied with their original churches and thus left. This group of church

worshippers can be called ‘Silent Exodus Christians’. A Christian added to a church from another church is not a case of

scriptural revival, as there is no lost soul being added to God’s kingdom. Unless non-Christians are added to the church

after being converted to Christ by the power of the gospel, then scriptural revival then had taken place.

After 200 years of persecution, a church in the Roman Empire had suddenly increased in numbers. Why? Emperor

Constantine had a dream before he fought against his opponent. He saw a cross in his dream and he was told he needed to

fight under the banner of the cross. The emperor asked his army to make a banner of the cross after he woke up. This was

a war that would decide if his Empire lived or died. His army, unexpectedly, defeated his opponent’s army.

Because he won the war, Constantine was baptised and was added to the church. This was an incredible and

unbelievable thing to happen for the church. The Emperor became a Christian and created decrees that gave the church

preferential treatment. If you were a Christian, you could easily find a job and you didn’t need to pay taxes. The Empire also

allowed Christians to have a free day from work. On top of that, the Empire gave money and land to the church so that it

could build a worship place. From that moment, people flooded into the church.

If one’s boss was added and became a Christian, would you, as a subordinate, not also want to join the church?

Consequently, many subordinates become ‘Christians’. We do not know their actual motives for joining the church. Were

they following a trend or did they really experience repentance? We can, however, guess that many were following the


It is easy to make a church corrupt by letting opportunists, busybodies and corrupted people affect the church’s

ministry. Are we assuming that the churches that increase in quantity are the outcome of quality? In His own time, God will

show His act of justice in these churches. Today, I believe, we who call ourselves Methodists should not walk in the broad

way, but the narrow way. We cannot compromise on quality in order to embrace quantity.

Did Constantine’s policy bless the church? No, it did not. Since then the church started to decay and become

depraved. Martin Luther (1483-1546) the reformer had said, “The church has been captured by Babylon in the middle ages.

This is the darkest age for the church ever.” He called these thousand years “The Babylonian captivity of the church.”


Does scriptural revival mean an increase of the church’s population? No. Even if a church is crowded with a large

congregation, society could still be corrupt; this indicates that it is not a scriptural revival. John Wesley’s revival was a

scriptural revival which made an impact on the society in England. From studying this history of revival, we can see how

their society had been transformed and renewed.

A church with a crowded congregation is either the work of the Holy Spirit, or the beginning of ruin. As Proverbs

16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” (NIV).

If Methodist churches do not go back to when John Wesley started the church, we will lose our goal. We will put the

secondary goal as the first, and the first as the secondary.

Scriptural revivals are a right that has been given to the church. The Holy Spirit is only entrusted to the true, saved

Christians who experience scriptural revival. Since Methodism is the product of scriptural revival, we, then, should continue

to experience the fire of revival. May God be with us.


A Reflection on lAMM’s Methodist studies couRse

One night in 1709, a pastor’s house caught on fire. The pastor and his wife had many

children and shepherded them out of the house. Once outside, to their horror, they

realised that one of the children was missing – their six-year-old son was still in the

burning house! The boy appeared at an upstairs window, but there seemed to be no

way to reach him and all hope seemed lost. However, in a moment of inspiration,

rescuers ran up to the house, stood on each other’s shoulders and plucked the boy

from the window. Moments later, the roof fell in.

Such a dramatic rescue led to the boy’s mother describing him as a “brand plucked from the burning”, a

description that is biblically inspired (Zechariah 3:2). She truly believed that the boy was saved by God for

a special purpose, and she was right - for that boy was John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.

This incident was one of the many interesting things I learned from LAMM’s Methodist Studies course in

April 2016 in Perth, taught by Bishop Rev Dr James Kwang and ably assisted by his wife Auntie Kim.

I would certainly encourage everyone to attend this course when they have the chance, the main reason

being it will give you a better appreciation of the rich history and spirit of the Methodist Church and our

identity as Methodists. There are many reasons people give for leaving the Methodist Church today. For

example, they may say that the church does not have inspired singing, or does not do enough for the

community, or is lacking in charisma and power. If that is the case, then that church is not holding true to

the history and spirit of Methodism and its founder and has actually lost its Methodist identity. Methodists

are meant to be singing people – Charles Wesley wrote some 6000 plus hymns! Methodists are meant to

be concerned about the community – early Methodists set up nursing homes and clinics and schools (ask

somebody from Sibu where they studied and there is a good chance they will say “Sibu Methodist”). And

Methodists are meant to be powerful people – Methodism was a movement that completely revitalised

England in the 1700s. An understanding of the rich history and spirit of the Methodist Church reveals the

shortcomings of the church today. However, armed with this understanding, may we Methodists not leave

the church, but instead rise up and revitalise the church and community as God intended Methodism to do.

So again I would encourage everyone to attend this course when they have the chance. It is not a coincidence

that we are in the Methodist Church today. God saved John Wesley from the fire for a special purpose.

Today, it is up to us to understand our place in that special purpose and continue the extraordinary

work that God has been doing through Methodist believers throughout history.

Richard Leong (Hope MC)



When Christians think of ‘godly living,’ they usually understand it as relating to spiritual disciplines, such as

time in devotion, prayer, and fasting, etc. However, for John Wesley, godly living far surpasses these elements. We

have good reasons to believe that Wesley’s theological take concerning godly living, was the foundation and

momentum for the spiritual revival he led in 18 th century England, which helped steer England away from a bloody

revolution similar to that of France.

Most people would agree to the uniqueness of the 18 th century. England at the time was facing the torrential

impacts of rationalism which accompanied the Enlightenment, the challenges of the Industrial Revolution, and the

difficulties relating to the independence of its American states. The effects of such extended to the political,

economic, cultural, and religious spheres of the whole nation, compelling leaders of every field into an attempt to

adjust and respond to the extraordinary changes.

In such a time of rapid change, the Church of England should have ideally prioritised its efforts in being

faithful to Scripture and effectively serving the people of the era. However, the church was poorly prepared for

embracing such challenges. Fortunately, God did not overlook the needs of England and its church, raising up the

likes of John Wesley and others during this time of internal and external strife, to spearhead an unprecedented

revival movement which would eventually extend to the world.

How exactly did John Wesley achieve such a task? To answer this question, we will explore one of his

fundamental theological and doctrinal ideas – that is, the doctrine of “Christian Perfection.”

Christian Perfection

Rev Dr Yuk Chong Liong

(Dean of Chinese Department Melbourne School of Theology)

Translated by Ps Wilson Liao

John Wesley, as a “man of one book”, placed great emphasis on the biblical and theological concept of

“Christian Perfection.” Jesus said, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt 5:48). This,

however, is also a concept that has stirred a lot of controversy. The centre of the debate is on the term “perfect.”

Some people believe that it is impossible for a Christian to reach perfection in this life time.

However, is it not true that we ought not to lower the standard given by Scripture? K. C. Kinghorn said, “The

holiness of the heart and life of a Christian appears many times in scripture as both command as well as promise…

some Christians always believe that it is impossible for people to reach such spiritual heights… From a theological

perspective, believers generally believe that they can participate in the righteousness that Christ has achieved for

us. However, some people believe that they are unable to partake significantly in the righteousness provided by


Put simply, some Christians believe that God can free us from sin’s guilt, but do not believe that He can free

us from sin’s grip. However, Paul wrote the following: “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that

grace may increase? By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? But now

that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and

the result is eternal life” (Rom. 6:1,2,22).

Of course, the “perfection” to which John Wesley refers is not what some people think. In fact, he did not

mean perfection to be absolutely flawless, and this is not the meaning of the Bible either. In his writing, John Wesley

briefly explained his doctrine of Christian perfection as follows:

1. Perfection does exist, because it is mentioned in the Bible repeatedly.

2. It does not occur prior to being declared righteous, because those who have been declared righteous still

need to “go on unto perfection” (Heb 6:1).

3. It is not only to be attained on the hour of death – because Paul spoke about those who reached perfection

during their lives (Phi 3:15).

4. This is not absolute perfection. Absolute perfection does not belong to man, nor to angels, only God is

absolutely perfect.

5. It does not make a person no longer depraved. As long as we are residing in our current bodies, it is

impossible not to be depraved.


6. Does “perfection” mean to be without sin? It is meaningless to debate endlessly over a word. Perfect means

to be separate from all evil.

7. It is “perfect love” (1 John 4:18). “Perfect love” is its foundation. Its characteristics, or its inseparable results,

are to be joyful always, pray continually, and thank God for all things (1 Thessalonians 5:16).

8. It is possible to continue to improve upon it. It does not have a pinnacle from which further improvement is

impossible; nor is it impossible for it to continue to grow. It is possible for a person who has been made

complete in love to grow, in grace, all the more rapidly than ever.

9. It is possible for shortcomings to still exist, and it may also be lost. Regarding this, we have many example…

10. There is usually a gradual process of works prior to and after attaining perfection.

To further help us understand this concept, he also proposed some methods for its assessment. Firstly, he

strongly emphasised that the mark of our Christian perfection is seen in our “purity of intention” and “whole-hearted

devotion to God”. This means to have the heart of Christ, and to live according to Christ’s example. Secondly, the

perfection of Christ is displayed in those who love God with all their heart and strength, and those who love others

as they love themselves.

V. I. Campell says: “The precious blood of Christ has freed us from the guilt of our sins, the power of the Holy

Spirit has freed us from the bondage of sin, therefore we can, by the leading of the Spirit, obey the moral

commands of the Scriptures with love… therefore, Christians can have a positive view of the commands given by

Jesus to ‘therefore, be perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect’ (Matt 5:48), rather than see it as an arduous


Clearly, this teaching of John Wesley is a dynamic doctrine, and is necessary because it solves the problem

of stagnancy in the spiritual life of a Christian, and motivates them to continue to pursue peaks of piousness,

strengthening their resolve toward perfection, experiencing growth in their lives. When Christians are fixed on and

motivated by loving God and others as himself, they are able to courageously rely on the grace of God to live out

this truth in their life.

The fulfilment of Christian perfection: loving God and our neighbour as ourselves

John Wesley balances two spiritual principles for the fulfilment of the doctrine of Christian perfection: inward

pious works (works of piety – loving God), and outward works of compassion (works of mercy – loving others). In

other words, to John Wesley, the pious life is made up of these two inseparable spiritual principles working together

in unison.

John Wesley says: “In a Christian believer love sits upon the throne which is erected in the inmost soul;

namely, love of God and man, which fills the whole heart, and reigns without a rival… In an exterior circle are all

the works of mercy, whether to the souls or bodies of men… Next to these are those that are usually termed

works of piety - reading and hearing the word, public, family, private prayer, receiving the Lord's supper, fasting or

abstinence… Lastly, that his followers may the more effectually provoke one another to love, holy tempers, and

good works, our blessed Lord has united them together in one body, the church, dispersed all over the earth – to

love, and to do good, with zeal.

Due to the influence of the doctrine of “Christian Perfection”, John Wesley committed himself to involvement

in the works of mercy. These involved the following acts of service: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping

the stranger, visiting the sick and those in prison, comforting those in pain, avoiding the unbelieving ignorant,

condemning the wicked, encouraging those who do good, and so on. This faith-filled social ethic stems from the

believer’s love towards God and his neighbour.

He unceasingly directed himself from the works of piety to the works of mercy. In the practice of his works of

mercy, he personally sought welfare and justice for others, particularly the poor. We can see this emphasised

particularly in the following ways: firstly, John Wesley believed in showing special favour to the poor. He worked

hard to visit and show concern for the welfare of the poor, by, for example, the establishment of lending institutions

so that they may become self-reliant, the provision of free medical services, and the provision of housing for

impoverished women and children.

John Wesley also courageously protested against social injustices: he specifically directed righteous

condemnation against those who took advantage of the poor, and against professionals of low morality – such as

merchants, the wine-makers, doctors, and lawyers.

In addition, John Wesley was also against war, colonialism and slavery, because they destroyed the Godgiven

dignity of humanity, and brought great sorrow and suffering especially upon the poor.



From the above analysis, it’s not hard to see why John Wesley was such a turning point for the eighteenthcentury

British society and the state. Today, when we are agonising over how to increase the piety of believers,

how to promote revival in the church and in our country, and as we try to find teachers to solve the problems of the

individual, as well as problems of our society and country, we must return to our Christian spiritual heritage,

seeking answers from John Wesley’s emphasis on “Christian Perfection.

May our God, who through John Wesley launched an unprecedented revival movement in the England, also

today, through our lives, use us to lead our churches and country into revival.

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District English Youth Leader’s Retreat Reflection

(20 th April - 22 nd April)

Kingsway Methodist Church attendees: Grace Chan, Andrew

Chen, Eddie Cheng, Abigail Chew, Christilyn Neo, Hayley Lim,

Sarah Moritz, Esther Ting, Nathan Ting

Throughout this retreat, I learnt many things through Rev. Elijah,

Ps. Dexter and everyone there. Rev. Elijah was loving and

genuinely concerned for each one of us and our ministries and

had sacrificed a lot by coming to Perth and we are so grateful for

his dedication and commitment to the work of God. He shared

with us a passage from Ezekiel 37on the ‘Valley of the Dry

Bones’ and what it means to have a vision. He told us that when

we have a vision for something, we should not distract ourselves

with other things but strive towards figuring out what God wants

for us. He challenged me throughout his 3 talks and two things

stood out to me; that the devil does not fear my studies, my ministry,

my religion unless it is backed up with prayer; and secondly

that being in a place that makes me uncomfortable is a good place to grow.

This retreat was a wonderful experience, getting to spend time with everyone in the presence of God and having

joyful fellowship was a great boost to morale. The final night we all split into separate groups consisting of each

youth’s respective roles (i.e. all the presidents/treasurers etc. in one group). Here we shared our troubles and

successes and was able to support one another through prayer. Following that, we split off into our own

committees to prayer for our own individual selves and youth. Finally to end the night, we all gathered and everyone

prayed for the 4 leaders of the youths. This whole night was a time of prayer which I believe brought everyone

closer together and it was a night the devil would fear.

This youth retreat wouldn’t have been possible without the help of WA District. The generous offer of paying half of

all expenses was what made it affordable for a lot of people to be able to attend. With the youth paying 50% of the

remaining amount and the committee forking out the other 50% was a great idea.

Throughout the few days and couple of nights away, I’ve gotten to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation and his

generosity. Through the constantly crashing waves on the shore, the amber rays from the setting sun and the

different personalities of the brothers and sisters I spent this time with. I and many others I believe have been given

hope through Rev. Elijah’s talks and it was all in all such a wonderful experience.

Hope Methodist Church attendees: Stephanie Ting, Suleen Ho, Tim Wong, Mel Ting

Youth Fellowship Corner

The retreat was very refreshing, encouraging and motivational. Despite his busy schedule, we were able to fly Rev

Elijah Chew over to speak about 'Visions and Dreams'. It was eye opening and challenging, as he asked where we

thought our valley of dead bones were, if not, will be or if we had any. He said that it wasn't until we've been put in

the center of desolation, will we finally see a vision from God; a vision that might seem almost impossible, difficult

and challenging. But if we continuously pursued it with courage and perseverance from God, we can make a

change, we can make things happen; God will breathe life into the dead bones.

Thank you, WA District, for supporting us and making this retreat happen. It has definitely broke the ice among the

district leaders and strengthened our bond as brothers and sisters in Christ. We would also like to thank Pastor

Dexter and his team for initiating and hosting this retreat in such short notice. We thank and were very grateful to

have had Rev Elijah with us, through the Holy Spirit he led and taught us many things. This retreat was very

inspiring and we hope it will continue on next year.


Grace Methodist Church Attendees: Dave Rebello (Youth President – myself), Nicole Ngo, Frank Thai

dan Tai, KiendaowBooncharoen, DonniThavorn, Josh Axtens, Deme Yong, Pastor Dexter Nguyen

In the past, at the Grace MYF, leaders retreat usually consisted of bonding and reflection periods – to grow and

understand one another, and to reflect on the progress of the youth. Upon evaluating the progress of the various

Methodists youths thus far, Pastor Dexter suggested that we have leadership seminars in order to build up and

train the new leaders, as all three youths have somewhat started from scratch in the beginning of this year. In other

words, he sought out to solve the issue of inexperienced (new) leaders and to equip them.


Additionally, on behalf of all the leaders that attending, we can all agree how grateful we were to have Rev. Elijah

take time out of his schedule, and fly all the way to Perth to conduct this session on just a few weeks’ notice. His

focus during this time was on the importance of having the vision that God has planted, as well as the cost to

pursue it. He made us question what our individual valley of dry bones were, and whether we were properly

nurturing our vision or letting the gifts given to us by God go stagnant. Likewise, Pastor Dexter and Rev Elijah

constantly touched on the subject of prayer and its importance. The idea that stood out to me is when Rev Elijah

pointed out that the Devil fears nothing from prayer less studies and works, as they do not pose a threat to him. It

reflect upon what Ps. Dexter is constantly reminding our leaders – “If you are under spiritual attack by the Devil,

which means he is trying to stop you.” These interconnecting ideas of being passionate and obeying God through

the storm helped bring the various committees closer to becoming successful servants of God through this retreat.

Personally, in my own committee over the course of the week following the retreat, I noticed that they speak out

more on things they are passionate about, they are more transparent with issues that affect their lives, and most

importantly, they don’t hesitate to step forward to pray for the group – they do it almost instinctively and out of a

willing heart, rather than a responsibility. I am very keen to see these passions and fire in their heart be put God’s

plan in these youths.

Lastly, we concluded the session by talking and praying for the ministries of the other youths, and it was a gentle

reminder that after all we are under the same God, and we are here to support one another. It really helped relate

knowing that the other youths undergo similar issues as us, and this retreat truly did bring us closer as brothers

and sisters under Christ. This retreat, although organized by the youths, would not be possible without Rev. Elijah

as well as the CMCA for approving and more so assisting financially so that it wasn’t a huge burden on the leaders.

This, I believe, played a big role to our young leaders, as it assured the support of the adults in the youth ministry

as a whole. Once again, we are very grateful for the CMCA, Rev. Elijah and Ps. Dexter for all their contributions

towards this retreat. It played a drastic role in building up leaders in our youth, and we hope to do so in the future

due to its effectiveness.


1. Revival Meetings by Rev Dr Philip Siew: The District Adult Fellowship invited the Principal of Malaysia

Theological Seminary, Rev Philip Siew, as speaker for the revival meeting held on 14 April 2016,

7:30pm at Immanuel Methodist Church.

2. The District English Youth Committee Leadership Camp was held from 20 April to 22 April. Rev Elijah

Chew was invited as speaker at the camp. There were approximately 20 participants from 4 English Youth


3. 「Methodist Studies」Course: The Logo Academy for Ministry and Missions (LAMM) Perth Institu-tion

under the Chinese Methodist Churches of Australia (CMCA) invited Bishop Dr James Kwang to de-liver

the course from 22 April to 25 April and 29 April to 2 May. There were approximately 20 partici-pants.

4. East Malaysia Pastoral Team: A team of 28 pastors and spouse led by DS Rev Kong from Sibu

South District visited Perth from 12 May to 17 May for a Pastoral Retreat and visited various churches in

Perth. The itinerary and Sunday service preaching arrangements were prepared by DS Rev Nee. Special

thanks to Grace Methodist Church who provided accommodation and prepared the reception for the Pastors,

thank you to the three churches who shared their gospel vans and thank you to the four churches

who took turns hosting dinner receptions and gatherings for the Pastors .


『Methodist Studies』Students with Bishop James Kwang and Mrs Kwang

Jesus was able to disciple a group of men to DO and to BE like him. Then He called His disciples to also go and

make disciples in the world. It meant that they were called to live out the way that Jesus had taught and

demonstrated to them. I believe, whether you like it or not, parents are called to disciple their children.

The Greek word for disciple is mathetes which means learner. We are commanded TO LEARN and TO DO every

single thing that our Rabbi (Jesus) did. It is a lifelong process. According to Mike Breen in his book titled Building

a Discipling Culture, the process of learning takes three forms:

1. Information

Jesus taught the Sermon of the Mount and many parables to His disciples. For us, this learning step takes

place in a classroom setting when teachers impart information and we listen and learn facts and ideas. Is

making disciples as easy as the following equation?

Right information / teaching = Right behaviour = Disciple

Children need to first make a choice to receive the gift of salvation, then the choice to follow Jesus as His

disciples. Can we just tell our children to read the Bible, pray, tithe, be kind, attend church, and tell others about

Jesus? In that, we’re assuming that they can figure it all out themselves by giving them a to-do list to follow.

We can ask them to pray, but we may forget that even Jesus’ own disciples had little clue as to how to pray

rightly although they were close to Him. Thus, information alone has its limits. Hence, it is crucial that our

children are not simply following the motions, but are encouraged to understand why they are doing what they

do in desiring a relationship with Him. It goes from information to becoming a part of them, which in turn would

lead them to the next step.

2. Apprenticeship

In Luke 11, when Jesus was asked by the disciples to teach them how to pray as He prayed, He did not simply

give them another sermon. Instead, He taught them. This probably happened a lot. The disciples saw the life of

Jesus as something they wanted for themselves. Jesus constantly taught and showed His disciples how He

lived; clearly, a high level of apprenticing was going on.

Jesus preached the Good News, healed the sick, cleansed the lepers and drove out demons. Then he sent out

the twelve to do the same – and they were astounded to discover that they were able to do what He did.

“Teaching and Theology were ways of describing reality and then Jesus showed His Disciples how to live in

that reality.” Mike Green

Thus, it is not enough for us to impart information to our children but to show and demonstrate to them every

step in learning how to read the Bible, to pray, to love and forgive, to be humble, to confess, to trust God in

time of adversity, and to give thanks at all times. While you might not be a perfect example, you must

constantly strive to be a living example in their lives. Children learn from how we face our failures by His grace.

Parents should invest their time, energy, skills and lives in their children, teaching them why they do what they

do. Ultimately, be present with your children, so that you may fulfil your role to train them in the way they

should go.

3. Immersion



Amie Chew (Camberwell MC)

Family Column

The disciples were almost always with Jesus. When He retreated to places, the disciples were immersed in a

relationship where Jesus was completely accessible . They learnt big chunks of information from the Sermon of

the Mount and how to develop skills in an apprenticing relationship. But by immersion, they saw how all of

these things connected together to even the smallest things.

As Jesus started his ministry in Capernaum, His reputation grew rapidly. One might say a revival had broken

out in Capernaum. The disciples were probably very excited about His second day as they told Jesus that

“Everybody is looking for you!” Amazingly, Jesus’ response was to “Let us leave and go to other places”. The

disciples might have wondered, “Why and how would He know He was supposed to leave and not stay where

He is currently most wanted and needed?” The answer lies in what He did early in the morning. The scripture

stated that before dawn, He got up and spent time with His Father and then did something contrary to what


seemed to be a reasonable course of action. He redefined what success was to His disciples – success was

obedience to what the Father asks. He chose obedience over what seemed like the logical route.

The disciples had known what prayer was and was shown how to pray. But now they were able to see how

Jesus based His decisions on His prayer life.

The same applies to when we want our children to learn Mandarin, even as a second language. We can make

them sit in the classroom once a week to learn the language. But without much practice at home and being

immersed in an environment where Mandarin is used to communicate, they will find it difficult to be fluent in the

language. This may be why many students are willing to spend years in China where they can immerse

themselves in the language and culture, which I reckon would be the best way of learning the language.

By getting our children to a place where they can nourish themselves with the Bible, through prayer, community

and other spiritual disciplines, they need to first immerse themselves in the culture of men and women whose lives

reflect the life and ministry of Jesus Christ in ways beyond just what and how . This might only happen subtly, as

children pick up the important lessons they would otherwise miss by living in a home and church where Jesus’ life

is much desired and imitated.

It is liberating to think that, with the working of God’s Spirit, over time, we can learn the ways of Jesus and do the

things that He did while becoming His disciples. Hence, we are to lead our children by following the Master.

In time, our children will learn by watching what we do, then do what we do.




1. Monday Night Chinese Service:In order to meet the

needs of Sunday School teachers as well as a few others

who are not able to attend the Sunday morning service, we

have resumed Monday Night’s Chinese service (7:30pm –

8:30pm) beginning 4 April.

2. GMC Mini Sports Carnival was held on Monday 25 April

(ANZAC Day) from 9am to noon. The event included

activities which were suitable for all ages and successfully

strengthened the bonds among church members. There

was also a lunch session after the event where everyone

paid $10 for their lunch to raise funds for the church’s

building project.

3. Half-day trips: (1) Park by the beach The Women

Fellowship and Senior Fellowship co-organized the trip on

Wednesday 13 April. More than 20 brothers and sisters

attended the event; (2) Orchard Visit The Adult Fellowship

arranged the visit on Saturday 14 May. There were about 40

people (including newcomers) who attended.

4. Bishop’s visit: Thank you to Bishop Dr James Kwang, who

preached in both the English and Chinese services, and led

the holy communion on 1 May.

5. Parents’ Day was held on 8 May. There are about 40

brothers and sisters who are aged 60 and above this year.

6. A Fundraising Food Fair was held after service on 10 April

and 15 May to raise funds for the English Youth Camp and

Chinese Youth Fellowship respectively. We managed to

raise approximately $4000 in total.

7. Pastoral team from East Malaysia’s visit: The church

welcomed the Pastoral team from Sibu’s South District led

by DS Rev Kong (28 pastors and spouse in total) who

visited Perth for a Pastoral Retreat.

8. Social Concerns: The Social Concerns Committee asked

members of the church to donate sleeping bags, socks,

gloves, warm clothing, biscuits, canned food and other daily

items for the homeless without shelters. We plan to

distribute these items to homeless people on the streets

during winter and donate the remainder to charity

organizations. The donation drive ended on 29 May.

9. New Church Building: At 1pm on 24 May, Rev Nee,

representative of the Building Committee, the town planner

and the architect met with the Council for further discussion

on the building permit application. The meeting was to

address one of the main concerns we currently face, which

is that the new church building would be too close to a

chicken farm, which raises health and hygiene concerns.

Praise the Lord, after discussion, the Council agreed to let

us continue with our building permit application.

10. Gospel Sunday: We arranged for a special speaker, Rev

Dr Samuel Goh from Singapore Bible College, to preach on

29 May at the Gospel Sunday Service.

11. Baptism and Admission were held during the service on

29 May. 4 were baptised: Peck Hwa Lee, Yi Chao Huang,

Thomas Chung Ming Ho, and Zi Wei Zheng. There were 14

admissions to the church: Lucas Ting, William Han, Junior

Sng, Kwinton Cheong, Anice Wong, Samuel Nee, Nathan

Nee, Pauline Poh Lim Tie, Thomas Chung Ming Ho, Michael

Kong, Lei Ping Ho, Peck Hwa Lee, Yi Chao Huang, and Zi

Wei Zheng. 6 children were baptised:Vienna Man Kei Ho,

Amanda Ho, Yin Jia Yap, Jia Wei Yap, Romayne Wong,

and Jun-Sheng Chow。4 transferred their membership to

GMC:Willie Tze Kian Tan, Cheryl Yee Khuan Teoh, Jin

Hoo Jin, and Huong Ling Ting.


1. Evangelism Training (Mandarin). Rev Hwa Jin Jung

(Gospel Methodist Church) conducted this training for our

Mandarin-speaking congregation on Saturday 9 April. This

was followed by street evangelism at the State Library.

2. District Youth Leaders’ Retreat. Our English Youth

Fellowship Committee attended a 3-day retreat in Mandurah

from 20 to 22 April organised by Ps Dexter Nguyen and

conducted by Rev Elijah Chew.

3. LAMM Methodist Studies Module. KMC hosted the

Methodist Studies Module conducted by Bishop and Mrs

James Kwang from 22 to 25 April and 29 April to 2 May.

Four of our members joined fifteen others who participated

in this module.

4. Evangelism Training (English). 14 of our members from

the English congregation attended the training conducted by

Rev Dr Brian Harris, Principal of Vose Bible Seminary, on

Saturday 7 May.

5. Kingsway Celebrates Parents Sunday. The Sunday

School children brought their offering of song and dance

while the church honoured our seniors with a prayer and

love gifts on Parents Sunday 8 May.

6. Hosting Pastors from Sarawak Chinese Annual

Conference. KMC played host to 28 pastors and spouse on

Saturday 14 May. They were treated to a love feast

prepared by our brothers and sisters. The fellowship meal

was followed by a time of sharing on our ministries and

prayers for one another. The night ended with a short tour of

the church premises.

7. Hope Methodist Church Food Fundraiser. Members from

Hope Methodist Church organised a food fair at KMC on 29

May. Selling a variety of Asian delights to our Mandarin and

English-speaking congregations, their sales exceeded their


8. Church Cleaning Day. About 45 people turned up on 4

June to help clean the church in preparation for our 25th

Anniversary celebrations. “Many hands make light work,”

and before long, we ended up at the refreshment hall for a

time of food and fellowship.

Our seniors being honoured on Parents’ Sunday

Our teenagers bringing their offering of song on

Parents’ Sunday


1. One Day OT Bible Tour Lesson: Saturday 16 April, 9:00am-

3:00pm at Gospel MC.

5. Mission Night for Cambodia Mission Centre: The Mission

for Cambodia night was held on Saturday 5 May 2016,

6:30pm at the church. We had dinner followed by praise in

songs and other programs to report on and pray for the

mission to Cambodia.

2. Praise Dance, Table tennis and Volleyball: Every Sunday,

4:00-5:30pm at GoMC.

3. Sibu South District Pastors (28 people) had fellowship

dinner and sharing with LCEC members on Sunday 15 May,

6:30pm at GoMC.

6. Street Evangelism: Participants met at the State Library of

WA (25 Francis St Perth WA 6000) on Saturday 11 June at


7. A Revival Meeting was held on Friday 1 July at GoMC. The

speaker was Rev Joel Siew Chiu Huo.

8. The Gospel Family Camp will be held from 15 to 16 July at

Orchard Glory Farm Resort.

4. Parents’ Night was held on Saturday 7 May, 6:30pm at

GoMC where parents of brothers and sisters were invited.



1. Baptism and Confirmation Sunday on 10 April.

5. Visitors from Sibu South District, Malaysia on 13 May.

2. Revival Meeting from 14 to 17 April, Rev Dr Philip Siew as

the speaker.

6. IMC Anniversary Thanksgiving

Service and Thanksgiving

Luncheon on 15


3. Parents Sunday on 8 May.

4. Sunday School teachers training seminar from 29 Apr to 1

May, David Leong from Singapore as the speaker.

7. Leong Ah Kow's Home Blessing Service on 19 May .



1. A Mission Night was held at our church on 15 April. The

participants of last year’s Cambodia mission trip and this

year’s Solomon Islands short term mission trip shared their


2. On 17 April three children were baptized: Miriam Kuy, Neal

Qin and Matthew Li. May God bless them always!

4. On 17April four brothers and one sister were accepted as

church members: Peng Qin, Clement Ting, Yi Ma, Fei Ou

and Malcom Li. We welcome them to our big family.

5. On 15 May one child was baptized: Katherine Zeng. May

God bless her always!

3. On 17 April four adults

were baptized: Peng Qin,

Clement Ting, Yi Ma and

Fei Ou. May God

strengthen their faith!




1. Food Fair: Our annual food fair closed on a successful note

on 23 April. It had raised more than $4000. Thank God for

blessing the committee and brothers and sisters with the

spirit of unity, joy in service as well as a healthy church


2. Children Choir: Started on 17 April, practice is held every

Sunday from 9.30am to 10.15am. We encourage parents to

bring their children, between 5 to 12 years old, to join.

Through this choir, we can build up the children’s potential

in singing. Please pray for this choir as it is still in its initial


3. Pastors Retreat: The District South Pastors’ Retreat was

held from 18 to 20 April in Launceston. Rev Ling and Rev

Yap joined the retreat. In fellowship with co-workers, our

pastors learned together, were renewed and continue to

serve the Lord in unity.

4. Service Enabler Trainings: Usher training was held on 17

April and training for liturgist, worship team, pianist, and PA

personnel was held on 24 April. The aim of these workshops

is to build up a good team which will serve in unity

and subsequently create better worship, thereby glorifying

God and edifying men.

5. Nepal Mission Trip: Held from 19 to 28 April, there were 7

team members, including Ying Ying and Susie from

Goodwood MC. Thank God for leading them in their

ministries in Nepal, for protecting them and for leading

them back safely

6. Parents Sunday Combined Service: Parents Day

reminded us to obey God’s Word to honour our parents.

We had a “honour our elders” session, where the children

and youth presented songs gifts to parents. After service,

members enjoyed the lunch with “long life” noodles and

“peaceful” eggs, prepared by the Young Working Adult


7. Sunday School Teachers training: Held on Saturday 14

May at Holy Methodist Church, it was conducted by Amie

Chew. 13 Sunday School teachers from Goodwood

Methodist Church participated and were well equipped

towards building up the Sunday School ministry and nurturing

the next God-fearing generation.

8. Young Adult Fellowship organized an outing on 28 May

to Mt Lofty. Apart from having fellowship together, they

also cleaned up the surroundings. It was a good field

education for all the children on that day to learn to be

good stewards of the environment.

9. Church website: Renewal of the website has been

completed. Information on the church, bible study,

fellowship, and prayer pointers are available on the

website. We encourage brothers and sisters to use the

website more frequently.

10. Gutter restoration: Annex Hall gutter needs to be

replaced. With the addition of a gutter guard on top of it,

the total cost is $5400. We have already raised $3800.

We encourage brothers and sisters to contribute, so that

God’s house will not be lacking, and the work will be

completed soon.


1. During the 2nd LCEC's meeting, we set up a Venue Task

Force group to search for a new worship location.

2. The Committee on Christian Social Concerns held a Biggest

Morning Tea on 28 May as part of a Cancer Council Victoria

initiative. We raised $256.60 for the Cancer Council. Also,

we collected secondhand goods for Salvos on 8 May and 15


3. About 10 people participate street canvassing on 22 May

and 29 May for Dragon Boat Festival at the neighbouring

spots in the city.

4. We celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday 4

June. A few new friends came and celebrated together with




1. Please continue to pray for Camberwell Methodist Church

as we enter 30th year. We will be celebrating our 30th

anniversary on three occasions: our combined prayer

meeting on 17 June 2016, followed by our 30th Anniversary

Evening Service on 18 June 2016 and our 30th Anniversary

Sunday Services on 19 June 2016. Our Anniversary theme

is: Remembering the past, and being renewed in the spirit!

2. We celebrated Parents Day on the

afternoon of Saturday 7 May. The

Committee on Social Concern organized a

special morning celebration with a special

theme talk by Mrs King Xu, who spoke

about the challenge of Christian Parenting

in the 21st century. There were about 100


3. We gave out special gifts to those who are 60 and above on

8 May. We pray that God continues to bless these elderly

brothers and sisters in Christ with joy and good health, to be

filled with the grace of God and His

unlimited love.

4. We participated in the Boroondara

Food Drive. We collected more than

100 bags of nonperishable food

from our neighbourhood. May God

continue to use us to bring His

goodness to our communities.

5. J/EMYF celebrated Parents Day on

the evening of Friday 6 May. The

youth prepared the evening program,

cooked the meal and served all parents

and all youths as well.

6. We also congratulate Rev Meng Tee and Janice Gan’s

youngest son Bryan Gan, who married Yi Wen Zhao on 28

May 2016. May God bless their marriage richly.

7. Chinese MYF came together

for a special evening ‘Eve’s


8. Sister Fellowship fund raising

for 2016 Adults and Women

Retreat in Melbourne.

9. The Women Fellowship celebrated Dragon Boat festival on

9 June 2016.


1. commenced

on 28/05, five members from our church attended..

2. Brother You Xiu Yian passed away to be with the Lord on

07/06. He lived a life full of faith, courage and witness of

love. Our greatest sympathy upon his family for the loss of

the loved one. We pray for God's blessing and guidance to

be upon his family.

3. was successfully held

on 11/06. Apart from pot bless dinner and rice dumpling,

we prepared other programs to encourage all present,

including praise and worship, riddles, short sharing and

testimony by brother Kimi.

4. From knowing Christ to assurance of

faith, 3 adults were baptised on 12/06 after attending the

baptism classes. Praise be to the Lord!

5. EMAF organised a ten pin bowling outing for English congregation

on 13/06. All had enjoyed the fellowship and

event greatly.

6. will be conducted in TMC

on 26/06, from 9:00am to 2:30pm, to train our members in

evangelism ministry, and to build an evangelical church.



1. Our Youth Fellowship had a wonderful gathering with the

Youth Fellowships from Faith Methodist Church and

Wellspring Church on 7 May at Hobart Botanical Garden.

We all enjoyed the songs, games, sermon and food.

2. Our Worship and Music Committee invited Mrs. Wong to

give us choir training. All participants learnt a lot from her,

especially on the right attitude in leading singspiration as

well as some useful methods for singing.


1. Parental marriage seminar: On 16 April, Rev He Qiu Fen

from Singapore conducted a parenting and marriage

seminar, which benefitted participants immensely.

2. Sunday school teachers training: 10 people from Preston

Church participated in the training at Camberwell MC on 25


3. Parents Sunday: The youth recited the Word of God and

distributed gifts to all parents on 8 May.

5. Aldegate Revival Night: Brothers and sisters who are

members of the choir were involved in the night, held on 21


6. Fundraising: PMC started a fundraising towards renovating

the church kitchen after Sunday service on 29 May.

7. Dragon Boat Festival: We held an Evangelical night on 4

June, with a dance presentation, choir singing, an

instrumental performance, as well as a play by the youth.

About 80 people attended the night.

4. Visiting nursing homes: The Women Fellowship visited

nursing homes and distributed gifts on 11 May.

8. Congratulations to

Xue Lian and Zhang

Wen Juan who have a

new baby girl, and Liu

Ying Feiya and HuiXi

who have a new baby

boy. May God bless both

families with His grace

and love.




1. Senior Fellowship – On 5 May, we had an enjoyable picnic day at Carss Bush Park with games, potluck, and a short message from

Rev Chiu.

Senior Fellowship Outing Parents Sunday feast Parents Sunday Choir

2. Parent Sunday – On 8 May, we remembered our parents in our Sunday service with a song and video presentation, and a skit to

remind us of their love for us. We prepared a special love feast for our seniors after the service to show our appreciation.

3. Family Worship Night – On 21 May, the Adult Fellowship held a special family worship night to encourage us to worship our Lord in

every family unit. We honoured and worshipped our Lord with songs, music, and a skit, and had a great time in fellowship with

each other.

Family Worship Night Multicultural Sunday Worship and Music Training

4. Visitation –Annual Conference Youth Director Ps Alan Lau visited us from 20 to 22 May and shared his vision with the pastoral

team. Praise the Lord for his guidance and feedback on our youth ministry.

5. Liturgical Training – On 4 June (Chinese: 9.00am - 3.30pm) and 5 June (English: 12.00pm – 2.00pm), we benefited greatly from

the training and seminar conducted by Ps Shirley on various topics related to the church liturgy, to enhance our understanding of

worship. We also invited our brother Ernest Zou to provide some training for our choir.

6. Multicultural Sunday – On 5 June our Sunday service had a multicultural ‘flavour’ with songs and praises conducted in the local

‘tongue’ and a sermon by Rev Chiu on “A church called by God”. Brothers and sisters also brought their favourite hometown finger

foods and dessert to share after the service.


1. There were about 70 elderly people who participated in the

“Honoring Elders” event and received gifts during the

Parents’ Sunday Service on 8 May.

2. We have started a free English tutoring session before

Sunday Service at our Preaching Point. The response is

good. We hope that more new friends will be brought to the

Sunday Service.

3. Brother Darren Stone conducted the “Personal Evangelism”

training (3 sessions in total) and participants carried out

door-to-door evangelism during 8 to 28 May.

4. Ps Alan Lau, AC Youth Director, came to visit our Chinese

and English youth fellowships and our Junior Youth fellowship

on 28 May. Meanwhile, our 3 ministers enjoyed a great

time of sharing with Alan.

5. LAMM “Methodist Studies” Part B for EMP and Sherwood

Church taught by Bishop Kwang was held from 2 to 5 June.

There were 6 participants from Sherwood Church

6. We give thanks to Bishop Kwang who preached and

conducted the Holy Communion during our English service,

and to Mrs Kwang who preached at the Chinese service on

5 June.



1. From 13 to 24 June, Pastor Li Fang and theological student

Yang Xiaoli, along with other students from the local College

Unity of Theology, will be on a mission trip to the Northern

Territory. Please pray for their ministering to the indigenous


2. On 22 May, John Wesley Sunday, we highlighted Wesley's

ministry and his teaching, and touched on how Christians

should live the Holy Life, thus bringing the congregation to

an awareness and understanding of the meaning of Methodism.

3. Starting from February this year, we established a daily

Bible reading program. Students who have returned to China

and our current congregation connect together over the

WeChat application to read the bible together, to encourage

and use God’s word to inspire each other, release

spiritual positive energy into the air, and to cleanse the spiritual

void. This activity not only encourages individual

Christians in their spiritual growth, but by the power of God,

all us Chinese can come together to work together, in one


1. The Sunday School had its annual family picnic on 12 June

after service at 11:00am at Underwood Park. Students,

parents, teachers and friends enjoyed a time of good

fellowship .

2. 16 participants from our Church attended the “Methodist

Studies” workshop which was jointly organized by LAMM

and Australia East District. We wish to thank Bishop and

Mrs Kwang for coming over to Brisbane to teach the course

from 2 to 4 June.


4. In May we had three successful fundraisers, through the

sale of food, donated auction items and so on, to support

the missionary team travelling to the Northern Territory.

5. On Mother's Day we had lunch together with the local

Church of Christ in friendship, to build more support and

share with each other.

6. Please pray for us: most of the new Christians still prioritize

earthly worth – some of them still work on Sundays. We

need to pray for them.

3. We thank Ps Alan Lau, the Conference Youth Director, for

his visit to our Church, and in particularly for preaching in

the English service and at the Preaching Point. His care

towards our Methodist Junior Youth Fellowship, Young Adult

Group, Youth Fellowship, Mandarin Youth Group and

Mandarin Young Couples Group is highly appreciated.

4. Methodist Women Fellowship prepared gifts and breakfast

for seniors over 65 years of age on Parents Sunday, 8 May.

The Sunday School also presented a special item during the

05/07 - 08/07/2016

15/07 - 17/07/2016


25/07 - 01/08/2016


11/08 - 12/08/2016

13/08 - 19/08/2016


24/08 - 28/08/2016

29/08 - 05/09/2016


Attending and workshop speaker at Eight Mile Plains MC Junior Youth / Youth Camp

Ministries in Eight Mile Plains MC

Logos Academy For Ministry & Missions Board meeting

Leading Methodist Medical & Mission team to PNG

Program Boards Chair meeting

Attending and Presenting paper at the Wesleyan Theological Symposium for the Pacific region in


Ministries in Solomon Islands Preaching Centre, Honiara

Attending Eight Mile Plains Methodist Church 27th Anniversary

Taking Annual leave

Attending World Methodist Council meetings and World Methodist Conference

Pastors & AC Leaders Retreat at Asbury Theological Seminary




Thank God for:

All the safe travel of Bishop and Kim, and for all the Pastors

& Leaders in their faithful labour in carrying out their various

ministries faithfully.

The LAMM students for faithfully coming to attend the

Methodist Studies, Old Testament Introduction & New

Testament Introduction Classes conducted in April and


The meaningful thanksgiving service and lunch in

celebrating Immanuel MC’s 20 th Anniversary .


CMCA – Pray for:

God’s to continue to lead and guide all the Pastors to carry

out the various ministries entrusted to them in 2016 to

preach and teach on the theme of “Growing in Scriptural

Holiness” .

the Methodist Medical & Missions team going to do mission

work in PNG from 25 July to 4 August. Pray for the teams’

safety and good health, and for the opportunity to proclaim

the gospel to the villagers by the mission team members .

All the CMCA local churches / preaching centers to keep

focusing on the importance of praying and fasting, to catch

on the vision of Disciple making, and their involvement in

Missions, and to form Covenant Disciple Groups .

More young people to take up LAMM Courses to equip

themselves to be local preachers, or to be fulltime workers

in God’s Kingdom.

God to provide good tenants for the remaining rooms in the

Methodist House.

The Lord to provide the monthly expenses of Board of Missions

for mission work around Australia and overseas. Pray

that His people will continue to support and give $1 a day to

the Mission fund.

Local Churches – Pray for:

All the local churches/ preaching centres to work together

with the Annual Conference to implement all the plans

adopted by the Conference for 2016.

The building fund required for the Holy Methodist Church

and Morley Preaching Centre.

All the pastors will serve faithfully in the local church or

preaching center that he or she has been appointed. The

members to give generously towards the various funds for

ministries in the local churches.

The student ins in our local churches/preaching centers to

use their time wisely during the July holiday break.

The church camp to be held in July during the holiday

break by various churches.

CMCA Pastors and their families – Pray for:

The physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all the

pastors. Pray for God to use his servants to minister to His

people and to further God’s Kingdom.

Bishop Kwang & Kim for good health, and sufficient grace

and strength for safe travel and to cope with the many

ministries engagement.

Our 3 District Superintendents, Rev. Milton Nee, Rev.

Tiong Ting Lingand Rev. Alexis Lui for grace, wisdom and

strength to co-ordinate the ministries in each district.

Rev. King Ming Wu, Rev. Mei Hua Chan and Pastor Xiao

Min Cai & his wife, Vanessa, who are serving in our Mission

District in PNG and all the brothers and sisters in PNG.

Please pray for protection and good health .

Pastor Esther Yung serving in Solomon Islands Preaching


Rev. Peck Kui Kwang and for Rev .Elijah for God’s

healing .

Mrs. Laura Su, Mrs. Pang and Mrs. Ha for God’s healing .

Guidelines for Contribution of Articles:

1. We welcome brothers and sisters to contribute articles of all kinds of genres.

2. We maintain the rights on editing and selection of all articles, further more, all articles received will

not be returned.

3. For all articles in Chinese language, please use Simplified Chinese Characters in typing your article,

store as a WORD file and send to methodistnews@cmca.org.au by email.

澳 洲 基 督 教 华 人 卫 理 公 会 通 讯 录

Contact List for Chinese Methodist Church in Australia

会 督 Bishop

官 佰 全 牧 师 Rev. Dr James Kwang

Mobile: 0414 073 737

Email: revjkwang@gmail.com

卫 理 办 公 室 CMCA Office

1219 Dandenong Road, East Malvern 3145, VIC

Australia. Tel/Fax: (03) 9994 7250

Email: cmca.melbourneoffice@gmail.com

年 会 会 友 领 袖 CMCA Lay Leader

陈 守 仁 Joseph Ting 0413 866 887

年 会 文 书 CMCA Secretary

林 国 地 Thomas Ling 0403 250 373


教 区 长 : 雷 少 康 牧 师 Rev Alexis Lui 0402 419 361

布 里 斯 本 Brisbane, Queensland (QLD)

福 恩 堂 Eight Mile Plains Methodist Church

5 Levington Rd., Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

Tel: (07) 3841 4483

雷 少 康 牧 师 Rev. Alexis Lui - 0402 419 361

Email: alexislui@bigpond.com

郑 日 强 牧 师 Rev David Tay - 0422 091 598

张 功 荣 牧 师 Rev Kong Eing Tiong - 0432 949 122

Email: fet112014@gmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin /

英 语 English)

Wishart Preaching Point,

Cnr Ham Rd & Wishart Rd, Wishart, QLD 4122

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 3:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)

主 恩 堂 Sherwood Methodist Church

405 Oxley Rd., Sherwood QLD 4075

Tel/Fax: (07) 3278 6899

王 连 进 牧 师 Rev. Paul Wong 0413 993 292

Ps Sean Kong 0431 346 138

廖 伟 辰 传 道 Ps Wilson Liao 0455 188 787

附 属 : 陈 周 荣 牧 师 Rev Dr Michael Tan( 退 休 )

0414 639 859

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin / 英 语 English)

Chinese Preaching Point

13 Coley Street, Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 4pm( 华 语 Mandarin)

坎 培 拉 Canberra, (ACT)

坎 培 拉 佈 道 所 Canberra ACT Preaching Ctr.

Corner Launceston St. & Melrose Dr., Lyons ACT 2606

Tel: (02) 6247 6249

周 丽 芳 本 处 传 道 Supply Ps. Zhou Li Fang (0402 387 614)

P.O. Box 201, Dickson


崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:1:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)

悉 尼 Sydney, New South Wales (NSW)

救 恩 堂 Carlton Methodist Church

17 Planthurst Rd., Carlton, NSW 2218

Tel: (02) 9546 2632

丘 品 尧 牧 师 Rev Samuel Pin Yao Chiu 0450 003 447

李 金 龙 传 道 Ps Kam Loon Lee 0430 369 382

张 济 富 传 道 Ps David Tiong 0433 749 238

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:

10:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin / 英 文 English)

Parramatta Preaching Point

46 Sorrell St., Parramatta, NSW 2150

崇 拜 时 间 : 3:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin/ 英 文 English)


教 区 长 : 林 忠 傧 牧 师 Rev Ling Tiong Ting 0405 651 123

阿 得 雷 德 Adelaide, South Australia (SA)

思 恩 堂 Goodwood Methodist Church

158-160 Goodwood Rd., Goodwood, SA 5034

Tel/Fax: (08) 7123 3723

林 文 光 牧 师 Rev Gloria Ling 0420 227 956

Email: glorialing@hotmail.com

叶 吉 福 牧 师 Rev Kiat Hock Yap 0410 191 491

Email: yapkhl@gmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:

10:30am ( 英 文 English / 华 语 Mandarin)

圣 恩 堂 Holy Methodist Church

7 Churchill Road, Ovingham 5082

余 自 力 牧 师 Rev Chin Lick Yu 0478 885 838

Email: yuclsoo@yahoo.com.sg

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 9:30am ( 华 语 Mandarin)

墨 尔 本 Melbourne. Victoria (VIC)

谢 恩 堂 Camberwell Methodist Church

58 Cooloongatta Rd., Camberwell, VIC 3124

Tel/Fax: (03) 9889 0702

周 家 熹 牧 师 Rev Elijah Chew 0421 468 655

Email: echew07@gmail.com

康 祥 文 牧 师 Rev James Kong - 0413 953 238

Email: jsukong@gmail.com

钟 美 琼 传 道 Ps Christina Bee Kheng Cheong

0421 993 927 Email: cheongb@hotmail.com

驻 任 会 督 : 官 佰 全 会 督

Resident Bishop: Bishop James Kwang - 0414 073 737

附 属 : 颜 明 智 牧 师 ( 退 休 ) Rev Meng Tee Gan

雷 雯 冰 牧 师 Rev Wen Ping Loi ( 退 休 )

0412 182 088 Email: wploi@hotmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin)11:00am ( 英 文 English)

Wyndham Preaching Point

200 Tarneit Road, Werribee, VIC

2:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)

沐 恩 堂 City Light Methodist Church

717 Flinders St., Docklands, VIC 3008

林 忠 傧 牧 师 Rev Ling Tiong Ting 0405 651 123

Email: glzbmriwb@gamil.com

鄢 礼 银 牧 师 Rev Peter Yong - 0429 030 390

Email: peterlyong@gmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:

11:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin / 英 语 English)

荣 恩 堂 Glory Methodist Church

1393 High Street, Wantirna South VIC

方 友 义 牧 师 Rev Yu Ngee Houng 0430 576 633

Email: hymarudi@gmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 2:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)

思 源 堂 Monash Methodist Church

118-122 Wellington Rd., Clayton, VIC

黄 永 森 牧 师 Rev Dr Albert Wong 0433 015 363

Email: ingseng@hotmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 4:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)

怀 恩 堂 Preston Methodist Church

101b Royal Pde, Reservoir, VIC 3073.

洪 南 明 牧 师 Rev Scott Ang 0423 519 531

Email: scottangdorothyhow@gmail.com

附 属 : 夏 长 华 牧 师 Rev Dr James Ha ( 退 休 )

0432 505 132 Email:jamesha1949@gmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 10am ( 华 语 Mandarin)

三 一 堂 Trinity Methodist Church

157 Kidds Road, Doveton, VIC 3177

Tel: (03) 9794 7525

陆 同 佑 牧 师 Rev. Alvin Liik 0426 817 818

Email: alvinliik99@gmail.com

刘 晋 福 牧 师 Rev Michael Lau 0413 233 222

Email: mkinglau@me.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin)/ 11:00am ( 英 文 English)

Berwick Preaching Point

21A,Bemersyde Drive, Berwick, Vic 3806

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 2pm( 华 语 Mandarin)

塔 斯 马 尼 亚 Tasmania (TAS)

信 恩 堂 Faith Methodist Church

239 Sandy Bay Rd., Sandy Bay, TAS 7005

Mail Address: 32, Pine Ave., Kingston, TAS 7050

官 佰 威 牧 师 Rev Peck Kui Kwang 0413 861 508

Email: peckkui@yahoo.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:2:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)

颂 恩 堂 Praise Methodist Church

100 Invermay Rd., Invermay, TAS 7248

Mail Address: P.O.Box 357, Mowbray, Launceston 7248

Tel: (03) 6326 4303 (T)

官 清 忠 牧 师 Rev Ching Jong Kwang 0487 288 971


崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:10:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin)

真 道 事 奉 与 宣 教 学 院

Logos Academy for Ministry & Missions (LAMM)

卫 理 大 厦 Methodist House

刘 利 宇 院 长 Rev. Dr. Timothy Lau - (03) 9973 6137

Email: principal@lamm.org.au


教 区 长 : 林 宝 强 牧 师 Rev Milton Nee

0457 068 108

柏 斯 Perth, West Australia (WA)

感 恩 堂 Grace Methodist Church

226 Anstey Rd., Forrestdale, WA 6112

林 宝 强 牧 师 Rev Milton Nee - 0457 068 108

Email: pastornee@gmail.com

林 良 敏 传 道 Ps Shirley Ling - 0434 225 199

阮 伟 德 传 道 Ps Dexter Nguyen

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:

9:00am / 11:00am ( 英 语 English)

Monday Service 7:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)

神 恩 堂 Immanuel Methodist Church

33 Cloister Ave., Manning, WA 6152

Tel: (08) 9450 7700

彭 能 顺 牧 师 Rev. Neng Soon Pang - 0450 065 775

刘 孙 宏 传 道 Ps Alan Lau 0448 259 566

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:

8.30am/7pm ( 中 文 Mandarin)11:00am ( 英 语 English)

信 望 堂 Hope Methodist Church

28-32 Nicol Rd, Parkwood 6147, WA.

Mail address: 3, Jooleen Way, Thornlie, WA 6108

苏 本 仁 牧 师 Rev. Allen Su - 0424 685 582

Email: alljsu@gmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 4:00pm ( 英 文 English)

蒙 恩 堂 Kingsway Methodist Church

38-40 Kingsway, Nedlands, WA 6009

Tel: (08) 9389 9248

蓝 秉 贤 牧 师 Rev P.H. Lam - 0422 199 980

黄 敬 平 牧 师 Rev Wong King Ping 0405 088 979

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin)/ 11:15am ( 英 文 English)

宣 恩 堂 Gospel Methodist Church

Venue: 62 Royal St. Kenwick, WA 6107

Mail Address: 34 Firefalls Close, Huntingdale WA6110.

Tel: (08) 9398 8220

丁 华 镇 牧 师 Rev. Dr Hwa Jin Jung 0402 141 544

Email: dinghwajen@gmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:

8:45am ( 华 语 Mandarin/English 英 语 )

Morley 佈 道 所 Morley Preaching Centre

3, Chertley street, Morley, WA 6062

周 政 强 牧 师 Rev Dr Albert Chiew(0420 844 278)

Email: albertchiew@gmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 2:30pm

巴 布 新 几 内 亚 Papua New Guinea

天 恩 堂 Methodist Church in PNG

Lot 29-33, Section 171, Malolo Estate, 8 Miles Port

Morseby, NCD, Papua New Guine

Mail Address: P.O.Box 374, Waigani NCD, Papua New


吴 庆 明 牧 师 Rev. Ngu King Ming - (075) 7000-8798

Email: kingmingwu@gmail.com

陈 美 花 牧 师 Rev Chen Mei Hua

蔡 晓 明 传 道 Ps Xiao Ming Cai

Email: cxm081689@gmail.com

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 9:30am ( 华 语 Mandarin)

Vanimo Preaching Centre

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 7:30pm

Kimbe Preaching Centre

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 7:30pm

所 罗 门 岛 屿 佈 道 所 Solomon Islands Preaching Centre

Sunvalley Cross Rd., Lungga, Honiara,Solomon Islands

杨 小 琳 传 道 (677)7405054

Elite Enterprise Ltd., PO Box 1388, Solomon Islands

崇 拜 时 间 Service: 2:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)

本 会 在 神 学 院 服 事 的 牧 者

Ministers serving in other Organizations

陈 廷 忠 牧 师 Rev. Dr. Justin Tan - (03) 98 817 800

廖 玉 强 牧 师 Rev. Dr. Yuk Chong Liong - (03) 9881 7800

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