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Bishop Kwang & Kim teaching the Methodist Studies in the Logos<br />

Academy for Ministry and Missions (LAMM) Perth Centre from 22<br />

to 25 &29-30 April & 2 May. All the class members, D.S. Rev.<br />

Milton Nee (front row 6th from right) and co-ordinator, Rev. Pin<br />

Hien Lam (front row, 5th from left).<br />

官 会 督 与 会 督 娘 Kim 于 22-25,29-30/04 及 02/05 在 柏 斯 真<br />

道 事 奉 与 宣 教 学 院 中 心 主 授 卫 理 宗 信 仰 。 全 体 班 员 与 教<br />

区 长 林 宝 强 牧 师 ( 前 排 右 六 ) 及 协 筹 者 蓝 秉 贤 牧 师 ( 前<br />

排 左 五 ) 合 影 。<br />

Bishop Kwang having fellowship gathering with the Australia West<br />

District Pastors and their wives / fiancée on 2 May .<br />

02/05 官 会 督 与 澳 西 教 区 牧 者 及 师 母 / 未 婚 妻 彼 此 团 契 交<br />

流 留 影 。<br />

Bishop Kwang invited by The Methodist Church of the Republic of<br />

China to attend their 53rd Annual Conference Session on the last<br />

week in May in Taipei. All the Pastors and representatives of The<br />

Methodist Church of Republic of China at the 53rd Annual<br />

Conference Session.<br />

官 会 督 受 邀 出 席 在 台 北 五 月 份 最 后 一 周 所 举 行 的 第 五 十<br />

三 届 中 华 民 国 卫 理 公 会 年 议 会 会 议 。 图 示 全 体 牧 者 和 代<br />

表 们 合 影 。<br />

Bishop Kwang attending Immanuel Methodist Church’s 20th<br />

Anniversary thanksgiving lunch on 15May with AC Lay Leader Bro.<br />

Joseph Ting, AC Secretary Bro Thomas Ling, and D.S. Rev. Milton<br />

Nee, District Lay Leader, Bro. John Kwang and the Pastors and<br />

leaders of IMC at the cake cutting ceremony .<br />

15/05 官 会 督 与 年 会 会 友 领 袖 陈 守 仁 弟 兄 、 年 会 文 书 林 国<br />

地 弟 兄 、 澳 西 教 区 长 林 宝 强 牧 师 、 澳 西 教 区 会 友 领 袖 官<br />

佰 圣 弟 兄 和 牧 者 及 教 会 领 袖 们 出 席 神 恩 堂 廿 周 年 感 恩 午<br />

筵 切 蛋 糕 仪 式 时 摄 。<br />

Bishop Kwang preaching at Faith MC in<br />

Hobart on 12 June. Bishop & Kim, Rev.<br />

Peck Kui Kwang with the congregation<br />

members after the Sunday worship<br />

service .<br />

More photos front inside cover for Chinese<br />

更 多 相 片 在 中 文 版 的 封 面 背 页

Bishop Exhortation<br />

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,<br />

As Methodists believers, we insist that faith and good works belong together as expressed by James in his<br />

letter. What we believe must be confirmed by what we do. To be sure, we are saved by grace! Simply defined,<br />

grace is the love and mercy given to us by God because God wants us to have it, not because of anything<br />

we have done to earn it. In Ephesians 2:8-9 it says: -“For it is by grace you have been saved, through<br />

faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.”<br />

In other words, our salvation must be expressed in ministry and mission in the world. The integration of<br />

personal piety and social holiness i.e. to live a life of scriptural holiness has always been a hallmark of the<br />

Methodist tradition. We affirm the biblical precept that “faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead” (James 2:17).<br />

Methodists emphasizes that Christian doctrine and Christian ethics are inseparable. For faith should always<br />

inspire service!<br />

What God has done for us through Christ, we offer our lives back to God through a life of service. Hence,<br />

discipleship, mission and service are inseparable. As disciples, we become active participants in God’s<br />

activity in the world through mission and service. This is always our understanding and emphasis right from<br />

the beginning when John Wesley started the Methodist movement. He emphasizes that our love of God is<br />

always linked to love of neighbor, and to a passionate commitment to seeking justice and renewal in the<br />

world.<br />

For Wesley, there was no religion but social religion, no holiness but social holiness i.e. faith always includes<br />

a social dimension. When we participate in the church community, we grow in faith. We are therefore<br />

nourished and equipped for mission and service to the world. Therefore, one can never be a solitary<br />

Christian.<br />

Methodism has sought to be both a nurturing community and a servant community right from the beginning<br />

when Wesley started the movement! For the early Methodists, members of Methodist Societies and Class<br />

meetings met for personal accountability and nurture through giving to the poor, visiting the prisoners, and<br />

working for justice and peace in the community even as they have received the fullness of God’s grace for<br />

themselves. They saw themselves as existing to reform the nation, and that is, to spread scriptural holiness<br />

over the land.<br />

As contemporary Methodist Christians, may we continue to remain true to our calling i.e. to spread scriptural<br />

holiness over the nation where God has place us here in Australia. And we pray fervently that God will raise<br />

up godly leaders in this nation.<br />

Servant of the Lord,<br />

Rev James Kwang<br />


District Superintendent’s Message<br />

Rev Ling Tiong Ting (City Light MC)<br />

Revival is unrepeatable. Each revival movement that has happened in the Church’s history has never been the same. But<br />

every church revival movement is inseparable from the works of the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit does not kindle the fire of<br />

revival, there would not be any revival. Is revival the result of man’s work? If so, then it is not revival – the church may be<br />

full of people, but it may not mean a scriptural revival. Scriptural revival is not kept within the four walls of a church<br />

building, but goes out from the church into the world.<br />

I read an article recently talking about what the Mayor of Jakarta, Indonesia, had done for the city. Basuki Tjahaja<br />

Pumama 钟 万 学 is the first Chinese person to become Mayor of Jakarta. Not only that, he is a Christian. It is hard to<br />

imagine, a Chinese Christian being Mayor in a country where the majority of the population is Muslim. As Mayor, he aimed<br />

to demolish the red light district in Jakarta, something the previous Muslim Mayors, such as the incumbent President of<br />

Indonesia, Joko Widodo, did not dare to do. At the most they would just raid the red light district every once in a while.<br />

Pumama was determined to get rid of it completely. This was a thankless task.<br />

Amazingly, when the council started to demolish the site, there was no protest or bloodshed. The devoted Christian<br />

Mayor feared God, and hated sin. Blessed are those who hate what God hates.<br />

We can gradually see the society of Indonesia experiencing scriptural revival. If the church experiences revival<br />

internally, the fire of revival will then be brought into society.<br />

Today, we can find churches with large congregations in major cities across Australia. These churches, frankly<br />

speaking, are not the result of scriptural revival. But how did these churches increase in numbers? One of the main reasons<br />

is that their congregations were unhappy or unsatisfied with their original churches and thus left. This group of church<br />

worshippers can be called ‘Silent Exodus Christians’. A Christian added to a church from another church is not a case of<br />

scriptural revival, as there is no lost soul being added to God’s kingdom. Unless non-Christians are added to the church<br />

after being converted to Christ by the power of the gospel, then scriptural revival then had taken place.<br />

After 200 years of persecution, a church in the Roman Empire had suddenly increased in numbers. Why? Emperor<br />

Constantine had a dream before he fought against his opponent. He saw a cross in his dream and he was told he needed to<br />

fight under the banner of the cross. The emperor asked his army to make a banner of the cross after he woke up. This was<br />

a war that would decide if his Empire lived or died. His army, unexpectedly, defeated his opponent’s army.<br />

Because he won the war, Constantine was baptised and was added to the church. This was an incredible and<br />

unbelievable thing to happen for the church. The Emperor became a Christian and created decrees that gave the church<br />

preferential treatment. If you were a Christian, you could easily find a job and you didn’t need to pay taxes. The Empire also<br />

allowed Christians to have a free day from work. On top of that, the Empire gave money and land to the church so that it<br />

could build a worship place. From that moment, people flooded into the church.<br />

If one’s boss was added and became a Christian, would you, as a subordinate, not also want to join the church?<br />

Consequently, many subordinates become ‘Christians’. We do not know their actual motives for joining the church. Were<br />

they following a trend or did they really experience repentance? We can, however, guess that many were following the<br />

trend.<br />

It is easy to make a church corrupt by letting opportunists, busybodies and corrupted people affect the church’s<br />

ministry. Are we assuming that the churches that increase in quantity are the outcome of quality? In His own time, God will<br />

show His act of justice in these churches. Today, I believe, we who call ourselves Methodists should not walk in the broad<br />

way, but the narrow way. We cannot compromise on quality in order to embrace quantity.<br />

Did Constantine’s policy bless the church? No, it did not. Since then the church started to decay and become<br />

depraved. Martin Luther (1483-1546) the reformer had said, “The church has been captured by Babylon in the middle ages.<br />

This is the darkest age for the church ever.” He called these thousand years “The Babylonian captivity of the church.”<br />


Does scriptural revival mean an increase of the church’s population? No. Even if a church is crowded with a large<br />

congregation, society could still be corrupt; this indicates that it is not a scriptural revival. John Wesley’s revival was a<br />

scriptural revival which made an impact on the society in England. From studying this history of revival, we can see how<br />

their society had been transformed and renewed.<br />

A church with a crowded congregation is either the work of the Holy Spirit, or the beginning of ruin. As Proverbs<br />

16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” (NIV).<br />

If Methodist churches do not go back to when John Wesley started the church, we will lose our goal. We will put the<br />

secondary goal as the first, and the first as the secondary.<br />

Scriptural revivals are a right that has been given to the church. The Holy Spirit is only entrusted to the true, saved<br />

Christians who experience scriptural revival. Since Methodism is the product of scriptural revival, we, then, should continue<br />

to experience the fire of revival. May God be with us.<br />


A Reflection on lAMM’s Methodist studies couRse<br />

One night in 1709, a pastor’s house caught on fire. The pastor and his wife had many<br />

children and shepherded them out of the house. Once outside, to their horror, they<br />

realised that one of the children was missing – their six-year-old son was still in the<br />

burning house! The boy appeared at an upstairs window, but there seemed to be no<br />

way to reach him and all hope seemed lost. However, in a moment of inspiration,<br />

rescuers ran up to the house, stood on each other’s shoulders and plucked the boy<br />

from the window. Moments later, the roof fell in.<br />

Such a dramatic rescue led to the boy’s mother describing him as a “brand plucked from the burning”, a<br />

description that is biblically inspired (Zechariah 3:2). She truly believed that the boy was saved by God for<br />

a special purpose, and she was right - for that boy was John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.<br />

This incident was one of the many interesting things I learned from LAMM’s Methodist Studies course in<br />

April 2016 in Perth, taught by Bishop Rev Dr James Kwang and ably assisted by his wife Auntie Kim.<br />

I would certainly encourage everyone to attend this course when they have the chance, the main reason<br />

being it will give you a better appreciation of the rich history and spirit of the Methodist Church and our<br />

identity as Methodists. There are many reasons people give for leaving the Methodist Church today. For<br />

example, they may say that the church does not have inspired singing, or does not do enough for the<br />

community, or is lacking in charisma and power. If that is the case, then that church is not holding true to<br />

the history and spirit of Methodism and its founder and has actually lost its Methodist identity. Methodists<br />

are meant to be singing people – Charles Wesley wrote some 6000 plus hymns! Methodists are meant to<br />

be concerned about the community – early Methodists set up nursing homes and clinics and schools (ask<br />

somebody from Sibu where they studied and there is a good chance they will say “Sibu Methodist”). And<br />

Methodists are meant to be powerful people – Methodism was a movement that completely revitalised<br />

England in the 1700s. An understanding of the rich history and spirit of the Methodist Church reveals the<br />

shortcomings of the church today. However, armed with this understanding, may we Methodists not leave<br />

the church, but instead rise up and revitalise the church and community as God intended Methodism to do.<br />

So again I would encourage everyone to attend this course when they have the chance. It is not a coincidence<br />

that we are in the Methodist Church today. God saved John Wesley from the fire for a special purpose.<br />

Today, it is up to us to understand our place in that special purpose and continue the extraordinary<br />

work that God has been doing through Methodist believers throughout history.<br />

Richard Leong (Hope MC)<br />


Forward<br />

When Christians think of ‘godly living,’ they usually understand it as relating to spiritual disciplines, such as<br />

time in devotion, prayer, and fasting, etc. However, for John Wesley, godly living far surpasses these elements. We<br />

have good reasons to believe that Wesley’s theological take concerning godly living, was the foundation and<br />

momentum for the spiritual revival he led in 18 th century England, which helped steer England away from a bloody<br />

revolution similar to that of France.<br />

Most people would agree to the uniqueness of the 18 th century. England at the time was facing the torrential<br />

impacts of rationalism which accompanied the Enlightenment, the challenges of the Industrial Revolution, and the<br />

difficulties relating to the independence of its American states. The effects of such extended to the political,<br />

economic, cultural, and religious spheres of the whole nation, compelling leaders of every field into an attempt to<br />

adjust and respond to the extraordinary changes.<br />

In such a time of rapid change, the Church of England should have ideally prioritised its efforts in being<br />

faithful to Scripture and effectively serving the people of the era. However, the church was poorly prepared for<br />

embracing such challenges. Fortunately, God did not overlook the needs of England and its church, raising up the<br />

likes of John Wesley and others during this time of internal and external strife, to spearhead an unprecedented<br />

revival movement which would eventually extend to the world.<br />

How exactly did John Wesley achieve such a task? To answer this question, we will explore one of his<br />

fundamental theological and doctrinal ideas – that is, the doctrine of “Christian Perfection.”<br />

Christian Perfection<br />

Rev Dr Yuk Chong Liong<br />

(Dean of Chinese Department Melbourne School of Theology)<br />

Translated by Ps Wilson Liao<br />

John Wesley, as a “man of one book”, placed great emphasis on the biblical and theological concept of<br />

“Christian Perfection.” Jesus said, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt 5:48). This,<br />

however, is also a concept that has stirred a lot of controversy. The centre of the debate is on the term “perfect.”<br />

Some people believe that it is impossible for a Christian to reach perfection in this life time.<br />

However, is it not true that we ought not to lower the standard given by Scripture? K. C. Kinghorn said, “The<br />

holiness of the heart and life of a Christian appears many times in scripture as both command as well as promise…<br />

some Christians always believe that it is impossible for people to reach such spiritual heights… From a theological<br />

perspective, believers generally believe that they can participate in the righteousness that Christ has achieved for<br />

us. However, some people believe that they are unable to partake significantly in the righteousness provided by<br />

Christ.”<br />

Put simply, some Christians believe that God can free us from sin’s guilt, but do not believe that He can free<br />

us from sin’s grip. However, Paul wrote the following: “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that<br />

grace may increase? By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? But now<br />

that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and<br />

the result is eternal life” (Rom. 6:1,2,22).<br />

Of course, the “perfection” to which John Wesley refers is not what some people think. In fact, he did not<br />

mean perfection to be absolutely flawless, and this is not the meaning of the Bible either. In his writing, John Wesley<br />

briefly explained his doctrine of Christian perfection as follows:<br />

1. Perfection does exist, because it is mentioned in the Bible repeatedly.<br />

2. It does not occur prior to being declared righteous, because those who have been declared righteous still<br />

need to “go on unto perfection” (Heb 6:1).<br />

3. It is not only to be attained on the hour of death – because Paul spoke about those who reached perfection<br />

during their lives (Phi 3:15).<br />

4. This is not absolute perfection. Absolute perfection does not belong to man, nor to angels, only God is<br />

absolutely perfect.<br />

5. It does not make a person no longer depraved. As long as we are residing in our current bodies, it is<br />

impossible not to be depraved.<br />


6. Does “perfection” mean to be without sin? It is meaningless to debate endlessly over a word. Perfect means<br />

to be separate from all evil.<br />

7. It is “perfect love” (1 John 4:18). “Perfect love” is its foundation. Its characteristics, or its inseparable results,<br />

are to be joyful always, pray continually, and thank God for all things (1 Thessalonians 5:16).<br />

8. It is possible to continue to improve upon it. It does not have a pinnacle from which further improvement is<br />

impossible; nor is it impossible for it to continue to grow. It is possible for a person who has been made<br />

complete in love to grow, in grace, all the more rapidly than ever.<br />

9. It is possible for shortcomings to still exist, and it may also be lost. Regarding this, we have many example…<br />

10. There is usually a gradual process of works prior to and after attaining perfection.<br />

To further help us understand this concept, he also proposed some methods for its assessment. Firstly, he<br />

strongly emphasised that the mark of our Christian perfection is seen in our “purity of intention” and “whole-hearted<br />

devotion to God”. This means to have the heart of Christ, and to live according to Christ’s example. Secondly, the<br />

perfection of Christ is displayed in those who love God with all their heart and strength, and those who love others<br />

as they love themselves.<br />

V. I. Campell says: “The precious blood of Christ has freed us from the guilt of our sins, the power of the Holy<br />

Spirit has freed us from the bondage of sin, therefore we can, by the leading of the Spirit, obey the moral<br />

commands of the Scriptures with love… therefore, Christians can have a positive view of the commands given by<br />

Jesus to ‘therefore, be perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect’ (Matt 5:48), rather than see it as an arduous<br />

command.”<br />

Clearly, this teaching of John Wesley is a dynamic doctrine, and is necessary because it solves the problem<br />

of stagnancy in the spiritual life of a Christian, and motivates them to continue to pursue peaks of piousness,<br />

strengthening their resolve toward perfection, experiencing growth in their lives. When Christians are fixed on and<br />

motivated by loving God and others as himself, they are able to courageously rely on the grace of God to live out<br />

this truth in their life.<br />

The fulfilment of Christian perfection: loving God and our neighbour as ourselves<br />

John Wesley balances two spiritual principles for the fulfilment of the doctrine of Christian perfection: inward<br />

pious works (works of piety – loving God), and outward works of compassion (works of mercy – loving others). In<br />

other words, to John Wesley, the pious life is made up of these two inseparable spiritual principles working together<br />

in unison.<br />

John Wesley says: “In a Christian believer love sits upon the throne which is erected in the inmost soul;<br />

namely, love of God and man, which fills the whole heart, and reigns without a rival… In an exterior circle are all<br />

the works of mercy, whether to the souls or bodies of men… Next to these are those that are usually termed<br />

works of piety - reading and hearing the word, public, family, private prayer, receiving the Lord's supper, fasting or<br />

abstinence… Lastly, that his followers may the more effectually provoke one another to love, holy tempers, and<br />

good works, our blessed Lord has united them together in one body, the church, dispersed all over the earth – to<br />

love, and to do good, with zeal.<br />

Due to the influence of the doctrine of “Christian Perfection”, John Wesley committed himself to involvement<br />

in the works of mercy. These involved the following acts of service: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping<br />

the stranger, visiting the sick and those in prison, comforting those in pain, avoiding the unbelieving ignorant,<br />

condemning the wicked, encouraging those who do good, and so on. This faith-filled social ethic stems from the<br />

believer’s love towards God and his neighbour.<br />

He unceasingly directed himself from the works of piety to the works of mercy. In the practice of his works of<br />

mercy, he personally sought welfare and justice for others, particularly the poor. We can see this emphasised<br />

particularly in the following ways: firstly, John Wesley believed in showing special favour to the poor. He worked<br />

hard to visit and show concern for the welfare of the poor, by, for example, the establishment of lending institutions<br />

so that they may become self-reliant, the provision of free medical services, and the provision of housing for<br />

impoverished women and children.<br />

John Wesley also courageously protested against social injustices: he specifically directed righteous<br />

condemnation against those who took advantage of the poor, and against professionals of low morality – such as<br />

merchants, the wine-makers, doctors, and lawyers.<br />

In addition, John Wesley was also against war, colonialism and slavery, because they destroyed the Godgiven<br />

dignity of humanity, and brought great sorrow and suffering especially upon the poor.<br />


Conclusion<br />

From the above analysis, it’s not hard to see why John Wesley was such a turning point for the eighteenthcentury<br />

British society and the state. Today, when we are agonising over how to increase the piety of believers,<br />

how to promote revival in the church and in our country, and as we try to find teachers to solve the problems of the<br />

individual, as well as problems of our society and country, we must return to our Christian spiritual heritage,<br />

seeking answers from John Wesley’s emphasis on “Christian Perfection.<br />

May our God, who through John Wesley launched an unprecedented revival movement in the England, also<br />

today, through our lives, use us to lead our churches and country into revival.<br />

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District English Youth Leader’s Retreat Reflection<br />

(20 th April - 22 nd April)<br />

Kingsway Methodist Church attendees: Grace Chan, Andrew<br />

Chen, Eddie Cheng, Abigail Chew, Christilyn Neo, Hayley Lim,<br />

Sarah Moritz, Esther Ting, Nathan Ting<br />

Throughout this retreat, I learnt many things through Rev. Elijah,<br />

Ps. Dexter and everyone there. Rev. Elijah was loving and<br />

genuinely concerned for each one of us and our ministries and<br />

had sacrificed a lot by coming to Perth and we are so grateful for<br />

his dedication and commitment to the work of God. He shared<br />

with us a passage from Ezekiel 37on the ‘Valley of the Dry<br />

Bones’ and what it means to have a vision. He told us that when<br />

we have a vision for something, we should not distract ourselves<br />

with other things but strive towards figuring out what God wants<br />

for us. He challenged me throughout his 3 talks and two things<br />

stood out to me; that the devil does not fear my studies, my ministry,<br />

my religion unless it is backed up with prayer; and secondly<br />

that being in a place that makes me uncomfortable is a good place to grow.<br />

This retreat was a wonderful experience, getting to spend time with everyone in the presence of God and having<br />

joyful fellowship was a great boost to morale. The final night we all split into separate groups consisting of each<br />

youth’s respective roles (i.e. all the presidents/treasurers etc. in one group). Here we shared our troubles and<br />

successes and was able to support one another through prayer. Following that, we split off into our own<br />

committees to prayer for our own individual selves and youth. Finally to end the night, we all gathered and everyone<br />

prayed for the 4 leaders of the youths. This whole night was a time of prayer which I believe brought everyone<br />

closer together and it was a night the devil would fear.<br />

This youth retreat wouldn’t have been possible without the help of WA District. The generous offer of paying half of<br />

all expenses was what made it affordable for a lot of people to be able to attend. With the youth paying 50% of the<br />

remaining amount and the committee forking out the other 50% was a great idea.<br />

Throughout the few days and couple of nights away, I’ve gotten to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation and his<br />

generosity. Through the constantly crashing waves on the shore, the amber rays from the setting sun and the<br />

different personalities of the brothers and sisters I spent this time with. I and many others I believe have been given<br />

hope through Rev. Elijah’s talks and it was all in all such a wonderful experience.<br />

Hope Methodist Church attendees: Stephanie Ting, Suleen Ho, Tim Wong, Mel Ting<br />

Youth Fellowship Corner<br />

The retreat was very refreshing, encouraging and motivational. Despite his busy schedule, we were able to fly Rev<br />

Elijah Chew over to speak about 'Visions and Dreams'. It was eye opening and challenging, as he asked where we<br />

thought our valley of dead bones were, if not, will be or if we had any. He said that it wasn't until we've been put in<br />

the center of desolation, will we finally see a vision from God; a vision that might seem almost impossible, difficult<br />

and challenging. But if we continuously pursued it with courage and perseverance from God, we can make a<br />

change, we can make things happen; God will breathe life into the dead bones.<br />

Thank you, WA District, for supporting us and making this retreat happen. It has definitely broke the ice among the<br />

district leaders and strengthened our bond as brothers and sisters in Christ. We would also like to thank Pastor<br />

Dexter and his team for initiating and hosting this retreat in such short notice. We thank and were very grateful to<br />

have had Rev Elijah with us, through the Holy Spirit he led and taught us many things. This retreat was very<br />

inspiring and we hope it will continue on next year.<br />

Jor-<br />

Grace Methodist Church Attendees: Dave Rebello (Youth President – myself), Nicole Ngo, Frank Thai<br />

dan Tai, KiendaowBooncharoen, DonniThavorn, Josh Axtens, Deme Yong, Pastor Dexter Nguyen<br />

In the past, at the Grace MYF, leaders retreat usually consisted of bonding and reflection periods – to grow and<br />

understand one another, and to reflect on the progress of the youth. Upon evaluating the progress of the various<br />

Methodists youths thus far, Pastor Dexter suggested that we have leadership seminars in order to build up and<br />

train the new leaders, as all three youths have somewhat started from scratch in the beginning of this year. In other<br />

words, he sought out to solve the issue of inexperienced (new) leaders and to equip them.<br />


Additionally, on behalf of all the leaders that attending, we can all agree how grateful we were to have Rev. Elijah<br />

take time out of his schedule, and fly all the way to Perth to conduct this session on just a few weeks’ notice. His<br />

focus during this time was on the importance of having the vision that God has planted, as well as the cost to<br />

pursue it. He made us question what our individual valley of dry bones were, and whether we were properly<br />

nurturing our vision or letting the gifts given to us by God go stagnant. Likewise, Pastor Dexter and Rev Elijah<br />

constantly touched on the subject of prayer and its importance. The idea that stood out to me is when Rev Elijah<br />

pointed out that the Devil fears nothing from prayer less studies and works, as they do not pose a threat to him. It<br />

reflect upon what Ps. Dexter is constantly reminding our leaders – “If you are under spiritual attack by the Devil,<br />

which means he is trying to stop you.” These interconnecting ideas of being passionate and obeying God through<br />

the storm helped bring the various committees closer to becoming successful servants of God through this retreat.<br />

Personally, in my own committee over the course of the week following the retreat, I noticed that they speak out<br />

more on things they are passionate about, they are more transparent with issues that affect their lives, and most<br />

importantly, they don’t hesitate to step forward to pray for the group – they do it almost instinctively and out of a<br />

willing heart, rather than a responsibility. I am very keen to see these passions and fire in their heart be put God’s<br />

plan in these youths.<br />

Lastly, we concluded the session by talking and praying for the ministries of the other youths, and it was a gentle<br />

reminder that after all we are under the same God, and we are here to support one another. It really helped relate<br />

knowing that the other youths undergo similar issues as us, and this retreat truly did bring us closer as brothers<br />

and sisters under Christ. This retreat, although organized by the youths, would not be possible without Rev. Elijah<br />

as well as the CMCA for approving and more so assisting financially so that it wasn’t a huge burden on the leaders.<br />

This, I believe, played a big role to our young leaders, as it assured the support of the adults in the youth ministry<br />

as a whole. Once again, we are very grateful for the CMCA, Rev. Elijah and Ps. Dexter for all their contributions<br />

towards this retreat. It played a drastic role in building up leaders in our youth, and we hope to do so in the future<br />

due to its effectiveness.<br />


1. Revival Meetings by Rev Dr Philip Siew: The District Adult Fellowship invited the Principal of Malaysia<br />

Theological Seminary, Rev Philip Siew, as speaker for the revival meeting held on 14 April 2016,<br />

7:30pm at Immanuel Methodist Church.<br />

2. The District English Youth Committee Leadership Camp was held from 20 April to 22 April. Rev Elijah<br />

Chew was invited as speaker at the camp. There were approximately 20 participants from 4 English Youth<br />

Fellowships.<br />

3. 「Methodist Studies」Course: The Logo Academy for Ministry and Missions (LAMM) Perth Institu-tion<br />

under the Chinese Methodist Churches of Australia (CMCA) invited Bishop Dr James Kwang to de-liver<br />

the course from 22 April to 25 April and 29 April to 2 May. There were approximately 20 partici-pants.<br />

4. East Malaysia Pastoral Team: A team of 28 pastors and spouse led by DS Rev Kong from Sibu<br />

South District visited Perth from 12 May to 17 May for a Pastoral Retreat and visited various churches in<br />

Perth. The itinerary and Sunday service preaching arrangements were prepared by DS Rev Nee. Special<br />

thanks to Grace Methodist Church who provided accommodation and prepared the reception for the Pastors,<br />

thank you to the three churches who shared their gospel vans and thank you to the four churches<br />

who took turns hosting dinner receptions and gatherings for the Pastors .<br />

8<br />

『Methodist Studies』Students with Bishop James Kwang and Mrs Kwang

Jesus was able to disciple a group of men to DO and to BE like him. Then He called His disciples to also go and<br />

make disciples in the world. It meant that they were called to live out the way that Jesus had taught and<br />

demonstrated to them. I believe, whether you like it or not, parents are called to disciple their children.<br />

The Greek word for disciple is mathetes which means learner. We are commanded TO LEARN and TO DO every<br />

single thing that our Rabbi (Jesus) did. It is a lifelong process. According to Mike Breen in his book titled Building<br />

a Discipling Culture, the process of learning takes three forms:<br />

1. Information<br />

Jesus taught the Sermon of the Mount and many parables to His disciples. For us, this learning step takes<br />

place in a classroom setting when teachers impart information and we listen and learn facts and ideas. Is<br />

making disciples as easy as the following equation?<br />

Right information / teaching = Right behaviour = Disciple<br />

Children need to first make a choice to receive the gift of salvation, then the choice to follow Jesus as His<br />

disciples. Can we just tell our children to read the Bible, pray, tithe, be kind, attend church, and tell others about<br />

Jesus? In that, we’re assuming that they can figure it all out themselves by giving them a to-do list to follow.<br />

We can ask them to pray, but we may forget that even Jesus’ own disciples had little clue as to how to pray<br />

rightly although they were close to Him. Thus, information alone has its limits. Hence, it is crucial that our<br />

children are not simply following the motions, but are encouraged to understand why they are doing what they<br />

do in desiring a relationship with Him. It goes from information to becoming a part of them, which in turn would<br />

lead them to the next step.<br />

2. Apprenticeship<br />

In Luke 11, when Jesus was asked by the disciples to teach them how to pray as He prayed, He did not simply<br />

give them another sermon. Instead, He taught them. This probably happened a lot. The disciples saw the life of<br />

Jesus as something they wanted for themselves. Jesus constantly taught and showed His disciples how He<br />

lived; clearly, a high level of apprenticing was going on.<br />

Jesus preached the Good News, healed the sick, cleansed the lepers and drove out demons. Then he sent out<br />

the twelve to do the same – and they were astounded to discover that they were able to do what He did.<br />

“Teaching and Theology were ways of describing reality and then Jesus showed His Disciples how to live in<br />

that reality.” Mike Green<br />

Thus, it is not enough for us to impart information to our children but to show and demonstrate to them every<br />

step in learning how to read the Bible, to pray, to love and forgive, to be humble, to confess, to trust God in<br />

time of adversity, and to give thanks at all times. While you might not be a perfect example, you must<br />

constantly strive to be a living example in their lives. Children learn from how we face our failures by His grace.<br />

Parents should invest their time, energy, skills and lives in their children, teaching them why they do what they<br />

do. Ultimately, be present with your children, so that you may fulfil your role to train them in the way they<br />

should go.<br />

3. Immersion<br />



Amie Chew (Camberwell MC)<br />

Family Column<br />

The disciples were almost always with Jesus. When He retreated to places, the disciples were immersed in a<br />

relationship where Jesus was completely accessible . They learnt big chunks of information from the Sermon of<br />

the Mount and how to develop skills in an apprenticing relationship. But by immersion, they saw how all of<br />

these things connected together to even the smallest things.<br />

As Jesus started his ministry in Capernaum, His reputation grew rapidly. One might say a revival had broken<br />

out in Capernaum. The disciples were probably very excited about His second day as they told Jesus that<br />

“Everybody is looking for you!” Amazingly, Jesus’ response was to “Let us leave and go to other places”. The<br />

disciples might have wondered, “Why and how would He know He was supposed to leave and not stay where<br />

He is currently most wanted and needed?” The answer lies in what He did early in the morning. The scripture<br />

stated that before dawn, He got up and spent time with His Father and then did something contrary to what<br />


seemed to be a reasonable course of action. He redefined what success was to His disciples – success was<br />

obedience to what the Father asks. He chose obedience over what seemed like the logical route.<br />

The disciples had known what prayer was and was shown how to pray. But now they were able to see how<br />

Jesus based His decisions on His prayer life.<br />

The same applies to when we want our children to learn Mandarin, even as a second language. We can make<br />

them sit in the classroom once a week to learn the language. But without much practice at home and being<br />

immersed in an environment where Mandarin is used to communicate, they will find it difficult to be fluent in the<br />

language. This may be why many students are willing to spend years in China where they can immerse<br />

themselves in the language and culture, which I reckon would be the best way of learning the language.<br />

By getting our children to a place where they can nourish themselves with the Bible, through prayer, community<br />

and other spiritual disciplines, they need to first immerse themselves in the culture of men and women whose lives<br />

reflect the life and ministry of Jesus Christ in ways beyond just what and how . This might only happen subtly, as<br />

children pick up the important lessons they would otherwise miss by living in a home and church where Jesus’ life<br />

is much desired and imitated.<br />

It is liberating to think that, with the working of God’s Spirit, over time, we can learn the ways of Jesus and do the<br />

things that He did while becoming His disciples. Hence, we are to lead our children by following the Master.<br />

In time, our children will learn by watching what we do, then do what we do.<br />

10<br />



1. Monday Night Chinese Service:In order to meet the<br />

needs of Sunday School teachers as well as a few others<br />

who are not able to attend the Sunday morning service, we<br />

have resumed Monday Night’s Chinese service (7:30pm –<br />

8:30pm) beginning 4 April.<br />

2. GMC Mini Sports Carnival was held on Monday 25 April<br />

(ANZAC Day) from 9am to noon. The event included<br />

activities which were suitable for all ages and successfully<br />

strengthened the bonds among church members. There<br />

was also a lunch session after the event where everyone<br />

paid $10 for their lunch to raise funds for the church’s<br />

building project.<br />

3. Half-day trips: (1) Park by the beach The Women<br />

Fellowship and Senior Fellowship co-organized the trip on<br />

Wednesday 13 April. More than 20 brothers and sisters<br />

attended the event; (2) Orchard Visit The Adult Fellowship<br />

arranged the visit on Saturday 14 May. There were about 40<br />

people (including newcomers) who attended.<br />

4. Bishop’s visit: Thank you to Bishop Dr James Kwang, who<br />

preached in both the English and Chinese services, and led<br />

the holy communion on 1 May.<br />

5. Parents’ Day was held on 8 May. There are about 40<br />

brothers and sisters who are aged 60 and above this year.<br />

6. A Fundraising Food Fair was held after service on 10 April<br />

and 15 May to raise funds for the English Youth Camp and<br />

Chinese Youth Fellowship respectively. We managed to<br />

raise approximately $4000 in total.<br />

7. Pastoral team from East Malaysia’s visit: The church<br />

welcomed the Pastoral team from Sibu’s South District led<br />

by DS Rev Kong (28 pastors and spouse in total) who<br />

visited Perth for a Pastoral Retreat.<br />

8. Social Concerns: The Social Concerns Committee asked<br />

members of the church to donate sleeping bags, socks,<br />

gloves, warm clothing, biscuits, canned food and other daily<br />

items for the homeless without shelters. We plan to<br />

distribute these items to homeless people on the streets<br />

during winter and donate the remainder to charity<br />

organizations. The donation drive ended on 29 May.<br />

9. New Church Building: At 1pm on 24 May, Rev Nee,<br />

representative of the Building Committee, the town planner<br />

and the architect met with the Council for further discussion<br />

on the building permit application. The meeting was to<br />

address one of the main concerns we currently face, which<br />

is that the new church building would be too close to a<br />

chicken farm, which raises health and hygiene concerns.<br />

Praise the Lord, after discussion, the Council agreed to let<br />

us continue with our building permit application.<br />

10. Gospel Sunday: We arranged for a special speaker, Rev<br />

Dr Samuel Goh from Singapore Bible College, to preach on<br />

29 May at the Gospel Sunday Service.<br />

11. Baptism and Admission were held during the service on<br />

29 May. 4 were baptised: Peck Hwa Lee, Yi Chao Huang,<br />

Thomas Chung Ming Ho, and Zi Wei Zheng. There were 14<br />

admissions to the church: Lucas Ting, William Han, Junior<br />

Sng, Kwinton Cheong, Anice Wong, Samuel Nee, Nathan<br />

Nee, Pauline Poh Lim Tie, Thomas Chung Ming Ho, Michael<br />

Kong, Lei Ping Ho, Peck Hwa Lee, Yi Chao Huang, and Zi<br />

Wei Zheng. 6 children were baptised:Vienna Man Kei Ho,<br />

Amanda Ho, Yin Jia Yap, Jia Wei Yap, Romayne Wong,<br />

and Jun-Sheng Chow。4 transferred their membership to<br />

GMC:Willie Tze Kian Tan, Cheryl Yee Khuan Teoh, Jin<br />

Hoo Jin, and Huong Ling Ting.


1. Evangelism Training (Mandarin). Rev Hwa Jin Jung<br />

(Gospel Methodist Church) conducted this training for our<br />

Mandarin-speaking congregation on Saturday 9 April. This<br />

was followed by street evangelism at the State Library.<br />

2. District Youth Leaders’ Retreat. Our English Youth<br />

Fellowship Committee attended a 3-day retreat in Mandurah<br />

from 20 to 22 April organised by Ps Dexter Nguyen and<br />

conducted by Rev Elijah Chew.<br />

3. LAMM Methodist Studies Module. KMC hosted the<br />

Methodist Studies Module conducted by Bishop and Mrs<br />

James Kwang from 22 to 25 April and 29 April to 2 May.<br />

Four of our members joined fifteen others who participated<br />

in this module.<br />

4. Evangelism Training (English). 14 of our members from<br />

the English congregation attended the training conducted by<br />

Rev Dr Brian Harris, Principal of Vose Bible Seminary, on<br />

Saturday 7 May.<br />

5. Kingsway Celebrates Parents Sunday. The Sunday<br />

School children brought their offering of song and dance<br />

while the church honoured our seniors with a prayer and<br />

love gifts on Parents Sunday 8 May.<br />

6. Hosting Pastors from Sarawak Chinese Annual<br />

Conference. KMC played host to 28 pastors and spouse on<br />

Saturday 14 May. They were treated to a love feast<br />

prepared by our brothers and sisters. The fellowship meal<br />

was followed by a time of sharing on our ministries and<br />

prayers for one another. The night ended with a short tour of<br />

the church premises.<br />

7. Hope Methodist Church Food Fundraiser. Members from<br />

Hope Methodist Church organised a food fair at KMC on 29<br />

May. Selling a variety of Asian delights to our Mandarin and<br />

English-speaking congregations, their sales exceeded their<br />

expectations.<br />

8. Church Cleaning Day. About 45 people turned up on 4<br />

June to help clean the church in preparation for our 25th<br />

Anniversary celebrations. “Many hands make light work,”<br />

and before long, we ended up at the refreshment hall for a<br />

time of food and fellowship.<br />

Our seniors being honoured on Parents’ Sunday<br />

Our teenagers bringing their offering of song on<br />

Parents’ Sunday<br />


1. One Day OT Bible Tour Lesson: Saturday 16 April, 9:00am-<br />

3:00pm at Gospel MC.<br />

5. Mission Night for Cambodia Mission Centre: The Mission<br />

for Cambodia night was held on Saturday 5 May 2016,<br />

6:30pm at the church. We had dinner followed by praise in<br />

songs and other programs to report on and pray for the<br />

mission to Cambodia.<br />

2. Praise Dance, Table tennis and Volleyball: Every Sunday,<br />

4:00-5:30pm at GoMC.<br />

3. Sibu South District Pastors (28 people) had fellowship<br />

dinner and sharing with LCEC members on Sunday 15 May,<br />

6:30pm at GoMC.<br />

6. Street Evangelism: Participants met at the State Library of<br />

WA (25 Francis St Perth WA 6000) on Saturday 11 June at<br />

2:00pm.<br />

7. A Revival Meeting was held on Friday 1 July at GoMC. The<br />

speaker was Rev Joel Siew Chiu Huo.<br />

8. The Gospel Family Camp will be held from 15 to 16 July at<br />

Orchard Glory Farm Resort.<br />

4. Parents’ Night was held on Saturday 7 May, 6:30pm at<br />

GoMC where parents of brothers and sisters were invited.<br />



1. Baptism and Confirmation Sunday on 10 April.<br />

5. Visitors from Sibu South District, Malaysia on 13 May.<br />

2. Revival Meeting from 14 to 17 April, Rev Dr Philip Siew as<br />

the speaker.<br />

6. IMC Anniversary Thanksgiving<br />

Service and Thanksgiving<br />

Luncheon on 15<br />

May.<br />

3. Parents Sunday on 8 May.<br />

4. Sunday School teachers training seminar from 29 Apr to 1<br />

May, David Leong from Singapore as the speaker.<br />

7. Leong Ah Kow's Home Blessing Service on 19 May .<br />



1. A Mission Night was held at our church on 15 April. The<br />

participants of last year’s Cambodia mission trip and this<br />

year’s Solomon Islands short term mission trip shared their<br />

testimonies.<br />

2. On 17 April three children were baptized: Miriam Kuy, Neal<br />

Qin and Matthew Li. May God bless them always!<br />

4. On 17April four brothers and one sister were accepted as<br />

church members: Peng Qin, Clement Ting, Yi Ma, Fei Ou<br />

and Malcom Li. We welcome them to our big family.<br />

5. On 15 May one child was baptized: Katherine Zeng. May<br />

God bless her always!<br />

3. On 17 April four adults<br />

were baptized: Peng Qin,<br />

Clement Ting, Yi Ma and<br />

Fei Ou. May God<br />

strengthen their faith!<br />

.<br />



1. Food Fair: Our annual food fair closed on a successful note<br />

on 23 April. It had raised more than $4000. Thank God for<br />

blessing the committee and brothers and sisters with the<br />

spirit of unity, joy in service as well as a healthy church<br />

growth.<br />

2. Children Choir: Started on 17 April, practice is held every<br />

Sunday from 9.30am to 10.15am. We encourage parents to<br />

bring their children, between 5 to 12 years old, to join.<br />

Through this choir, we can build up the children’s potential<br />

in singing. Please pray for this choir as it is still in its initial<br />

stage.<br />

3. Pastors Retreat: The District South Pastors’ Retreat was<br />

held from 18 to 20 April in Launceston. Rev Ling and Rev<br />

Yap joined the retreat. In fellowship with co-workers, our<br />

pastors learned together, were renewed and continue to<br />

serve the Lord in unity.<br />

4. Service Enabler Trainings: Usher training was held on 17<br />

April and training for liturgist, worship team, pianist, and PA<br />

personnel was held on 24 April. The aim of these workshops<br />

is to build up a good team which will serve in unity<br />

and subsequently create better worship, thereby glorifying<br />

God and edifying men.<br />

5. Nepal Mission Trip: Held from 19 to 28 April, there were 7<br />

team members, including Ying Ying and Susie from<br />

Goodwood MC. Thank God for leading them in their<br />

ministries in Nepal, for protecting them and for leading<br />

them back safely<br />

6. Parents Sunday Combined Service: Parents Day<br />

reminded us to obey God’s Word to honour our parents.<br />

We had a “honour our elders” session, where the children<br />

and youth presented songs gifts to parents. After service,<br />

members enjoyed the lunch with “long life” noodles and<br />

“peaceful” eggs, prepared by the Young Working Adult<br />

Fellowship.<br />

7. Sunday School Teachers training: Held on Saturday 14<br />

May at Holy Methodist Church, it was conducted by Amie<br />

Chew. 13 Sunday School teachers from Goodwood<br />

Methodist Church participated and were well equipped<br />

towards building up the Sunday School ministry and nurturing<br />

the next God-fearing generation.<br />

8. Young Adult Fellowship organized an outing on 28 May<br />

to Mt Lofty. Apart from having fellowship together, they<br />

also cleaned up the surroundings. It was a good field<br />

education for all the children on that day to learn to be<br />

good stewards of the environment.<br />

9. Church website: Renewal of the website has been<br />

completed. Information on the church, bible study,<br />

fellowship, and prayer pointers are available on the<br />

website. We encourage brothers and sisters to use the<br />

website more frequently.<br />

10. Gutter restoration: Annex Hall gutter needs to be<br />

replaced. With the addition of a gutter guard on top of it,<br />

the total cost is $5400. We have already raised $3800.<br />

We encourage brothers and sisters to contribute, so that<br />

God’s house will not be lacking, and the work will be<br />

completed soon.<br />


1. During the 2nd LCEC's meeting, we set up a Venue Task<br />

Force group to search for a new worship location.<br />

2. The Committee on Christian Social Concerns held a Biggest<br />

Morning Tea on 28 May as part of a Cancer Council Victoria<br />

initiative. We raised $256.60 for the Cancer Council. Also,<br />

we collected secondhand goods for Salvos on 8 May and 15<br />

May.<br />

3. About 10 people participate street canvassing on 22 May<br />

and 29 May for Dragon Boat Festival at the neighbouring<br />

spots in the city.<br />

4. We celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday 4<br />

June. A few new friends came and celebrated together with<br />

us.<br />



1. Please continue to pray for Camberwell Methodist Church<br />

as we enter 30th year. We will be celebrating our 30th<br />

anniversary on three occasions: our combined prayer<br />

meeting on 17 June 2016, followed by our 30th Anniversary<br />

Evening Service on 18 June 2016 and our 30th Anniversary<br />

Sunday Services on 19 June 2016. Our Anniversary theme<br />

is: Remembering the past, and being renewed in the spirit!<br />

2. We celebrated Parents Day on the<br />

afternoon of Saturday 7 May. The<br />

Committee on Social Concern organized a<br />

special morning celebration with a special<br />

theme talk by Mrs King Xu, who spoke<br />

about the challenge of Christian Parenting<br />

in the 21st century. There were about 100<br />

attendees.<br />

3. We gave out special gifts to those who are 60 and above on<br />

8 May. We pray that God continues to bless these elderly<br />

brothers and sisters in Christ with joy and good health, to be<br />

filled with the grace of God and His<br />

unlimited love.<br />

4. We participated in the Boroondara<br />

Food Drive. We collected more than<br />

100 bags of nonperishable food<br />

from our neighbourhood. May God<br />

continue to use us to bring His<br />

goodness to our communities.<br />

5. J/EMYF celebrated Parents Day on<br />

the evening of Friday 6 May. The<br />

youth prepared the evening program,<br />

cooked the meal and served all parents<br />

and all youths as well.<br />

6. We also congratulate Rev Meng Tee and Janice Gan’s<br />

youngest son Bryan Gan, who married Yi Wen Zhao on 28<br />

May 2016. May God bless their marriage richly.<br />

7. Chinese MYF came together<br />

for a special evening ‘Eve’s<br />

Night’.<br />

8. Sister Fellowship fund raising<br />

for 2016 Adults and Women<br />

Retreat in Melbourne.<br />

9. The Women Fellowship celebrated Dragon Boat festival on<br />

9 June 2016.<br />


1. commenced<br />

on 28/05, five members from our church attended..<br />

2. Brother You Xiu Yian passed away to be with the Lord on<br />

07/06. He lived a life full of faith, courage and witness of<br />

love. Our greatest sympathy upon his family for the loss of<br />

the loved one. We pray for God's blessing and guidance to<br />

be upon his family.<br />

3. was successfully held<br />

on 11/06. Apart from pot bless dinner and rice dumpling,<br />

we prepared other programs to encourage all present,<br />

including praise and worship, riddles, short sharing and<br />

testimony by brother Kimi.<br />

4. From knowing Christ to assurance of<br />

faith, 3 adults were baptised on 12/06 after attending the<br />

baptism classes. Praise be to the Lord!<br />

5. EMAF organised a ten pin bowling outing for English congregation<br />

on 13/06. All had enjoyed the fellowship and<br />

event greatly.<br />

6. will be conducted in TMC<br />

on 26/06, from 9:00am to 2:30pm, to train our members in<br />

evangelism ministry, and to build an evangelical church.<br />



1. Our Youth Fellowship had a wonderful gathering with the<br />

Youth Fellowships from Faith Methodist Church and<br />

Wellspring Church on 7 May at Hobart Botanical Garden.<br />

We all enjoyed the songs, games, sermon and food.<br />

2. Our Worship and Music Committee invited Mrs. Wong to<br />

give us choir training. All participants learnt a lot from her,<br />

especially on the right attitude in leading singspiration as<br />

well as some useful methods for singing.<br />


1. Parental marriage seminar: On 16 April, Rev He Qiu Fen<br />

from Singapore conducted a parenting and marriage<br />

seminar, which benefitted participants immensely.<br />

2. Sunday school teachers training: 10 people from Preston<br />

Church participated in the training at Camberwell MC on 25<br />

April.<br />

3. Parents Sunday: The youth recited the Word of God and<br />

distributed gifts to all parents on 8 May.<br />

5. Aldegate Revival Night: Brothers and sisters who are<br />

members of the choir were involved in the night, held on 21<br />

May.<br />

6. Fundraising: PMC started a fundraising towards renovating<br />

the church kitchen after Sunday service on 29 May.<br />

7. Dragon Boat Festival: We held an Evangelical night on 4<br />

June, with a dance presentation, choir singing, an<br />

instrumental performance, as well as a play by the youth.<br />

About 80 people attended the night.<br />

4. Visiting nursing homes: The Women Fellowship visited<br />

nursing homes and distributed gifts on 11 May.<br />

8. Congratulations to<br />

Xue Lian and Zhang<br />

Wen Juan who have a<br />

new baby girl, and Liu<br />

Ying Feiya and HuiXi<br />

who have a new baby<br />

boy. May God bless both<br />

families with His grace<br />

and love.<br />




1. Senior Fellowship – On 5 May, we had an enjoyable picnic day at Carss Bush Park with games, potluck, and a short message from<br />

Rev Chiu.<br />

Senior Fellowship Outing Parents Sunday feast Parents Sunday Choir<br />

2. Parent Sunday – On 8 May, we remembered our parents in our Sunday service with a song and video presentation, and a skit to<br />

remind us of their love for us. We prepared a special love feast for our seniors after the service to show our appreciation.<br />

3. Family Worship Night – On 21 May, the Adult Fellowship held a special family worship night to encourage us to worship our Lord in<br />

every family unit. We honoured and worshipped our Lord with songs, music, and a skit, and had a great time in fellowship with<br />

each other.<br />

Family Worship Night Multicultural Sunday Worship and Music Training<br />

4. Visitation –Annual Conference Youth Director Ps Alan Lau visited us from 20 to 22 May and shared his vision with the pastoral<br />

team. Praise the Lord for his guidance and feedback on our youth ministry.<br />

5. Liturgical Training – On 4 June (Chinese: 9.00am - 3.30pm) and 5 June (English: 12.00pm – 2.00pm), we benefited greatly from<br />

the training and seminar conducted by Ps Shirley on various topics related to the church liturgy, to enhance our understanding of<br />

worship. We also invited our brother Ernest Zou to provide some training for our choir.<br />

6. Multicultural Sunday – On 5 June our Sunday service had a multicultural ‘flavour’ with songs and praises conducted in the local<br />

‘tongue’ and a sermon by Rev Chiu on “A church called by God”. Brothers and sisters also brought their favourite hometown finger<br />

foods and dessert to share after the service.<br />


1. There were about 70 elderly people who participated in the<br />

“Honoring Elders” event and received gifts during the<br />

Parents’ Sunday Service on 8 May.<br />

2. We have started a free English tutoring session before<br />

Sunday Service at our Preaching Point. The response is<br />

good. We hope that more new friends will be brought to the<br />

Sunday Service.<br />

3. Brother Darren Stone conducted the “Personal Evangelism”<br />

training (3 sessions in total) and participants carried out<br />

door-to-door evangelism during 8 to 28 May.<br />

4. Ps Alan Lau, AC Youth Director, came to visit our Chinese<br />

and English youth fellowships and our Junior Youth fellowship<br />

on 28 May. Meanwhile, our 3 ministers enjoyed a great<br />

time of sharing with Alan.<br />

5. LAMM “Methodist Studies” Part B for EMP and Sherwood<br />

Church taught by Bishop Kwang was held from 2 to 5 June.<br />

There were 6 participants from Sherwood Church<br />

6. We give thanks to Bishop Kwang who preached and<br />

conducted the Holy Communion during our English service,<br />

and to Mrs Kwang who preached at the Chinese service on<br />

5 June.<br />



1. From 13 to 24 June, Pastor Li Fang and theological student<br />

Yang Xiaoli, along with other students from the local College<br />

Unity of Theology, will be on a mission trip to the Northern<br />

Territory. Please pray for their ministering to the indigenous<br />

people<br />

2. On 22 May, John Wesley Sunday, we highlighted Wesley's<br />

ministry and his teaching, and touched on how Christians<br />

should live the Holy Life, thus bringing the congregation to<br />

an awareness and understanding of the meaning of Methodism.<br />

3. Starting from February this year, we established a daily<br />

Bible reading program. Students who have returned to China<br />

and our current congregation connect together over the<br />

WeChat application to read the bible together, to encourage<br />

and use God’s word to inspire each other, release<br />

spiritual positive energy into the air, and to cleanse the spiritual<br />

void. This activity not only encourages individual<br />

Christians in their spiritual growth, but by the power of God,<br />

all us Chinese can come together to work together, in one<br />


1. The Sunday School had its annual family picnic on 12 June<br />

after service at 11:00am at Underwood Park. Students,<br />

parents, teachers and friends enjoyed a time of good<br />

fellowship .<br />

2. 16 participants from our Church attended the “Methodist<br />

Studies” workshop which was jointly organized by LAMM<br />

and Australia East District. We wish to thank Bishop and<br />

Mrs Kwang for coming over to Brisbane to teach the course<br />

from 2 to 4 June.<br />


4. In May we had three successful fundraisers, through the<br />

sale of food, donated auction items and so on, to support<br />

the missionary team travelling to the Northern Territory.<br />

5. On Mother's Day we had lunch together with the local<br />

Church of Christ in friendship, to build more support and<br />

share with each other.<br />

6. Please pray for us: most of the new Christians still prioritize<br />

earthly worth – some of them still work on Sundays. We<br />

need to pray for them.<br />

3. We thank Ps Alan Lau, the Conference Youth Director, for<br />

his visit to our Church, and in particularly for preaching in<br />

the English service and at the Preaching Point. His care<br />

towards our Methodist Junior Youth Fellowship, Young Adult<br />

Group, Youth Fellowship, Mandarin Youth Group and<br />

Mandarin Young Couples Group is highly appreciated.<br />

4. Methodist Women Fellowship prepared gifts and breakfast<br />

for seniors over 65 years of age on Parents Sunday, 8 May.<br />

The Sunday School also presented a special item during the<br />

05/07 - 08/07/2016<br />

15/07 - 17/07/2016<br />

20/07/2016<br />

25/07 - 01/08/2016<br />

05/08/2016<br />

11/08 - 12/08/2016<br />

13/08 - 19/08/2016<br />

21/08/2016<br />

24/08 - 28/08/2016<br />

29/08 - 05/09/2016<br />

05/09/2016<br />

Attending and workshop speaker at Eight Mile Plains MC Junior Youth / Youth Camp<br />

Ministries in Eight Mile Plains MC<br />

Logos Academy For Ministry & Missions Board meeting<br />

Leading Methodist Medical & Mission team to PNG<br />

Program Boards Chair meeting<br />

Attending and Presenting paper at the Wesleyan Theological Symposium for the Pacific region in<br />

Auckland<br />

Ministries in Solomon Islands Preaching Centre, Honiara<br />

Attending Eight Mile Plains Methodist Church 27th Anniversary<br />

Taking Annual leave<br />

Attending World Methodist Council meetings and World Methodist Conference<br />

Pastors & AC Leaders Retreat at Asbury Theological Seminary<br />




Thank God for:<br />

<br />

<br />

All the safe travel of Bishop and Kim, and for all the Pastors<br />

& Leaders in their faithful labour in carrying out their various<br />

ministries faithfully.<br />

The LAMM students for faithfully coming to attend the<br />

Methodist Studies, Old Testament Introduction & New<br />

Testament Introduction Classes conducted in April and<br />

June.<br />

The meaningful thanksgiving service and lunch in<br />

celebrating Immanuel MC’s 20 th Anniversary .<br />


CMCA – Pray for:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

God’s to continue to lead and guide all the Pastors to carry<br />

out the various ministries entrusted to them in 2016 to<br />

preach and teach on the theme of “Growing in Scriptural<br />

Holiness” .<br />

the Methodist Medical & Missions team going to do mission<br />

work in PNG from 25 July to 4 August. Pray for the teams’<br />

safety and good health, and for the opportunity to proclaim<br />

the gospel to the villagers by the mission team members .<br />

All the CMCA local churches / preaching centers to keep<br />

focusing on the importance of praying and fasting, to catch<br />

on the vision of Disciple making, and their involvement in<br />

Missions, and to form Covenant Disciple Groups .<br />

More young people to take up LAMM Courses to equip<br />

themselves to be local preachers, or to be fulltime workers<br />

in God’s Kingdom.<br />

God to provide good tenants for the remaining rooms in the<br />

Methodist House.<br />

The Lord to provide the monthly expenses of Board of Missions<br />

for mission work around Australia and overseas. Pray<br />

that His people will continue to support and give $1 a day to<br />

the Mission fund.<br />

Local Churches – Pray for:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

All the local churches/ preaching centres to work together<br />

with the Annual Conference to implement all the plans<br />

adopted by the Conference for 2016.<br />

The building fund required for the Holy Methodist Church<br />

and Morley Preaching Centre.<br />

All the pastors will serve faithfully in the local church or<br />

preaching center that he or she has been appointed. The<br />

members to give generously towards the various funds for<br />

ministries in the local churches.<br />

The student ins in our local churches/preaching centers to<br />

use their time wisely during the July holiday break.<br />

The church camp to be held in July during the holiday<br />

break by various churches.<br />

CMCA Pastors and their families – Pray for:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

The physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all the<br />

pastors. Pray for God to use his servants to minister to His<br />

people and to further God’s Kingdom.<br />

Bishop Kwang & Kim for good health, and sufficient grace<br />

and strength for safe travel and to cope with the many<br />

ministries engagement.<br />

Our 3 District Superintendents, Rev. Milton Nee, Rev.<br />

Tiong Ting Lingand Rev. Alexis Lui for grace, wisdom and<br />

strength to co-ordinate the ministries in each district.<br />

Rev. King Ming Wu, Rev. Mei Hua Chan and Pastor Xiao<br />

Min Cai & his wife, Vanessa, who are serving in our Mission<br />

District in PNG and all the brothers and sisters in PNG.<br />

Please pray for protection and good health .<br />

Pastor Esther Yung serving in Solomon Islands Preaching<br />

Centre.<br />

Rev. Peck Kui Kwang and for Rev .Elijah for God’s<br />

healing .<br />

Mrs. Laura Su, Mrs. Pang and Mrs. Ha for God’s healing .<br />

Guidelines for Contribution of Articles:<br />

1. We welcome brothers and sisters to contribute articles of all kinds of genres.<br />

2. We maintain the rights on editing and selection of all articles, further more, all articles received will<br />

not be returned.<br />

3. For all articles in Chinese language, please use Simplified Chinese Characters in typing your article,<br />

store as a WORD file and send to methodistnews@cmca.org.au by email.

澳 洲 基 督 教 华 人 卫 理 公 会 通 讯 录<br />

Contact List for Chinese Methodist Church in Australia<br />

会 督 Bishop<br />

官 佰 全 牧 师 Rev. Dr James Kwang<br />

Mobile: 0414 073 737<br />

Email: revjkwang@gmail.com<br />

卫 理 办 公 室 CMCA Office<br />

1219 Dandenong Road, East Malvern 3145, VIC<br />

Australia. Tel/Fax: (03) 9994 7250<br />

Email: cmca.melbourneoffice@gmail.com<br />

年 会 会 友 领 袖 CMCA Lay Leader<br />

陈 守 仁 Joseph Ting 0413 866 887<br />

年 会 文 书 CMCA Secretary<br />

林 国 地 Thomas Ling 0403 250 373<br />


教 区 长 : 雷 少 康 牧 师 Rev Alexis Lui 0402 419 361<br />

布 里 斯 本 Brisbane, Queensland (QLD)<br />

福 恩 堂 Eight Mile Plains Methodist Church<br />

5 Levington Rd., Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113<br />

Tel: (07) 3841 4483<br />

雷 少 康 牧 师 Rev. Alexis Lui - 0402 419 361<br />

Email: alexislui@bigpond.com<br />

郑 日 强 牧 师 Rev David Tay - 0422 091 598<br />

张 功 荣 牧 师 Rev Kong Eing Tiong - 0432 949 122<br />

Email: fet112014@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin /<br />

英 语 English)<br />

Wishart Preaching Point,<br />

Cnr Ham Rd & Wishart Rd, Wishart, QLD 4122<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 3:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

主 恩 堂 Sherwood Methodist Church<br />

405 Oxley Rd., Sherwood QLD 4075<br />

Tel/Fax: (07) 3278 6899<br />

王 连 进 牧 师 Rev. Paul Wong 0413 993 292<br />

Ps Sean Kong 0431 346 138<br />

廖 伟 辰 传 道 Ps Wilson Liao 0455 188 787<br />

附 属 : 陈 周 荣 牧 师 Rev Dr Michael Tan( 退 休 )<br />

0414 639 859<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin / 英 语 English)<br />

Chinese Preaching Point<br />

13 Coley Street, Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 4pm( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

坎 培 拉 Canberra, (ACT)<br />

坎 培 拉 佈 道 所 Canberra ACT Preaching Ctr.<br />

Corner Launceston St. & Melrose Dr., Lyons ACT 2606<br />

Tel: (02) 6247 6249<br />

周 丽 芳 本 处 传 道 Supply Ps. Zhou Li Fang (0402 387 614)<br />

P.O. Box 201, Dickson<br />

Email:aulifang2002@yahoo.com.au<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:1:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

悉 尼 Sydney, New South Wales (NSW)<br />

救 恩 堂 Carlton Methodist Church<br />

17 Planthurst Rd., Carlton, NSW 2218<br />

Tel: (02) 9546 2632<br />

丘 品 尧 牧 师 Rev Samuel Pin Yao Chiu 0450 003 447<br />

李 金 龙 传 道 Ps Kam Loon Lee 0430 369 382<br />

张 济 富 传 道 Ps David Tiong 0433 749 238<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

10:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin / 英 文 English)<br />

Parramatta Preaching Point<br />

46 Sorrell St., Parramatta, NSW 2150<br />

崇 拜 时 间 : 3:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin/ 英 文 English)<br />


教 区 长 : 林 忠 傧 牧 师 Rev Ling Tiong Ting 0405 651 123<br />

阿 得 雷 德 Adelaide, South Australia (SA)<br />

思 恩 堂 Goodwood Methodist Church<br />

158-160 Goodwood Rd., Goodwood, SA 5034<br />

Tel/Fax: (08) 7123 3723<br />

林 文 光 牧 师 Rev Gloria Ling 0420 227 956<br />

Email: glorialing@hotmail.com<br />

叶 吉 福 牧 师 Rev Kiat Hock Yap 0410 191 491<br />

Email: yapkhl@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

10:30am ( 英 文 English / 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

圣 恩 堂 Holy Methodist Church<br />

7 Churchill Road, Ovingham 5082<br />

余 自 力 牧 师 Rev Chin Lick Yu 0478 885 838<br />

Email: yuclsoo@yahoo.com.sg<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 9:30am ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

墨 尔 本 Melbourne. Victoria (VIC)<br />

谢 恩 堂 Camberwell Methodist Church<br />

58 Cooloongatta Rd., Camberwell, VIC 3124<br />

Tel/Fax: (03) 9889 0702<br />

周 家 熹 牧 师 Rev Elijah Chew 0421 468 655<br />

Email: echew07@gmail.com<br />

康 祥 文 牧 师 Rev James Kong - 0413 953 238<br />

Email: jsukong@gmail.com<br />

钟 美 琼 传 道 Ps Christina Bee Kheng Cheong<br />

0421 993 927 Email: cheongb@hotmail.com<br />

驻 任 会 督 : 官 佰 全 会 督<br />

Resident Bishop: Bishop James Kwang - 0414 073 737<br />

附 属 : 颜 明 智 牧 师 ( 退 休 ) Rev Meng Tee Gan<br />

雷 雯 冰 牧 师 Rev Wen Ping Loi ( 退 休 )<br />

0412 182 088 Email: wploi@hotmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin)11:00am ( 英 文 English)<br />

Wyndham Preaching Point<br />

200 Tarneit Road, Werribee, VIC<br />

2:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

沐 恩 堂 City Light Methodist Church<br />

717 Flinders St., Docklands, VIC 3008<br />

林 忠 傧 牧 师 Rev Ling Tiong Ting 0405 651 123<br />

Email: glzbmriwb@gamil.com<br />

鄢 礼 银 牧 师 Rev Peter Yong - 0429 030 390<br />

Email: peterlyong@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

11:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin / 英 语 English)<br />

荣 恩 堂 Glory Methodist Church<br />

1393 High Street, Wantirna South VIC<br />

方 友 义 牧 师 Rev Yu Ngee Houng 0430 576 633<br />

Email: hymarudi@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 2:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

思 源 堂 Monash Methodist Church<br />

118-122 Wellington Rd., Clayton, VIC<br />

黄 永 森 牧 师 Rev Dr Albert Wong 0433 015 363<br />

Email: ingseng@hotmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 4:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

怀 恩 堂 Preston Methodist Church<br />

101b Royal Pde, Reservoir, VIC 3073.<br />

洪 南 明 牧 师 Rev Scott Ang 0423 519 531<br />

Email: scottangdorothyhow@gmail.com<br />

附 属 : 夏 长 华 牧 师 Rev Dr James Ha ( 退 休 )<br />

0432 505 132 Email:jamesha1949@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 10am ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

三 一 堂 Trinity Methodist Church<br />

157 Kidds Road, Doveton, VIC 3177<br />

Tel: (03) 9794 7525<br />

陆 同 佑 牧 师 Rev. Alvin Liik 0426 817 818<br />

Email: alvinliik99@gmail.com<br />

刘 晋 福 牧 师 Rev Michael Lau 0413 233 222<br />

Email: mkinglau@me.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin)/ 11:00am ( 英 文 English)<br />

Berwick Preaching Point<br />

21A,Bemersyde Drive, Berwick, Vic 3806<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 2pm( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

塔 斯 马 尼 亚 Tasmania (TAS)<br />

信 恩 堂 Faith Methodist Church<br />

239 Sandy Bay Rd., Sandy Bay, TAS 7005<br />

Mail Address: 32, Pine Ave., Kingston, TAS 7050<br />

官 佰 威 牧 师 Rev Peck Kui Kwang 0413 861 508<br />

Email: peckkui@yahoo.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:2:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

颂 恩 堂 Praise Methodist Church<br />

100 Invermay Rd., Invermay, TAS 7248<br />

Mail Address: P.O.Box 357, Mowbray, Launceston 7248<br />

Tel: (03) 6326 4303 (T)<br />

官 清 忠 牧 师 Rev Ching Jong Kwang 0487 288 971<br />

Email:cjkwang740719@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:10:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

真 道 事 奉 与 宣 教 学 院<br />

Logos Academy for Ministry & Missions (LAMM)<br />

卫 理 大 厦 Methodist House<br />

刘 利 宇 院 长 Rev. Dr. Timothy Lau - (03) 9973 6137<br />

Email: principal@lamm.org.au<br />


教 区 长 : 林 宝 强 牧 师 Rev Milton Nee<br />

0457 068 108<br />

柏 斯 Perth, West Australia (WA)<br />

感 恩 堂 Grace Methodist Church<br />

226 Anstey Rd., Forrestdale, WA 6112<br />

林 宝 强 牧 师 Rev Milton Nee - 0457 068 108<br />

Email: pastornee@gmail.com<br />

林 良 敏 传 道 Ps Shirley Ling - 0434 225 199<br />

阮 伟 德 传 道 Ps Dexter Nguyen<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

9:00am / 11:00am ( 英 语 English)<br />

Monday Service 7:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

神 恩 堂 Immanuel Methodist Church<br />

33 Cloister Ave., Manning, WA 6152<br />

Tel: (08) 9450 7700<br />

彭 能 顺 牧 师 Rev. Neng Soon Pang - 0450 065 775<br />

刘 孙 宏 传 道 Ps Alan Lau 0448 259 566<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

8.30am/7pm ( 中 文 Mandarin)11:00am ( 英 语 English)<br />

信 望 堂 Hope Methodist Church<br />

28-32 Nicol Rd, Parkwood 6147, WA.<br />

Mail address: 3, Jooleen Way, Thornlie, WA 6108<br />

苏 本 仁 牧 师 Rev. Allen Su - 0424 685 582<br />

Email: alljsu@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 4:00pm ( 英 文 English)<br />

蒙 恩 堂 Kingsway Methodist Church<br />

38-40 Kingsway, Nedlands, WA 6009<br />

Tel: (08) 9389 9248<br />

蓝 秉 贤 牧 师 Rev P.H. Lam - 0422 199 980<br />

黄 敬 平 牧 师 Rev Wong King Ping 0405 088 979<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin)/ 11:15am ( 英 文 English)<br />

宣 恩 堂 Gospel Methodist Church<br />

Venue: 62 Royal St. Kenwick, WA 6107<br />

Mail Address: 34 Firefalls Close, Huntingdale WA6110.<br />

Tel: (08) 9398 8220<br />

丁 华 镇 牧 师 Rev. Dr Hwa Jin Jung 0402 141 544<br />

Email: dinghwajen@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

8:45am ( 华 语 Mandarin/English 英 语 )<br />

Morley 佈 道 所 Morley Preaching Centre<br />

3, Chertley street, Morley, WA 6062<br />

周 政 强 牧 师 Rev Dr Albert Chiew(0420 844 278)<br />

Email: albertchiew@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 2:30pm<br />

巴 布 新 几 内 亚 Papua New Guinea<br />

天 恩 堂 Methodist Church in PNG<br />

Lot 29-33, Section 171, Malolo Estate, 8 Miles Port<br />

Morseby, NCD, Papua New Guine<br />

Mail Address: P.O.Box 374, Waigani NCD, Papua New<br />

Guinea<br />

吴 庆 明 牧 师 Rev. Ngu King Ming - (075) 7000-8798<br />

Email: kingmingwu@gmail.com<br />

陈 美 花 牧 师 Rev Chen Mei Hua<br />

蔡 晓 明 传 道 Ps Xiao Ming Cai<br />

Email: cxm081689@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 9:30am ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

Vanimo Preaching Centre<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 7:30pm<br />

Kimbe Preaching Centre<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 7:30pm<br />

所 罗 门 岛 屿 佈 道 所 Solomon Islands Preaching Centre<br />

Sunvalley Cross Rd., Lungga, Honiara,Solomon Islands<br />

杨 小 琳 传 道 (677)7405054<br />

Elite Enterprise Ltd., PO Box 1388, Solomon Islands<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Service: 2:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

本 会 在 神 学 院 服 事 的 牧 者<br />

Ministers serving in other Organizations<br />

陈 廷 忠 牧 师 Rev. Dr. Justin Tan - (03) 98 817 800<br />

廖 玉 强 牧 师 Rev. Dr. Yuk Chong Liong - (03) 9881 7800

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