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Letter from the

VP of recruitment

Greetings Clemson Parents!

Welcome to Clemson University! I am

beyond excited to have your daughter

here and participating in Clemson

Panhellenic’s Fall Recruitment 2016!

This is an exciting time for her as a

college student, and we can’t wait to be

a part of it. The sorority experience has

given me many wonderful memories,

friendships, and opportunities. I hope

it will do the same for her!

Clemson Panhellenic’s Fall

Recruitment process has been

carefully planned to provide your

daughter with knowledge about the

Panhellenic community, a chance

to meet new friends, and time to

adjust to Clemson’s campus. Our goal for her during

recruitment is to simply have fun and learn more about our incredible

community. Over these two weeks, nearly 1,200 young women will be

able to meet each sorority and see that they all share common goals and

values, yet each chapter has its own individual personality. Choosing which

sorority is best for her will not be an easy decision, or one that should be

taken lightly. It is important for each young woman to make the choice that

challenges her and allows her to be herself. When discussing recruitment

with your daughter, I ask that you remind her to choose what will make her

the happiest.

I hope that your daughter enjoys Clemson Panhellenic’s Fall Recruitment

process and I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions. I wish

you all the best of luck throughout your years involved with Clemson

University. Go Tigers!

Annalise Winters

Panhellenic VP of Recruitment



Clemson Panhellenic’s Sorority Recruitment is a chance for your daughter

to become a member of an organization that reflects her values and allows

her to begin to shine on Clemson’s campus. The fall recruitment process

begins on Friday, August 19th and concludes on Bid Day on Monday,

August 29th. During this time, your daughter can attend four formal

rounds of recruitment, all on the weekends, and gather a sense of which

sorority is the best fit for her. Each recruitment round helps potential new

members and sorority members acquaint themselves with one another.

Throughout the rounds potential new members talk one -on -one with

sorority members. Presentations and videos will provide information

about each sorority’s activities, personality and values.

Membership selection is a mutual

process where both potential

new members and chapters

consider several factors when

making decisions. Throughout

the recruitment process, potential

new members will prioritize the

chapters they are interested

in returning to visit and the

sororities will also prioritize

who they wish to ask back for a

return visit. After the last round

of formal recruitment, potential

new members will then list

their membership preferences

in order. During this time, the

sororities will also be doing the

same thing.

Following the Preference Round each potential new member will sign

a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement. On this

agreement she may list up to three sororities of which she attended

preference parties for that she would be interested in joining. We

encourage all women going through the recruitment process to keep

an open mind and maximize their options, which will increase their

opportunity to receive a bid from one of our sororities. If your daughter

lists a sorority on the agreement, receives a bid and chooses to decline

she will not be able to join another National Panhellenic Conference

sorority on campus until the next formal recruitment period in the

following fall.

The REcruitment process

During the week it’s important that your daughter keeps an open mind

and looks for a group of women with whom she feels most at home.

At times this week may be stressful, confusing, and tiring for your

daughter and you may be needed to offer support. Just as the chapters

are narrowing down the list of women to whom they extend invitations,

your daughter will be narrowing down her list of chapters to which she

accepts invitations. The length of the recruitment rounds will get longer

as the week progresses in order for your daughter and the sorority

women to get to know each other better. It’s important for your daughter

to accept all invitations she is given in order to maximize the chance of

her pledging the chapter of her choosing.

Formal recruitment will take place during the weekends of the first

two weeks of classes. At Recruitment Orientation, your daughter will

be placed in a Pi Chi group with other women going through sorority

recruitment. A Pi Chi is a sorority woman who is disaffiliated from her

chapter from early May until Bid Day; the end of sorority fall recruitment.

She is there for your daughter throughout the recruitment process to

provide her with unbiased guidance, answer any questions and provide

a helping hand throughout the two weeks. A Pi Chi group is a great

opportunity for your daughter to meet new women on campus in a fun

and exciting environment. We find many lasting friendships developed

within Pi Chi groups.

You and your daughter will

also be able to contact the

Panhellenic Recruitment Staff

and Executive Board at all

times throughout the week

with questions or concerns.

During the recruitment

process, your daughter will

be able to learn about what

each chapter has to offer in

terms of academics, service,

and sisterhood. She will also

learn about the Panhellenic

community here at Clemson

and the campus life as a


Requirements, Commitments

& Expectations


While there is no minimum GPA requirement to participate in

Clemson Panhellenic’s fall recruitment process, our chapters have

GPA requirements that are necessary for selection, pledging and for

maintaining social privileges within their chapter. A typical sorority

average to extend a membership invitation is a 3.00 cumulative GPA.

Women who have below a 3.00 GPA are advised they are at a greater

risk to be released from the formal recruitment process due to their

academics. For formal recruitment in 2015, high school students who

joined a sorority had an average cumulative GPA of 3.7 while transfer

and current college students had an average cumulative GPA of 3.3, on

a 4.0 unweighted scale. In order to participate in the formal recruitment

process, an individual must be registered as a full time student at

Clemson University.


Joining a sorority at Clemson does require a financial commitment.

Within the Sorority Life Guide book that your daughter will receive at

Recruitment Orientation and that will be on the Panhellenic website

mid-summer, we have included the new member and returning member

dues for all of our chapters. Some chapters’ dues are not all inclusive.

For instance, additional expenses such as t shirts and fines may arise

during the course of membership and are not included in the initial

price listed. The established semester dues are used to operate the

chapter and execute social and philanthropy events. Some families

choose to take on this expense and some of our women work to pay

their own dues. We understand both of these situations occur, but the

bottom line is that these payments are mandatory to membership.

However your daughter chooses to manage her chapter dues is

completely up to your family’s discretion. Our hope is that throughout

this process, your daughter will find a chapter that is worth the cost for

her because her Panhellenic experience will be priceless.

Time Commitment

The success and operation of our organizations depend entirely

on the commitment of our members. As a Clemson student, your

daughter’s first priority is her academics and her chapter will

always support that. Outside of her education, becoming more

involved within her chapter will greatly enhance her overall college

experience. Though every member’s experience is different, we

wanted to give you and your daughter an idea of what a week of

chapter involvement looks like.

Sunday – Chapter meeting (1hr)

Monday – Committee Meeting (1.5 hrs)

Tuesday – Mixer (2hrs)

Thursday – Intramural Game (2hrs)

Friday – Sisterhood Event (3 hrs)

These are the type of events that you and your daughter will see

on your chapter’s calendar. It is our hope that as her membership

continues, so will her desire to contribute her talent and potential to

enrich her experience and sisterhood.

Expectations for Panhellenic Women

The values of Clemson Fraternity

and Sorority Life are Scholarship,

Leadership, Philanthropy and

Community. By joining a chapter and

our community, your daughter will

also be committing to our values and

expectations. As a Panhellenic woman,

we expect her to thrive academically,

become involved on Clemson’s

campus and conduct herself in a

manner that properly reflects our

ideals. In addition to the overarching

Panhellenic values, each chapter has

its own unique values and holds its’

members accountable through a

formal conduct process. Once your

daughter becomes a member, she is

always representing her chapter, our

community and Clemson University.

frequently asked questions

Will a sorority have an adverse effect on my daughter’s grades?

No, in fact, the all Greek GPA at Clemson is higher than the non-

Greek GPA. By consistently promoting scholarship, our Panhellenic

community makes achieving academic success a priority. By choosing

to join sorority life, your daughter is becoming part of a group of

women who have already finished their first year of college. Thus,

your daughter will be surrounded by women who can offer advice,

study suggestions pertaining to her major and overall tools to promote

academic success. There are few other places where a student can

gain access to the variety of resources that the Greek community has

to offer. Ultimately, the responsibility for succeeding in the classroom

is the individual students’. However, with the broad range of resources

available within the Greek community, students are more likely to

achieve their full academic potential.

Are sororities primarily social in nature?

That completely depends on your definition of “social.” On Clemson’s

campus, the various activities of today’s sororities include educational

programs, community service events, alumni events, Parent’s

Weekends, intramural sports, Homecoming, First Friday, sisterhood

events, formals and date socials. All of these events are considered

“social” in some way, but they all have amazing benefits for your

daughter if she participates in them. Sorority life at Clemson is not

accurately portrayed by the movies and TV shows that we see today.

Our Panhellenic community strives to promote unity within all of our

chapters and grow together through our values by participating in, and

hosting many of, the events on our campus.

Is hazing a traditional practice among sororities?

Clemson University has a zero tolerance hazing policy for all student

organizations. Sorority members are educated about hazing behavior

and policies regularly in order to keep them informed. Hazing, or any

activity that subjects members to harassment, ridicule, intimidation,

physical exhaustion, or mental distress is entirely contrary to the

purposes of the sorority and fraternity communities as well as Clemson

University, and is not tolerated.

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