2015 CatchingArt program


There are few opportunities in Canada that allow young artists to aspire dancing as a professional

artist. Pro Arte’s CatchingART Contemporary Ballet Theatre aspirant “company experience” allows

a priceless professional learning opportunity and the development of resume performances,

confi dence and profi ciency through unique opportunities and company classes with guest

choreographers and teachers. The eight company members receive a training scholarship (funded

by the Platform Society) to complete their advanced training level. They are committed to a career

in dance and dedicate over 30 hours per week to the art. They have graced the international

stages and been awarded many scholarships and awards at NYCDA, YAGP and other international

competitions, as well as achieving high distinctions in Advanced 2 RAD and ISTD qualifi cations.

Their 2015-16 season also includes performing with Pandora’s Vox (December 4th and 5th),

the Lions Gate Sinfonia (December 19th), at the “Dance in Diplomacy Conference” in Missoula,

Montana (January), as well as many community and outreach projects and performances with

Education without Borders and other groups. The group is planning a trip to Europe this Spring to

further connections, take master classes and auditions.

These dancers are driven, determined & destined. They DARE to take the Stage! Enjoy!

Astrid Sherman, Artistic Director

CatchingART Contemporary Ballet Theatre


Dancers: Ethan Ponton & Maia Jadue

Photographers: Pam, Larissa &

Scott McFarlane

It is our pleasure to sponsor the 2014-15 Performance Series for

CatchingART Contemporary Ballet Theatre. One of our primary goals is

to foster and encourage the emerging generations of young artists that

represent the future in Performing Arts. This evening is a bright contribution

to this future. Now, more than ever, it is important to raise the profi le of the

talent that lies in Canada and, more specifi cally, in BC, and in our local

community. Together with your partnership, we take steps tonight in the

direction of training and retaining the arts leaders of tomorrow. Thank

you for being here and joining us in honouring the efforts of these young

performing artists.


Sweet for Piazzolla

Composer: Astor Piazzolla

Musicians: Violin- Janna Sailor, Harp- Albertina Chan

La Muerte del Angel

Choreographer: Stephana Arnold

Dancer: Lauren Middlemass

Understudy: Iris Stewart-Bosch


Choreographer: Astrid Sherman

Dancers: Ethan Ponton, Maia Jadue & Savannah Stuible

Understudies: Katrina McKinnon & Sasha Slater

Café 1930

Choreographer: Stephana Arnold

Dancers: Iris Stewart-Bosch, Sophie Derome, Anja Fanslau,

Lauren Middlemass, Katrina McKinnon

Understudy: Maia Jadue

Café 1960

Choreographer: Astrid Sherman

Dancers: Ethan Ponton, Savannah Stuible, Emma Dewar, Katja Juthans

Understudy: Cassia Slager

Canticle for an Angel

Composer: Michael Conway Baker

Musicians: Violin- Janna Sailor, Harp - Albertina Chan, Piano – Michael Conway Baker

Choreographer: Astrid Sherman

Dancers: Ethan Ponton, Anja Fanslau, Cassia Slager

Understudies: Sasha Slater & Emma Dewar

Tribute to Rachmaninov

Composer: Michael Conway Baker

Musicians: Violin- Janna Sailor, Harp - Albertina Chan, Piano – Michael Conway Baker

Choreographer: Astrid Sherman

Dancers: Iris Stewart-Bosch, Katrina McKinnon, Lauren Middlemass, Emma Dewar,

Anja Fanslau, Savannah Stuible, Katja Juthans, Maia Jadue

Understudies: Sophie Derome & Cassia Slager

Nature Boy

Music: Kurt Elling

Choreographer: Candice Michelle Franklin (New York)

Dancers: Ethan Ponton, Lauren Middlemass, Maia Jadue, Sophie Derome

Understudies: Sasha Slater, Iris Stewart-Bosch, Emma Dewar, Katrina McKinnon


Letter to the Universe

Music: Peter Gabriel; Voice Over: Ryan Marchant

Choreographer: Rachael Poirier (Vancouver)

As a single parent, presently with a 16 year old son, I’ve often watched fathers advising,

disciplining and mentoring their sons. My son has grown up with no father. I often wonder what

void he must feel or if he notices the other fathers coaching their sons, bringing them lunch at a

ball game, sitting down for a chat, walking through a mall shopping, on a vacation together, or

playing sports with one another.

The voice over in this routine was read to me by my mom. As she fi nished the fi nal lines, I had tears

running down my face. I told her someday I’d fi nd music to match this letter and choreograph a

dance to it. I’ve entitled the dance “Letter to the Universe.” It’s a request from all parents for the

world to be kind to our children as they grow up and leave home; for the universe to help guide

their decisions; to help them emotionally handle disappointment; to help them follow their dreams;

to become successful and happy; surround them with good associates and friends; to be able to live

in the present, but to also have the foresight to determine danger.; to fi nd true love. The idea that

one bad decision or good one can change their lives forever is both frightening and wonderful.

I have worked with kids and young adults for 25 years. I have seen so much through knowing

them--both great success and terrible tragedy. They will only know how much we love them when

they have children of their own. It truly takes an entire village to raise a child. I hope their dreams

come true; that they remember without failure there is no success. Work hard--everyone loves

a hard worker. Respect yourself and others. Have clear boundaries of what you will and won’t

tolerate. Never do drugs. Don’t lie to yourself or others. Live an honest life. Enjoy simple pleasures,

appreciate your life every day. See the beauty that surrounds you. Tell your family you love them

daily. Life is work. Enjoy being a good person. Love yourself. Love being you. Give back for there

are more rewards in giving than receiving.

I thank you for sharing your children with me. It was my pleasure to work with them. I hope you

enjoy a “Letter to the Universe”.

Dancers: Ethan Ponton, Iris Stewart-Bosch, Sophie Derome, Cassia Slager, Lauren Middlemass,

Emma Dewar, Anja Fanslau, Maia Jadue, Savannah Stuible, Katja Juthans

Understudies: Katrina McKinnon, Sasha Slater

Pas de Quatre

Original Choreography: Jules Perrot

On the night it premiered in London, (12 July 1845) it caused a sensation with the critics and

the public alike. The reason for this was that it brought together, on one stage, the four greatest

ballerinas of the time — in order of appearance, Lucile Grahn, Carlotta Grisi, Fanny Cerrito, and

Marie Taglioni.

Composer: ‎Cesare Pugni

Staging: Stephana Arnold

Dancers: Saturday: Anja Fanslau (Fanny Cerrito) & Cassia Slager (Carlotta Grisi),

Iris Stewart-Bosch (Lucile Grahn) & Maia Jadue (Marie Taglioni)

Sunday: Anja Fanslau Cassia Slager (Carlotta Grisi),

Savannah Stuible (Lucile Grahn) & Maia Jadue (Marie Taglioni)

Understudy: Katja Juthans

All of Me

“Magical child, wounded child and saboteur, facets of an individual, react in isolation like wild

unconscious atoms rendering our own actions a mystery to ourselves . . . when we fi nally see and

embrace all, the hard and the soft, the expansion and the contraction, then there is cohesion . . .

then there is power.’”

Music: Whilk & Misky “Burn with Me”

Choreographer: Clare Guss-West (Zurich)

Dancers: Saturday: Ethan Ponton/Cassia Slager /Katja Juthans

Sunday: Iris Stewart-Bosch/Anja Fanslau/Sasha Slater

Understudies: Savannah Stuible & Sophie Derome

Where Dreams are Born

Music: John Williams/Singer: Barbara Bonney

Choreographer: Stephana Arnold

Dancers: Ethan Ponton, Cassia Slager & Maia Jadue

Understudies: Sasha Slater & Savannah Stuible

Thank You Mr. Charles

Choreographer: Stephana Arnold

Dancers: Sasha Slater, Iris Stewart-Bosch, Katrina McKinnon, Sophie Derome,

Cassia Slager, Lauren Middlemass, Emma Dewar, Anja Fanslau

Understudies: Ethan Ponton & Katja Juthans

Dancers: Cassia Slager & Savannah Stuible

Photographers: Pam, Larissa & Scott McFarlane


Anja Fanslau feels very honoured to be a CatchingART company

member, after understudying last year. In 2013 she started her training at

Pro Arte and was chosen as a Intermediate Ballet Provincial alternate. Anja

is working towards her Advanced 2 RAD and ISTD Modern exams, and is

hoping complete all of her RAD and ISTD exams by the time she graduates.

Her favorite things about dance include working with various teachers,

learning new techniques and always striving to improve. She hopes to have

a career that allows her to continue to learn, dance and travel.

Maia Jadue was born in London, England and has moved all over

the world. She has been dancing at Pro Arte since she was 11 and has

completed almost all of her ISTD ballet exams, three major ISTD modern

exams as well as her Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 RAD Ballet

qualifi cations (all with distinction). She is working towards her Advanced 2

ISTD. She likes to listen to music and spend time with her friends and family.

She is honoured to be part of CatchingART, fi rst as an understudy and now

as a member. She plans to audition for graduate dance programs in Europe and England.

Ethan Ponton is honoured to be performing with CatchingART. He

started out with a keen interest in tap and stage but has branched out and

explored many new styles. He is focused on ballet and contemporary after

achieving a distinction for both his Intermediate and Advanced 1 RAD ballet

exams. He is working towards his Advanced 2 and Solo Seal. Ethan often

goes to gymnastics clubs with his brother to work on the things he can’t in

the studio. He also likes to spend time swimming. Ethan aspires to travel to

Europe to attend a post-secondary dance institution and pursue a professional career in dance.

Savannah Stuible was taught a love of dance at an early age and is

now completing her formal training here at Pro Arte. She majors in classical

ballet but also takes tap and contemporary. Savannah has completed,

with high distinction, her Advanced 1 ISTD and her Advanced 2 RAD

Ballet examinations. She has focused on Summer Intensives at Pro Arte

Centre receiving valued instruction from many renowned teachers and

choreographers. Her goals include the ISTD Advanced 2 followed by the

RAD Solo Seal Award. Savannah hopes to see a future in a major professional ballet company.

Lauren Middlemass is excited to be a member of CatchingArt,

after a year as an understudy. Since she fi rst started at Pro Arte, she has

completed several exams and is working on her Advanced 2 RAD ballet

and hopes to complete her Advanced 2 ISTD Ballet and Modern next year.

Lauren was selected as an Intermediate Modern Provincial Representative

in 2015, was chosen “teen outstanding dancer runner-up”, and received a

“triple-threat award” at NYCDA in 2014 and 2015. She enjoys spending time

with her friends and family. She feels so honoured to part of a fantastic group of dancers.

Cassia Slager started as an understudy, and is excited to now be a

member of CatchingArt. She is working towards her Advanced 2 ISTD

Modern and Advanced 2 ISTD Ballet exams. Cassia was a BC Provincial

Representative for Ballet in 2012 and 2014, and received honorable mention

in 2015. She placed top 12 at YAGP in Seattle in 2013 and was invited

to attend summer school at the National Ballet in 2011. Thankful for the

opportunities provided for her, she aspires to join a Ballet Company, and use

the information and experience gathered from it to build a career in the sciences.

Iris Stewart-Bosch is proud to be a CatchingART member after

understudying last year. Born in Vancouver, she moved to Toronto to go the

National Ballet School in Grade 7. Last year she completed her Advanced 1

RAD and Intermediate ISTD Ballet and Modern Exams. She is preparing for

her Advanced 2 RAD exam and her Advanced 1 ISTD Ballet and Modern.

Her loves working with new choreographers because it allows her to

discover new forms of movement and learn more about the dance world. Iris

would love to have a job that allows her to dance and travel at the same time.

Sophie Derome started dancing when she was very young doing ballet

and tap, and loved it so much that shortly after she joined jazz, musical

theatre, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop. She joined Pro Arte Centre last

year, completing her Advanced 2 RAD and Intermediate ISTD Ballet and

Modern exams. Sophie is very excited for the season as there are so many

opportunities to perform and explore the art of dance. Last year, Sophie was

selected as an alternate for the BC Provincial Intermediate Modern category.

She enjoys listening to music and hanging out with her friends and family.


From Pro Arte’s Advanced Professional Program:

Emma Dewar, Katrina McKinnon, Sasha Slater, Katja Juthans


Dancers: Iris Stewart-Bosch & Sophie Derome

Photographers: Pam, Larissa & Scott McFarlane

Astrid Sherman, Artistic

Director, graduated from the Pretoria

Technikon School for the Performing

Arts in South Africa. She went on to

dance professionally with the NAPAC

Ballet Company in Durban, where she

worked with many of the innovators

of South African modern and neoclassical

dance, and performed in

all the traditional ballet classics. She

toured extensively to local schools

with various educational productions

introducing children to the world of

dance. As a student in South Africa,

Astrid’s work was selected for the

”Dance Umbrella” Choreographic

Festival, and she was asked to

choreograph for the professional

production of “Gracie & Vera”. Since

immigrating to Canada, she has

fulfi lled her commitment of using dance

to affect change through choreography

and collaboration with Cecil Hershler

of Education without Borders for the

“Global Arts Festival”, “World Kindness

Festivals”, “The South African Film

Festivals” and ”Woza” performances

and has worked closely with Canadian

composer Michael Conway Baker

for various commemorative pieces.

In 2010 she was commissioned by

The Cottage Farm Society to create

and choreograph a full length work depicting the agony of mental illness in the work “From Shadow to Light”

at the Chan Theatre in Vancouver. Ms. Sherman has choreographed for numerous Canada Day celebration

presentations, the opening of the North Vancouver Pier, performances with the North Vancouver School Board

and visiting Japanese exchange school bands, the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, Yarilo Music, Pandora’s

Vox and with the Lions Gate Sinfonia. Last May, she was invited to choreograph for CatchingART to perform

with Yarilo Music in Europe.

Stephana Arnold, Choreographer-in-Residence, attended the National Ballet School of Canada where

she received the prestigious Peter Dwyer Award and Honours standing on her Intermediate and Advanced

Cecchetti Ballet Exams. Upon graduation, she danced with several small companies before joining the

National Ballet of Canada. In 1996, Stephana was asked to join Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal

and quickly rose through the ranks to First Soloist. She danced a wide and ecclectic variety of principal and

soloist roles, including Concerto Barocco, Nutcracker, Queen of Spades, and Giselle and Symphony of Songs.

She was a favourite muse for many choreographers and worked with such names as James Kudelka, Serge

Bennethan, Eduoard Lock, Shawn Hounsell, O’had Naharin, Jiri Kylian, Kevin O’Day and Ib Anderson. She

has danced at tributes to Celia Franca, and Evelyn Hart, as well as other prestigious dance festivals across

Canada. While at Ballet BC, Stephana danced an extensive array of principal roles, from the Woman in

Conversation Piece, Faerie Queen, Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire, Petite Mort and Jean Grand Maitre’s

Carmen. While still dancing she became company teacher from 2004-09. In 2010, she came out of retirement

to dance in the Opening Ceremonies for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Stephana is an ISSA certifi ed

personal trainer, a sought after Guest Teacher, Adjudicator and award winning choreographer.

Candice Michelle Franklin is a New York based professional dancer, choreographer, and

producer who has been seen in numerous fi lm, TV shows, music videos, industrials, and on the live stage.

She has a B.A. in Fine Arts majoring in Dance, studied at Steps on Broadway, trained in St. Louis at Missouri

Concert Ballet, and, upon invitation to New York, received her conservatory training at the Alvin Ailey American

Dance Center. As owner of Dance Industrial Professionals, Inc./The Pro DANZ Group, she oversees the

dance and creative direction of performance groups, recording artists, industrials, and stage shows. Her work

has been performed in a host of New York venues. Most recently, her choreography work has been seen in

the WEBBY-nominated music video for the rock band Black Taxi called “Shoeshine,” in the holiday stage play,

“Coming Home to Christmas,” and in the gospel stage play, Blest Be the Tide. She is Head Choreographer for

CEG Productions LLC, choreographer for the 80′s girl group, Buffalo Stance, and choreographs for a number

of recording artists including Natiah, internationally celebrated Bollywood Hip hop artist, SHAKTI, the rapper

BRASCO, and Grammy award winning recording artist, Macy Gray. She performs with the legendary master

jazz pianist Onaje Allan Gumbs II’s New Vintage, works as an Advanced Jazz instructor and adjudicator for

The Joffrey Ballet School, instructs in Joffrey’s Master Teacher National tour, and works as the producer and

choreographer for Jazz Ain’t Dead®, a live band and dance production group performing at jazz festivals and

jazz concert series. Coming up next year, her production, Jazz Ain’t Dead® will be featured as one of the

resident performance groups for the Nashville Jazz Festival slated for the summer 2016.

Rachael Poirier has over 24 years of experience as a choreographer and dance instructor. She

has trained throughout North America and her dances have captivated audiences around the world,

winning numerous awards for their innovative style and consistent originality. She has choreographed

for many industrial shows such as the opening acts for the BC Country Music Awards, Michael Bublé,

and world-renowned magician, Juliana Chen. Rachael founded Danzmode Productions in 1994, which

quickly established itself as one of Vancouver’s elite dance institutions. Many of her dancers have gone

on to compete and win the B.C. Provincials in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Musical Theatre categories, while

others have moved on to professional dance careers. One of her most successful commercial dancers,

Stephanie Moseley, is known for her works in TV series Hellcats and Hit the Floor. Rachael has won several

choreography awards. In 2004, her innovative choreography for Alex Wong’s “Capture of the Tiger” solo

became the fi rst Canadian winner at the Prix De Lausanne in Switzerland. Her inventive work for Fei Fei Ye’s

contemporary piece “Innocence” was awarded a Bronze Medal in the Varna Competition in Russia. Dance

has been Rachael’s life, dreams and existence since she was 5. Teaching allows her to share her passion and

knowledge of dance gained through her experiences.

Clare Guss-West is a former professional dancer, choreographer, opera director, holistic health

practitioner, and author. Trained as a classical, contemporary dancer & musician, she began her career

presenting her choreographic works at The Place, London. Following the success of several works with

American composer Philip Glass, she became resident choreographer and later director at English National

Opera, London. She created choreography and productions for The Lyric Opera of Chicago, Los Angeles

Opera, Seattle & San Francisco Operas, Netherlands Opera, Wiesbaden & Kiel Operas, Royal Opera House

Covent Garden, BBC Proms, Opera de Paris Bastille. Clare’s focus is on the practical application of holistic

health and somatic movement principals to dance. Supported by the latest research in human movement and

neuroscience she teaches complementary techniques for professional dancers and teachers. Working with

the Nureyev Foundation and The European Network for Opera & Dance Education (RESEO), she delivers an

holistic approach to training for Finnish National Ballet, Ballet de L’Opera du Rhin, The Royal Ballet, l’Opèra

de Paris (Opèra Université), L’Ecole Supèrieure de Danse Rosella Hightower and for the RAD Professional

Dancer’s Postgraduate in Teaching Certifi cate, Berlin Staatsballett. Clare regularly presents this cutting-edge

work for IADMS (International Association of Dance Medicine & Science).


Michael Conway-Baker has many honours in the fi eld of music. His awards include 3

Genies (Canadian Academy Award) for best fi lm music; an ACTRA award for best fi lm music

in a TV series along with seven nominations. His concert music, now over 143 works, includes

symphonies, concertos and full length ballets (National Ballet of Canada and Royal Winnipeg

Ballet). In 1992 he received a Juno for his Piano Concerto. He is listed in the 2005 Groves

Dictionary of Music. In 1997 he was invested with the Order of British Columbia and received the

Queens Golden Jubilee Medal. In 2006 he was inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame.

CORDEI Contemporary Harp and Violin Duo, formed in 2012 by harpist Albertina Chan and

violinist Janna Sailor, is committed to performing contemporary music and promoting the works

of Canadian composers. In addition to traditional recitals, recent projects included work on a

silent dance fi lm with original score written for CORDEI by Iman Habibi in collaboration with the

Vancouver Film School and creating the soundscapes for “Saturated Phenomenon” in conjunction

with visual artist Erica Grimm. For more information, please visit www.cordei.ca

Albertina Chan (Harpist) is a versatile musician, active in both the contemporary and

classical realms. Notable performances include playing for the 2011 World Harp Congress, the

Vancouver Playhouse production of The Fantasticks, The Patrick Street Productions of The Light

in the Piazza, and a benefi t concert for Dalit Freedom Network of Canada in which she performed

Mozart’s Concerto for Harp and Flute. Albertina often performs with the Vancouver Symphony

Orchestra and the Turning Point Ensemble and has premiered multiple new works with them. She

has also performed for Music on Main, the Erato Ensemble, as well as in the back-up orchestras

of touring artists such The Canadian Tenors and Idina Menzel. Albertina earned her Master of

Music with Judy Loman at the University of Toronto and her Bachelor of Music with Jennifer

Swartz at McGill University. Previously, she studied in Vancouver with Rita Costanzi and Elizabeth

Volpe. Albertina was a recipient of the Anne Adams Award and the 3rd prize winner in the Young

Professional Division of the American Harp Society Competition. She was principal harpist for both

the National Youth Orchestra of Canada and the National Repertory Orchestra (USA) where she

was also a featured concerto soloist performing the Debussy Dance Sacree et Profane.

Janna Sailor (Violinist) enjoys a diverse career, performing alongside artists such as Barbra

Streisand, Michael Buble, Chris Botti, The Canadian Tenors, Il Volo, Frank Sinatra Jr., Kenny G,

and Hey Ocean. Prominent ensembles include the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Vancouver Inter-

Cultural Orchestra, and the Vancouver Opera Orchestra. Janna held the title of concertmaster

with the Montreal based l’Orchestré de la Francophonie for the 2011 season, and their acclaimed

recording of Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique was recently released on the Analekta label. She

performs as a member of the National Academy Orchestra of Canada, the orchestra in residence

for the renowned Ontario based Brott Summer Music Festival. Janna is a passionate musical

educator and holds teaching and conducting positions at the Vancouver Academy, Vancouver

Youth Symphony Orchestra, and the St. James Academy of Music. Janna completed a Bachelor

of Music at the Brandon University School of Music, then continued her studies in violin and

conducting at the University of British Columbia, completing a Masters in Violin Performance and

Literature, and later a Diploma in Music Performance, graduating with Greatest Distinction. Janna

is most grateful for the expertise of her primary teachers Nancy DiNovo and Dr. Guillaume Tardif.

Awards received include the Saskatoon Symphony Award for Leadership in Music, Vining Graduate

Scholarship in Music, and the Brandon University Young Woman of Distinction Award.


Frances Brodhead & Sarah Ahmadi – Costumes

Pam, Larissa & Scott McFarlane – Photographers

Renata Antonic, Splash Creative Services – Program & Posters

Video: Kenji Yukanaga Paradis

Patrons Of Pro Arte

Kay Meek Staff

Shera Watson, Karyn Fanslau, Jill Middlemass, Mandy Rabinovitch & Sonja Abma – For all your


Pro Arte Faculty – amazing team!

The Platform Society

Pro Arte — The Centre of Opportunity for

Tomorrow’s Professional


Artistic Director: Astrid Sherman

Executive Director: Sarah Ahmadi

Dance Faculty

Stephana Arnold

Alicia Bruce

Kimberley Dixon

Yana Dragieva

Montana Moore

Nevada Yates Robart

Tania Brossoit

Sophia Curalli

Victoria Dixon

Amanda Gillies

Saki Okuyama

Jenny Yoo

Adjunct Faculty

Susie Higgins (Conditioning Specialist

Dhana Musil (Nutritionist)

Erika Mayall (Physiotherapist)

Dr. Susan Tasker (Psychologist)

Dancers: Anja Fanslau & Lauren Middlemass

Photographers: Pam, Larissa & Scott McFarlane


Frances Brodhead

Rodelia Banta

Academic Faculty

Chris Cheng (Head)

Colleen Brow

Stephen Lam

Timothy Tang

Edita Cas

Leore Anner

Michelle Buck

Oonagh Pontin



with Education without Borders

& Anne Mortifee

Saturday, November 28th

Venue: Kay Meek

Education without Borders (EwB) is a Canadian non-profi t

foundation. Their mandate is to foster educational opportunities and

provide educational facilities in disadvantaged regions of the world.


Part of the proceeds go towards making “dreams” of young Zama

dancers come true! Zama is a dance school in the heart of a poor

township in Cape Town, South Africa, improving at-risk children’s

lives by helping them create a sense of self-worth and a spirit of



Nutcracker Excerpts

Saturday November 21st & Saturday December 5th

Capilano Mall 12pm to 2pm

A Performance with Pandora’s Vox & Espiritu Choirs “Only Joy Aloud”

Friday, December 4th, 8pm & Saturday, December 2.30 and 7.30pm

Venue: Kay Meek

For Tickets: https://tickets.kaymeekcentre.com/TheatreManager/1/online

“Youth 4 Yule” with the Lions Gate Sinfonia Youth Orchestra

Saturday, December 12th 7.30pm

Venue: Kay Meek

“In today’s world it is a rare and exceptional treat for young dancers to be able to dance to live music. We

are honoured and so grateful for this exciting experience of being able to bring together our young dancers

of tomorrow with the Lions Gate Sinfonia’s young musicians of tomorrow. Enjoy this magical evening of

exceptional young talents who will steal your hearts!”

“A Very Sinfonia Family Christmas” with the Lions Gate Sinfonia

Saturday December 19th 7.30pm

Venue: Centennial Theatre

#3 1225 E Keith Rd,

North Vancouver, BC V7J 1J3

(604) 984- ARTE (2783)


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