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The summer issue of The Partner Channel Magazine is all about becoming the total package in the Microsoft Dynamics Partner community. Learn how to round out your roster, enhance your professional skills, and more!



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story by Dana Citron illustration by shawn Olson

Channel management is among the more challenging roles in today’s high-tech company. And yet,

according to Accenture, it’s also among the most important to get right: On average about 70 percent

of the typical high-tech company’s revenue comes from the indirect channel.

In the years we’ve been working with ISVs in the channel, we’ve noticed that often a lack of

good management tools leaves them resorting to inefficient management modes that – rather than

enabling Partners – limits them or drives them to focus on other ISVs’ products.

For Better Channel Performance, Stop Trying to Control Partners

The problem with trying to control Partners is that it doesn’t work. We’ve seen ISVs attempt it, but all they end

up doing is overworking their own internal resources and irritating their Partners.

What does work to improve channel performance is implementing a good Partner relationship management

(PRM) system. It won’t give you control, but it will give you the next best things: Visibility and influence.

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