Ain't it nifty - look who's fifty! A look back at her life, her family, her friends.

Every life has a story.


Double your pleasure

Double your fun

The Joy of Twins

The Ultimate Vacation Planner

A few points that can

take you a long way!


From Shoes to Belts -

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How to stay HOT on

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Vancouver days.

Suzanne Jean

5 decades and counting

Where'd ya be in '53?

F reeze rame



John Fitzgerald Kennedy marries Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.

Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay become the first to reach

the summit of Mount Everest.

Francis Crick & James Watson discover the "double helix" of


Lucille Ball gives birth to Desi Arnaz Jr. on the same day the

fictional Little Ricky is born on "I Love Lucy".

The first issue of TV Guide hits the newstands on April 3 in 10

cities with a circulation of 1,560,000.

First successful open heart surgery is performed in Philadelphia.

First Playboy Magazine is published.

Top 10 Hits

1. Song from Moulin Rouge, Percy Faith

2. Vaya Con Dios, Les Paul and Mary Ford

3. Doggie in the Window, Patti Page

4. I'm Walking Behind You, Eddie Fisher

5. You, You, Ames Brothers

6. Til I Waltz Again with You, Teresa Brewer

7. April in Portugal, Lex Baxter

8. No Other Love, Perry Como

9. Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes, Perry Como

10. I Believe, Frankie Laine

Academy Awards

Best Picture - From Here to Eternity

Best Director - Fred Zinneman, From Here to Eternity

Best Actor - William Holden, Stalag 17

Best Actress - Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday

Top 10 Movies

1. The Robe

2. From Here to Eternity

3. Shane

4. How to Marry a Millionaire

5. Peter Pan

Top 10 TV Shows

1. I Love Lucy

2. Dragnet

3. Arthur Godfrey's

Talent Scouts

4. You Bet Your Life

5. The Milton Berle Show

The Cost of:

6. Hans Christian Anderson

7. House of Wax

8. Mogambo

9. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

10. Moulin Rouge

6. Arthur Godfrey & Friends

7. Ford Theatre

8. The Jack Gleason Show

9. Fireside Theatre

10. The Colgate Comedy


George Bernard Shaw once said, "We don't stop playing because we

grow old; We grow old because we stop playing!" If this rings true in any

way, Suzanne, you will never grow old. To my personal person, my

running buddy, my spa partner, hope you enjoy this tribute to your first

five decades. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love, Renata and Tanya

First Class Stamp $ 0.03

Pound of Coffee $0.79

Loaf of Bread $0.16

Gallon of Milk $0.94

House $17,500

Car $1,850

Average Annual Salary $4,700

Minimum Wage $0.75/hour

Wow! 50 years! Nobody would know. Without you we wouldn't exist and without you we wouldn't

be where we are today. We are proud to call you our mother and we cannot believe how much you

give to us and to other people, how much you have changed people's life - definitely for the better.

You make everything seem so easy. Maybe it's because you do it at such incredible speed. We try to

keep up. Is there anything you can't do? From home decorating, to teaching, to bookmaking and so

much more, you have all the bases covered. You never stop amazing us. Whenever we think you

can't possibly do anymore you take on another task. Your challenges are always met with an effort

that never fails, when you want something you go and get it … even if it means buying 15 cans of

tuna. As busy as you may be you can still find time to talk and care for us. We hate to see you upset,

stressed or mad because we love you so much and when you're happy we're happy.

We'll Love you Forever. We'll Love you For Always.

As long as we're living, Our mother you'll be.

Remember ---A family that plays together, stays together. (soccer of course.)

Love Lots THE BUBS ( Che and Ali) (Ali and Che)

Suzanne, I have never looked backed upon our relationship mostly because still at 50 you are always 2 steps ahead.


- how all our holidays run together

- revealing the role of integrity in our lives

- your patience (not in general) but with me

- your speed & efficiency

- your dimples and curls

- looking so adorable when you smile

- loving us with our imperfections

- your sense of style

- your burgeoning "Martha" side

- your ability to listen without harm

- learning to cook

- accepting that mac tacking is only half as much fun as it looks.

- not acting your age

- getting the job done

- being so wise, so often

- falling for me out loud

- dreaming with me

- bearing 2 beautiful children with me (you did most of the work)

- your sense of social justice

- your generosity

- not impaling yourself as you prepare a high velocity snack

- reaffirming my belief that strength is beautiful

Most of all I want thank you for your love that over all these years never lets me grow old. There is only one true

happiness in this life and that is to love and be loved. Today, on your birthday, I am happy.

Thank you - Your John

The motto is - "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

nd Peace" era of my hippy child was the "crime and punishment

dimpled little girl inherited (?) a very strong will to be an indiv

ee spirit. My "bony finger" encouragement at the base of her c

failed to tame the WILD CHILD in her. Mother represented

ESTABLISHMENT (boo to that!!) In spite of the odd

confrontation she was determined to do exactly what she wante

and I am first to admit she kept me on my toes and probably

"hood-winked" me at every chance. Nevertheless having

miraculously reached the mature (?) age of 50 (where did the ti

go?), her credits and accomplishments are well known to all. S

continues to be her "own woman", of whom I am very proud.

GRATULATIONS, daughter don't loose any of the self confide

dgement that you display in everything you do. May you be as

in the second half of the century as you were in the first.

Love, Mom

The Wild Child has Grown (continued)

Despite her perpetual lack of attendance, Suzanne managed to graduate and move on McGill. She held a multitude of jobs - from set decorator, to

fashion show co-ordinator to her true calling - social work. (It became evident early on that this was the area Suzanne was destined to be in - there was

always a stray in the family basement which Suzanne had brought home.) And amongst all this, she followed her other passion - travel. Her first trip to

Europe with then boyfriend, Bruce, ended early because of a bout of mono.

In 1975 Suzanne relocated to Vancouver. Shortly thereafter she founded "The Kettle Friendship Society", a non-profit organization for individuals

receiving psychiatric care in the community, with Beth Reale. Still growing strong 27 years later, it is a true reflection of Suzanne's commitment and

dedication. In the early 80's, with the Kettle well rooted, Suzanne began Watari, another social service agency and another success story. In amongst

all this, Suzanne began karate. Training with a passion, she earned her black belt in an incredibly short amount of time. (The fact that she always won

her neighbourhood fights as a child undoubtedly primed her!) And because she still wasn't busy enough, she tried her hand at shopping tours, a

Japanese import business and, a fling that changed her life forever, a stint in a rock band. Never having played an instrument in her life did not deter

Suzanne and she just decided to teach herself keyboards and off she went. Also in the band was a handsome, younger man named John Costigan.

There wasn't an initial attraction, but John finally wore Suzanne down and the rest, as they say, is history.

Going from take out menus in the fridge to preparing gourmet meals may be a long stretch, but Suzanne did it effortlessly. Okay maybe not so

effortlessly - there were a few steps in between. Like bearing not one, but two beautiful children (at once in true Suzanne fashion!) But who would

have thought that the wild child would grow up to be a soccer mom! (And rumour has it that she's even going to run the fields herself!)

Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live. And if anyone knows how to celebrate a birthday, it's

Suzanne - with the same joie de vivre, the same panache, the same passion she has lived her life. But life wasn't always a

cakewalk - especially for those around her!

Born in Montreal on April 29, 1953 in St. Mary's Hospital, Bernie and Lois Jean welcomed their darling little girl into the world. Their

first daughter, after brothers Larry and Michael, was the answer to any mother's prayer. (Sisters MaryAnn and Renee and brother Paul

followed.) Curly hair, dimples - a doll to be treasured. And attention - she thrived on attention. As a matter of fact, the time came when

she demanded it.

Her flair for performance came early. As many girls do, Suzanne began ballet classes at a tender young age. Unlike many girls though,

Suzanne was asked to leave and not come back. Something about gum in her tutu. Didn't matter - ballet wasn't fast enough for her

anyway. On to tap dancing.

In 1960 the Jeans packed up and moved to Saskatchewan. There Suzanne exceled and accelerated two years of schools. And with the

Jean family expanding. Suzanne had a greater audience and better yet - a new source of income.

Never one to let an opportunity go by, when the youngest Jean was born, Suzanne charged the

local kids to see her new sister Renee, or as Suzanne liked to call her, "her something new."

And when she wasn't scamming the neighbourhood she

would be practicing her acting (and selling) skills by

trying out commercials ("Did you ever notice that I have

an actress nose?") on her parents and their friends.

Moving back to Montreal in 1967, Suzanne began high

school. Of course, being 2 years younger than her

classmates undoubtedly had some influence on her

behaviour. With black eyeliner, white lipstick, and ironed

hair, Suzanne left the house, threw her lunch in the post box,

rolled up her skirt and was often found barefoot. Not that she

actually made it to school - in fact, Suzanne accumulated so many

detentions for skipping she was called to the principal's office, where

she promptly lit a cigar and put her feet up on his desk. Authority?

What authority? She did, however, prove to be a master at the English

language. She wrote notes for all her friends' absences. A popular girl

she was.

... continued on next page

The Wild Child has Grown!

Suzanne is a woman of many talents

- she has as many talents as she has

pairs of shoes!! And that's a lot!!

She's ENERGETIC, hard-working,

FUN, competitive, CARING,

compassionate, gracious, sensitive,

WISE, smart, clever, PASSIONATE,

and a visionary... only to name a few

from a long list. She is a loyal and

trustworthy friend, she is a great

mom, (though a little unusual i.e

creative in her parenting), an

adoring wife and solid partner AND

a hard-working professional;

balancing all responsibilitites with

ease (like she changes shoes)!!! For

Suzanne 50 is a beginning and I'm

sure she will live the rest of her days

as fully as she greets every day -

with high energy and a love of life!!

I feel honored to have Suzanne in

my life and to count her as a friend.

Nanette Taylor

Acme Products

presents the all new


Super-Suz Gene

Splicing Kit".

Suzanne, we have been friends for so long that I don't know what I'd

ever do without you. We've been there for each other during times of

hurt and offered each other strength during times of loss. We have

watched each other change and grow in so many different ways,

celebrating each other's accomplishments and supporting each other's

dreams. We've laughed and talked, and confided in each other the things

we'd never dare to tell anyone else. You've been the best friend any

person could be, and on your 50th birthday I hope you will always know

in your heart how much that friendship means to me. Happy Birthday,

my friend.

Love Karen

Count your garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall.

Count your days by golden hours, don't remember clouds at all.

Count your years with smiles, not tears.

Count your blessings, not your troubles.

Count your age by friends, not years.

genome science, the

genetic sequence for

Suzanne Jean (Acceleratti

Jeaneous Incredibilis) has

been identified and is

available for splicing with

your own DNA - all in the

comfort of your home!

Not only will you be more

like her, you will truly

embody her and all her

incredible attributes!!

Call 555-SSUZ and ask for Lauren Bouchard,

or email

and say "Super-Suz me!" Order NOW and

receive the bonus "Acme High Speed Tonic -

with Vitamins R,P & M"!!

friends speak

I’ve known Suzanne for over 14 yrs and she is definitely someone

special. Her dynamic personality shines every time I see her. Sometimes

I wonder why she puts up with me. She’

love, accepting me for the person I am, faults and all. I’ve always felt

safe around her because of her expert karate skills (especially in the bank

ha ha!) I remember that well. When I was in a car accident she supported

me any way she could. She’s good at telling me how she feels and what

should be done. She encouraged me to go to college and learn about

something I really like. I am honoured to be a friend of such a great

person. She taught me how to be a great mother. We’ve laughed, we've

cried, we've had our arguments but in the end she’s always been there for

Tanya and me. Happy Birthday Suzanne!

Ode to Suzanne, an Amazing Woman

(to the tune of A-You're Adorable)

S- Suzy you're so special

U- are Unbelievable

Z- you're the cubic Zirconia of our eyes

A- you're so Amazing

N- you're Never boring

N- you're Never boring

E- you've got enough Energy to run all our


Congratulations Suzanne on your 50th

Birthday! You truly are an amazing

woman. Thanks for your friendship and

all the fun times, especially the family

dinners, camping, Thetis Island, and Mt.


Love ya lots,

Corinna, Andy, Jess, Leila & Thomas

Love, Francis and Tanya

I once had a friend who retired

She’d just about had to … or expire

The rumours of desertion were spreading

Her intent was admired

She arranged to be fired

All were concerned - what might go down

When dynamite one could not be found

Not to worry…

She’s always in a hurry

The fear of collapsing non-profits City-wide

were unfounded

The reality of her relaxing ungrounded

And I’ve barely seen her since.

Lodi Butler

Suzanne must be the most 'just do it' friend I have! She and I believe that the

New Year falls on September lst (not January lst) and on that date in '98 I

mentioned to her that I had been considering the idea of starting a book club

- well if you say something like that to Suzanne, consider it done! She

jumped on the idea as only Suzanne can - within a couple of minutes we had

chosen the book (Fall On Your Knees/Anne-Marie McDonald), the format

(dinner/'round table' discussion) the type of food, the date - and the women

we were going to invite to join! Almost 5 years later our gourmet/book club

"Have Appetite - Will Read" is going strong - a treasured part of all our

lives. I can't end without mentioning Suzanne's special brand of compassion

and kindness - her friends and family will all know about this - even though

she manages to disguise it much of the time behind that aggressive 'toughgirl'

exterior. She is a fierce and wise lioness!

With love, Andrea

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