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2016 Kettle Annual Repor

2016 Kettle Annual

2016 ANNUAL REPORT MESSAGE FROM THE KETTLE Celebrating 40 Years! The Kettle has been supporting people living with mental illness to lead healthier, fuller lives for four decades now. Although we have grown tremendously to keep pace with community needs, we have tried to stay true to our roots. We accept individuals where they are at, providing supportive services, employment, housing and community connections as fundamental stepping stones to recovery. This past year we celebrated the opening of The Kettle’s Taylor Manor, which provides 56 units of supported housing, and the 2nd Anniversary of Kettle on Burrard, with 140 units of housing. We now have over 400 units of Kettle supported housing. We have maintained and expanded our SEED supported employment program, with jobs assisting with food service and helping residents with specialized cleaning support in order to keep their housing. In addition, we obtained three years private funding for mental health outreach and support for vulnerable individuals living with homelessness and income insecurity. As The Kettle grows, we are mindful of our four strategic directions: secure more private funding for programs; increase our public profile; ensure our infrastructure meets our growing needs; and provide quality service to clients. Our Anniversary Year has been very exciting so far. Our members, staff and volunteers are sporting new, stylishly black 40th anniversary T-shirts. We held a wonderful anniversary fundraiser featuring actor and comedian Mary Walsh. We conducted a research project with Lux Insights, investigating stigma, attitudes towards supported housing and The Kettle’s profile. Still to come on November 2nd is our Community Anniversary Celebration. Most importantly, as we celebrate our 40th year, we would like to say thank you to our volunteers, donors, employees, partners and the community who have supported The Kettle through the years, we couldn’t have done it without you! Special thanks to Boffo Properties whom we have worked with for five years to renew our Kettle Centre to provide adequate space for community services, and to add supported housing, at no cost to taxpayers. We remain humble and grateful to you all for your continued faith and support. Photo Credit: Sean Stiller Multimedia Storytelling “Faces of The Kettle” Lisa Dominato Board Chair Nancy Keough Executive Director 40 YEARS STRONG

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