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CiA_August%202016 #RACI100 The Organising Committee would like to invite you to the 2017 RACI Centenary Congress. The RACI is the oldest scientific or technical professional society in Australia. The Centenary Congress is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions that chemistry has made to Australia’s (and the world’s) social, economic and intellectual advancement over the past century. 17 ACC 17th Asian Chemical Congress and 19th General Assembly of FACS ACCC6 6th Asian Conference on Coordination Chemistry AIMECS 2017 11th AFMC International Medicinal Chemistry Registration opens July 2016 Call for abstracts closes November 2016 For all enquiries, please email Carbon 2017 World Conference on Carbon Chemeca 2017 Australian and New Zealand Federation of Chemical Engineers Annual Conference GSC8 8th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry Tetrahedron 18th Asian Edition Tetrahedron Symposium

August 2016 24 iStockphoto/webphotographeer cover story Cobalt blues Alongside inspiring stories in elite sport are those centred on the use of banned substances such as cobalt. 17 20 Expressing a passion for chemistry and crystals Four PhD students at the University of Warwick are exploring the creative side of crystal research. 24 What makes a great chemistry teacher? Pedagogical content knowledge from teachers and academics has been captured and coded to create a new resource for chemistry education. 20 news & research 6 News 11 On the market 13 Research 16 Aust. J. Chem 42 Cryptic chemistry 42 Events members 4 From the RACI 28 New Fellows 29 RACI news views & reviews 5 Your say 30 Books 32 Technology & innovation 36 Economics 38 Education 39 Grapevine 40 Postdoc diary 41 Letter from Melbourne

Volume 29 No 1 - Apr 2011 - Australian Institute of Energy
Public Policy and International Affairs
Atmosphere - Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability
The Climate Surprise
T H E N E X T G E N E R A T I O N - Australian Institute of Energy
Energy in the 21st Century - Sarasota County Extension