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Ben Cove Ben Cove

Ben Cove Ben Cove graduated from Goldsmiths College with an MFA in 2008 having previously completed undergraduate degrees in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University in 2001 and Architecture at The University of Nottingham in 1995. He made art across a broad range of media, frequently producing works which formed coexisting relationships. Practicing as an artist from 2001 his solo exhibitions included: Vernacular Hangover at the Acme Project Space, London, 2013; Practical Mechanics at Cell Project Space, London, 2006 and New Plastic Universal at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, 2004. Widely respected and liked by all who knew him, Ben sadly passed away in March 2016. Amulet 40cm x 40cm, acrylic on panel, 2015 20 21

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