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2016 Heritage Weekend and Classic

October 6th-9th JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa


DR. PANOS ANASTASIADIS is a leader of cancer research at the Mayo Clinic, where he is a

professor of Cancer Biology and an associate professor of Biochemistry and Molecular

Biology. His interests include elucidating the role of cadherin adhesion receptors, polarity

proteins, and Rho GTPases in human cancer. Anastasiadis research goal is to create a better

understanding of cell motility in order to target therapeutic treatments that block invasiveness

and metastasis in cancer patients. He received his Ph.D. in Cellular and Clinical Neurobiology

from Wayne State University, and he has authored several publications, including: Bringing

together cell-to-cell adhesion and miRNA biology in cancer research and Expression of

polarity genes in human cancer.

PANOS ANASTASSIADIS is the Managing Partner of Global Cyber and serves as a Director

of Cyveillance, Inc. Anastassiadis has more than 30 years of experience in the information

technology industry, particularly in the fields of privacy and cyber security. He has served

as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cyveillance, Inc. Mr. Anastassiadis obtained

an Electronic Engineering degree from Thessaloniki College of Technology, Greece and a

Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Electronic, Computer, and Systems

Engineering from Loughborough University, United Kingdom. 20

WILLIAM ANTHOLIS is Director and CEO at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center and was

Managing Director of the Brookings Institution. Antholis has served as Director of Studies and

as a Fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States at the White House, Director of

International Economic Affairs of the National Security Council, and National Economic

Council. He was also Deputy Director of the White House Climate Change Task Force during

the Clinton Administration. He worked at the State Department on the policy planning staff

and in the Bureau of Economic Affairs, where he was a member of the team responsible for

developing responses to world financial crises.

PROFESSOR NATHAN ARRINGTON is an undergraduate adviser and Faculty Fellow at Mathey

College at Princeton University. He is also affiliated with the Department of Classics and the

Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies. Professor Nathan Arrington specializes in Classical

Archaeology and focuses on the material culture of ancient Greece. He received his Ph.D.

from the University of California, Berkeley in 2010. His research has been supported by grants

from the Gates Cambridge Trust and the Fulbright Foundation. Arrington is co-director and USA director of

the Molyvoti, Thrace, Archaeological Project (MTAP).

GEORGE BEHRAKIS is a retired leading health expert and philanthropist. Behrakis became a

salesperson for major pharmacy company Johnson and Johnson, where he and his team

created Tylenol. He started his own company Dooner Laboratories and later opened Muro

Pharmaceuticals, which focused on eye products and then eventually asthma products.

Since retiring in 1998, he has had an outstanding career in philanthropy. Behrakis has

contributed to various organizations and establishments, and he is best known for his

donations to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and for Northeastern

University’s College of Health Sciences’ building.

DR. JOHN CAMP He has worked in the Athenian Agora since 1966, first as an excavator, later

as Assistant Director, and now as the Director since 1994. He was the Mellon Professor at the

American School of Classical Studies from 1985-199, and he is currently the Niarchos Professor

of Classics. John Camp received his Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University, and he

acquired his Master of Arts and Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology from Princeton University. His

interests include water supply in ancient Athens and Greek epigraphy.

CHAD COHEN is an Emmy Award winning producer, writer, and director for National

Geographic Studios, where he produces mostly science and history specials for NOVA and

PBS. Recently, he has produced shows on everything from the energy crisis in the United

States and China, human origins in Africa, to the world’s biggest predatory dinosaur and won

an Emmy Award. His most recent three-part miniseries project, The Greeks, aired on PBS in

June and July 2016. He also partnered with the National Hellenic Society on The Greek Guide

to Greatness project, an innovative 10-part digital series highlighting the lasting impact of the

ancient Greek world within the context and prism of modern society. The series will be available through and, and they will also be distributed to high schools throughout the

United States as a teaching tool and resource for history classes from grades 8-11.

CLEON DASKALAKIS is a well-seasoned hockey player who signed for the Boston Bruins in 1984

and played in twelve National Hockey League games for the Bruins between 1984 and 1987.

He played college hockey at Boston University and was part of the Eastern College Athletic

Conference All-Star Second Team in 1982–83 and First Team in 1983–84. Daskalakis was also

named to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (East) All-American First Team, 1983–84.

He is the President of Celebrities for Charity, Director of Celebrity Marketing, and the former

agent for Troy Brown of the New England Patriots and Russian hockey player Sergei

Samsanov. He is also a member of Boston University Athletics Hall of Fame.

JAMES ANASTOS DAOPOULOS is considered one of the most knowledgeable insiders of

National Football League rules after having served as an Official and Supervisor of Officiating

for the NFL for over 20 years. He is currently on ESPN and other networks providing

commentary and insight on controversial plays. Daopoulos officiated in some of the most

memorable championship games and Super Bowls. He was also a frequent commentator on

media channels nationwide over the “Deflategate” controversy surrounding quarterback Tom

Brady, the New England Patriots, and the National Football League.

PAUL GLASTRIS is the current Editor in Chief of The Washington Monthly and is a Senior Fellow at

the Western Policy Center in Washington, DC. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in History and

his Master of Arts in Radio from Northwestern University. Before 1998, Glastris was a

correspondent for U.S. News & World Report. He was former President Bill Clinton's Chief

Speechwriter from 1998 until 2001. Glastris wrote over 200 speeches for former President

Clinton, including the President's address to Greece when he traveled with Clinton to Turkey

and Greece in 1999.

DEAN KARNAZES is an acclaimed endurance athlete and New York Times bestselling author.

He has written the books Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner, 50/50:

Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days, and Run: 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss. He

will be releasing his latest book, The Road to Sparta: Reliving the Ancient Battle and Epic Run

That Inspired the World's Greatest Footrace, on October 26, 2016. He has raced and

competed on all seven continents, twice over. In addition, Karnazes is an accomplished

business man. His roster of clients include: Nike, Google, Sony, PepsiCo, Wells Fargo, Apple,

Merck, Toyota, Starbucks, Accenture, Stanford University, Yale, JP Morgan Chase, Amazon,

Facebook, and many more.

MICHAEL KARZIS is the producer for CBS’ 60 Minutes. The people behind the news

cameras seldom get the coverage they deserve. When it comes to Michael Karzis, his

work for the past 14 years on the most renowned news magazine program in the world, 60

Minutes, has earned him recognition and notoriety. Karzis started his career as a

Production Assistant at ABC News with Peter Jennings, then as an Associate Producer with

Ed Bradley at CBS. For the past 14 years, his work has earned him 10 Emmy Award

nominations, including four wins for Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a

News Magazine, Best Report in a News Magazine, and Outstanding Interview. Greek

Americans know Michael best for his incredible behind the scenes two-part series with the

late Bob Simon at Mount Athos and the incredible interview with His All Holiness,

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.


MARV LEVY is an NFL Hall of Famer who began his professional football coaching career in

1969 as a kicking teams coach for the Philadelphia Eagles before joining George Allen’s

staff at the Los Angeles Rams and Washington Redskins. He later became Head Coach of

the Kansas City Chiefs for five seasons and as the legendary Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills,

taking them to an unprecedented four consecutive Super Bowl appearances. His winning

percentage was only second to the San Francisco 49ers under Bill Walsh, a former assistant

under Levy. His high-powered “no-huddle” offense is still emulated by many teams today.

Coach Levy is a Harvard graduate, author, and poet. He also served in the armed forces in

World War II. He lives in Chicago with his wife Frances, a Greek American.

JARED LIPWORTH is Vice President of Specials at National Geographic Television. He is

responsible for developing and executive producing science, history, and natural history

specials for NOVA, PBS, the NatGeo channel, and for co-producing with partners worldwide.

Prior to arriving at National Geographic Studios, he was the Director of Science Programs at

WNET, where he was responsible for commissioning, developing, and executive producing

science, technology, and history specials and series. Lipworth oversaw the production of The

Greeks for PBS, which aired on PBS in July and July 2016. He also partnered with the National

Hellenic Society on The Greek Guide to Greatness project,

ART MANTERIS CHANGErd winning producer, writer, and director for National Geographic

Studios, where he produces mostly science and history specials for NOVA and PBS. Recently

he has produced shows on everything from the energy crisis in the U.S. and China to human

origins in Africa to the world’s biggest predatory dinosaur, winning an Emmy Award. His

most recent project, “The Greeks” will be on PBS next year. He also partners with the NHS on

“The Athenians and the Americans” project, a web-based series.

THE HONORABLE ANDREW NATSIOS is an Executive Professor at Texas A&M University’s Bush

School of Government and Public Service, Director of the Scowcroft Institute, a professor of

diplomacy at Georgetown University. He served in former President George W. Bush’s Cabinet

as Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), where he

managed reconstruction effort programs in Afghanistan, Iraq, and oversaw a budget of $40

billion. Natsios was part of the U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan, the US Army Reserves as lieutenant

colonel, and he was a veteran of the Gulf War. He served as Vice President of World Vision,

on the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and as Chief Financial and Administrative

Officer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

AMBASSADOR JOHN NEGROPONTE has been amb University, as a Senior Research Fellow in

Grand Strategy and as a lecturer in international relations. Since 2013, he has been chairman

of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA). In Washington, DC, he served twice

on the National Security Council staff, as Director for Vietnam during the Nixon Administration,

and as Deputy National Security Advisor under President Reagan. He has also held a cabinet

level position as the first Director of National (Intelligence under former President George W. Bush.

PROFESSOR REVIEL NETZ is a professor of Classics and of Philosophy at Stanford University. His

main field of study is the history of pre-modern mathematics, and his research involves the

wider issues of the history of cognitive practices. Netz’s books from Cambridge University Press

include The Shaping of Deduction in Greek Mathematics: a Study in Cognitive History (1999,

Runciman Award), The Transformation of Early Mediterranean Mathematics: From Problems to

Equations (2004), and Ludic Proof: Greek Mathematics and the Alexandrian Aesthetic (2009).

His popular book on the Archimedes Palimpsest Project, The Archimedes Codex, (coauthored

with William Noel, Neumann Prize) has been translated into 20 languages.

DR. WILLIAM NOEL is a distinguished art historian and oversees the collections, research

services, and public programs of the Special Collections Center at the University of

Pennsylvania. He has widely taught and lectured, is on the faculty of the Rare Book School of

the University of Virginia, is an adjunct professor in the Department of History of Art at the

University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Noel has experience in the application of digital technologies

to manuscript studies. He is well-known for directing an international program to conserve,

image, and study the Archimedes Palimpsest, the unique source for three treatises by the

ancient Greek mathematician. After receiving his Ph.D from Cambridge University, England in

1993, Dr. Noel held positions at Downing College, Cambridge University (Director of Studies in

the History of Art) and at The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles (Assistant Curator of

Manuscripts). Dr. Noel has also published The Archimedes Codex with co-author Reviel Netz.

DAVID PALEOLOGOS is the Director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center (SUPRC),

where he has worked since 2002 conducting statewide polls and researching for the

bellwether survey analyses in Massachusetts and elsewhere. The SUPRC bellwether model,

authored by Paleologos, has an 85% accuracy rating in predicting winners. In addition to

being Director of the Research Center, David is also a lecturer in the College of Arts &

Sciences' Government Department, where he teaches Political Survey Research. A graduate

of Tufts University, David is a member of the American Association of Public Opinion Research

and the Northeast Political Consultants Association, and he sits on the Board of the

Rappaport Center for Law & Public Service at the Suffolk University Law School.

THE HONORABLE HARRY REID is the Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate and former Majority

Leader and Majority Whip. Senator Reid’s public service career is distinguished with service in

theU.S. House of Representatives, as Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, the City Attorney for

Henderson, and as Chair of the Nevada Gaming Commission. His role as Minority Leader

includes the appointment of members to Senate Committees and ex officio membership of

the Senate Intelligence Committee. Senator Reid has earned the trust of both Democrats and

Republicans as a moderate voice, and his reputation for integrity and fairness has given the small state of

Nevada a powerful voice in Congress.

DR. NIKOLAOS SCARMEAS has been an Associate Professor of Neurology at Columbia

University since 2008, and he is involved in clinical, teaching, and research activities in the

Department of Neurology and the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at Columbia

Presbyterian Medical Center. Dr. Scarmeas received his MD degree from the Medical School

of National and Capodistrian University of Athens in 1992. He came to the United States in 1996

and completed a Neurology residency training at Columbia University Medical Center in New

York in 2000. He then undertook a two-year clinical-research fellowship in the division of Aging

and Dementia of the department of Neurology of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

After completing his fellowship, Dr. Scarmeas received a Master’s degree in Neurology-

Biostatistics from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

THE HONORABLE CONSTANDINA TITUS serves in the U.S. House of Representatives, representing

Nevada’s 1st congressional district after a gubernatorial run. She served in the Nevada Senate

Legislature as Minority Leader for 15 years and was a distinguished professor of political

science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) for many years. Congresswoman Titus

has been on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the Education and

Labor Committee, and the Homeland Security Committee. She also served as Whip for the

Western states and is a member of numerous issue caucuses, including the Hellenic Caucus

and the Hellenic-Israel Alliance. Congresswoman Titus’ uncle, Theo Titus, served in her home

state of Georgia in the House of Representatives.

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