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Government Security News July 2016 Digital Edition

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Tracking record of

Tracking record of statements of Clinton on immigration reform Continued from page 24 tention facilities and stop the raids and roundups. These actions are not consistent with our values. Too many children in our country say goodbye to their parents every morning not knowing if mom and dad will be there when we get home. I want to do everything I can to keep families together.” Hilary Clinton clearly understood what her audience at LULAC wanted to hear and it’s not difficult to project herself as more progressive on immigration policy than her Republican opponent. However, if elected, the communities she is making commitments to must hold her to account and ensure she delivers on her promises. What you should know about Pence’s record on immigrants Continued from page 25 grant policies imperil any campaign that seeks the Latino and immigrant vote, and that past presidential campaigns with a strong anti-immigrant platform have failed, Trump seems committed to his impractical and punishing ways towards immigration policy. In this regard, Mike Pence makes the perfect running mate. Supreme Court to hear arguments in class action suit by ACLU Continued from page 26 detention – it merely requires that immigrants who have been locked up for more than six months get a chance to go before an immigration judge who will decide whether continued detention is necessary. Yet now, the government is challenging the Ninth Circuit in front of the Supreme Court, claiming that the decision interferes with its ability to “secur[e] the border and remov[e] serious criminals.” The government’s claim is preposterous. Providing people with a day in court to challenge prolonged immigration detention doesn’t prevent the government from seeking to deport those noncitizens it considers enforcement priorities. Instead, the decision at issue in this case ensures that our immigration courts operate within the bounds of the Constitution. Noncitizens held in remote detention centers are less likely to get legal help and successfully explain their cases to immigration judges. They may give up valid claims simply to avoid remaining locked up for months or even years while their deportation cases proceed through the courts. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will recognize that immigrants in prolonged detention deserve their day in court for a bond hearing. Senate Rejects two anti-immigrant bills before going out on recess Continued from page 30 portation, it creates conditions that encourage criminals to prey upon victims and witnesses alike.” Community policing policies also help ensure that law enforcement officers do not run afoul of the law by detaining persons they do not have legal authority to hold (i.e., in violation of the constitutional requirements of the Fourth Amendment as many courts have ruled). Senator Cruz’s bill which seeks to increase mandatory minimums for certain immigration penalties, would further criminalize immigration which has proven to do nothing to deter unauthorized immigration and would cost tax payers billions. According to the Center for American Progress (CAP) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) this provision would cost U.S. taxpayers at least $3.1 billion over the next decade. Instead of spinning their wheels on punitive, piecemeal legislation, Senators should focus on passing more meaningful reforms that move our nation forward. 44

Block MEMS Wins $9.8M Government Contract Continued from page 38 a QCL-based system that is used to protect critical facilities against chemical attacks by establishing a “chemical trip-wire” using eye-safe laser beams. About Block Engineering, LLC Founded in 1956, Block Engineering, LLC is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance Quantum Cascade Laser and Fourier Transform Infrared analyzers and spectrometers for commercial, industrial, military and government customers. Block’s unique QCL-based analyzers include the LaserSense (TM) Gas Analyzer for the detection and quantification of a wide variety of gases for process control and field applications in the oil, gas and chemical industries. In addition, the LaserWarn (TM) Gas Analyzer is used for safety, environmental, and fence-line monitoring of toxic and fugitive gases over a large area. The LaserTune (TM) product line of QCL-based Infrared Sources is used for corporate research and academic markets. Block MEMS and Block Engineering are affiliated through common ownership and share headquarters in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA. For more information, visit Sign-up for Free GSN Digital Editions and Email Newsletters Free subscription to your selection of GSN digital editions and daily/weekly email newsletters. Add new selections or opt-out of any selections at any time. GSN Airport, Seaport, Rail, Border Security Weekly GSN Daily Insider Newsletter (5 Days Weekly) GSN Digital Edition CLICK HERE The News Leader in Physical, IT and Homeland Security 45