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product review COMPUTER DISPOSALS LTD With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in full force from 25 May, businesses must show compliance or face potentially crippling fines for data breaches. No doubt most will be focused intensely on their production environment but it's essential not to forget that the GDPR also covers IT equipment being retired, disposed of and recycled. Furthermore, not only must data residing on retired equipment be securely erased so that it is non-recoverable but the equipment itself must be responsibly disposed of. Established in 1999, Computer Disposals Ltd (CDL) are experts in this field and are one of the UK's top IT asset retirement specialists. There is intense competition in this field and the features that make CDL stand out from the crowd are manifold. It operates its own advanced and highly secure recycling facility, boasts an extensive list of industry-standard accreditations, has no minimum quantity restrictions on collections and its retirement processes exceed the 2007 WEEE Directive. CDL uses its own fleet of vehicles, equipped with integral satellite tracking and HD CCTV cameras facing outwards on the road and inwards on the load being transported. All staff are security vetted and CDL offers secure on-site and off-site data sanitation services. What better way to test CDL's service than to use it to retire our own IT assets in the lab that are now redundant? At the top of the list was our elderly HPE c7000 blade server, which is now well past retirement and currently wasting 10U of valuable rack space. Also surplus to requirements were a fully-populated vintage RLX blade server, one Cyberoam and two Radware security appliances, five general-purpose Intel Xeon rack servers, Cisco Catalyst network switches and a large UPS. To complete the lab clear-out, we added a 42U 800mm deep data rack cabinet that was no longer in use and occupying floor space needed for other purposes. After our initial contact with CDL, we discussed the equipment to be removed with its staff, and arranged a convenient collection date and time slot. The HPE blade server weighed over 250kgs alone, so it was agreed that two collection agents would need to be provided. On the day, CDL called in advance to confirm their collection team's estimated time of arrival and they subsequently arrived within the agreed time slot. The removal process went as smooth as silk, and we found CDL's staff to be friendly, helpful and very professional. Our mighty blade server didn't faze them and all equipment was removed from the lab in less than two hours. On completion, CDL provided a signed statement of work confirming they were acting as the data processor for this collection - an important consideration for GDPR compliance. The document also confirmed that all asset tags and serial numbers of data bearing equipment will be recorded and sanitised, using a wide range of industry-certified utilities. For mechanical hard disks and SSDs, CDL uses the WhiteCanyon WipeDrive 8.1 NCSC and CPA approved overwriting software. Any collected mobiles and tablets will be sanitised using BlackBelt DataWipe 3.8. Seven working days after the collection, we received a full equipment inventory from CDL, detailing all items, their serial numbers and, for our Dell servers, their asset tags. Of most importance, the spreadsheet listed all 51 hard drives from the various servers, complete with their individual serial numbers, confirmation that each one was securely destroyed and the person responsible for this. Businesses large and small have clear guidelines for disposal of their old IT equipment in a highly secure and environmentally responsible manner. From our positive experiences, we can wholeheartedly recommend CDL as the go-to vendor for safe, secure and costeffective IT equipment retirement. CS Product: Computer Disposal and Recycling Supplier: Computer Disposal Ltd Web site: Telephone: +44 (0)1925 73 0033 10 computing security May/June 2018 @CSMagAndAwards

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