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tech trends A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME RAHUL POWAR AND RANDAL PINTO, CEO AND COO OF LONDON-BASED TECH START-UP RED SIFT, SINGLE OUT THE THREE TECH TRENDS THAT THEY BELIEVE WILL DOMINATE IN 2018 Randal Pinto, Red Sift. Last year saw wave after wave of tech news hitting the headlines. Whether it was documenting a huge technological advancement, the publication of a high-risk vulnerability or the announcement of a gamechanging regulation, nowhere was this more evident than in the cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cyber security arenas. Here is our forecast for how these trends will come to fruition this year. OPTIMISE BUSINESS PROCESSES WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The Economist's World in 2018 predicts the next twelve months to be a 'landmark year' for Artificial Intelligence. Continued huge leaps in innovation are without question. However, what we will also see this year, is that AI will lose some of its shine and become part of the everyday technology toolbox all organisations use to automate arduous data-driven tasks. One key trend we'll see is AI starting to write AI. This is the idea of deep neural networks designing and optimising other deep neural Rahul Powar, Red Sift networks, and will become mainstream in machine learning. We won't really be any closer to general-purpose AI, but hyperbolic industry commentators will no doubt spin ‘AI writing AI’ as the start of it. CONSIDER CRYPTOCURRENCY Cryptocurrency has shot to fame in the past few years and certainly became part of the business vernacular last year. However, this digital currency remains at the mercy of criminals - as 2017 came to a close, we saw reports of a hack attack in which $64 million in bitcoin had been stolen. Guidelines are few and far between, and regulators will have to play catch-up this year. However, putting a leash on a global, decentralised mechanism will not be a straightforward task and some stakeholders may resist being locked down. That said, we'll also see broader adoption of blockchain in the enterprise - finance and insurance companies have already started adopting this digital framework. IBM and Microsoft, too, have joined the fray, offering Blockchain as a service (BaaS) solutions, which will see wider adoption across other industries including energy, retail, real estate and the public sector. SOLIDIFY YOUR CYBERSECURITY Although everyone knows what they should be doing for GDPR, reports are already suggesting that not only are millions of SMBs in the UK still not compliant but, even as we start off the New Year, they haven't begun preparing for the EU-mandated regulation. Until we see a landmark GDPR case, with an organisation facing a headline-grabbing fine, firms will probably continue to keep the status quo, with minimum measures in place. Many firms cite massive costs and resources required as barriers to making the necessary changes. 2018 will see a raft of companies declaring breaches and opportunistic hackers ramping up their attacks on vulnerable organisations. This year, we will also observe a maturity in quantum computing which will threaten encryption and computing security - the concern being that this level of computing power will crack previously 'unbreakable' passwords and encryption. ABOUT RED SIFT AND ONDMARC Red Sift is a London-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) startup founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Rahul Powar and Randal Pinto. The cloud-based platform offers both businesses and individuals a powerful dashboard of tools, plugging into various data sources in order to receive personalised, actionable insights. OnDMARC is the first product built on the Red Sift platform; it's an intuitive cloud-based cybersecurity tool that helps organisations of all sizes and specialisms secure their email domains against impersonation. 22 computing security March/April 2018 @CSMagAndAwards

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