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Secure systems, secure data, secure people, secure business Computing Security Jan/Feb 2018 contents CONTENTS Computing Security Inside the crystal ball Where will 2018 take you? Hacking on the cheap £45 outlay to bypass fingerprint sensor NEWS OPINION INDUSTRY COMMENT CASE STUDIES PRODUCT REVIEWS Skullduggery Key tips on how to ward off the invisible enemy Running repairs How data is used and abused by cloud and mobile initiatives COMMENT 3 Cyber-attacks concealed EDITOR’S FOCUS 6 • Laptops blitzed in under 30 seconds ARTICLES MASTERCLASS 15 Charlotte Gurney, group marketing manager at Brookcourt Solutions, reflects on how Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can come in many flavours and focuses in on one in particular: the Application-Layer attack, sometimes called a Layer 7 attack. THE VITAL LINK 24 Predictive analytics is not a miracle cure. But it can help to alter how organisations look at security operations and incident response workflow, when properly embraced FIRST STEPS - LONG WAY TO GO 8 NHS Digital is investing £20m in a new Cyber Defence Unit to protect critical systems and sensitive patient data from the threat of hackers. Is it enough, though? IT’S WAR AND IT’S NOW 12 Cyber warfare is a real threat - and happening somewhere right now. How do you police it and are there effective means of avoiding its long tentacles? TAKING THE FIGHT TO THE FOE 26 David Ferbrache, chief technology officer in KPMG's cyber security practice, takes a close look at some of the key areas where organisations should focus their attention in the year ahead HACKING ON THE CHEAP 32 A team of experts bypassed an iPhone's fingerprint sensor and manipulated facial and voice recognition security systems on various banking apps. And the cost of the 'technology' to do this? Around £45 THROUGH THE GLASS, DARKLY 16 Computing Security asked those in the know to do some future-gazing and give their top predictions for cybersecurity in 2018. Here's what they had to say ARMED TO FIGHT BACK 34 REAL SOLUTIONS, NOT BAND AIDS 28 Cybercriminals have never had so many technology weapons at their fingertips with which to attack organisations. Having the Enterprise IT is faced with a treadmill of right protection skills and knowledge is vital challenges fuelled by new cloud and mobile initiatives. How can these be engaged with at the highest level and REVIEWS overcome? • Titania Nipper Studio 2.5 31 computing security Jan/Feb 2018 @CSMagAndAwards 4