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Secure systems, secure data, secure people, secure business Computing Security July/August 2017 contents CONTENTS Computing Security HIGH UP IN THE CLOUDS How secure is your data when it’s no longer under your direct control? HOODED THREATS NEWS OPINION INDUSTRY COMMENT CASE STUDIES PRODUCT REVIEWS DATA BREACH TREMORS Stock prices sent crashing, reputations left in tatters The so-called ‘safe’ systems that are easy prey for hackers TOUGH CHOICES TO BE MADE Going mobile can be highly rewarding, but always beware of the downsides COMMENT 3 Storm clouds gather over GDPR EDITOR’S FOCUS 6 • Massive surge in zero-day exploits • Time for a unified front ARTICLES RUNAWAY SUCCESS! 8 Nothing could prevent visitors from flocking to Infosecurity Europe 2017 MASTERCLASS 11 Charlotte Gurney, group marketing manager at Brookcourt Solutions, on threat intelligence feeds UNCLOUDED THINKING 14 Financial penalties and loss of reputation are not the only pitfalls facing companies that end up victims to a data breach MAGNETIC INFLUENCE 20 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is exerting an ever greater influence on our security decisions and direction SPACE INVADERS 24 Many victims of identity fraud do not realise that they have been targeted. By then the damage has been done DRIVING A CLEAR LINE 30 Christoph Bader, Strategic Marketing Manager B2B EMEA for Kingston Technology, on why Encrypted USB drives are vital as new EU-GDPR regulations loom BUILT-IN PROTECTION 12 At the heart of every security strategy is the objective to protect sensitive information from unauthorised disclosure INSIDE THE DATA MAZE 18 GRC - governance, risk and compliance - is vitally important, especially as more and more complex legislation is introduced NO SOFT TOUCH 22 How can you best manage software verification, and what are the first steps towards safe and resilient systems? Dr João Ferreira offers his insights ‘WEAPONISATION’ OF DEVICES 32 With new vulnerabilities a constant to negotiate, what should manufacturers look out for in the year ahead? AFTERSHOCK OF A DATA BREACH 28 TORN BY TOUGH CHOICES 33 Stock prices drop by 5% on average when Mobile technology brings operational a data breach is disclosed. The impact on benefits, but security can be compromised reputation can be even more brutal THREATS THAT NEVER DIE 34 A backdoor used 19 years ago to tunnel information out of victim networks is still proving to be a malevolent influence computing security July/August 2017 @CSMagAndAwards 4