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Secure systems, secure data, secure people, secure business Computing Security March/April 2018 contents CONTENTS Computing Security Smart Cities: Soft targets for a malicious breach Crippling attacks on healthcare The invaders who are netting massive financial cybercrime pay-offs NEWS OPINION INDUSTRY COMMENT CASE STUDIES PRODUCT REVIEWS GDPR almost here! Hefty fines and damaged reputations await those who fail to comply with the new regulations COMMENT 3 Council of war Deadly game of hide ‘n’ seek How new advanced botnets target and exploit their victims EDITOR’S FOCUS 6 • Evolving your security to the cloud ARTICLES PROTECTING DATA & PATIENTS 8 Cyber criminals are netting huge financial returns from ransomware and other crippling cyberattacks against healthcare providers. Can they be stopped? IT DISPOSAL: BEST WAY FORWARD 10 Legislation regarding IT recycling & disposal is complicated. How do you select the best disposal companies? EVERYONE IS AT RISK 17 From spear phishing to ransomware and the ever-present threat of bots, businesses have good reason to lose sleep at night DEADLY GAME OF HIDE ‘N’ SEEK 20 A botnet has been unearthed that uses advanced communication techniques to exploit victims and build its infrastructure AN URGENT CALL TO ARMS 12 In Part 2 of our coverage on what might be in store for businesses as 2018 gets into its stride, Computing Security asked a number of experts to do some more future-gazing and to provide their top predictions for cybersecurity across the rest of the year RISK & REWARD IN THE BIG CITY 18 Back in the 1960s, Disneyland had a ride called 'Utopia'. It was a glimpse into the future of 'human cities' and gave us a taste of just what smart cities might be like. Alastair Hartrup, Global CEO, Network Critical, takes up the story from there TASTE OF THINGS TO COME 22 London-based technology start-up Red Sift singles out three major trends it thinks will dominate in the months to come REVIEWS • Titania Paws Studio 3.2.2 28 MASTERCLASS 30 Charlotte Gurney, group marketing manager at Brookcourt Solutions, provides key insights on a crucial issue that challenges so many enterprises 4 IT’S TIME TO BE VERY READY! 24 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force this May and will overhaul how organisations store, secure and manage their customers' data. Swingeing penalties await those who fail to comply DRIVING INTO THE UNKNOWN 32 THE DARK DESTROYERS 31 Connected cars are a reality; most modern Over one million leaked and hacked vehicles on the road nowadays have some credentials found on the Dark Web form of connectivity to the open world. This raises important challenges on multiple AI VERSUS A HUMAN HACKER 34 software integration and cybersecurity How does machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) impact cyber security? We find out from someone in the know computing security March/April 2018 @CSMagAndAwards

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