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• When it is about discovering our sexuality, we all need to start

somewhere. Nobody is born great at sex! Practice makes

perfect, and by experimenting and getting easy with our own

bodies we can have an awesome encounter with our partner.

As a leading Mumbai escorts agency, we’d like to share some

great sex positions for starters. Here we go:


• Missionary:

• Unsurprisingly, missionary tops the listing of “easy sex position” for

starters to give a try, simply because it is such a no frill approach to have a

pleasurable encounter. Especially if your partner is more knowledgeable

than you, this’ll possibly be the best position you will feel most comfortable

with. When you are first starting out, it is the natural choice to assist you

get more easy with intercourse – and if you are a bit adventurous type, you

can mix it up by placing your legs on the shoulder of your partner or folding

your legs around his waist

• Modified doggy:

• Intercourse from behind can unbelievably enjoyable, but may look a little difficult for

somebody who is less knowledgeable. Modified doggy style position is little bit more relaxed &

somewhat less physical, so if you wish to go things a little slower this’ll work wonder. To make

things even simpler, place a pillow beneath your belly so you are a little lifted off the bed; this

will offer your partner a much better angle at which to enter you, without you having to be on

your knees and hands like typical doggy style.

• The butterfly:

• Though it might look a little like missionary, this sex position will give you a whole lot different

feeling, because your partner is entering you from a very different direction. Your pelvis will

be lifted much higher when your partner holds you up, and your legs up on his shoulder will

enable for deeper penetration. It is easy for starter because all they need to do is lie down

there while there partner does most of the performance, but it still may take some getting

familiar with, particular if you are not that flexible.

• In a chair:

• This is a little diverse take than girl-on-top, since it engages a super useful

support – the chair! This sex position is excellent for starters because it’ll enable

you to have eye contact and kiss your partner. Since both your feet above the

ground, you’ll have a lot more control than you would if you were having womanon-top

intercourse on a bed. You can move as quickly or as slowly as you wish,

and practice jumping movements that’ll be made simpler with supplementary

solidity of the chair.

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