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Technology for Growing Better Food

Executive Summary


Technology For Growing Better Food.


Affinor Growers is a vertical farming technology company that is committed to help solve the

world’s food security problems with proprietary growing and cultivation systems.

Industry / Sector

Agriculture - Food / Technology


Vertical farming technology for indoor and outdoor applications.



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An Unsustainable Practice

Technological advancements have occurred in every industry except agriculture. However, new

challenges in food security, dwindling natural resources and population growth have created

agricultural problems that can only be solved through the use of technology. As a practice,

traditional farming is not going to disappear, but it is crucial that alternative agricultural practices be

devised to alleviate the pressure imposed by conventional farming methods.

Controlled Vertical Farming

As a solution, Affinor Growers Inc. offers patented agricultural technology and proprietary

cultivation systems for vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture. Controlled Vertical

Farming has a number of inherent advantages. Compared to conventional farms, it is significantly

more efficient in terms of usage of space and reliance on water. Vertical Farming also enables foods

to be are grown in soils without the use of pesticides, nutrient rich and free from chemical

contaminates. Because they can be implemented virtually anywhere, Controlled Vertical Farming

systems can serve communities where certain foods are not normally grown.

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The Opportunity

The fresh food organic produce is a $33.8 billion industry and is expected to nearly double by 2020.

In continental North America, there are over 17,000 hectares of greenhouse farms*. Affinor is the

only company to offer patented vertical farming technology to both the indoor controlled

environment and outdoor greenhouse industries.

*Update on the North American Greenhouse Vegetable Industry - Farm Credit Canada 2011.

Technology Trends and Competiveness Factors

Lower pricing, lower operating costs, higher quality products and better management are key for

future marketplace competition within the agriculture industry. Progressive growers will use

technology to gain a number of competitive advantages : reduction in input cost, resource

efficiencies, decreased regulatory compliance by eliminating hazardous substance in the production

system, and sustainable production with reduced environmental impacts.

Affinor’s vertical farming technology will help farmers gain these advantages by optimizing growing

conditions, extending growing seasons year round and improving yields of production per square

foot, as well as by improving quality through automated harvesting, handling and packaging


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The Affinor Advantage

Controlled Vertical Farming Technology

Affinor’s controlled vertical growing technology was designed from the ground up, which

incorporates real needs of the plants. By studying the physiological relationships between light and

leaf area, light interception, temperature, humidity, nutritional requirements and growth speed,

Affinor’s Controlled Vertical Farming technology creates the specific needs that plants require for

every stage of their development.

Affinor’s growing technology is designed to supply the specific necessities plants have for every

stage of their development to help reach their full potential in the shortest cycle time, exploiting

the opportunities that stem from their natural plant processes. In the right environment, plants

have the potential to accelerate their growth and enhance their nutritional and taste qualities.

Affinor’s technology can offer a completely closed growing environment where we are able to apply

our knowledge of technology, engineering and plant physiology. By integrating our systems

including: mathematical crop modeling, plant physiology and state of the art vertical growing

equipment, Affinor’s cultivation systems are the most advanced integration of technology and plant

physiology, resulting in high quality products at minimal cost.

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The Affinor Advantage

Controlled Vertical Farming Technology (international patent number: WO 2013/113096A1)

Affinor’s indoor controlled vertical farming technology is the only growing system that can offer true

perpetual year round harvesting. Unlike other vertical systems, the equipment is specifically

designed so the plant moves horizontally in phases from seedling to harvest. In each phase, the

plant will be exposed to a unique micro-climate, providing an optimal environment based on the

plant’s growth cycle requirements, allowing them to achieve their full potential. All plants are

grown in their natural medium, organic soil, without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

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The Affinor Advantage

Controlled Vertical Farming Technology (international patent number: WO 2013/113096A1)

There are many crops that can be grown using Affinor’s controlled vertical farming technology,

including leafy greens and flower fruiting plants. (Pictured: basil, romaine and spinach all grown within the

controlled vertical farming equipment)

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The Affinor Advantage

Greenhouse Vertical Farming Technology

(international patent number: WO 11336179)

Affinor’s greenhouse vertical growing technology

was specifically designed to dramatically increase

plant density and overall production within a

greenhouse or nursery. By utilizing the vertical space

not typically used in greenhouse farms, Affinor’s

technology can often triple production or more

depending on vertical height.

Designed to allow maximum sunlight penetration

through proprietary “off-set” radial arms combined

with continual rotation of the equipment, crops will

mature quicker with increased quality. All plants are

grown in their natural medium, organic soil, with

mechanical pollination incorporated into the


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The Affinor Advantage

Greenhouse Vertical Farming Technology (international patent number: WO 11336179)

Designed for versatility, many crops can be cultivated, including leafy greens, flowering fruits and

floral products. It is the only technology incorporating mechanical pollination for fruiting berries

ensuring 100 percent fruit sets and high quality product. (Pictured: strawberries and basil grown on Greenhouse

tower technology)

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Business Development


Affinor’s commercial customer and partner is one of the largest greenhouse fresh food and produce

distribution companies in North America. It has greater than 1,400 acres of greenhouse production


Our partner is currently testing Affinor’s greenhouse vertical farming technology using a single 4

level tower for strawberry production. A single 140 square foot space that typically yielded 8 plants

per square meter was replaced with Affinor growing technology. That same 140 square feet is now

yielding 21 plants per square meter, with vertical room to add another 6 levels, for a potential 52

plants per square meter. (Pictured: The facility testing Affinor’s equipment.)

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Business Development


Affinor’s development partner, the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, is known for

“Agriculture of Excellence” program. The university has acquired world class professors and experts

in agriculture development. Affinor is installing a pilot plant consisting of 4 vertical farming towers

within the university’s technologically advanced diffusion greenhouse. The pilot plant will be used

to conduct demonstrations, prove operational assumptions and provide equipment validation,

robotic automation and commercialization. Future plans include expanding the pilot-plant to a

commercial pilot-plant encompassing the full 6,000 square foot greenhouse demonstrating the full

potential of the technology, revolutionizing the greenhouse industry.

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Increase productivity and yields

Controlled Environment,

year round harvesting

with Increased shelf life

Create new jobs



No chemicals or pesticide,

grown in organic soil.

Technology Transfer

Sustainability: environment and

product, low water use, low land


Fast Realization – Feasible

Functional Farms

Reduce cycle time, increase

plant density per square foot.

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Jarrett Malnarick, CEO

Most recently, Jarrett was the COO and VP of Operations for Affinor. In that role, Jarrett was responsible for

managing all technological development, facility development, customer projects and delivering innovative

agricultural solutions for both the controlled indoor environment and outdoor the greenhouse industry. As a

graduate from the University of Victoria in Biological Sciences, he has held executive positions in the agriculture,

pharmacy, natural health and retail industries. Over the course of his professional career, Jarrett ran his own

successful consulting company assisting with product development, feasibilities studies, organization budgets,

quality engineering and compliance management for controlled and consumed products. Jarrett’s experience in

helping start up companies become successful have included effective team building, solid business plans,

presenting financial opportunities, independent technology and product validation and seeking sector specific

government grants and funds.

Mark T. Brown, CFO

Mr. Brown has assisted in the successful establishment of several private and public companies. In the public

company sector, Mr. Brown has played key roles in the success of several companies which his team at Pacific

Opportunity has listed on the TSXV, the TSX and the NYSE Mkt Exchanges. His corporate focus is merger and

acquisition transactions, financing, strategic corporate planning, and corporate development. One of the companies

founded by the team at Pacific Opportunity was built into a plus $500 million market capitalization entity and his

team has had many smaller successes over the past 20 years. Mr. Brown has a Bachelor of Commerce from the

University of British Columbia and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1993, while working with

PricewaterhouseCoopers in Vancouver. Mr. Brown's family history includes having run large greenhouse operations

near Vancouver for many years as Brown Brothers Florists and he looks forward to working with the team at Affinor

in working to modernize these processes.

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Nick Brustore, VP Product Development, Sales and Marketing.

Nick Brusatore is known globally for being a top designer and leader in vertical farming technology. He was the

Chairman of the Applied Research Committee for BCIT for several years and was nominated for the AGRI Award of

Excellence for Canada in 2012. Nick was a keynote speaker at the International Conference on Marihuana in New

York City and the moderator in San Fransisco and regularly sits on discussion panels as an expert in this industry. Nick

is the original designer of Terrasphere Systems started in 2001 and currently the major shareholder and designer of

Vertical Designs Ltd started in 2010. Nick brings over 14 years experience in AGRI Designs, plant physiology and the

manipulation of metabolic pathways to achieve organic chemistry. No current expert or company compares to

Brusatore or his ability. It will be hard to compete with the quality and depth of knowledge to automate, industrialize

and drive the marihuana markets in Canada and the USA. Nick recently worked in the Biotech sector growing

transgenic Tobacco for a pharmaceutical giant as well as transgenic Safflower to create insulin’s for medical use.

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Investment Opportunity

Affinor is seeking investors to help continue the

development and commercialization of the

technology and equipment. Funds will be

utilized to:

1. Fabricate and assemble new technological

advanced prototypes.

2. Continue commercial trials with industry


3. Fabricate and assemble pilot plant with

development partner, University of the

Fraser Valley.

4. Validate performance prototype and pilot


5. Continue with legal patents & trademarks

6. Operational and administration cost

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Jarrett Malnarick, CEO

604 837 8688

Mark T. Brown, CFO

604 687 3520

Nick Brustore, VP Product Development, Sales and Marketing.

604 356 0411

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