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Service Charter


Service Charter


This brochure intends to be for users a means by which

information is provided on the manner of managing

one’s health during the period of detention at this prison.

Prime Minister’s Decree 01/04/2008 has stipulated the

move of the Prison Health System from the Ministry

of Justice to the National Health Care System, thereby

reasserting the principle of recognition of full parity

of health care system between free persons and

detained persons. The prisoners who resort to Health

Care services have identical rights and duties as free

citizens, in conformity with the prison system in force

and in any event in accordance with what is laid down

by the Constitution.

Inmates of the prison are exempted from contributing

to pay for health care services, save for performances

not covered by the Essential Assistance Levels (EAL).

Health at this prison is ensured by an integrated system

between the Prison Management and especially the

Umbria 2 Local Health Care Unit Management through

its own resources.

The prison health representative coordinates and organizes all the health

care activities conducted inside the prison. Primary care and health care

emergencies are ensured daily by Medical directors and primary care

physicians, available 24 hours, and by nursing staff. At Orvieto’s prison,

from 20h00 to 8h00, the Territorial out of hours service is activated.


first entry visit

The person accessing the prison for the first time, or returning there after a hospital admission,

is examined by the doctor on duty who assesses his state of health and the need to activate

medical consultations by specialists, and who prescribes a possible treatment.

.. ..

basic health care

Each subject is allocated a primary care assistant who ensures diagnostic and therapeutic

continuity. The user, by filling out a module, may request a health talk with his own doctor

in order to obtain information on his health condition.

The prisoner is entitled to refuse any health care act/performance.

urgent medical examinations

Urgent medical examinations are carried out daily by the doctor on duty.





specialist medical visits

There is a service of specialist consultations available inside the prison and capable of being activated

by the primary care doctors.

The user may request to be examined by health care practitioners or technicians of choice, at his own

expense and at the premises of the infirmary, pursuant to authorization by the Competent Authority

and the methodology envisaged by company procedures.

The adviser of choice may peruse the documentation in the possession of the Prison’s health care

services; it is not permitted to write requests, reports of medical visits, or drug prescriptions directly

on the clinical records of the patient one is representing.

copy of health-related documentation

The user may request copies of the health-related documentation available at the prison upon written

request and prior payment of photocopying costs, by using the forms provided by the infirmary.

The same procedures followed by external users apply to copies of digital reports of instrumental tests

conducted at the ASL (Local Health Care Company) 2 services.

drug addictions

Counselling related to drug addiction problems is ensured by the medical, nursing and social care

staff of the Drug Assistance Service (SERT) attached to the Local Health Care Unit, as well as by

the nursing staff attached to the Prison. The activity aims at a medical assessment with diagnosis of

addiction, possible daily administration of substitute drugs, elaboration of customized projects, including

participation in rehabilitation community programs, and prevention of diseases arising from drug

addictions. The proposal of measures alternative to prison detention as regards non-inmates must be

agreed upon with the Drug Assistance Service (SERT) of affiliation.

protection of mental health

Expert psychiatric advice is ensured by the staff of the Territorial Mental Health Department,

in accordance with company procedure and upon request by the primary care doctor. Likewise

envisaged is the presence of specialist psychologists who closely collaborate with the specialist




dental care

All the dental performances comprised in the EAL’s, as stipulated by Regional Law No. 7/2009,

are guaranteed. They include dentures FOR A FEE as per the (National Health Care) range of fees.

As regards all the other performances, the prisoner may make use of dentist of choice

or a dentist attached to the Prison in accordance with company procedure.

kinesiotherapy care

With regard to the Spoleto and Terni prisons, there is a physiotherapy service that, upon


specialist medical prescription, implements rehabilitation programs for musculoskeletal

diseases of traumatic or other origin, and programs of motor rehabilitation after surgery.

As for the Orvieto prison, the same procedure is extended to citizens residing within the district:

upon activation by the primary care doctor, pursuant to prior assessment on the part of the

District physiatrist, a rehabilitation plan implementable via accesses inside the Prison is drawn up.

medical certificates

During the detention period, the prisoner is granted the right, upon payment of a fee, to

obtain medical certificates necessary to secure public documents in compliance with the legal

provisions in force (renewal of driver’s licence, category A and B, certified for applications

for disability support).



requests at the expense of prisoners

Issuing copy of clinical records

Medical consultation by one’s doctor of choice, upon express authorization by the Competent


Purchase of drug on prescription by one’s doctor of choice.

Purchase of pharmaceutical products allowed at the pharmacy.


The primary care doctor and/or the doctor on duty, at a suitable time after discharge, or on

the occasion of a transfer or end of a sentence, draws up an apposite health card where

the pathologies and the treatment underway are set out.

Presidio Sanitario Casa Reclusione Spoleto

USL Umbria 2

Loc. Maiano,10 Spoleto (06049) PG

Tel. 0743/263333 Fax. 0743/260301

Presidio Sanitario Casa Circondariale Terni

Usl Umbria 2

Strada. delle Campore, 32, Terni (05100) TR

Telefono:0744 800100

Presidio Sanitario Casa Reclusione Orvieto

Usl Umbria 2

Via Roma, 1, Orvieto (05018) TR

Telefono: 0763 340435

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