Safety for demanding conditions - HighVisPro collection


Safety for demanding conditions

HighVisPro collection


Excellent visibility in daylight, poor lighting and dark

Demanding working environments place high requirements to the workwear and personal protective equipment. We actively

follow the development of legislation, standards and new operating models in various fields. Together with our customers we

are constantly developing our collections in order to fulfil the most demanding requirements in different working environments.


HighVisPro – Modern visibility and functional details

Our HighVisPro workwear collection combines a modern look with ergonomic and functional details, and it is certified according

to standards EN ISO 20471 and EN 342. Collection was developed in cooperation with the real end users.

High visibility and good looks

When working outdoors or in poorly lit places, it is important

for workers to be seen in time. This helps to avoid many

accidents at work.

Fluorescent colour improves the wearer’s visibility in daylight,

whereas the retroreflective material makes the wearer visible

towards a light source, e.g. vehicle lights. When high visibility

is required, the wearer must be seen from all sides (360 o ),

in all lightning conditions, and both the fluorescent and

retroreflective material must encircle the garment.

Tested with the real users

The functionality of our HighVisPro collection is tested with

real end users working in conditions that require impeccable

visibility and workability. Thanks to the close cooperation with

our clients and the valuable feedback received from real end

users, we were able to develop a highly functional and modern

workwear collection.

From HighVisPro collection you can find suitable products

for conditions in which high visibility is required, also for the

challenging cold environments like railway yards, airports and



Standards – for your safety

The HighVisPro collection comply with the standard EN ISO 20471:2013 for high-visibility clothing.

HighVisPro winter collection also comply with the standard EN 342:2004 for protective clothing against cold.

EN ISO 20471

High-visibility clothing

High visibility clothing is divided into three visibility classes

(classes 1-3, where 3 provides best visibility). The class

requirements can be met by a garment of clothing or

an ensemble (e.g. jacket and trousers). The HighVisPro

garments are certified according to visibility classes 1 and 2.

A combination of the jacket and trousers meets the

requirements of visibility class 3.

Dirt reduces the visibility. Regular care and maintenance

guarantee that the protection stays in correct level during the

whole lifecycle of the garment.

EN 342

Ensembles and garments

for protection against cold

Thermal insulation and protection against wind are the most

important properties of clothing for protection against cold.

The HighVisPro garments are designed to be worn in air

temperatures below -5°C or corresponding environments.

Our protective clothing and personal protective

equipment comply with Directive 89/686/EEC.

Products are EC type examined, and provided

with CE marking and instructions for use.

Functional details

All jackets and waistcoats are equipped with plenty of pockets and a detachable ID card pocket.

All trousers and dungarees have a 2-level inside pocket for separate knee pads.




Comprehensive and reliable

overall service

We will provide all the workwear your company needs directly at

your workplace.

The service package includes:

surveys of needs

planning the workwear selection

acquisition and storage

regular laundry and maintenance of workwear

weekly deliveries of workwear into lockers

eLindström – online service.

Cut down on costs not safety

The purpose of our comprehensive service is to facilitate the

customer's day-to-day activities. By centralising the protection

of your employees to a single reliable partner, you can gain

enough peace of mind to focus on your own operations. We

make sure on your behalf that your company’s workwear

selections are at the appropriate level. This enables you to

protect your employees against work-related risks without tying

up your company's capital or labour. You will also save time,

money and company resources.

Protection always at the required level

Our highly skilled professionals will obtain and store workwear

for your company. We wash and repair the protective clothing

regularly and appropriately, so you can be sure that the visibility

properties are retained at the agreed level even in demanding

use. In our diverse selection of quality products, you are sure

to find the best possible equipment to protect your personnel

against any work-related hazards.

The locker service ensures that you will have clean and wellmaintained

protective clothing available each week.


The textile service company Lindström

reinforces its customers’ corporate image.

Our service facilitates daily routines and

provides the most affordable comprehensive

solution on the market. We are a responsible

and valued employer.

Our services in Finland include:

- Workwear services

- Restaurant textile services

- Shop towel services

- Mat services

- Personal protective equipment services

- Hygiene services

Workwear services

Comprehensive workwear solutions that improve the company image.

Customised service solutions that save money and effort.

Experienced and enthusiastic provider of workwear services.

Lindström Oy,



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