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Summer 2016


Mina R. Desai, DDS President

It's finally summer, my favorite time of the year. I

love having this warm weather where I can visit

the beach, go camping, have a picnic and enjoy

other outings. All these activities really help me

revive myself after the toll dentistry has taken

on me. Although, what has helped me the most is yoga and

meditation. We all have this passion to be that wonderful dentist

and it requires physical and mental strength. This articulate

work, however, can lead us to feel fatigued and exhausted after a

long work day. The flexibility that yoga has instilled in me has

helped me through many of the physical pains my body has

experienced from sitting in a dental chair, bent over, focusing on

a patient for a great amount of time. I've experienced countless

neck and shoulder pains that have lasted for weeks, and the only

Etta L. Kinney, Executive Director

Scott Smith, MD, MSc, DTM&H's Medical

Infections of Dental Origin highly attended

presentation at our April 2013 GM meeting

clearly demonstrated – even to a non-clinical

person like me – the critical importance to

patient health of inter-discipline education and open

communication in rendering differential diagnoses; i.e., a

headache may be due to tension and TMJ or it may be due to a

brain infection / lesion. An engaging Q&A, followed by high

meeting evaluation scores were, for me, a wake-up call to the

value of bringing our members opportunities to engage with

medical professionals . Unfortunately, this was easier said than

done. Despite agreement by virtually every medical doctor with

whom I've spoken, I've made no headway with the local AMA to


thing that helped me power through was the passion I have to be a

diligent and thorough dentist.

I realized the true toll this job has had on me last summer, when I

pulled the muscle in my left shoulder. The pain was excruciating and

it left me with countless nights of tears. I realized certain parts of my

body that were constantly working throughout the work day. My

physical therapist had me stop doing certain activities that strained

my shoulder and had me focus on strengthening exercises. Steroid

injections and surgery were the next steps if the pain didn't subside. I

had to change my routine and remove activities that I enjoyed and

looked forward to. The passion I had for dentistry was slowly turning

into bitter feelings and a yearning to stop practicing. I refused to live

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In the meantime… To align curriculum with the national guidelines set

by the Department of Health and Human Services to expand oral

health clinical competency of primary care clinicians, UCSF senior

dental students are guiding medical students on how to incorporate

oral health into the traditional head, eye, ear, nose, and throat exam.

To accomplish this, they teach first-year medical students about oral

health and how to perform screening exams and fluoride varnish

applications. Bottom line, oral health training became a requirement

for UCSF medical students in 2015. I recently learned that one of our

newer members, Dr. Amarilis San Vicente – with whom we've started

a project to develop oral health education materials for members to

use in classroom settings – was a key developer of that UCSF first-year

medical students program training guides.

And then… The San Mateo County Oral Health Coalition's December

strategic planning session follow-up to review the draft plan,

prioritize goals/strategies, and provide input into next steps and

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with this pain for the rest of my life. It took me about 7 months to finally, completely rid myself of

the pain. That experience empowered me to be more proactive about my physical health so that I

wouldn't be jaded from my passion. I've talked to other dentists who've sold their practice after

such a short time, due to severe neck pain. Often times, treatment and physical therapy do not

help us to completely heal. We dentists need to stay physically fit, if not for our health, then for the

passion of running a successful practice. Doing a few stretches in between patients can make the

difference needed to abstain from neck, back and shoulder pains.

Taking a little time out for yourself can make the biggest difference to how you practice as a

dentist. I enjoy hot yoga, and this stretching in a 110 degrees room temperature for 90 minutes

has helped me cure aching muscles and prevent other injuries that dentistry may cause. We

SMCDS board members are focused on helping members maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle to

keep us involved and goal-oriented. We appreciate feedback and support from all our members,

no matter how small the concern or suggestion.

Being a part of the board can be a great opportunity if you have helpful suggestions to maintain

the drive and passion needed to practice. Becoming a part of the board provides an opportunity to

help grow our community and, in turn, help our members live healthier and happier lifestyles.

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possible champions took place the first week of June. Given the synchronicity of the topic, it is not

surprising I elected to champion via joint task force with MPDS (led by Dr. Jim Stephens) the

Coalition goal to increase our capacity to deliver preventive and restorative oral health services

by bringing dental and medical professionals together to bridge gaps in patient care; i.e.,

exchanging critical information and simple techniques with pediatricians, obgyns, special needs


I share the above in hopes of piquing the interest of those who might relish the challenge of “bridge

building.” Please email or call the member line 650.637.1131

Bridging the Dental/Medical Divide

More synchronicity… A local Opthalmologist called wanting to make our dentists aware of a rare

condition he's seen three times in the last year. After obtaining go-ahead on appropriateness of

information from 2010 SMCDS president – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Sal Ahani, I share the

following for your edification:

Temporal Arteritis: Jaw Claudication that May Be Confused with TMJ Can Have Dire

Consequences The Wikipedia Article on Temporal Arteritis gives a good summary of the disease.

In my experience, the patients are over 55 - often 70 to 90. They present to the Ophthalmologist

with decreased vision from occlusion of a branch or the entire central retinal artery which means

partial or complete blindness in that eye. These conditions are irreversible in the affected eye but

treatment with steroids is essential to protect the other eye.

Three patients were seen in our office this past year and two had jaw claudication (caused by

involvement of the maxillary artery that supplies the masseter muscle) that may be confused

with TMJ. One patient had been treated by a dentist for several months. The other had been

diagnosed with cervical adenitis by an internist. In any practice these uncommon conditions

may be missed because their rarity leaves them out of the differential diagnosis. If you suspect

Temporal Arteritis, refer the patient to his or her internist or a rheumatologist on an emergency

basis. If they can't be seen by their own physician the same day, the emergency room is

appropriate. Richard Braunstein, MD - Ophthalmologist

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Mouthpiece | Summer 2016 | 3

member news


at our March and April general membership meetings where they were presented with plaques

acknowledging them as 2015 recipients of SMCDS 2015 Achievement awards.

DICK GREGORY, DDS – SMCDS member for 22 years was awarded the 2015 GOLDEN TOOTHBRUSH AWARD.

What makes Dick's contribution to the advancement of community dental health outstanding is his persistence

in leadership and commitment to oral health access among the disadvantaged. Dick sold his San Mateo general

dentistry practice of 18 years at the end of 2010 to go into Public Health and Community Dentistry full-time,

leading up to his most recent accomplishment of bringing to fruition

the Apple Tree Dental Center in San Mateo. This facility will provide not

only a location for special needs patients to receive dental treatment

with state-of-the-art equipment, but also mobile capability to bring

high quality dental care to nursing homes and convalescent hospitals

throughout San Mateo County. Among Dick's other accomplishments…







2014 – 2016 CDA Council on Government Affairs & liaison to SMCDS board

2012 – 2015 SMCDS board member, Community Outreach Director,

Delegate to House of Delegates

2012 – 2014 Awarded UCSF Multidisciplinary Geriatric Fellowship in Dentistry

2009 – 2014 Chair - San Mateo County Oral Health Coalition

2008 – 2014 Director - Samaritan House Dental Clinics

2005 – FWD actively involved in community outreach focused on seniors in and out of nursing homes

TANYA MANYAK, DDS - San Mateo general dentist and SMCDS member for 16 years was selected as the 2015

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD recipient. What makes Tanya so extraordinary… When Tanya raises her

hand, you get more than a great dentist, whether it's her husband Gene, her associate Dr. Linda Yip, her office

team, her patients, and/or her local café – somehow, she engages those around her in also giving. Here are

some of the accomplishments that gave rise to Tanya's consideration for this award:

Ø Freedom Day USA - a National Thank You Movement for members of our military, veterans, and reservists –


2 Thursday of September. Tanya has served as Freedom Day USA's California Co-Director since its 2013

inception; her entire office participates each year

Ø Asheville North Carolina Missions of Mercy Dental Clinic 2012 & Peru Medical Mission 2007 - both with husband Gene

Ø Community Service Day in her office: with the help of patients running errands and Mimi's Café providing snacks, the team

provides pro-bono dental treatment to women and children from Battered Women's Shelter and Homeless Network of San

Mateo County

Ø Early Sponsor of San Mateo County

Women's Health Expo

Ø Dental screenings and education at

the Turnbull Academy Health Fair with

associate Dr. Linda Yip

Ø Expanding Horizons Career Fair for

girls and young women at Skyline

College w/Dr. Linda Yip

Ø Thanksgiving Basket Brigade –

Manyak team members have done

this for years

4 | San Mateo County Dental Society |

member news

CARLIZA MARCOS, DDS –San Carlos general dentist and SMCDS member for 10 years was nominated for a

“when does she sleep award.” After due consideration, Carliza was selected as our 2015 BOARD OF

DIRECTORS AWARD recipient for “her perpetually outstanding service and tireless devotion to the ideals of

the dental profession and this society.” Carliza is more than a board ever hopes for in a volunteer, truly

engaged in serving our members, the dental society, and our community - making it all appear to be perfectly

natural, effortless, and rewarding. She is a hard worker, an intelligent and inspiring leader, warm, loving, and

fun to be with. She is a walking-talking demonstration of growth through leadership and radiates the

benefits of VOLUNTEERISM in organized dentistry. A brief history of Carliza's service and devotion:

Ø 2006 – 2011 SMCDS Board of Directors, President 2011 (earned her rep as “one hot Filipina”)

Ø 2007 – 2012 SMCDS Delegate, CDA House of Delegates

Ø 2012 – 2014 CDA Leadership Development Council, Chair 2014

Ø 2013 – 2016 CDA Cares volunteer dentist

Ø 2014 CDA Delegate, ADA House of Delegates

Ø 2014 ADA Institute for Diversity in Leadership (selected as 1 of 16 members across the nation)

Ø 2015 – 2017 SMCDS CDA Trustee

Ø Mid-2015, Carliza pled the case to bring CDA Cares to San Mateo County and indeed CDA Foundation agreed to bring it here

April 22-23, 2017

Sedation and Anesthesia for the Dental Office


Board Certi ed Physician Anesthesiologist


Anesthesia with a secure airway is safer for dental

procedures than any level of sedation delivered with

an “open” or “shared” airway. I always secure and

protect the patient’s airway. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Your patients can expect to feel and know nothing of

the dental treatment while recovering within minutes.

Patients can “go to sleep” in seconds without needles. xxx


Your patients will be completely still. You can operate

without interruption and focus entirely on dental

treatment. The only limitation is how

long you want to operate. ............

Phone/fax 1.888.308.1138

Mouthpiece | Summer 2016 | 5


We are saddened by the loss of....

Jack S. Prost, DDS – Retired San Mateo General Dentist and SMCDS member for over 50 years - passed

away on April 7. Jack graduated Indiana University 1951, practiced dentistry in New York, and moved to

San Mateo in 1961 where he practiced until 1991. He was an active SMCDS member, serving as Chair on

multiple committees over the years (Auxiliary, Ethics, 24-Hour Service) and received the SMCDS

Distinguished Service Award in 2000.

A Colleague Remembers Jack

Jack had a welcoming smile for patients and volunteers alike at the

Samaritan House Dental Clinic. Together with Dr. Bert Kotin, he led and

guided dental clinicians and volunteers, coordinated donated services from local specialists,

requested donations of supplies, medications, equipment, and hand instruments to provide

emergency and urgent dental services to people in San Mateo who simply needed help and had

nowhere to turn. Jack continued to volunteer at Samaritan House, Life Line, and a senior retirement

home up to a month before passing. He touched a lot of people with his gentleness, his smile, and

his wit. Jack will be greatly missed. Sandra Patron, DDS

Jack's family has requested that donations in his memory be made to the Samaritan House Dental

Clinic in San Mateo:

Being a service leader in the Bay Area since 1977, we strive to provide you with excellent equipment selec on and the best technicians you

can find for support. Offering compe ve prices and a task-oriented team is always a daily improvement goal for us here at Yeager Dental,

which always means that our customers' well-being is constantly being watched over. We offer the personal care not always found in the

big corpora ons of our field, but here we believe in being “Not the biggest, just the best.”

So, why choose Yaeger Dental?

Ÿ We offer a full one year parts and labor warranty (compare to compe tors' 90-day warranty policy).

Ÿ We also offer free installa on in most cases. On top of that, we can offer you free removal of your old equipment, with the purchase of

new equipment from us, at no extra charge.

Ÿ Our prices are among some of the most compe ve in the industry. Our knowledgeable and thoroughly trained technicians carry many

common, and uncommon, parts in the service vehicles, usually meaning we can get your equipment up and running in a single visit. In

the off chance that our techs don't have the parts you need, they can order them for you in a mely manner.

Ÿ We carry a mul tude of different designer friendly and stylish equipment lines, which means we can tailor a new unique look for your

office renova on or remodel.

Ÿ Our first and foremost goal is to make our customers happy! Even in the current digital age, we understand that word-of- mouth

recommenda ons are our most important and effec ve endorsements so we strive to make sure we don't let our clients down.

Yaeger Dental Supply

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Tel: 650.593.5100 • Fax: 650.593.1331 •

Just because you pay less, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice good service.

See what Yaeger Dental can do for you!



6 | San Mateo County Dental Society |


2016 marks the anniversary of 13 very loyal SMCDS members having attained the

distinguished status of Life Member across the ADA/CDA/SMCDS tripartite. So what does

Life mean? You must be age 65 and have 30 consecutive years of membership in the

tripartite. If there is a break in membership, you must have 35 total years of membership

with SMCDS and CDA and 40 with ADA. WHY celebrate? Reduced dues …Life Active dues

are reduced by ADA 25%, SMCDS 75%, and CDA 100%. Life Retired dues go to a big fat $0.

As a token of our gratitude and appreciation, we invite life members to join us as our

guest at a general membership meeting – this year the May 19 meeting – where they are

honored in the presence of their peers with a CDA Life Member certificate, ADA Life Member pin, and our

unique SMCDS notepad, multi-function pen, hugs & kisses personally delivered by you-know-who, not to mention social hour, hot

hors d'oeuvres, dinner, lecture, and CE.


UOP - Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Mouthpiece | Summer 2016 | 7


Thank You! to 30

Advertisers BUSINESS MEMBERS Exhibitors Study Clubs

who have generously supported our continuing education, professional success, practice management, workshop/clinical

programs this past quarter.

3M Oral Care

Arsalan Ahani Study Club

AG Neovo Dental

Bay Area Aesthetic Masters Study Club

Blende Dental Group

Burbank Dental Lab



Carestream Dental


Citibank Health Care Group


Convergent Dental


Dental Power Placement Service

Ivoclar Vivadent


Kuraray America Dental

Michael Lam, MD

Morgan Stanley

Myron's West Dental Arts

Northern California Practice Sales





US Bank

West Coast Precious Metals



Retirement Investment Management

Founded by Dentists, Managed by Professionals

The California Dentists’ Guild is your

retirement planning manager.

The California

Dentists’ Guild

has been a onestop-shop

for all

my retirement

planning needs

for 17 years.

– Ed Lee, DDS

Call our team at


with two locations in

Oakland and Irvine

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member benefits

SMCDS Annual Shredathon

eWaste ▪ Shredding ▪ Lead Foil ▪ Car/Ride Show

Saturday, July 30, 2016

SMCDS Parking Lot ▪ Free Parking

240A Twin Dolphin Drive ▪ Redwood Shores

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

SMCDS - with help from our friends at

brings the first member

car / ride show to our annual Shredathon. Cars / Motorcycles / Bikes will be

displayed on-site! There'll be plenty of healthy nibbles for folks who must trashand-dash.

More leisurely recyclers will be treated to a yummy New England

Lobster lunch (limited to the first 55 attendees). Again, family are welcome.

And it's still FREE! Details below.

Kat or Jim will call you

to schedule your

shredding time slot.

Paper Waste: n Depending on member participation, 5 to 10 letter size-banker's boxes (10” x 12” x 16”) n X-Rays must be

separated from paper n You must be on time for your time slot n remove your empty boxes

E-waste: n Electronics accepted: computers, laptops, cell phones, printers, fax machines, network equipment, medical

equipment, phone systems, CD/DVD players, stereo equipment, UPS/rechargeable batteries, PC boards, wire/cable, small

appliances incl m/w ovens; n Monitors / televisions MUST have owner's name & address legibly written/typed and taped to the

front OR they go back home with you

X-Ray Lead Foil n You can drop off your x-ray lead foil backlog too. Charlie Carter will pick it up and cart it off to one of his patients

who recycles it for various projects. Thanks, Charlie!

Space is limited

Register Now!

Mondays & Fridays are very short on help.

To volunteer, contact:

Melissa Moss, Volunteer Manager


Mouthpiece | Summer 2016 | 9

SMCDS Business Member

Premier 2016 | 2015

SGC Financial &

Insurance Services

® ® ®

Tom O’Brien, CFP , CLU , CHFC


Platinum 2016 - 2013

California Dentists’ Guild

Layla Shirazi

Retirement Program Specialist


Platinum 2016 | Silver 2015

Yaeger Dental Supply

Tim Yaeger, Jr.



Platinum 2016 - 2015 | Silver 2014

C-Dental X-Ray

Julia Peck

Operations Manager


Platinum 2016

Swiss Monkey

Christine Sison



Silver 2016 - 2012

Westridge Wealth Strategies


Robert M. Cheney, CFA, CFP


Platinum 2016

•••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••

Ali Oromchian, Esq.


Endorsed 2016 - 2010

TDIC Insurance Solutions

Blair Tomlinson

Sales Manager


Silver 2016 - 2013

California Bank & Trust

Sylvia Sanz

VP Branch Manager - San Mateo


SMCDS Business Members acknowledged on this

contribute in meaningful ways* throughout each year of their

membership to our society’s fiscal health, industry intelligence, and community presence. *Event sponsorships, educational seminars /

workshops, table clinics with timely dental industry / small business information, special product offers / pricing discounts, products and

services relevant to your professional success and the oral health of our community. Business Memberships are an important

source of non-dues revenue that has helped SMCDS to increase and improve member programs without raising SMCDS dues for more

than a decade. We count on Business Members to engage professionally with members - as consultants focused on identifying and

fulfilling your needs. In exchange, we encourage you to consider SMCDS Business Members as preferred providers when in the

market for products and services. Membership Levels: Premier $5,000 Platinum $3,500 Gold $2,400 Silver $1,500

Currently providing Bay Area Dentists

with quality temporary and permanent

• Dental Assistants

• Dental Hygienists

• Receptionists

• Dentists

(415) 781-2909

Mouthpiece | Summer 2016 | 11

member benefits

Dear Colleagues:

Let's call this a “public service announcement.” Your dental license renewal fee is due every other year in the

month of your birth. It is critical you pay it on time - I speak from experience. Here is my story.

Several years ago, I asked one of my staff to check on an order for Probantheline Bromide from Sullivan–Schein.

We use this to dry up saliva while bonding a full mouth of orthodontic appliances. She made the call, came into

the operatory, and announced “they cannot fill the order because you do not have a valid California dental license.” Turns out my

bookkeeper never received the invoice or some other clerical miscue. I'm sure you can imagine my immediate visceral response. I

called the Dental Board who are overseen by the Department of Consumer Affairs. An answering machine message assured me I

would receive a return call in 2-3 business days. In my mind I saw myself driving to Sacramento with the $250 in hand or whatever

they wanted – B U T getting a real person to speak to was anything but easy – A N D when I finally did speak to a person, I was told it

would take several weeks to reinstate me.

Now, here's the “fun” part… I called TDIC and explained my situation. They recommended I stop practicing since “your

malpractice insurance is predicated on you having a current license.”

Since this occurred during the busiest time of the year when parents wanted to get kids started with orthodontics, I had a decision

to make. Did I continue to practice knowing that a slippery band down a trachea could result in a six- or seven-figure lawsuit with

no insurance in place? …. or did I continue to practice knowing the terrible occurrences I was conjuring up in my imagination had

never happened in my 25-year career (at that time)?

Here's my point: although we can now renew our license

online and communicate electronically with Dental Board of

California and some things may have changed regarding a

grace period …why take that chance? Put the date your

renewal fee is due in multiple places and have a serious talk

with whoever pays your bills. Avoid the potential of not being

covered in a huge lawsuit just because the renewal notice got

buried under a stack of journals or the USPS didn't work well

that day.

All the best –

Alan Marcus, DDS MSD

SMCDS Board 2015-16

License Renewal Reminders

12 | San Mateo County Dental Society |

member benefits

After hearing Alan's story, we reactivated the


meaning as of May 1 we began emailing alerts with links to the DBOC renewal site at the

beginning of each member's renewal month:

SMCDS REMINDER: YOUR Dental License Renewal is Due

Heads-up for dental license renewal

this means YOU!

The SMCDS member database shows YOUR license renewal date coming up between now and the last day of [birth month]. Please

renew your license early! Forewarned is forearmed. Save yourself the IMMENSE hassle of a late renewal and take care of it NOW.

As of January 2016, you can renew online by registering with the DBOC using

P.S. IN THE EVENT you do not heed this warning and end up renewing by mail less than two weeks in advance of your license

expiration date, be sure to send it BY CERTIFIED MAIL, RECEIPT RETURN REQUESTED. Retain the RRR stamped by the post office

and returned to you as PROOF of your application and fee having been mailed prior to license expiration date.

Missed that great course on implants? Need 2-12 CE credits in a rush to meet your re-licensure requirement? Thanks to Dr.

Bruce Bohannan's extracurricular interests, awesome expertise, and impressive video equipment, SMCDS offers online video

courses available 24/7 at your convenience. All videos are posted with speaker permission. Find them by scrolling down on the

home page of or Here

FROM THE DBOC WEBSITE: “Dental licenses expire on the last day of the birth month of the licensee every two years, per

Business and Professions Code, Section 1715. If the licensee's birth year is an even number, his or her license will expire

during even-numbered years. If the licensee's birth year is an odd number, his or her license will expire during odd-numbered

years. There is no grace period for a dentist in active practice, although a delinquency fee will not be assessed until the

renewal is more than 30 days late. A dentist who practices after the expiration date without renewing is considered

to be practicing without a license. Renewal notices are mailed approximately 60 days before expiration. A dentist is

responsible for renewing their license regardless of having received a renewal notice or not."

new dentists

New Dentists Return to El Torito in Burlingame

We returned to El Torito in February for our first New Dentists Social of 2016. These events are completely casual and purely social - no

set agenda other than mingling, eating, drinking, and playing the optional Know Someone New game to win drawing prizes. With a total

of 29 new and experienced dentists, we had a full house! Jamie Warren - one of our new dentists seeking employment for some time -

spent the evening making good networking connections, reflecting afterward'These events are tremendously valuable to me!' If you're

looking for employment, a mentor, or even someone to shadow, the New Dentist Social is a good place to find what you're looking for!

Huge thank yous to our generous and funloving sponsor, Tom O'Brien of SGC Financial, for offesetting costs, offering resources, and

awarding two drawing prizes (Amazon

& F a n d a n g o g i f t c a r d s ) .

Congratulations to the lucky winners:

Laura Stewart and Derrick Chua!

Special thanks to Al Landucci of

Orthodontics of San Mateo for taking


Mouthpiece | Summer 2016 | 13

community outreach

This past spring we had the opportunity to return to the

College of San Mateo for their first of two annual health fairs.

This health fair is especially important to us, as it's the only

regular opportunity we have to educate and screen adult

students in San Mateo County. Out of 275 attendees, 50+

were screened by our volunteer dentists. Referrals for

treatment were made to SMCDS member dentists, local

clinics, and dental schools.


to Drs. Sara Andrews, Keith Gee, Brad Hart, Paul Hui,

Al Landucci, Victor Lee, and Srijana Pokhrel for taking time out of their

Wednesday schedules to make this an educational and successful outreach event.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success. Henry Ford

Have a colleague worthy of recognition or know of someone in the community who

selflessly gives to educate, provide, or sustain oral health among our needy? Help SMCDS

identify and recognize worthy individuals who give extraordinary service in the name of oral

health to our community. We know they're out there and we need YOU to be our eyes and

ears across San Mateo County's 744 square miles. Email or call the

Member line 650.637.1131 to make a nomination. Please provide the following







Call for Community Service Award Nominations

Name and contact info for Nominee

Nature of Nominee's service

Duration / timeframe of service

Your rationale - a brief statement of why you feel

he/she should be considered for special recognition

or a specific award

Your name and contact info

14 | San Mateo County Dental Society |

Mouthpiece | Summer 2016 | 15

upcoming events

Go to save precious resources –

register and pay online – Upcoming Events

16 | San Mateo County Dental Society |

event evaluation summary

March 24, 2016 GM Meeting

Mouthpiece | Summer 2016 | 17

practice management

“I don't want to take any X-rays this year. Just clean my teeth.” Do

we submit to our patient's wishes, should we have them sign an

“informed refusal” form, or something else? A patient who

declines recommended dental treatment may be doing so

because of a lack of understanding about their dental care,

financial concerns, radiation exposure concerns or concerns

about the proposed treatment plan. The issue of not taking

radiographs is usually anchored in the erroneous assumption

about the dangers of radiation exposure. In anticipation of an

appointment, an anxious patient may collect information from

multiple sources including family, friends, neighbors, and of

course, the Internet. These well-meaning patients arrive at our

offices ready with the poignant statement, “I don't need X-rays

this year doc.” So, the consummate professional must outline,

with veracity, that one obtains more radiation in a transatlantic

flight than in one full set of X-rays. After this eloquent

explanation, the average patient will exercise their autonomy

and hopefully make the decision to concede — recognizing the

value of dentist-directed treatment guidance. Our medical

colleagues agree that oral health is extremely important to a

patient's overall health …and we took an oath to protect and

improve our patients' oral health.

Dentists must respect their patients' autonomy, however, not at

the detriment of their oral health. Informed consent is invaluable

in helping patients make sound decisions about their oral health.

Section 1D of the CDA Code of Ethics states in part, “Fully

informed consent is essential to the ethical practice of dentistry

and reflects the patient's right of self-decision.” Advisory Opinion

1.D.1. Explanation of Treatment further clarifies, “A dentist has

the obligation to fully explain proposed treatment, reasonable

alternatives, and the risks of not performing treatment to the

patient. The dentist shall explain treatment in a manner that is


advocacy/legislative update

accurate, easily understood, and allows patients to be involved in

decisions affecting their oral health or their participation in a research


Our patients may not understand that declining radiographs impairs

our ability to clinically diagnose dental pathology, such as caries,

periodontal disease, endodontic lesions, pathologic lesions, etc.

Similar to informed consent, it is a dentist's responsibility to inform

patients of the potential consequences of refusing recommended

treatment. In these situations, a dentist may choose to have the

patient sign an informed refusal form, which should include the

patient's prognosis, as well as the risks, limitations, and what may be

missed by refusing dental X-rays. It is also good practice to have the

patient, dentist, and a witness sign the form. Informed refusal forms

should be used with caution, however. The Judicial Council

recommends dentists consult with their malpractice insurance

carriers if considering using an informed refusal form. If a disease

condition is diagnosed or a patient has a history of dictating

treatment, it may be in the dentist's best interests to dismiss the

patient to avoid engaging in sub-standard treatment. Such decisions

must be made on a patient-by-patient basis.

We do not want to be in violation of the ethical principal competence,

which is described in the CDA Code of Ethics in part as follows: “The

competent dentist is able to diagnose and treat the patient's oral

health needs and to refer when it is in the patient's best interest.

Maintaining competence requires continual self-assessment about

the outcome of patient care.” We are in an enviable position to have

the privilege of caring for our patients' oral health and it is our duty to

do so. Donna Klauser, DDS, DABP - Member, CDA Judicial Council

For further guidance, contact Brittney Ryan, CDA Judicial Council

Manager at 800.232.7645

Government affects you …as an individual, a small business person, and a dentist – which means awareness

and, if it suits you, occasional involvement pays off. For a concise weekly update of what's cooking at the

capitol, read Legislative Updates in Peter DuBois’ Executive Bulletin or for a larger dose, read Todd Roberson's

summaries at CDA Major Issues & Priorities. Have questions? Todd Roberson -CDA Public Affairs Manager- is

always happy to answer questions on legislative / advocacy issues Want to join

SMCDS colleagues in the grassroots pool? Contact to find out about getting involved.

Following are updates on a few of today's issues.

▪ Update on CURES The Legislature is moving forward with SB 482 (Lara) — requiring providers to check the CURES prescription drug

database prior to issuing Schedule II-IV prescriptions - amended to exempt providers prescribing as a part of treatment for a surgical

procedure, prescription is non-refillable and for a duration of five days or less. The amended bill was approved by the Assembly Business

and Professions Committee. CDA continues to seek amendments clarifying whether CURES reports can be shared with patie nts.

The Save Lives California coalition made a strong show at the legislature's informational hearing on the tobacco tax ballot measure.

Vaping industry reps and several vape shop owners were the only opponents in attendance. Validity rates for signatures our campaign

submitted remain well above the threshold we need in order to qualify by the end of June. ▪

Philadelphia became the first major U.S. city

to enact a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, with city council voting 13-4 to approve a 1.5 cent per ounce tax. This could help generate

momentum for similar proposals on the ballot in San Francisco and Oakland this November.

18 | San Mateo County Dental Society |


P/T Private Associate Position Available

Daly City Please contact 650.878.1373

or email

Closing Dental Practice Equipment,

Instruments, and Supplies for sale. Do

you need another hygiene room, a

backup compressor, rolling cart? Email

Manikins for Sale SMCDS has an excess

of CPR training manikins. Lightly used,

a l m o st n ew condition. C o nta c t for details.

Periodontist position available 1 day

per month. Facility and staff provided.

Details: Contact 415.412.2129

Seeking a Retiring Dentist Practice to

Buy in Redwood City, 2 mile radius from

Whipple and El Camino. If you are

thinking of retiring in the near future,

please call 650.454.0023

Want a fully equipped modern dental

office 1-2 days a week? Our Belmont

office is available for rent Thursday and

Friday. Contact 650.592.6600

Pediatric dental office space available

Looking for a pediatric dentist to

practice adjacent to ortho office located

in SSF. Please contact Ann Marie @

650.871.8833 for more information.

Available to see.

Would you like to reduce your rent by

50%? General Dentist of 20 years

seeking an opportunity to sublease in a

practice in Foster City, San Mateo or

B u r l i n ga m e . C o nta c t D r. V i c tor

S o b r e p e n a 6 5 0 . 6 1 9 . 6 2 5 0 o r

Need a fully equipped dental office for

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Office is for rent on Mondays. Details:

Contact 415.412.2129

Space Available 2-3 days a week for a

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and 4 chairs. Very modern and bright.

Handicapped parking, ramp and

bathroom. Walking distance to Sequoia

Station. Please contact 650.365.3516

Mouthpiece | Summer 2016 | 19


240 A Twin Dolphin Drive • Redwood City • CA • 94065

650.637.1121 • fax 650.649.2980 •

2016 Executive Committee

President: Mina R. Desai, DDS

Vice President: Benson H. Wong, DDS

Treasurer: Benjamin A. Yount, DDS

Secretary: John M. Acosta, DDS

Past President: Fred Holloszy, DND

CDA Trustee: Carliza A. Marcos, DDS

Executive Director & Editor: Etta L. Kinney

Fri 8/19 Tim Yaeger, Jr. — Pres, Yaeger Dental






Foster City

2.5 CE


SMCDS Members & Staff @ $195

CDA Members & Staff @ $225

Non-Members @ $250

Staff Training: Basic Dental Equipment Maintenance

behind that soothing pa ent-friendly atmosphere, your prac ce

became the lean-mean-profit-machine you’ve hoped it could be?

you had well-trained staff who took the ini a ve to cruise your

operatories in search of malfunc oning equipment and swi ly, silently

restored them to keep your office running and produc ve? ? you

spent your me trea ng pa ents?

Fairytales can come true – it can happen to you… We’ve invited the

Yaeger Dental “Sharks” Training Team to spend the day with us training

you and - more importantly - your staff in a 2-1/2 hour hands-on

workshop to complete simple repairs and maintenance on dental

equipment you use every day

Ø air/water syringes

Ø compressors

Ø handpieces

Ø lights

Ø sterilizers

Ø vacuums

fixing water leaks, changing traps, filter maintenance, handpiece

care (all important and too o en neglected) were not le to YOU or un l

you’re forced to call your equipment repair service (min charge $150)?

You’d big me on …staff rela ons improve,

pa ent care benefits. Need I go on.

Th 9/22 Ed Zuckerberg, DMD, FAGD Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Prac ce





Members @ $95 Member Staff @ $65

Non-Members @ $150

A lavish social hour -held in the

- will be a

blast-from-the-past se ng in stark contrast to the topic du jour of our

presenter, er,

. Social media is a challenging

but cri cal strategy for marke ng your prac ce to today’s pa ents. Ed will

share best prac ces acquired not only from his own homebased dental

prac ce (which fostered son Mark’s first digital social network at age 11)

but industry leaders who have enlisted him over the years to lecture, write

ar cles, and beta test new technologies. Ed’s presenta on will condense

and simplify for you and your staff the best ways to

Cul vate and post content targe ng demographic audiences

Allocate a budget for adver sing targe ng your pa ents

More effec vely generate new pa ents, reconnect with old pa ents,

keep current pa ents engaged through their preferred social media

A delicious full course dinner prepared by Bianchini Catering tops off an

evening we’re sure you and your staff will recall as me well spent!

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