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‘The Queen’, from Robert Thornton, The Temple of Flora, London, 1799–1807, State Library of NSW – featured on cover of Planting Dreams by Richard Aitken (NewSouth Books)

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The Writer's Room

Charlotte Wood

Paperback RRP $32.99

A brilliant resource for

established and beginning

writers and for passionate

readers everywhere from

a range of acclaimed and

much-loved writers, lovingly

compiled by the brilliant and

insightful Charlotte Wood.

Charlotte's subjects are frank about the failures and

successes, the struggles and triumphs of the writing

life, and extremely generous in their revelations.


Tim Costello

Hardback RRP $29.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

In a world that is so often

challenging, with events that

cause us all to wonder what

is going on, Tim Costello

takes us on a journey

through the notion of faith

and how we all need to believe in something greater

than ourselves, no matter what religious background

we are from.

Ghost Empire

Richard Fidler

Hardback RRP $39.99

In 2014, Richard Fidler

and his son Joe made a

journey to Istanbul. Fired by

Richard's passion for the

rich history of the dazzling

Byzantine Empire - centred

around the legendary

Constantinople - we are swept into some of the

most extraordinary tales in history. The clash

of civilizations, the fall of empires, the rise of

Christianity, revenge, lust, murder. Ghost Empire is

a rare treasure: a beautifully written ode to a lost

civilization, and a warmly observed fatherson

adventure far from home.

Coming Soon

The Boy Behind

The Curtain

Tim Winton

Hardback RRP $45.00

3 October release, advance orders


The remarkable true stories of The

Boy Behind the Curtain reveal an

intimate and rare view of Tim Winton's imagination at

work and play.

The Good People

Hannah Kent

Paperback RRP $32.99

27 September release, advance

orders welcome

The long awaited new book from

award-winning Australian novelist

Hannah Kent. The Good People is

the follow up to her bestselling debut Burial Rites.

The Best Of Adam Sharp

Graeme Simsion

Paperback RRP $29.99

19 September release, advance

orders welcome

A novel about love, music and coming

to terms with the past, from the

author of the international bestseller

The Rosie Project.

Not Just For

This Life:

Gough Whitlam


Edited by Wendy Guest,

Gary Gray

Paperback RRP $29.99

Not Just For This Life

commemorates and

celebrates Gough’s life on

what would have been his

100th birthday. Includes a foreword by Graham

Freudenberg and reflections by Laurie Oakes, Anita

Heiss, Geraldine Doogue, Don Watson, Patricia

Hewitt, Nick Whitlam and Tim Soutphommasane.

In The Darkroom

Susan Faludi

Paperback RRP $32.99

The project began with a

grievance, the grievance of

a daughter whose parent

had absconded from her

life. So begins Susan

Faludi's extraordinary

inquiry into the meaning of

identity in the modern world

and in her own haunted family saga. From Pulitzer

Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author

Susan Faludi comes an astonishing confrontation

with the enigma of her father and the larger riddle

of identity consuming our age.

The Girl With

The Lower Back


Amy Schumer

Hardback RRP $29.99

In just a few short years,

Amy Schumer has become

a huge movie star, writing

and starring in Trainwreck,

won awards for her comedy

series Inside Amy Schumer,

and was named by Time magazine as one of the

world's 100 most influential people. Here is her

story. Frank, fearless and so freaking funny.

The Bad-Ass

Librarians Of


Joshua Hammer

Paperback RRP $32.99

September release, advance

orders welcome

To save precious centuries-old

Arabic texts from Al Qaeda, a

band of librarians in Timbuktu

pulls off a brazen heist worthy

of Ocean's Eleven and Indiana Jones. An inspiring and

entertaining account of the victory of art and literature

over extremism together with heroic and ultimately

successful effort to outwit Al Qaeda and preserve

Mali's - and the world's - literary heritage.

A History Of


David Hockney and

Martin Gayford

Hardback RRP $60.00

September release,

advance orders welcome

The making of pictures

has a history going back

perhaps 100,000 years.

Explored here by David Hockney and Martin

Gayford, they privilege no medium, period, or style,

but instead, in 16 chapters, discuss how and why

pictures have been made, and insistently link ‘art’

to human skills and human needs.


The Elegant Rebel

Mitchell Oakley Smith

Hardback RRP $80.00

Toni Maticevski is one of

Australia’s leading fashion

designers. Maticevski: The

Elegant Rebel showcases

the collections and projects,

featuring more than 200

images and illustrations, as well as contributions

from respected editors, actresses, models and

influencers, fashion lovers and Maticevski fans alike

will covet this insightful and inspiring book.


The Independent Bookseller’s Spring Reading Guide

Great Gift Ideas


Ian McEwan

Hardback RRP $32.99

September release, advance

orders welcome

Told from a perspective

unlike any other, Nutshell

is a classic tale of murder

and deceit from one of the

world’s master storytellers.

The duplicitous Trudy has

betrayed her husband and plots with her new lover,

but there is a witness: the inquisitive, nine-monthold

resident of Trudy's womb.

Behold The


Imbolo Mbue

Paperback RRP $29.99

September release, advance

orders welcome

New York, 2007: a city where

the newly-arrived and the

long-established jostle alike

for a place on the ladder of

success. And Jende Jonga,

who has come from Cameroon, has just set his

foot on the first rung. A powerful story of marriage,

class, race and the pursuit of the American Dream.

Dear Mr M

Herman Koch


RRP $29.99

September release,

advance orders


A hair-raising new tour

de force from Herman

Koch, Dear Mr M

tells the dark tale of

a writer in decline, a

teenage couple in love,

a missing teacher, and a single book that entwines

all of their fates. With racing tension, sardonic

wit, and a world-renowned sharp eye for human

failings, Herman Koch once again spares nothing

and no one in his gripping new novel, a barbed

thriller suspending readers in the mysterious

literary grey space between fact and fiction.

The Muse

Jessie Burton

Paperback RRP $29.99

Odelle Bastien has struggled

to find her place in 1960s

London since arriving from

Trinidad five years ago.

When she is offered a job

as a typist at the Skelton

Gallery, under the tutelage

of glamorous and enigmatic

Marjorie Quick, a lost masterpiece with a secret

history is delivered to the gallery.

Dirt Road

James Kelman

Paperback RRP $29.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

From Booker Prize-winning

James Kelman comes a

major novel exploring the

brevity of life, the agonising

demands of love and the

lure of the open road. It is

also a beautiful book about the power of music

and all that it can offer. From the understated

serenity of Kelman's prose emerges a devastating

emotional power.

Truly Madly


Liane Moriarty

Paperback RRP $32.99

Clementine is haunted

by regret. It was just a

barbeque. They didn’t even

know their hosts that well,

and could so easily have

said no. Now they can never

change what happened that

Sunday afternoon. Six responsible adults. Three

cute kids. One playful dog. It's an ordinary

weekend in the suburbs. What could

possibly go wrong?

The Joyce Girl

Annabel Abbs

Paperback RRP $32.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

James Joyce was her

father. Samuel Beckett

was her lover. This is her

story. Set in Paris in the

1920s and 30s, this is a

mesmerising fictionalisation

of Lucia Joyce's life told for the first time.

Selection Day

Aravind Adiga

Paperback RRP $29.99

September release, advance

orders welcome

Manjunath Kumar is fourteen.

He knows he is good at

cricket, that he fears and

resents his domineering,

cricket-obsessed father, and

admires his brilliantly talented

sibling. But there are many things about the world

that he doesn't know... Sometimes it seems as

though everyone else knows who Manju should be,

except Manju himself.

Here I Am

Jonathan Safran Foer

Paperback RRP $32.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

This is the story of a

fracturing family in a moment

of crisis. Over the course of

three weeks in present-day

Washington DC, three sons

watch their parents' marriage

falter and their family home fall apart. From the

acclaimed author of Everything Is Illuminated and

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Blue Dog

Louis de Bernières


RRP $29.99

In this charming

prequel to the muchloved

Red Dog, Louis

de Bernières revisits

the moving story of

the charismatic and

entertaining dog who

so many readers

hold close to their hearts. Following a family

tragedy, Mick is sent to the outback to live with

his Granpa, where he finds a lost puppy covered

in mud and half-drowned. Mick and his dog

immediately become inseparable as they take on

the adventures offered by their unusual home,

and the business of growing up, together.

Harry Potter

And The

Cursed Child -

Parts I & II




J.K. Rowling,

John Tiffany &

Jack Thorne


RRP $45.00

The Eighth Story.

Nineteen Years Later. Based on an original new

story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John

Tiffany, comes a new play which revolves around

Harry Potter's life 19 years later as an overworked

employee of the Ministry of Magic and the life of

his youngest son Albus, as he struggles with the

weight of a family legacy he never wanted.

Australian author

Titles marked with this symbol are available in Bolinda audio format

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Ann Patchett

Paperback RRP $29.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

A powerful story of two

families brought together

by beauty and torn apart

by tragedy, by the Orange

Prize-winning author of

Bel Canto.

It is 1964: Bert Cousins shows up at Franny

Keating's christening party uninvited. Before the

evening is out, Bert kisses Beverly Keating, his

host's wife, and sets in motion the dissolution of

their marriages and the joining of two families.

In 1988, Franny Keating, now twenty-four, meets

her idol, the famous author Leon Posen, and tells

him about her family. She unwittingly relinquishes

control over their story and the consequences

will extend beyond her own life into those of her

scattered siblings and parents.

The Underground


Colson Whitehead

Paperback RRP $32.99

The Underground Railroad,

from prize-winning,

bestselling author Colson

Whitehead, is a magnificent,

wrenching, thrilling tour de

force chronicling a young

slave's adventures as she makes a desperate bid

for freedom in the antebellum South.

Bright, Precious


Jay McInerney

Paperback RRP $29.99

September release, advance

orders welcome

Acutely observed and

brilliantly told, Bright, Precious

Days dissects the moral

complexities of relationships,

while painting a portrait of New York as Obama

and Clinton battle for leadership and the collapse of

Lehman Brothers looms. A moving, deeply humane

novel about the mistakes we make, persistence in

struggle and love's ability to adapt and survive.

To The Bright Edge

Of The World

Eowyn Ivey

Paperback RRP $32.99

From the internationally

bestselling author of The Snow

Child comes an extraordinary

story of discovery and

adventure. A husband and

wife are tested by the different

paths their society expects them to tread at the end

of the nineteenth century, in the Alaskan landscape

stunningly brought to life in The Snow Child.

New Fiction

The Memory Stones

Caroline Brothers

Paperback RRP $27.99

The Memory Stones tells the

story of the Disappeared,

thousands of Argentinians who

fell victim to the violent period of

1976. Depicting the despair and

hope of one family as it seeks

to rebuild after unimaginable

loss, a sweeping, epic story of a family tragedy whose

consequences echo throughout generations and the

long dark shadow it leaves behind.

The Rules Of

Backyard Cricket

Jock Serong

Paperback RRP $29.99

September release, advance

orders welcome

The Rules of Backyard

Cricket is a gripping literary

crime novel about Australian

masculinity, talent, fame and

family in the tradition of Peter Temple’s Truth. With

glorious writing harnessed to a gripping narrative,

it observes celebrity, masculinity—humanity—with

clear-eyed lyricism and exhilarating narrative drive.

Precious And Grace

Paperback RRP $32.99

September release, advance

orders welcome

The Bertie Project

Hardback RRP $34.99

Alexander McCall Smith

Precious and Grace is the story

about life at Botswana's leading

No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency,

about being a detective, the

complexities of human nature, as

well as lessons about gratitude

and obligation. Also available,

The Bertie Project which catches up with

the delightful goings-on in the fictitious 44

Scotland Street.

Closed Casket

Sophie Hannah

Paperback RRP $29.99

September release, advance

orders welcome

Lady Athelinda Playford has

planned a house party at her

mansion, but it is no ordinary

gathering. As guests arrive,

Lady Playford summons her

lawyer to make an urgent

change to her will – one she

intends to announce at dinner

that night. Hercule Poirot returns in another brilliant

murder mystery. Special offer: Purchase a copy of

Closed Casket and receive a FREE copy of Little

Grey Cells: The Quotable Poirot. *While stocks last.

Barbed Wire And

Cherry Blossoms

Anita Heiss

Paperback RRP $32.99

A story about a love that

transcends all boundaries,

from one of Australia's

best loved authors. 1944:

Japanese soldiers break out

of the POW compound near

Cowra. Hiroshi escapes and shelters at Erambie

Aboriginal mission. There, love blossoms with

Mary, but how long can Hiroshi be hidden safely

and their bond kept a secret?

Text is celebrating the publication of their 100th Text Classic,

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The 100th Classic

is a really wonderful

but long overlooked

novel, The Dyehouse

by Mena Calthorpe.

RRP $12.95

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Text Classics Postcards

Box Set: 100 collectible

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Chong’s iconic and original

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Australian Literature

Machines For


Mireille Juchau

Paperback RRP $29.95

September release,

advance orders welcome

The brilliant first novel of

Mireille Juchau, author of

the Miles Franklin–longlisted

The World Without Us.

In Machines for Feeling,

Mireille Juchau displays all the poise and sensitivity

that have brought her so much acclaim. This is a

mesmerising novel about alienation, friendship, and

the power of the imagination to endure.

The Fence

Meredith Jaffe

Paperback RRP $32.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Gwen Hill has lived on Green

Valley Avenue all her adult

life. When her best friend

and neighbour Babs dies,

Francesca Desmarchelliers’

and her brood from inner-city

Sydney move in next door. When Frankie proposes

a fence between their properties, through Gwen's

lovingly cultivated front garden, this as an act of war.

The Museum Of

Modern Love

Heather Rose

Paperback RRP $27.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

A mesmerising literary novel

about a lost man, New York

film composer, Arky Swann,

in search of connection - a

meditation on love, art and

commitment, set against the backdrop of one of

the greatest art events in modern history, Marina

Abramovic's The Artist is Present.


Kate Mildenhall

Paperback RRP $24.99

Kate and Harriet are best

friends, growing up on an

isolated Australian cape in

the 1880s. The two girls

share everything until one

moment in a fisherman’s

hut changes their lives

forever. Inspired by a true

story, Skylarking is a stunning debut novel about

friendship, love and loss.

Wild Island

Jennifer Livett

Paperback RRP $29.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

A dazzling, modern

recreation of a nineteenth

century novel that

ingeniously entwines Jane

Eyre's iconic love story with

Sir John Franklin's great tale

of exploration and empire. A brilliant and historically

accurate depiction of Van Diemen's Land society in

the 1800s, as well as a vivid portrayal of the human

cost of colonisation.

The Easy Way Out

Steven Amsterdam

Paperback RRP $29.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Evan is a nurse, a suicide

assistant. His job is legal

. . . just. In this powerful

novel, award-winning

author Steven Amsterdam

challenges readers to face

the most taboo and heartbreaking of dilemmas.

Would you help someone end their life?

Treading Air

Ariella Van Luyn

Paperback RRP $24.99

In 1920s Queensland,

Lizzie O’Dea wants to get

away from her dad and

the memories of her mum

that haunt her. She meets

attractive, war-scarred Joe

and sees her chance to

escape. But life with Joe

isn’t what she dreamt it would be. Treading Air is

the vivid tale of a young working-class rebel who

clashed with the expectations of her world.

The Windy Season

Sam Carmody

Paperback RRP $29.99

From an impressive new

voice in Australian literature,

a novel where safe harbour

seems always just out of

reach. A young fisherman

is missing from the crayfish

boats in West Australian.

There's no trace of Elliot and

younger brother Paul is the only one who seems to

be active in the search.

Lord Of The


Lian Hearn


RRP $29.99

The rightful emperor

is lost. Shikanoko is

condemned to live as an

outlaw in the Darkwood.

Only Shikanoko can

restore the preordained

ruler to the Lotus

Throne, and only one

person can bring him back from the Darkwood.

Against a background of wild forest, elegant castles

and savage battlefields, Lian

Hearn's Tale of Shikanoko series

draws to its thrilling conclusion.

Also available, the first instalment

in the Tale of Shikanoko series,

Emperor of the Eight



Rajith Savanadasa


RRP $27.99

A country picking up

the pieces, a family

among the ruins.

In the restless streets,

crowded waiting rooms

and glittering nightclubs

of Colombo, five family

members find their

bonds stretched to

breaking point in the aftermath of the Sri Lankan

civil war. A stunning debut novel from a fresh voice

in Australian fiction, for fans of Zadie Smith and

Rohinton Mistry.

Music And


Zoë Morrison


RRP $32.99

I have no use for

forgiveness, not

yet. But other ideas

like that, kindness,

for example, I think

that is fundamental.

Resurrection; I like

that too. And love, of

course, love, love, love.

A gripping and beautifully written love story of a

woman who must embrace life again if she is to

survive. Inspiring and compelling, it explores the

dark terrain of violence and the transformative

powers of music and love.

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Tell The Truth,

Shame The Devil

Melina Marchetta


RRP $32.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Tell the Truth, Shame

the Devil is an irresistible

novel about human

identity, lost children

and the nature of real

love. With a cast of unforgettable characters and

Melina Marchetta’s trademark social insight and

wry wit, it’s a cracking fusion of suspense and

heart-rending drama.

Part family saga, part crime fiction, and wholly

unputdownable, Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

is a novel not to be missed, from one of

Australia’s best-loved storytellers.

Thrilling Reads

Black Water

Louise Doughty

Paperback RRP $29.99

Moving between Europe

during the cold war, California

and the Civil Rights struggle,

and Indonesia during the

massacres of 1965 and

the decades of military

dictatorship that follow, Black

Water is an epic novel that

explores some of the darkest events of recent world

history through the story of one troubled man.


James Swallow

Paperback RRP $29.99

The most explosive

thriller you'll read all year.

Someone has betrayed

your country and murdered

your friends. You're the only

suspect. And the only one

who can stop them striking

again… A pulse-racing

terrorist thriller - perfect for fans of I Am Pilgrim,

Bourne, 24 and Homeland.

Blood Wedding

Pierre Lemaitre

Paperback RRP $29.99

A gripping standalone

psychological thriller about

marriage, manipulation and

murder by the internationally

bestselling author of Alex.

Sophie is haunted by things

she can't remember, and

visions from the past she’ll

never forget. Her only hiding place is in a new identity,

but Sophie is not the only one keeping secrets…

Razor Girl

Carl Hiaasen

Paperback RRP $32.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Key West is a small place,

but there are criminal

secrets buried everywhere…

The latest novel from comic

crime genius and New York

Times bestselling author,

Carl Hiaasen. Outrageously funny, fast-paced and

uniquely addictive, Razor Girl will keep you utterly

gripped until the final page.

The Black Widow

Daniel Silva

Paperback RRP $32.99

Gabriel Allon, art restorer,

spy, and assassin, is about

to become the chief of

Israel's secret intelligence

service. But on the eve

of his promotion, ISIS

detonates a massive bomb in

the Marais district of Paris,

and a desperate French government wants Gabriel

to eliminate the man responsible before he can

strike again.

44 Days

Michael Veitch

Paperback RRP $32.99

In March and April 1942,

RAAF 75 Squadron bravely

defended Port Moresby

for 44 days when Australia

truly stood alone against the

Japanese. This group of raw

young recruits scrambled

ceaselessly in their Kittyhawk

fighters to an extraordinary and heroic battle, the

story of which has been left largely untold until

now. Michael Veitch, actor, presenter and critically

acclaimed author, brings to life the incredible exploits

and tragic sacrifices of this courageous

squadron of Australian heroes.

History & Military

Les Parisiennes

Anne Sebba

Paperback RRP $32.99

How Parisian women

loved, lived and died in the

1940s - under Occupation

and then after Liberation,

exploring the aftershock of

the Second World War and

the choices demanded. Les

Parisiennes is a fascinating

account of the lives of people of the city and,

specifically, its women and young girls.


Mike Carlton

Hardback RRP $49.99

With his inimitable panache

and flawless research, awardwinning

Mike Carlton has

created another engrossing

exploration of a pivotal part

of Australian naval history.

The riveting Flagship tells the

story of the cruiser HMAS Australia II, the Pacific

War on Japan, and of Australia, encompassing the

era's fascinating naval and social history.

Denny Day

Terry Smyth

Paperback RRP $34.99

Australia was once a

dangerous and unforgiving

place where outlaws ruled

the roads and killers were

hailed as heroes. It was here,

in 1838, that one man’s

uncompromising sense of

justice changed history and

shocked the world. Captain Edward Denny Day was

Australia’s greatest lawman, yet few have

heard of him. This is his story.

Hamilton Hume

Robert Macklin

Paperback RRP $32.99

While English-born soldiers,

sailors and surveyors have

claimed pride of place

among the explorers of the

young New South Wales

colony, the real pathfinder

was a native-born Australian.

Hamilton Hume uncovers his

achievements and paints an intriguing and at times

shocking portrait of colonial life, by the author of the

bestselling SAS Sniper.

Convict Tattoos

Simon Barnard

Hardback RRP $39.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Convict Tattoos is an

utterly original work

of Australian history,

examining and illustrating

the tattoos of convict men and women. Each

convict's details, including their tattoos, were

recorded when they disembarked, providing an

extensive physical account. Simon Barnard has

meticulously combed through those records to

reveal a rich pictorial history.


The Independent Bookseller’s Spring Reading Guide

True Stories

No Man Is An


Adele Dumont

Paperback RRP $32.99

No Man Is An Island is

a unique personal story

that takes a humanitarian

stance on immigration

detention. It makes the issue

of immigration detention

accessible to far more

interested Australians than newspaper articles. It is

a vividly told story full of characters and humanity.

It is the story about immigration detention all

Australians need to read.

The May Beetles:

My First Twenty


Baba Schwartz

Hardback RRP $34.99

As a spirited girl in a

loving Jewish family, Baba

Schwartz lived a normal

life in Hungary. But then,

unspeakable horror. She

lost her father to the gas

chambers, yet she survived. Full of love amid

hatred, hope amid despair, The May Beetles is sure

to touch your heart.


Karen Middleton

Paperback RRP $34.99

The moving personal story

behind the very public

political face of Labor’s

Anthony Albanese, written

with his cooperation. This is

a moving story of a politician

who really believes. It is the

story not only of the tough

game of politics from an insider who lives it, but

also of family secrets and a mother’s sacrifices for

her son.

Two Sisters:

A True Story

Ngarta Jinny Bent, Jukuna

Mona Chuguna, Pat

Lowe, Eirlys Richards

Paperback RRP $24.99

The gripping true story of

young Walmajarri sisters,

Ngarta and Jukuna,

pursued by two brothers

on a murderous rampage during their exodus

from the Great Sandy Desert. Set in a period of

extraordinary change, this riveting tale includes an

autobiography written in one of the world’s oldest

living languages.

The Story Of

Beatrix Potter

Sarah Gristwood

Hardback RRP $35.00

September release,

advance orders welcome

Beatrix Potter was a

woman of contradictions.

A sheltered Victorian

daughter who grew into an astute modern

businesswoman, a pioneering conservationist, a

talented artist and famous author. Special features

throughout the book trace the creation of her

most famous characters - including naughty Peter

Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck and Squirrel Nutkin.


Cathy McLennan

Paperback RRP $32.95

A gripping memoir meets

crime, Saltwater tells the

compelling story of one

lawyer’s fight for justice

amongst the beauty and

violence of the tropical

paradise of Townsville. When

a major murder case lands

on the desk of young graduate Cathy McLennan,

she realises the truth is far more complex than she

first thought.

Hack In A Flak


Peter Stefanovic

Paperback RRP $29.99

A startlingly honest account

of war and terrorism from

the frontline by Peter

Stefanovic, one of Australia's

leading journalists and

foreign correspondents.

From flak jackets to tuxedos.

From funerals of world leaders and icons, to war

zones and natural disasters. A life lived on camera,

delivering the news wherever it happens, whatever

the risk.

All This In 60


Nicholas Lee

Paperback RRP $32.99

For more than thirty

years Nicholas Lee was a

cameraman on 60 Minutes,

Australia's most respected

and watched current affairs

program. Often hilarious

and revealing is this inside

story of life on the road in IRA, Idi Amin's torture

cells, refugee camps, war zones and into palaces

and mud huts. A compelling, funny and utterly

eye-opening read.

The Hate Race

Maxine Beneba Clarke


RRP $32.99

Suburban Australia.

Sweltering heat. Three

bedroom blonde-brick.

Family of five. Beat-up

Ford Falcon. Vegemite

on toast. Maxine Beneba

Clarke's life is just like all

the other Aussie kids on

her street. Except for this one, glaring, inescapably

obvious thing.

From one of Australia's most exciting writers, and

the author of the multi-award-winning Foreign Soil,

comes The Hate Race: a powerful,

funny, and at times devastating

memoir about growing up black in

white middle-class Australia.

Also available Carrying the World

a collection of the best of Maxine

Beneba Clarke’s poetry.

Brett Whiteley:

Art, Life And The

Other Thing

Ashleigh Wilson


RRP $49.99

The first authorised and

definitive biography of one

of Australia's most famous

and infamous artists,

this is a gloriously bright,

readable, and revelatory

work. When he died in 1992 Brett Whiteley left

behind decades of ceaseless activity—some

works bound to a particular place or time, others

that are masterpieces of light and line. Written

with unprecedented behind-the-scenes access,

and handsomely illustrated with classic Whiteley

artworks, rare notebook sketches and candid family

photos, this dazzling biography reveals for the first

time the full portrait of a mercurial artist.

Freeing Peter

Andrew Greste, Juris

Greste, Lois Greste,

Michael Greste & Peter



RRP $35.00

September release,

advance orders welcome

Immediately following

the arrest of journalist

Peter Greste, his family

went to work on the campaign to free him, with an

intensity that meant his plight was seldom out of

the headlines. The process was by no means plain

sailing, nor was there always agreement. In Freeing

Peter, the Grestes’ speak frankly about the daily

struggles they encountered.

Freeing Peter is an inspirational story about

fortitude, resilience, and a highly functional family

whose unity proved to be the saving of them.

This catalogue is printed on paper which is fully PEFC Certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification scheme), a program which promotes the sustainable management of forests.

In addition, the paper is Australian Made with 92% of the energy used coming from renewable sources providing an environmentally friendly paper with a low carbon footprint. The pulp was bleached

using totally Chlorine Free (TCF) process. This Catalogue is produced in accordance with the environment ISO 14001 Standard


a signed


A Child Of


Oliver Jeffers &

Sam Winston


RRP $27.99

September release,

advance orders


I am a Child of Books. I come from a world of

stories, And upon my imagination, I float.

In this inspiring, lyrical tale about the rewards of

reading and sharing stories, a little girl sails her

raft 'across a sea of words' to arrive at the house

of a small boy. There she invites him to come away

with her on an adventure. Elegant illustrations by

Oliver Jeffers are accompanied by Sam Winston’s

astonishing typographical landscapes, beautifully

shaped from excerpts of children’s classics. Age: 5+

Purchase a copy of A Child of Books for your

chance to WIN 1 of 3 signed prints. Go to

www.indies.com.au for details.

Lovely Picture Books


Chris Nixon &

Chris Owen

Hardback RRP $24.99

When visiting the zoo

whatever you do, DON’T


grumpy panda sets off a frenzy of wild partying:

There’s grunting and growling and prancing and

prowling, skipping and scowling and squealing and

yowling, squeaking and squawking, snarling and

snorting, hysterical howling and chaotic cavorting,

all because of one grumpy panda. Age: 3+


Danny Parker &

Matt Ottley (Illus)

Hardback RRP $24.99

Jacob is just one of millions

who won’t eat their crusts.

But he is one in a million

when it comes to bright

ideas. When tiny creatures

from a distant crumbling planet seek Jacob’s help,

he sets out to do what he can with his big box of

uneaten crusts. Age: 3+


Libby Walden

Hardback RRP $19.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Explore a world of emotions

with this stunning peepthrough

picture book.

Richard Jones’ enchanting

illustrations and the lyrical text make each and every

feeling come to life to help children understand the

emotions they experience. Each page focusses on a

new emotion, from happiness to sadness, jealousy

to embarrassment. Age: 5+

The Nose Pixies

David Hunt & Lucia

Masciullo (Illus)

Hardback RRP $24.99

Oliver has a bad habit.

A very bad habit. He just

can't keep his fingers out

of his nose, which is a big

problem for the tiny pixies who mine his 'nose gold'

to keep their cities running. This is a book with a

grossness that kids will love, and with a message

that parents will adore. Age: 4+


The Adventurous

Journey Of A

Mouse To The


Torben Kuhlmann

Hardback RRP $27.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

One small step for a mouse; one giant leap for

aviation! In Torben Kuhlmann's exquisitely illustrated

new book we meet Armstrong the mouse – a furry

aviator genius with eyes on the skies and passion

to go where no one has gone before. Includes nonfiction

history of human space travel. Ages 4+

Steve Goes To


Joshua Button &

Robyn Wells


RRP $24.95

Steve is a gorilla who

lives at a zoo in Rio. In

the evenings, he listens to jazz on the radio until

he lifts the latch of his cage door and decides to

join the carnival. A beautifully drawn, designed and

dreamt story for all ages. Age: 3+

Don't Call Me Bear

Hardback RRP $16.99

Pig The Pug


Hardback RRP $39.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Aaron Blabey

G’day my name is Warren, and

I’ve got something to share…

Just because I’m furry doesn’t

mean that I’m a bear. Warren

the Koala is many things—a marsupial, cute and

furry, a bit of a grump—but the one thing he’s not is

a bear! Also by Aaron Blabey and to be released in

September is the Pig the Pug Collection. Age: 3+

City block




RRP $21.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Cityblock explores city life

in an exciting and unique

way. Divided into three

sections—things that go, things to see, and things

to eat—it features 24 different aspects of city living.

Age: 3+

The Cat Wants


P Crumble


RRP $16.99

Meet Kevin, the

opinionated feline who is

full of cat-titude. Kevin

has a craving. He wants

custard, and he wants it NOW! Follow the hilarious

antics of a cat trying to get its human companion

to give him what he wants, including the extreme

length of using his own body to spell the word

CUSTARD! Will he succeed? Age: 4+



Chris Haughton


RRP $24.99

From the multi awardwinning

picture book

maker of A Bit Lost,

Oh No, George! and

Shh! We Have a Plan, comes the ultimate bedtime

book. With sublime, starry night time scenes and

an infectious yawny 'Good night' refrain, Chris

Haughton creates a lulling bedtime read, perfect for

parents and children to share together. Age: 0+

8 The Independent Bookseller’s Spring Reading Guide

For Kids of All Ages

Toad Delight

Morris Gleitzman

Paperback RRP $16.99

From Australia’s funniest

and best-loved children's

author comes a stirring

saga of bravery, sacrifice

and prime-time warts-andall

adventure. Limpy, our

favourite slightly-squashed

cane toad, star of Toad

Rage, Toad Heaven, Toad Away and Toad Surprise,

is back in another epic wart-tingling adventure for

upper primary school readers. Age: 8+

Weirdo, Book 7:

Mega Weird

Anh Do

Paperback RRP $14.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Life for Weir Do is MEGA

BUSY! He’s planning on

making MEGA bucks from

the Street Garage Sale, plus

he’s helping Bella write a winning song! And is that

a dusty dino bone in the corner? It won’t be easy...

but it will be funny! Age: 6+

The Super

Lettering Book

Samone Boss


RRP $19.99

September release, advance orders welcome

The Super Lettering Book is BURSTING with

themed alphabets, phrases and words to help you

create EPIC posters, signs, greeting cards and

school projects. Inside, super lettering artists share

their secret tips, teaching you how to draw the best

lettering styles, EVER. Age: 8+

The 78-Storey


Andy Griffiths &

Terry Denton

Paperback RRP $14.99

Join Andy and Terry in their

spectacular new 78-storey

treehouse. They've added

13 new levels including

a drive-thru car wash,

a combining machine,

a scribbletorium, an ALL-BALL sports stadium,

Andyland, Terrytown, a high-security potato chip

storage facility and an open-air movie

theatre. Well, what are you waiting for?

Come on up! Age: 7+

The Bone Sparrow

Zana Fraillon

Paperback RRP $19.99

Subhi's imagination is as

big as the ocean and wide

as the sky, but his world is

much smaller: he's spent his

whole life in an immigration

detention centre. The Bone

Sparrow is a powerful,

heartbreaking, sometimes

funny and ultimately uplifting hymn to freedom and

love. Age: 9+

Ella Diaries,

Book 8:

Worst Camp Ever!

Meredith Costain

Paperback RRP $12.99

Ella’s arrived at school camp

and she can’t wait for the

FUN to begin! But then she

discovers there are spooky

noises outside every night, hair-raising camp

activities to do, PLUS she has to share a cabin

with scheming Peach Parker. How will Ella manage

to avoid Peach’s pranks AND the petrifying Giant

Swing for a WHOLE week? This is going to be the

worst camp EVER! Age: 7+

Squishy Taylor In Zero Gravity

Paperback RRP $12.99

Squishy Taylor And The Tunnel

Of Doom

Paperback RRP $12.99

September release, advance orders welcome

Ailsa Wild & Ben Wood (Illus)




Squishy Taylor (real name Sita) is a cheeky 11-yearold

who lives in an apartment with her dad, stepmum,

twin step-sisters and half-brother, Baby.

The best thing about living in a huge apartment

building is that there’s weird stuff galore going

on! Whether it’s battling cranky Mr Hinkenbushel

next door, spying on Boring Lady in the building

opposite, or helping out her very own personal hero,

Squishy Taylor is all over it! Check out the next two

books in this blockbuster series! Age: 6+ Special

Offer: Purchase a copy of one of the Squishy

Taylor titles featured in the catalogue and

receive a FREE pencil topper. *While stocks last.

The Curiositree:

Natural World

AJ Wood, Mike Jolley

& Owen Davey

Atlas of Animal


Lucy Letherland, Rachel

Williams & Emily Hawkins

September release,

advance orders welcome


RRP $35.00 each

Natural World explores and explains why living

things look and behave the way they do in a series

of visually compelling information charts.

Atlas of Animal Adventures collects together

nature's most unmissable events from between the

two poles, including epic migrations, extraordinary

behaviours, and Herculean habits. Age: 5+

the Potion Diaries,

Book 2: Royal Tour

Book 1: the Potion


Amy Alward


RRP $16.99 each

September release, advance

orders welcome

Sam the budding alchemist will

accompany Princess Evelyn on a

world tour and keep her safe with

a power-binding potion. Sam also

needs to unlock her grandad's

memories to save him and the family business. His

stolen memories contain the recipe to a potion which

many would kill to get hold of. The Potion Diaries,

Book 1 in the series is available now. Age: 7+

Pixel Raiders,

Book 2:

Dragon Land


Paperback RRP $12.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Welcome to Level 2:

Dragon Land—a game

of quests, magic and epic dragon battles... Rip

and Mei escaped Level 1, but they’re still trapped

inside the virtual reality game and it’s only getting

harder to stay alive! Also available, Pixel Raiders

Book 1: Dig World. Age: 8+

Ada Twist,


Andrea Beatty

Hardback RRP $24.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Determined Ada Twist, with

her boundless curiosity for

science and love of the

question “Why?,” is destined to join her classmates

Iggy and Rosie. Ada embarks on fact-finding

missions and conducts scientific experiments, all

in the name of discovery. When her house fills with

a horrific, toe-curling smell, Ada knows it’s up to

her to find the source. Also available Iggy Peck,

Architect and Rosie

Revere, Engineer.

Age: 5+

Age guides are approximate. Ask for more personalised advice in-store.



Under Water

Sophie Hardcastle


RRP $19.99

An evocative and

emotionally powerful

debut novel of life,

death and learning to

breathe in between.

Ben and Grace Walker

are twins. Always

close, they hung out

more than most brothers and sisters, surfing

together for hours as the sun melted into the sea.

Then, one day, the unthinkable. The sun sets at

noon and suddenly everything that was safe and

predictable is lost. And everything unravels.

Age: 15+

Words In Deep


Cath Crowley

Paperback RRP $18.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Henry Jones and Rachel

Sweetie were best friends

once, before Rachel moved

to the sea. Now, she's back

and working at the Howling

Books bookstore, grieving for her brother Cal. She's

looking for the future in the books people love, and

the words that they leave behind. Age: 14+

The Boundless


Lili Wilkinson

Paperback RRP $19.99

Ruby Jane Galbraith is

an ordinary girl seeking

peace in the wake of family

tragedy. Her search leads

her into a community that

seems guided by love. And

it's only after she's drawn

into its web that she learns its sinister secrets.

A gripping YA novel about an ordinary girl who is

seduced into a modern-day cult. Age: 14+

Teen & YA

The Diary

Of William



Jackie French

Paperback RRP $16.99

The world knows the name

of William Shakespeare.

This book reveals the man -

lover, son and poet.

Based on new documentary

evidence, as well as textual examination of his

plays, this fascinating book gives a tantalising

glimpse at what might have been: the other hands

that helped craft those plays, the secrets that must

ever be hidden but - just possibly - may now be told.

Age: 12+

The Book That

Made Me


Paperback RRP $19.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

A collection of 32 personal

stories. The Book That

Made Me is a celebration of

the books that influenced

some of the most acclaimed

authors from Australia and the world. Inspirational.

Affecting. A book for book lovers! Age: 12+

The Road To


Mark Smith

Paperback RRP $19.99

Twenty years ago, John

Marsden's Tomorrow series

captivated a generation

of readers. Now, Mark

Smith's The Road to Winter

tells a thrilling, primal,

twenty-first century story of

courage in the Australian wilderness. Announcing

an extraordinary new talent, The Road to Winter

is an unforgettable novel about survival, honour,

friendship and love. Age: 14+

Cook Up


Hetty McKinnon


RRP $39.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

After uprooting her

beloved Arthur Street

Kitchen from Sydney’s

Surry Hills and relocating

to Brooklyn, NYC, Hetty

McKinnon is back, with a second cookbook that is

equally sure to delight and inspire. Neighbourhood

takes its cues from Community and ventures a

little bit further. These salad and sweets recipes

are inspired by many different places, journeying

from Brooklyn to the greater Americas, the

Mediterranean, Asia, France, Australia and many

other places around the world for inspiration.

The Forest Feast


Erin Gleeson

Hardback RRP $49.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Lushly illustrated with

hundreds of watercolor

drawings and photographs,

The Forest Feast

Gatherings is the perfect

companion to the original and an inspiring reference

for anyone who wants to share good food with good

friends in Erin Gleeson’s irresistible style.


Jean-François Mallet

Hardback RRP $39.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Learn to cook classic

French cuisine the

easy way with this

French bestseller from

professionally trained chef

Jean-François Mallet. Each of the 160 recipes

in this book is made up of only 2-6 ingredients,

and can be made in a short amount of time. It's

no surprise that this book has been selling a copy

every ten seconds in France.

Demon Road,

Book 3: American


Derek Landy

Paperback RRP $19.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Bigger, meaner, stronger,

Amber closes in on her

murderous parents as they

make one last desperate

play for power. Her own last hopes of salvation,

however, rest beyond vengeance, beyond the

abominable killers – living and dead – that she and

Milo will have to face. This is the epic conclusion to

the mind-blowing Demon Road series. Age: 14+

The Seven Signs,

Book 1: Skyfire

Michael Adams

Paperback RRP $7.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

The seven winners of the

inaugural DARE Awards are

thrust together on a lifechanging

journey, to cross

seven continents in seven

days. But on the eve of their adventure, they receive

The First Sign. Soon, all seven are battling an epic

countdown to destruction. Can they stand together

and solve The Seven Signs before their time is up?

Age: 10+

Nordic Light

Simon Bajada

Hardback RRP $49.99

In this new Nordic style,

vegetables and their

method of preparation

are paramount - though,

of course, meat does still

feature - and recipes are

more about light, clever,

clean, simple, modern and delicious food. Simon's

stunning photography and styling is a standout

feature, with landscape shots featuring the seasons.

10 The Independent Bookseller’s Spring Reading Guide

a Feast


Linda Malcolm

Softcover RRP $39.99

Full of cafe and deli

favourites, Alimentari

recipes are perfect for

sharing and entertaining

with friends and family.

It’s where Mediterranean

meets Middle Eastern,

and where delicious, wholesome ingredients and

accessible techniques combine to create the perfect

book for home cooking. Think incredible salads,

beautiful breakfasts and dinners for entertaining.



John Brockman

Paperback RRP $24.99

Science’s understanding

of life is progressing more

rapidly than at any point

in human history. Ranging

from the origin of life to

the surprising science of

superorganisms, from the

promise of biotechnology

to the rising threat of lethal viruses, Life, edited by

John Brockman and Edge.org (“the world’s smartest

website” —The Guardian), presents original ideas

from the horizons of biology, genetics, evolutionary

theory, and beyond.

The Hidden Life

Of Trees

Peter Wohlleben


RRP $29.99

September release,

advance orders


In this international

bestseller forester

and author Peter

Wohlleben draws on

groundbreaking scientific discoveries to reveal the

ways in which trees are like human families and

communities: tree parents nurture their children,

communicate with them, support them as they

grow, share nutrients with the sick, and even warn

each other of impending dangers.

With their newfound understanding of the complex

life of trees, readers will never be able to look at a

walk in the woods the same way again.

The Field Guide

to Australian


Ewan McEoin

Hardback RRP $60.00

September release,

advance orders welcome

Thoroughly researched and

beautifully designed, The

Field Guide to Australian

Produce showcases the most progressive and

respected producers at the heart of Australia’s

vibrant food industry. This guide will tell the stories

of the people growing and producing the most

interesting and unique food products with integrity

and sustainability in mind.

Skeleton School:

Dissecting The

Gift Of Body


Andrew McMillen

Paperback RRP $29.95

September release,

advance orders welcome

Would you donate your body

to science? Award-winning

journalist Andrew McMillen

gains unprecedented access into one of Australia’s

leading medical schools and follows medical

students as they dissect their fellow humans

to learn anatomy. His investigation challenges

readers to think again about death and about the

remarkable gift of body donation.

Atlas of



Travis Elborough

Hardback RRP $39.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

A journey into the world's lost

cities, remote corners and

extraordinary environments.

Accompanied by stunning, unique illustrations, this

is the world and its obscurities, displayed like never

before. From deserted cities and strange settlements

to remote islands and underground labyrinths, An

Atlas of Improbable Places uncovers our planet's

most unique, intriguing and often unknown places.

The Palomar


The Palomar

Hardback RRP $39.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

The debut cookbook from

award-winning restaurant

The Palomar brings

together more than 100

delicious recipes influenced by the rich cultures

of Southern Spain, North Africa and the Levant.

The Palomar Cookbook is your guide to recreating

the intense and evocative flavours of an exotic

elsewhere in your own kitchen.

The Memory Code

Lynne Kelly

Paperback RRP $32.99

Lynne Kelly has discovered

that a powerful memory

technique used by the

ancients can unlock the

secrets of the Neolithic

stone circles of Britain and

Europe, the ancient Pueblo

buildings in New Mexico

and other prehistoric stone monuments across the

world. We can still use the memory code today to

train our own memories.

A Brief History

Of Everyone Who

Ever Lived

Adam Rutherford

Paperback RRP $32.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

In this captivating journey

through the expanding

landscape of genetics, Adam

Rutherford reveals what our

genes now tell us about history, and what history

tells us about our genes. This is a demystifying and

illuminating new portrait of who we are and how we

came to be.

Milk Made

Nick Haddow

Hardback RRP $55.00

Milk. Made. is an elegant

and comprehensive tour of

the art of cheese-making

and eating - from selecting

cultures, to the practises

of production that cross

continents and right

through to the best recipes to enjoy them. Includes

60 recipes such as croque monsieur, beetroot and

feta tart, sour cream scones, and many more.

A Brain For Life

Nicola Gates, PHD

Paperback RRP $29.99

Neuropsychologist Nicola

Gates draws on cuttingedge

research to explain

the amazing roles our health

and fitness, as well as

mental activity, play in brain

health. By making simple

lifestyle changes we can

keep our brains strong as we age and reduce our

risk of dementia.

Forces Of Nature

Brian Cox & Andrew


Hardback RRP $39.99

‘What is motion?’ ‘Why is

every snowflake different?’

‘Why is life symmetrical?’

Professor Brian Cox

uncovers some of the most

extraordinary natural events on Earth and in the

Universe and beyond. A breathtaking and beautiful

exploration of our planet, this groundbreaking book

accompanies the new BBC One TV series, providing

the deepest answers to the simplest questions.

Gifts, Reviews, Specials







Richard Aitken


RRP $49.99

September release,

advance orders welcome

Waratah or wattle? Chrysanthemum or rose?

Planting Dreams celebrates the artistry and

imagination that have shaped Australian gardens.

Respected garden historian Richard Aitken explores

the environmental and social influences that have

helped produce our unique gardening culture – from

Indigenous land management and the earliest

European garden at Farm Cove, to the potted plants

and besser-block screens of modernist design and

beyond. Showcasing a stunning and intriguing mix of

paintings, sketches, photographs and prints.

The Chaser'S


The Chaser

Paperback RRP $24.99

You’ll never look at this country

the same way after you’re done

with The Chaser’s Australia.

As densely filled with jokes as

Australia is with flies, this is a

book with bite, deftly skewering every element of

Australian life, whether it’s our increasingly mediocre

politicians, scandal-prone sports stars or our

unparalleled drinking culture. Nothing is sacred —

not even the nation’s love of chicken salt.

Gifts & more

Bruce Postle:

At The Track

Bruce Postle:


Bruce Postle

Softcovers RRP $29.99 each

Entertainers presents around 150

of Bruce Postle’s greatest images

capturing the local and international

acts that have lit up Australian

showbiz for half a century. At the

Track showcases 155 images from

events at racetracks across the

country, displaying all the colour and

character of horseracing in Australia. Special Offer:

Purchase a copy of Bruce Postle: Entertainers

and receive a FREE Hallmark Card. *While stocks last.

The Bee Friendly


Doug Purdie

Paperback RRP $39.99

September release, advance

orders welcome

Bees are our most important

pollinators and they are in decline

the world over. They love to live

in urban environments but conventional gardens are

scaring the good bugs away. The Bee Friendly Garden is

a guide for all gardeners great and small to encouraging

bees and other good bugs to your green space.

Halliday Wine

Companion 2017

James Halliday

Paperback RRP $39.99

Completely revised to bring you

up-to-the-minute information.

In his inimitable style, Halliday

shares his extensive knowledge

of wine through detailed tasting

notes, each with vintage-specific ratings and advice

on optimal drinking as well as each wine’s closure,

alcohol content and price.

The Best Things In

Life Are Free

Lonely Planet

Hardback RRP $29.99

Lonely Planet’s The Best

Things in Life are Free

is packed full of moneysaving

tips, tricks and

recommendations for the

best-value sights and experiences around the world.

Featuring over 60 major cities it promises to help any

traveller on a budget make the most of their trip.

Recent Indie Bestsellers

Fiction Non-Fiction Children’s & YA

1 The Dry by Jane Harper

2 The Last Painting of Sara De Vos by Dominic Smith

3 All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

4 Barkskins by Annie Proulx

5 The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

6 My Brilliant Friend: Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante

7 The Course of Love by Alain de Botton

8 LaRose by Louise Erdrich

9 The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood

10 A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Source: Nielsen BookScan

1 Notes on an Exodus by Richard Flanagan

2 Everywhere I Look by Helen Garner

3 Dying: A Memoir by Cory Taylor

4 The Memory Code by Lynne Kelly

5 The Road to Ruin by Niki Savva

6 Talking to My Country by Stan Grant

7 Penguin Bloom by Cameron Bloom & Bradley Trevor Greive

8 The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet by Michael Mosley

9 The Shepherd's Life by James Rebanks

10 The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare by Giles Milton

1 The World's Worst Children by David Walliams

2 Charlie and the War Against the Grannies by Alan Brough

3 Super Good Skills (Almost): Tom Gates, Book 10

by Liz Pichon

4 Kicking Goals with Goodesy and Magic by Anita Heiss

& Adam Goodes & Michale O'Loughlin

5 The BFG (Film Tie-in) by Roald Dahl

6 The Treehouse Fun Book by Jill Griffiths & Andy Griffiths

& Terry Denton

7 The Hidden Oracle: The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan

8 Clementine Rose and the Paris Puzzle by Jacqueline Harvey

9 The Bad Guys Episode 1 by Aaron Blabey

10 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J. K. Rowling

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