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Lake Forest Academy prepares students for worldwide college experience

Lake Forest Academy

students have an openminded

nature; combined

with the school’s culture of

participation and vibrant

boarding environment,

students embrace the opportunity

to meet new

challenges, and develop

the confidence to stretch

beyond comfort zones.

The 113 members of the

class of 2016 are headed

to 77 different colleges

and universities across the

U.S., Canada, China and


Top college destination

states for these LFA graduates

include New York,

Massachusetts, California,

Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania,

Michigan and Tennessee.

Three students will take

a gap year to play junior

hockey; all three applied

to and received college acceptances.

Fourteen more

students will continue their

athletic careers at Division

I and Division III schools

in nine different sports.

“My college process

was great because I was

able to have a personal

relationship with my counselor,

who got to know me

and therefore was able to

help me with narrowing

down my college options

because she understood

what I was looking for in

a school,” alumna Nadia

Basave, class of ’16, said.

Fall 2016 will find

Caxy 2016 alumni at:

• American University

• Amherst College

• Augustana College

• Babson College (2)

• Ball State University

• Barnard College (2)

• Bates College

• Bentley University

• Boston College

• Boston University (4)

• Bradley University

• Brandeis University

• Bucknell University (2)

• Butler University

• Carleton College

• Case Western Reserve

University (3)

• Chapman University

• The Chinese University

of Hong Kong

• Colgate University

• Colorado College

• Dartmouth College

• Elon University

• Emory University (2)

• Fashion Institute of Design

and Merchandising

• Franklin University,


• George Washington

• Georgetown University

• Hobart William Smith

• Johns Hopkins

• Kenyon College

• Lake Forest College

• Lehigh University

• Loyola University

• Lynn University

• Marquette University

• McGill University

• Michigan Technological

• Middlebury College

• Montana State

• Muhlenberg College

• The New School – All


• New York University (4)

• Northwestern (2)

• Olivet Nazarene

• Penn State (2)

• Pepperdine University

• Point Park University

• Princeton University

• Purdue University (3)


• Rhodes College (2)


• Rose-Hulman Institute

of Technology

• School of Art Institute

• St. Olaf College (3)

• Santa Clara University

• Sewanee: The University

of the South

• Stanford University (2)

• Stevens Institute of


• Swarthmore College

• Trinity College

• Tulane University (2)

• University at Buffalo

• University of Cal-Davis

• University of Colorado

• University of Illinois (3)

• University of Michigan


• University of New Mexico

• University of Pennsylvania

• University of Richmond

• University of Southern

California (3)

• Vanderbilt (3)

• Vassar College

• Washington University

in Saint Louis (2)

• Williams College

• Worcester Polytechnic


• Yale University

Submitted by Lake Forest

Academy, 1500 West Kennedy

Road, Lake Forest. For

more information, call (847)

615-3210 or visit www.lfanet.



A Leader in Me School

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Visit Our Twice Award-Winning School

Full & Half Day, Pre-K 3 & 4, Full Day K-8

Open House

November 2, 2016 at 9:30am and 7:00pm

January 29, 2017 - 11:30am -1:30pm

February 1, 2017 - Tour anytime and 6:30pm Student Talent Show

March 14, 2017 - Tour anytime and 6:00pm Junior High Science Fair

May 17, 2017 Tour Day and 7:00pm Junior High Play

Call Holy Cross School for a private tour at 847- 945-0135


Every child deserves a moment in the spotlight

Highland Park Community

Nursery School & Day Care Center

• 2, 3 & 4 Year Olds Pre-School Programs

• Full Time Child Care Program

• Preschool For All

• Before- and After-Kindergarten Care

• Before School Care

Spend just five minutes

at Starland and you

will know why children

call it their second home.

Through its performing

and creative arts programs,

and academic enrichment,

Starland encourages

laughter, creativity,

teamwork and friendship

in a safe and nurturing

environment. Starland is

dedicated to providing innovative

and professional

programs where each individual

child can explore,

create and shine.

Starland works with

students from 6 months

through high school to

guide them through the

activities they love using

imagination and self-discovery.

The staff provides

meaningful artistic experiences

that will enrich and

enhance the lives of its

students, while creating

memories to last a lifetime.

Starland offers a variety

of programs for kids

to explore their talents

and passions including:

theater and dance programs,

mommy and me

classes, instrumental music,

STEM, fashion, yoga,

Please see spotlight, 4

Register today.

Call 847-432-3301


1850 Green Bay Road,

Highland Park

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North Shore School of Dance offers individualized and professional training

At the North Shore

School of Dance, the passion

for dance is fostered

in a positive and nurturing


It is the school’s belief

that everyone should have

the opportunity to dance

and be recognized individually.

Students can feel

safe and be themselves, allowing

them to reach their

fullest potential.

North Shore School of

Dance has an unparalleled

reputation for providing

the finest teachers on the

North Shore for more 25

years, and continues the

lineage of high integrity

and professionalism that

spans more than 40 years.

The highest caliber of instruction

is provided by

renowned faculty members

who are dedicated to

inspiring and each dancer.

With more than 120

classes per week, there

are levels of training for

preschool through adults.

These classes are offered

in both traditional and contemporary

styles of dance

including ballet, pointe,

modern and contemporary,

jazz, tap, lyrical, hip-hop,

pre-dance, boys and adult

classes. In addition, North

Shore School of Dance

offers a full summer of

camps and programs, master

classes and workshops.

In the student division

for first grade through

teens, North Shore School

of Dance provides skill

development and performance

opportunities for

the dedicated, recreational

or pre-professional dancer.

Each dancer is guided

by experienced and

knowledgeable faculty

and directors to create a

proper schedule of classes

and planning for the future

near and far. Dancers

gain technical ability and

performance experience,

which promotes a higher

self-esteem and confidence

within themselves.

For ages 3-6, pre-dance

classes incorporate movement,

dance steps and creative

expression in a fun

and caring atmosphere.

Fantasy and imagery is

often their inspiration to

improve and practice what

they have learned. Youngest

dancers perform with

North Shore Ballet Theatre

for a presentation of “The

Little Mermaid”, “Alice in

Wonderland” and other entertaining


Noncompetitive concert

dance performance opportunities

meet professional

standards of artistic development,

performance values

and production qualities

at North Shore School

of Dance. Since 1989, the

school has presented the

annual production of “The

Nutcracker” and the most

popular Sugar Plum Tea


In addition, the North

Shore Dance Company,

North Shore Repertory

Dance Ensemble and

North Shore Ballet Theatre

are wonderful opportunities

for the dancers to

grow with.

North Shore School of

Dance is known for excellent

traditional and

contemporary training for

more than 25 years, and

has continued the legacy of

training outstanding dancers

from our communities

for 45 years. Generations

of families have danced

with or trained at North

Shore School of Dance,

and now many alumni

bring their children.

North Shore School of

Dance is not only a dance

school, but is also known

as a home-away-fromhome.

Submitted by North Shore

School of Dance, 505 Laurel

Ave., Highland Park. For

more information, call (847)

432-2060 or visit www.northshoredance.com.

lake forest academy

Midwestern Heart. Global Mind.

Fall Open House

Sun., Oct. 23, 1 - 3:30 p.m.

All the opportunities to participate in our

vibrant boarding environment offer both

day and boarding students a lifelong passport

to new challenges, building character

that is uniquely transformed by combining

a global outlook with Midwestern values.

Learn more:


1500 West Kennedy 1500 West Road Kennedy | Road Lake | Lake Forest, IL 60045 | 847-615-3267 | | www.lfanet.org 3267 | www.lfanet.org

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From Page 2

fencing and art. Starland’s academic

enrichment programs for pre-K

and Kindergarten students take

them on a journey of learning and

discovery. For convenience, Starland

provides transportation to or

from many schools.

The staff has a way of knowing

what a child is naturally good

at and uses that talent to make the

child feel like a star. Imagine your

child’s excitement as they describe

their exhilarating day at Starland of

exploring and discovering their full


“The teachers are really nice. I

don’t think I could find any teacher

better than the Starland teachers,”

said Jordyn, eight-year-old Starland

student. “I feel happy that I get

to be in a wonderful place that will

take care of me, teach me things

and let me have so much fun.”

Starland believes that a child’s

participation in any program should

be an enjoyable experience that instills

lifelong skills such as confidence,

responsibility, social skills,

resilience, teamwork and respect.

They give its students the chance to

express feelings and ideas through

creative outlets, helping them gain

self-awareness and increase selfesteem.

Most importantly, Starland

strives to ensure that children have

fun, learn and feel proud and happy

at the end of each session.

Research shows that children involved

in the performing arts are

more likely to be recognized for

academic achievement, and tend

to have enhanced cognitive, motor

and social development.

Starland encourages students to

dream, challenges them to develop

determination and perseverance

and gives them the confidence they

will carry with them through life.

Starland celebrated its 10th anniversary

this year, and they look

forward to another decade of enriching

the lives of its students

and families. Starland is a magical

place where every child is a star.

Submitted by Starland, 445 Pine St.,

Deerfield. For more information call

(847) 914-9100 or visit www.starlandkids.com.

Woodlands Academy empowers high school

girls through experiential learning

Located in Lake Forest,

Woodlands Academy of the

Sacred Heart was ranked the

No. 1 Catholic and all-girls

private school in Illinois in the

2016 Niche rankings.

Woodlands Academy is a

Catholic day and boarding college

preparatory high school

for young women of all faiths

in grades nine through 12 that

promotes academic, artistic

and athletic excellence along

with global awareness, social

responsibility and strong faith.

Since its founding in 1858,

Woodlands Academy has

championed the advantages of

an all-girls education, which

yields lifetime rewards.

Among them is the 100 percent

college acceptance rate

for each graduating class and

admission to a consistently exceptional

list of higher education


At Woodlands, girls are always

at center stage and have

leadership opportunities as

athletes, artists, speakers and


A growing body of research

during the past decade has documented

what all-girls’ school

educators have long understood:

All-girls schools give

young women the best education

to succeed in college and

the world beyond. Among other

things, this research shows

that all-girls schools lead the

way in graduating women who

become our nation’s scientists,

doctors, engineers, designers

and inventors. In addition,

girls school graduates are more

likely to consider majoring in

math, science and technology,

and to consider engineering

careers and to pursue graduate

degrees compared to girls who

attend co-ed schools.

Woodlands Academy, with

its long tradition of welcoming

young women from all over

the world as students, is part

of a worldwide network of Sacred

Heart schools that spans

the United States and 41 other


An active exchange program

gives Woodlands Academy

students the opportunity to experience

school life for up to

one quarter at one of the other

Sacred Heart schools abroad.

Woodlands Academy is committed

to having a socioeconomically

diverse student population

by offering financial

aid to qualified students who

show evidence of need.

Submitted by Woodlands Academy

of the Sacred Heart, 760 E.

Westleigh Road, Lake Forest.

For more information, call (847)

234-4300 or visit www.woodlandsacademy.org

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Lake Forest Country Day School

places emphasis on rigorous learning

Lake Forest Country

Day School delivers a diverse

and rich educational

experience grounded in

academics, arts, and athletics

to 2-year-olds through

eighth- grade students.

Lake Forest Country Day

places an emphasis on rigorous

academic and social

emotional learning as the

centerpiece of student education.

“Focusing on social -

emotional learning doesn’t

come at the expense of

academics. In actuality,

it serves to dramatically

amplify a child’s success

as a student,” said Head of

School Bob Whelan.

Whelan notes that scores

for students with socialemotional

instruction are

11 percent higher than

those of students without

this training.

In 2015, to address

these compelling statistics,

Lake Forest Country

Day launched a highly

successful fall Special

Speaker Series, which focused

on social emotional

learning at school and at

home. This year Lake Forest

Country Day welcomes

award- winning psychologist

and parenting expert

Dr. David Walsh at 10 a.m.

Thursday, Sept. 22, in the

school’s Green Bay Atrium.

Walsh will speak on

“Understanding Grit: Why

Kids Need It and How We

Can Help Them Get It.”

The second installment

of the series takes place at

10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 27

as New York Times parenting

columnist Jessica

Lahey will discuss “The

Gift of Failure.”

The talks and question

and answer sessions are

free and open to the public.

Submitted by Lake Forest

Country Day School, 145 S.

Green Bay Road, Lake Forest.

For more information,

call (847) 234 2350 or visit


Legacy of success for young

men at St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy

For more than 130 years,

St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy has

been developing the minds

and shaping the character

of young men from around

the country and around

the world, many of whom

have gone to lead lives of

great distinction.

With its unique blend of

challenging, but personalized

academics, required

participation in athletics

and a military-style environment

that builds strong

values, a competitive spirit

and the confidence to face

any challenge, St. John’s

Northwestern has produced

heads of state, entrepreneurs,


artists and well-rounded

and well-grounded young

men who became leaders

in countless other disciplines.

Nestled in the scenic

lake country region of

southeastern Wisconsin,

St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy is a

private boarding and day

school for young men in

grade 7 through post graduate.

At every level, the

school provides the structure,

discipline and focus

that many young men need

to reach their full potential,

and small classes and

dedicated faculty that ensure

they receive the very

best formative educational


Submitted by St. John’s

Northwestern Military

Academy, 1101 Genesee

Street, Delafield, Wis. For

more information, call (800)

752-2338, or visit www.


Each student’s

path is different.

So is our teaching approach.

What could a one-to-one classroom do for your student?

Fusion Lake Forest



Fusion Evanston

Coming Soon

Fusion is a revolutionary place where positive, constructive relationships unlock academic potential. We’re a private school providing an

individualized education for kids from grades 6-12. But we’re so much more than that. We’re a community of learning dedicated to creating

a supportive campus environment where every kid can flourish – emotionally, socially and academically.

Fusion is revolutionizing school…one student at a time.

6 | August 11, 2016 | 22nd century media Private School Guide


Starland is a performing and creative arts community for kids

to explore their talents and passion. We are dedicated to

providing innovative programs, including academic

enrichment, in a safe and nurturing environment to

empower each individual child to explore, create and shine!

New families receive

off their

first class.


(Must mention Private School Guide)

Academic Enrichment

Visit www.starlandkids.com

or call Starland for more information at 847-914-9100.

445 Pine Street, Deerfield, IL 60015

★ Academic Enrichment:

★ Pre-K: Kindergarten Prep

★ Kindergarten Adventures

★ STEM & Exploration Classes

Classes ★ Lessons

★ Dance and Theatre Programs

★ Mommy and Me Classes

★ Piano and Guitar Lessons

Summer Camps

★ Starbound Day Camp

★ Specialty Camps for

Photography, Dance,

Fashion and Theatre

Starland offers shuttle service to or from schools in

many nearby communities for added convenience.

Montessori School of

Lake Forest celebrates

50 years of learning

This August, the children of Montessori

School of Lake Forest will walk through

the doors with the same hope and promise

their predecessors — the first Montessori

School of Lake Forest students – did 50

years ago.

The school opened its doors in September

1966 with five preschool-aged children.

Today, Montessori School of Lake

Forest serves nearly 200 children – from

infants in the parent/infant program to

ninth-year adolescents at the Blue House

campus, getting ready for high school.

This year Montessori School of Lake Forest

will recognize the many accomplishments

of these past 50 years, and celebrate

its connection to the community with the

Kindness Campaign.

Montessori School of Lake Forest invites

you to visit the school to learn more,

welcoming you to attend the fall admissions

open house 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Oct. 15

at the Laurel Drive Campus.

As one of the premier Montessori

schools in the nation and with a longstanding

history of 50 years in the Lake

Forest community, the Montessori School

of Lake Forest offers well-rounded learning

programs for children ages birth to 15

years. Program options range from halfday

to full-day and year-round academic

offerings. The student body is very diverse

with students coming from at least

eight different countries and more 30

communities in the Chicago area.

Why Montessori School of Lake Forest?

Montessori School of Lake Forest’s approach

emphasizes the development of

the whole child and encourages academic

and character development equally.

Curricula at each developmental level

are broad and deep. Standards exceed the

Illinois State Board of Education’s requirements,

and students thrive at every

level. Montessori School of Lake Forest

alumni go on to succeed at renowned high

schools, universities, post-graduate institutions

and workplaces.

At Montessori School of Lake Forest,

children feel connected to a caring community

in which their individual developmental

needs are satisfied. Here, children

learn at their own pace, free from the time

pressures of a fast-paced society. Presented

with opportunities to fulfill their greatest

potential in thoughtfully prepared,

hands-on learning environments, our students

gain independence, self-esteem, and

respect for others.

Montessori School of Lake Forest


• Parent-Infant: 0-15 months with caregiver,


• Toddler: 15 months to 3 years

• Primary: 3-6 years

• Lower Elementary: 6-9 years

• Upper Elementary: 9-12 years

• Middle School: 12 -15 years

Full day and full year options are available

7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday.

• Experienced, AMI & AMS-trained

Montessori teachers

• Recognized by ISBE

• Registered with DCFS

• 50 years of excellence

• Five-and-a-half acres of prairie at Laurel

Drive Campus afford various opportunities

for outdoor education

• Highly academic farm-based middle


• Year-round educational programming

• Full day options from ages 2-12

At MSLF, children work with their

hands to create, build and solve. They develop

the foundation to be critical thinkers,

strong leaders, independent workers,

peacemakers and future creators of


Submitted by Montessori School of Lake

Forest, 13700 W. Laurel Drive, Lake Forest.

For more information, call (847) 918-1000 or

visit www.mslf.org

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Woodlands Academy ranked the number one Catholic High School in Illinois in a 2016 Niche

ranking. Why? We offer more than a typical high school experience, as part of the International

Network of Sacred Heart Schools spanning 41 countries, we educate girls with heart and purpose.

Our students excel academically, grow spiritually, think globally, and act with social responsibility.

Make a better choice for your daughter at Woodlands Academy.


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Fusion Academy offers unique learning experience

Fusion Academy is a revolutionary

private middle and high

school where positive relationships

unlock academic potential.

Fusion is a non-traditional

community of learning with

the smallest class size possible:

one student and one teacher per


This allows Fusion to personalize

and customize curriculum

for each student’s unique

strengths, interests and learning

style. The school is also able to

personalize scheduling, as students

may enroll at any time

(even during the summer) and

take classes at a time of day that

works best for them.

Fusion’s supportive staff and

campus environment provide a

safe space for students to flourish

emotionally, socially and

academically. It includes a stateof-the-art

recording studio and

a mixed-media art studio for

students to express their creativity.

The Homework Café is

where students complete all their

homework before they leave for

the day with help and supervision

from a teacher.

Classes are offered at three

levels: essential, college prep

and honors. From algebra to

yoga and everything in between,

Fusion has a wide variety of

classes to choose from.

Students can enroll full time,

take classes for credit or utilize our

tutoring services. In addition to

academics, they partner with outside

therapeutic professionals to

support students’ emotional health

and help foster a balanced life.

Fusion generally serves students

with the following backgrounds:

ADHD, accelerated/

gifted learners, dyslexia, mild

learning differences, social challenges,

school anxiety or students

with challenging schedules.

Students who attend Fusion

have one thing in common: traditional

school isn’t working.

Fusion has more than 34

Our traditions

campuses across the


country us together.

California, Connecticut, Illinois,

New Jersey, New York, Texas,

Virginia and Washington D.C.

Fusion’s Lake Forest campus is

now open, and there are plans to

open another campus in Evanston.

“I’m so grateful for Fusion

and what it’s done for my son,”

Thevie, a parent at the Dallas

campus, said. “He suffers from

anxiety and some learning differences

... [The staff has] done

an amazing job of getting to

know him and teaching him in a

way that engages him. The entire

staff welcomes him and he finally

feels like he fits in. He loves

the one on one with the teachers

and is able to learn at his pace.

Fusion has saved his life and

brought happiness back into his

school world.”

Submitted by Fusion Academy,

840 S. Waukegan Road #224, Lake

Forest. For more information, call

(847) 295-4039 or visit www.fusionlakeforest.com.

Come explore the possibilities waiting for you at Regina Dominican!

Get ready to thrive.

Visit Day

October 8, 2016

Register by October 3, 2016


Boarding and Day School

La Porte, Indiana

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It's exciting when

Math Makes Sense!

At Mathnasium, we believe that every child has the ability to

be successful in math—it’s a matter of teaching the way that

makes sense to them. When math makes sense, kids excel—

whether they’re far behind or eager to get ahead.

For more than a decade, the Mathnasium Method has

transformed the way kids in grades 2–12 understand and

appreciate math. We build math knowledge upon what they

already know—this helps kids learn quickly and boosts their

confidence right away. When math makes sense, grades

improve, excitement grows, and doors open!

Mathnasium of Lake Forest

847-295-MATH (6284)


Mathnasium of Highland Park



Call us

today for a

FREE Trial Session!

2nd–8th grade only. Call

for more info on high

school students.

Mathnasium offers fun,

after-school learning

Mathnasium, the math

learning center, offers a

fun and effective afterschool

math learning environment

for children in

grades 2-12.

Mathnasium operates on

the core belief that virtually

any child can become

great at math. The Mathnasium

Method, implemented

at more than 700

Mathnasium centers in

the U.S. and abroad, is a

unique program that provides

each child with a

customized learning plan

and personalized instruction

in a way that makes

sense to them.

In 2013 alone, Mathnasium

centers taught more

than 1.5 million student

sessions. This underscores

the critical role afterschool

math education has

come to play for students

and parents alike and the

value of the Mathnasium

Method, which combines

mental, verbal, visual, tactile,

and written techniques

and focuses on helping kids

truly understand math.

Mathnasium focuses

solely on math, so instructors

know how to teach it

in a way that really connects

with kids. Mathnasium

centers across the

country have helped struggling

students develop into

“A” students, and “A” students

go on to even greater

achievements. Children at

Mathnasium quickly learn

that math can be fun and

interesting as well as extraordinarily

useful, both

in terms of succeeding in

school and for the valuable

life skills it provides.

For students, the Mathnasium

experience begins

with a highly detailed assessment

of each child’s

strengths and weaknesses,

which is then used to create

a customized learning

plan. Personalized instruction

from Mathnasium’s

highly trained and caring

instructors assures that

each student fully understands

key concepts before

moving on to the next.

Mathnasium can individually

tailor curriculum

to the student’s needs —

from the struggling student

to the gifted wanting


The teaching of math

is rapidly changing these

days. Common Core standards

are impacting how all

students are taught (particularly

impacting gifted students).

In addition, the expansion

of technology, such

as graphing calculators, is

evolving topics reserved in

the past for college to be

taught in high school. Math

in the U.S. is a “mile wide

but an inch deep.” A lot of

ground is covered but not

with great depth. Mathnasium

digs deeper so that

students develop true mastery

in the topic.

Submitted by Mathnasium,

2650 Valor Drive, Glenview.

For more information, call

(847) 998-0900 or visit www.


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Discover the difference

the right school can make

in your son’s life.

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy is a private boarding and

day school for boys in grade 7 through Post Graduate, located on a

110-acre campus in Delafield, Wisconsin, 35 minutes west of Milwaukee.

At St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy, we understand boys —

how they learn, what makes them tick, and what they need to succeed.

We create the conditions for success by preparing an optimal learning

environment for boys: an environment that is supportive and secure, yet

challenging and galvanizing. Our program is inspired by the principles

represented by the Academy’s four pillars: Academics, Spiritual and

Character Development, Athletics, and our Military Traditions.

For more than 130 years, the

Academy has been shaping the

minds and building the character

of young men who have gone on

to lives of great accomplishment.

Give your son the opportunity he

deserves. Discover the difference

the Academy can make in his life.

Call or visit us online: 1-800-752-2338 www.sjnma.org/discover

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Irina Makkai Classical Ballet &

Dance keeps all ages dancing

The Irina Makkai Classical

Ballet and Dance

School in Highland Park

is owned and operated by

mother and daughter, Irina

Makkai and Lilla Makkai

Daniels. In 2012, the Irina

Makkai Classical Ballet

& Dance School was the

recipient of the Mayor’s

Award for the Arts. It is

home to the Ballet Makkai

Youth Company and the

Ballet Makkai Nutcracker.

The school specializes

in individual attention

and overall development

of its students. The teachers

at Irina Makkai create

a positive and healthy environment

where students

learn, practice and develop

into life-long lovers of the

art of dance. They offer an

array of dance classes for

students of all ages including

classical ballet, modern

dance, jazz and tap,

as well as pre -ballet programs

for children 2-anda-half

to 7 years old.

The three story,

12,000-square-foot facility

offers four state -of- theart

dance studios, a study

room, lunchroom and

locker/dressing rooms.

Submitted by Irina Makkai

Classical Ballet & Dance

School, 2126 First St., Highland

Park. For more information,

call (847) 433-1449, or

visit www.balletmakkai.com.

Holy Cross offers strong Catholic

family-based educational community

Since 1937 Holy Cross School, a twotime

recipient of the National Blue Ribbon

for Excellence, and now a Leader

in Me School, has been a strong Catholic

family-based educational community

in which children are treasured for their

unique qualities.

Classroom teachers provide opportunities

to be successful at various levels of

learning. Dedicated parents, parishioners

and donors ensure that resources abound.

Holy Cross School’s comprehensive

curriculum provides a myriad of opportunities

for learning and growth in reading,

writing, grammar, spelling, mathematics,

science, social studies, geography, world

language, religion, social justice, visual

arts, technology, vocal and instrumental

music and physical education. Students

excel in all academic areas.

Additionally, extracurricular activities

such as no-cut athletics, performing arts,

music and art clubs, chess club, student

council, recycling group, classroom buddies

and a science club enrich their educational

experience and ensure a healthy

balance of activities.

The school’s buddy and service programs

allow students to learn from each

other in authentic and relevant situations.

Children learn the responsible and safe

use of technology to research, critically

examine concepts, and present acquired


Overall, Holy Cross prepares students

to live Christ-centered lives in a global


Submitted by Holy Cross School, 720 Elder

Lane, Deerfield. For more information, call

(847) 945-0135 or visit www.holycrossdeerfield.org.

Fonseca Martial Arts Aspires to Set

New Standard of Excellence in

Martial Arts Training

22 COMpetitOrs

51 Medals in 2016

AAU & NKF National Tournaments

Locations: Wilmette, Evanston, 20 satellite locations,

Watch for future locations!

For more information: 847-866-0200 / www.fonsecamartialarts.com


Martial Arts

fMa Karate training:

• Increases fitness levels: endurance,

strength, coordination

• Cultivates life values: courtesy,

respect, focus, self-control,


• Prepares children to succeed in

school: socially and academically

Classes Offered:

• Karate Classes for children

3 years through adults

• Preschool/Kindergarten

enrichment Classes

• Other Martial arts: Brazilian

Jiu-Jitsu, Combatives

• Workshops: self-defense,

anti bullying, campus readiness

12 | August 11, 2016 | 22nd century media Private School Guide


North Shore School of Dance

Local, National, and Internationally Renowned Faculty

Register for Fall Classes Now!

Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, & Contemporary

Ages 3 – Adult, Beginner through Professional

Performance Opportunities

Celebrating our

28 th Annual Production of

The Nutcracker

North Shore Repertory Dance Ensemble

North Shore Dance Company

North Shore Ballet Theatre

Teaching Dancers to Achieve their Dreams Since 1989

505 Laurel Avenue, Suite 102 Highland Park, IL 60035 | 847.432.2060 | www.northshoredance.com

Email us at nssdance@aol.com • Like us on Facebook • Tweet us on Twitter

Welcomes Best-Selling Authors


10:00 a.m.

Award-Winning Psychologist

and Parenting Expert



“Understanding Grit:

Why Kids Need It and How

We Can Help Them Get It”


10:00 a.m.

New York Times Best-Selling Author

and Parenting Columnist



“The Gift of Failure: How the Best

Parents Learn to Let Go So Their

Children Can Succeed”

Free and Open to the Public | Please RSVP to (847) 234-2350 or www.lfcds.org/speakerseries

A co-educational independent school for students age 2 through Grade 8. Graduating students of strong character with a passion for learning since 1888.

145 South Green Bay Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045 | www.lfcds.org | (847) 615-6151

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