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Homer Glen

2 | August 11, 2016 | 22nd century media education guide


Publisher 22nd Century Media returns Back on the Bus

Annual expo to prepare

students, families to

return to school

Jon DePaolis

Freelance Reporter

As the summer starts to wind

down and area schools and students

prepare for the upcoming

academic year, 22nd Century

Media is gearing up for its third

Back on the Bus Expo.

The annual back-to-school

expo is scheduled for 9 a.m.-2

p.m. Saturday, Aug. 13, at the

Tinley Park Convention Center,

18451 Convention Center


Heather Warthen, 22nd

Century Media’s chief events

officer, promised lots of entertainment

options for those

attending the expo.

She said balloon artists and

face painting are to take place

from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., provided

by Sparkles Entertainment,

and Paul Bunyan will tell tall

tales — as presented by Histories

For Kids Inc. — from

10:15-11 a.m. The event also is

to include a visit from the Joliet

Slammers’ mascot Spikes

from 10-11 a.m., appearances

by Snow White and The Little

Mermaid from 9:30-11:30 a.m.

and appearances by the ice

queen and ice princess from

11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Mrs. Illinois International

2016 Nicole LaHa Zwiercan,

who has a platform on antibullying,

also is to make an appearance

from 11-11:30 a.m.

“She has been doing some

things locally with different

children’s groups, and she will

be talking a little bit about [bullying],”

Warthen said.

Two children’s authors,

Nancy Gee and Justin Castaneda,

also are scheduled to

be on hand to sign and sell

their books. And a truck from

Homewood Disposal also is to

be at the event, adding a small

Touch-a-Truck aspect to the


From 9:10-9:25 a.m., there is

to be a presentation on Young

Living Essential Oils, and from

9:55-10:10 a.m. there is to be a

demonstration by Family Martial

Arts. And students from the

House of Music are to perform

from 12:45-1:15 p.m.

“For families that are looking

for a fun way to wrap up their

summer, this provides a free

opportunity for them to enjoy

princess and mascot appearances,

meet children’s authors,

“For families that are looking for a

fun way to wrap up their summer, this

provides a free opportunity for them to

enjoy princess and mascot appearances,

meet children’s authors, and to talk to

our vendors about things they should be

prepared for when school starts.”

Heather Warthen — 22nd Century Media chief events officer, on Back on the Bus -

A Back-to-School Expo

and to talk to our vendors about

things they should be prepared

for when school starts,” Warthen

said. “It should be a fun day

overall for families and people

of all ages.”

Another highlight will be the

Back-to-School Fashion Show,

produced by Jenny Applegate

of The Leading Image from

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Applegate

is partnering with The

Bridge Teen Center in Orland

Park for the fashion show.

“All the models will be students

of The Bridge,” Applegate

said. “I’m actually doing a

program with them a few days

ahead of time, where each student

will make their own mood

board, and [those] will highlight

things they are inspired

by or trends and their own personal


“We’re going to use those

mood boards as a starting process

to pick out what type of

outfits they should wear.”

Applegate said all the clothes

the students will model during

the fashion show are things

from The Bridge Teen Center’s

Thrift Store.

“It’s really showing that you

can have style and you can go

back to school and look amazing

on a budget,” she said. “[It

shows] how fun it is to mix

and match pieces from a thrift


Applegate also will have a

booth at the event.

“I know that this event and

this show is more about teen

dressing, but I think a lot of

parents that go to this event

will pick up some great fashion

tips for themselves, as well,”

she said. “Things like different

trends, different ways to wear

things — it’s not just about

teen fashion. I think everyone,

both men and women, can learn

a lot from this fashion show.”

And if all that is not enough,

Warthen said the expo also is

encouraging “Pokémon Go”

players to stop by the convention


“We will have some Pokémon

available,” Warthen said.

For more on the event, including

ticket information,

visit www.facebook.com/


Quality, engaging, educational books for babies through young adults.


Cheryl Morrison

Executive Team Leader




22ndCenturyMedia.com education Guide

22nd century media | August 11, 2016 | 3

Start banking with NuMark Credit Union today

There are a lot misconceptions

about credit

unions. Some people think

that credit unions offer

limited banking services.

Others wonder if they can

even bank there.

Credit unions have been

called a “best kept secret,”

but consumers really

need to know about them.

Here’s why: credit unions

are owned and operated

by their members, the very

people they serve.

Why is this important?

Credit unions are not focused

on serving the needs

of wealthy stockholders;

they are working to make

the lives of their members


That means they want

to help their customers

save money. Customers

will find fewer fees, lower

lending rates, higher savings

rates and many free

services at a credit union.

Credit unions are nonprofit

financial cooperatives.

What that really

means is they work for the

benefit of their members.

They will reinvest back

into the credit union to improve

their products and

services. They can issue

dividends and loan interest

rebates, too.

NuMark Credit Union

issued a 3 percent checking

dividend and a 3 percent

loan interest rebate

at the end of 2015. This

Tinley Park-based credit

union has proudly given

back more than $1.5 million

to its members in the

last few years.

NuMark offers state-ofthe-art

mobile banking,

free checking, free debit

cards, auto loans, home

equity loans, credit cards,

personal loans, CDs,

IRAs, money markets and

more. The organization is

federally insured by the

National Credit Union Administration.

NuMark also has an inhouse

mortgage department

and a financial advisor,

and it belongs to a

shared branching network,

allowing customers to do

their banking at more than

5,200 credit union locations

nationwide. NuMark

is full-service and focused

on the needs of its members.

That’s a level of service

that customers don’t

want to miss.

While it is true that

sometimes customers have

to work for a company in

order to join a credit union,

the majority of credit

unions are open to the public.

Individuals are able to

join if they live or work in

their geographical area.

NuMark Credit Union

serves communities in the

southwest suburbs. Potential

members can find a

map on NuMark’s website.

It is also easy to join

— just $5 in a savings account

gives members access

to all of NuMark’s

products and services.

Finally, credit unions

have always invested in the

communities they serve,

and NuMark is the definition

of local. NuMark supports

local charities and

chambers of commerce, as

well as provides free member

seminars and financial

literacy classes for schools

and other organizations.

Credit unions are a “best

kept secret,” but a credit

union is a great place to

bank. NuMark Credit

Union offers all the financial

services consumers

need, and it supports the

communities that it serves.

Stop in to see what Nu-

Mark Credit Union has to

offer. Those who do may

be surprised by what they


Submitted by Kari Myers

Endres, vice president of

marketing for NuMark Credit

Union, 8001 W. 159th St.,

Tinley Park. For more information,

visit www.numarkcu.


4 | August 11, 2016 | 22nd century media education guide


Home of the Four Time National Award Winning School

The ONLY National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in the Area

2015 Distinguished Pastor • 2016 Distinguished Principal from NCEA & NAESP

• Unmatched Curriculum. . . Unmatched Student Success Rates

• Half and Full Day Programs for Preschool 3 & Up

• Before and After School Extended Day Care Programs

• Top Tech Program Since 2010- iPad Program &1:1 Tablets Grades 5-8

• Fully Integrated PE, Music and Art Program

• Extra-Curricular Activities that include Athletics, Band,

Choir, Scholastic Teams & More


We LOVE irresistible products. From

smiling skin care to colorful cosmetics,

Mary Kay offers products women love,

and I can help you find your new favorites!

Contact me to discover more.

Angel Bertucci • Sales Director,MKC

708-655-7453 • Visitmywebsite.marykay.com/angelbertucci

22ndCenturyMedia.com education Guide

22nd century media | August 11, 2016 | 5

St. Joseph School molds well-rounded students

With the school year beginning

on Wednesday, Aug. 24, it

is just the right time to join the

St. Joseph School family.

As a respected leader in education

in the Lockport and Homer

Glen areas, St. Joseph offers an

education steeped in academic

excellence and faith formation

providing a unique and valued

environment to learn and grow.

From 99 percent college attendance

rates to above-average test

scores, research demonstrates

the advantages of a Catholic


St. Joseph’s understands that

cost can sometimes be a concern,

but the continued scholarship opportunities

at SJS seem to be just

what families need. The school

now has a Distinguished Pastor

Award, and Principal Lynne

Scheffler won not one but two

awards in 2016: NCEA Lead,

Learn, Proclaim award and the

NAESP National Distinguished

Principal award.

St. Joseph School will be continuing

scholarship opportunities

through the Diocese of Joliet by

offering more than $1,500 in

scholarship funds for students

transferring from schools outside

of the Diocese for grades

one through seven.

“Fr. Greg [Rothfuchs] and I

are thrilled to share the scholarship

opportunities with new

families,” Scheffler said. “Affording

Catholic education is a

commitment, and we want to do

all we can to help. With one of

the lowest tuitions in the area,

the additional scholarships will

truly benefit new families.”

Through the generosity of

dedicated benefactors and parishioners,

additional scholarships

have become available

for kindergarten through eighthgrade

students joining St. Joseph

this August.

“This summer, we were able

to provide a family transferring

from a public school with almost

$3,000 for their two children,”

Scheffler said. “This was life

-changing. As the mom’s eyes

filled with tears, she told me that

it was a dream come true to be

able to send her family here. We

are so grateful for such an opportunity.

I can’t wait to see these

students thrive! We are committed

to sharing the SJS experience

with as many children as we


There is no doubt on the academic

preparation of the SJS

students. As the only school in

the area that has achieved the

National Blue Ribbon School

of Excellence Award, SJS continues

to expand and enrich its

curriculum to ensure students

are well prepared for high school

and beyond. Not only do they offer

the best in an advanced technology

curriculum, SJS is also

the only school in the area that

includes a state-of-the-art tech

lab, interactive technology-rich

classrooms and the only experienced

1:1 laptop/tablet program

for grades five through eight.

Completing six years of the 1:1

program, SJS continues to move

forward to provide rich technology

experiences in our 21st century

learning environment.

Four years ago, SJS began an

iPad program for our kindergarten

students. Over these years,

the iPad program has grown

to include students from our

3-year-olds to second-graders.

Last year, a new program was

introduced in third and fourth

grade, including Microsoft Surface


As a parent shared, “I am constantly

amazed at the technology

skills my children have learned.

From movie making to identifying

the best presentation tool for

their assignment, my children

have well surpassed my skill! I

find their engagement in learning

has truly excelled. We love

that SJS creates a vision and produces

a top notch curriculum to

deliver each and every day.”

St. Joseph School strives to

improve our offerings year after

year. This year, St. Joseph’s is

excited to introduce its expanded

preschool room, including many

new stations and opportunities to

learn. As if this wasn’t enough,

the school also added a new science

lab for the lower grades.

The younger grades will have a

full science lab now. It is so important

to provide the best possible

education to students, and the

staff cannot wait for the children

to see these new spaces.

St. Joseph School offers many

opportunities including full-day

programs beginning with 3-yearold

preschool and 4-year old prekindergarten


“As we begin our third year

of the full-day 3- and 4-year-old

program, I can’t imagine how

we ever existed without our little

ones here all day long,” Scheffler

said. “I love joining our youngest

children for lunch, seeing them

relax at rest time and watching

their love of learning all day long

with such joy in their hearts. In

addition, we have found that our

tuition program and extended

care program rates are very low

in comparison to the area day

care rates. Our School Board

works hard each year to finance

our school budget, making education

affordable for our families.

When we learn that families

are saving $300-$400 a month,

we are beyond thrilled.”

A true treasure at St. Joseph

is the full-day kindergarten program.

For 16 years, SJS has been

the only experienced school in

the Lockport and Homer Glen

areas to offer full-day kindergarten

that exceeds the standards of

learning at this level. It has been

hugely successful, and the level

of reading and writing that occurs

year after year is remarkable.

As a parent stated, “I am absolutely

thrilled with the kindergarten

program. My son went

into this class writing and reading

his own name and that’s

about it. At of the end of the second

trimester, he’s confidently

reading books at home. He’s also

confident in math, loves science

and chatters constantly about his

faith and the wonders of God

and the love of Jesus. The pace

of the day seems to work well,

too. Enough time for all the

learning they can handle, and a

bit of down time to digest all that

they are learning. Truly an amazing

program! It makes me very

proud and happy to have been

able to give my sons the gift of

an education at St. Joseph.”

What does it mean when all

this comes together? It means

full preparedness and readiness

for the future, especially high

school. On the average, almost

85 percent of St. Joseph School

graduates consistently earn their

way onto their prospective high

school honor rolls, which include

Illinois Mathematics and

Science Academy, Benet, JCA,

Lockport Township, Romeoville

and Providence.

“While we have demonstrated

excellence in awards and accolades,

the real measure of success

at St. Joseph is how well

our children do when they leave

us,” Scheffler said. “Our goal

has always been to prepare good

souls to enter the next level of

their educational journey prepared

and ready to achieve their

personal best. This is so evident

in the demonstrated honor roll

success and alumni success stories

we continue to hear. Knowing

that our students model exceptional

leadership, service and

faith, words cannot express our

pride and joy for these students

and families. It confirms what

many in our community know ...

the return on investment at SJS is

exceptional! We believe the best

investment we can make is in

our children, and we have a great

team of parents and a supportive

community that allows SJS to

offer such an exceptional path to


St. Joseph School is the foundation

that every parent hopes to

provide for their children. Faith

and academic excellence build

a well-rounded, successful person.

Registration is ongoing for

the 2016-2017 school year, and

scholarship opportunities are


Submitted by St. Joseph School, 529

Madison St., Lockport. For more

information, call (815) 838-8173 or

visit www.stjoeschool.com.

6 | August 11, 2016 | 22nd century media education guide


Save tH e d ate

22nd CE ntury ME dia prE s E nts

Saturday, aug. 13

9 am-2 pm

tinley park cOnventiOn center

18451 cOnventiOn center drive

tinley park



For more inFo, ContaCt:

(708) 326-9170 or visit



The Frankfort Station

The Homer Horizon

The Lockport Legend

The Mokena Messenger



*Gift bags are given to the first 500 attendees

• Vendor booths

• Back-to-School Fashion Show presented by The Leading Image

• Appearances scheduled:

Snow White (9:30-11:30 am)

The Little Mermaid (9:30-11:30 am)

Ice Queen (11:30 am-1:30 pm)

Ice Princess (11:30 am-1:30 pm)

Joliet Slammers Spikes the Mascot (10-11 am)

• Face painting

• Paul Bunyan’s Tall Tales presented by Histories for Kids

• Balloon artists

• Appearance and presentation by Mrs. Illinois International

Nicole Laha Zwiercan

• And more to come!

The New Lenox Patriot

The Orland Park Prairie

The Tinley Junction



St. Dennis School receives 2016

Southwest Choice Award

What better way to celebrate an

anniversary than with a new award?

In April, 22nd Century Media

announced that St. Dennis School

was voted “2016 Best Private K-8th

Grade School” in the southwest suburbs.

With so many excellent schools

in the area, St. Dennis was honored

to receive this distinction for its

work in educating students from 14

local school districts, especially as it

celebrates its 135th anniversary.

In addition to the award and the

upcoming anniversary celebrations,

there are so many exciting things going

on at St. Dennis this year. With

the upgrading of technology in every

classroom, including the addition of

new LED SMART Boards, the expansion

of St. Dennis’ iPad program

and the creation of new incentive

programs to help offset the cost of

tuition — including a $1,000 grant

to those transferring from public

schools — there is no better time to

enroll and experience the many benefits

a St. Dennis education offers.

At St. Dennis, small class sizes

combined with a caring and highly

qualified faculty provide an environment

where students thrive. While

outstanding academics are a critical

element in the educational experience

at St. Dennis, a primary emphasis at

the school is fostering a culture where

students feel loved and are inspired to

be God-centered, respectful and responsible.

Maintaining such an environment

promotes the self-confidence

that is essential to learning.

St. Dennis is proud that every year,

an average of 80 percent of its graduates

earn honor-roll status as freshmen,

with most earning high honors

or first honors. In 2015, the graduate

recognition included honors such as

Illinois State Scholar, AP Scholar,

AP Scholar with Honor and Top 10

Percent at Lockport Township High


The average GPA of St. Dennis

graduates currently enrolled at

Providence Catholic High School is

3.5 on a 4.0 scale, and in the last five

years, three graduates have received

scholarships for being top scorers on

entrance exams at Providence and

Joliet Catholic Academy.

Submitted by St. Dennis School, 1201 S.

Washington St., Lockport. For more information,

call (815) 838-4494, ext. 115,

or visit www.saint-dennis.org/school.

Come see the difference at St. Mary Catholic School

The mission of St. Mary Catholic

School in Mokena is to help each child

grow to his or her greatest potential,

both spiritually and academically.

St. Mary’s is a vibrant, warm and

welcoming Catholic school serving

students in prekindergarten through

eighth grade. Since it opened in

1949, the school’s size has grown to

accommodate two classes per grade

and now features a music room, art

room, library, computer lab, science

lab, cafeteria, 19 classrooms and a

spacious gymnasium.

“Our ministry is to help students

recognize, foster and exhibit their role

in carrying out our Catholic values

and traditions,” said Beth Cunningham,

principal of St. Mary Catholic

School. “We do this [by] infusing our

beliefs throughout our curriculum

and by celebrating our faith when

we come together at weekly school

Masses and Faith Families. We work

hard to provide a faith-based environment,

nurturing children with the

same values [as] at home.

“St. Mary school is not just a student’s

academic world. It becomes

their second home — their family.”

As a result of this infusion, St.

Mary’s families believe that their

children are receiving an incomparable


The faculty of St. Mary school

provides an exceptional learning

environment that allows students to

achieve their full potential. St. Mary

students continue to perform above

the national average at all grade levels

and in all tested content areas

year after year.

The one-to-one technology initiative

provides each student in

sixth- through eighth-grade with an

individual iPad, a class set of iPads

in fourth- and fifth-grade, and kindergarten

through third-grade classrooms

have designated iPads and

SMART Boards for educational use.

Primary students also benefit from a

certified reading specialist and dedicated

teacher aides.

St. Mary school also offers a band

program, extracurricular clubs, social

events and an athletic program,

including cheerleading, basketball

and volleyball. Bus service is available

for those families who reside in

the Mokena School District 159 area

for a fee.

Now, more parents can afford to

give their children a Catholic-school

education. For the first time, St.

Mary’s Catholic School is offering a

special tuition transfer grant for up to

$1,500 per family ($1,000 in Year 1,

$500 in Year 2).

Students entering first- through

seventh-grade who transfer from

any private, public, charter or home

school are eligible for the offer.

Students transferring from another

Catholic school in the Roman Catholic

Diocese of Joliet are not eligible.

Come see the difference at St.

Mary Catholic School.

Submitted by St. Mary Catholic School,

11409 195th St., Mokena. For more

information, call (708) 326-9330 or visit


22ndCenturyMedia.com education Guide

22nd century media | August 11, 2016 | 7


Schedule a visit to see why we were voted

2016 Best Private K - 8th Grade School

Invest In Your Child’s uccess!

Superior academics with Demonstrated Success

• On average, 80% of our graduates earn honor roll status as

Freshmen in High School.

• In the past 5 years, 3 students have received scholarships for

being top-scorers on Providence Catholic High School and

Joliet Catholic Academy entrance exams.

Incorporated in the teachings of Jesus Christ

Fun and educational co-curricular activities

Early Learning Center

St. Dennis School offers childcare, before – and

Financial Aid is available, including $1,000 Tuition

Transfer Grant for those transferring from public schools.

Call today to schedule your

personal tour 815-838-4494

1201 S. Washington Street, Lockport, IL


8 | August 11, 2016 | 22nd century media education guide



1755 Lake Cook Road




We will Fix Your Computer


| 24/7 Emergency Service Available |

| Mac & all PC Brands |

| Friendly Certified Computer Repair Experts |

| Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Networks |

| Data Recovery | Regular Maintenance |

| Virus Removal |







2016 Guide








Expert advice from local resources to help you

make decisions on those improvement projects

around your home.

Reach more than 90,000

homes and businesses!









8, 2016





Please call: 708.326.9170 to reserve your Ad.


The Frankfort Station

The Homer Horizon

The Lockport Legend

The Mokena Messenger

The New Lenox Patriot

The Orland Park Prairie

The Tinley Junction


The Glencoe Anchor

The Glenview Lantern

The Highland Park Landmark

The Lake Forest Leader

The Northbrook Tower

The Wilmette Beacon

The Winnetka Current


Malibu Surfside News

22ndCenturyMedia.com education Guide

22nd century media | August 11, 2016 | 9

Beyer Chiropractic Center gives proper testing, gets to root of ailments

Research suggests there is an estimated

20 million cases of undiagnosed hypothyroidism

in the U.S., a chronic condition

that causes abnormal production of thyroid

hormones affecting the body’s metabolic

processes. Researchers regard a lack

of comprehensive testing in mainstream

medical practices as one of the main culprits

to so many being undiagnosed.

“Traditional medical approaches to thyroid

conditions are over 50 years old,” Dr.

Stephen Beyer said. “It only recognizes

one type of thyroid malfunction, when in

actuality there are 24 specific ways the

thyroid can be dysfunctional. In most instances,

individuals seeking treatment are

receiving antiquated care and are not being

diagnosed properly.”

Through advancements in medical understanding

and approaches, most thyroid

problems can be managed well if properly

diagnosed and treated. A lot of times this

can be done naturally without any harmful

drugs or side effects.

Diagnosed with a low-functioning thyroid

condition at the age of 18, Corey

suffered from insomnia, weight gain, depression

and moodiness for over a decade

before finding relief at the Beyer Chiropractic

Center in Frankfort.

“For years, I felt like there was a film

over my eyes and life,” Corey said. “Ever

since this new treatment, that film has

been lifted. The weight started falling

right off, I slept better and the pressure

was gone — it’s been life changing.”

When asked what makes his methods

so different from general procedures,

Beyer cites research advancements, new

methods and a more natural, functional


“What we do is unique,” Beyer said.

“We do proper testing, not guessing, to

find out what is really going on with your

body. Then we focus on fixing the cause,

not covering the symptoms.”

The difference? Proper testing and a

very powerful functional medicine approach

in the treatment of thyroid conditions.

This approach has given relief to

many who have suffered for years under

the traditional drug/hormone approach.

Alice suffered from a variety of symptoms,

including weight gain, fatigue, vertigo

and brain fog. She started seeing results

immediately after seeking treatment

at Beyer Chiropractic Center.

“My kids are excited to have their mom

back,” Alice said. “My husband is excited

to have his wife back, and I’m excited to

have my life back. And it was all done in

a 16-week program!”

Common symptoms of thyroid conditions

include: fatigue, difficulty managing

weight gain/loss, cold hands and/or feet,

heart palpitations, difficult or infrequent

bowel movements, depression, insomnia,

lack of motivation, night sweats, mental

sluggishness, thinning hair/hair falling

out and dryness of skin and/or scalp.

Love your legs this summer.

Don’t let varicose veins get you down.

Call now for a FREE * consultation.

(708) 873-3450

Dr. Satish Vayuvegula

14225 95th Ave. #455, Orland Park, IL 60462


For persons interested in learning more

about thyroid conditions and a functional

medicine treatment approach, Beyer is

having a free informational workshop inoffice

on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at 6:30 p.m.

There is no charge, but seating is limited.

Those interested must call to reserve a seat.

Submitted by Beyer Chiropractic Center, 9645

Lincolnway Lane, Frankfort. For more information,

call (815) 469-8500 or visit www.


*Due to legal constraints, this free consultation offer cannot be extended to Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries, or other recipients of federal or state health care benefit programs. Offer expires

December 31, 2016. Consultation must occur on or before December 31, 2016. This offer valid at the Orland Park location only. New patients only. One free consultation per person during

promotional period. Not redeemable for cash.

Before & After

School Program

Building strong bodies

& inspiring young minds.

Ivy League is a before & after school program that

incorporates sports & recreation, STEM activities, arts

& crafts and homework clubs for kids to get ahead.

In 9 districts in the South Chicagoland area!

Stay up to date on events in your area


To view all locations, visit




Now Accepting


for Fall League!

For more information, Contact:

(708) 326-9170 or visit


10 | August 11, 2016 | 22nd century media education guide


Moraine Valley Community College

offers quality, affordable education

Moraine Valley Community

College has a rich

history of helping people

improve their lives through

education. The college has

grown from serving a few

hundred students when

it opened to meeting the

needs of approximately

34,000 credit and noncredit

students annually.

With its main campus

in Palos Hills, and extension

sites in Blue Island

and Tinley Park, Moraine

Valley is one of the largest

community colleges

in Illinois, yet manages

to maintain a close-knit,

small-college feel.

“With the 2016-17 academic

year beginning, we

are excited to welcome our

Better Grades &

Test Scores Start Here.

Free C2 Academic Assessment & in-person

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C2 Education Orland Park

14936 So. LaGrange Road

Orland Park, IL

new and returning students

to campus as they work toward

earning their degrees

and certificates,” said Moraine

Valley President Dr.

Sylvia M. Jenkins. “Each

year offers another wonderful

opportunity for us

to help our students pursue

their dreams of attaining a

college education.”

Students of all ages,

backgrounds and experiences

attend Moraine Valley

and can choose from

nearly 150 degree and

certificate programs. The

college is well-known for

delivering an exceptional

educational value. Students

can earn the first two

years of their bachelor’s

degree and save thousands



of dollars. The tuition is

significantly less than what

state universities and private

institutions of higher

education charge.

Because Moraine Valley

offers quality education

taught by outstanding faculty

members, cutting-edge

technology and responsive

support services, it ranks

first in the nation in associate

degrees conferred

in multi/interdisciplinary

studies (science transfer

programs) and is in the

Top 3 percent of the 2,839

public and private two-

and four-year institutions

nationwide that confer associate

degrees. This was

recently reported in Community

College Week and

was based on an analysis of

U.S. Department of Education

data for the 2013-2014

academic year.

“We are committed to

helping each of our students

complete the program

he or she begins,”

Jenkins said. “One way

we’re doing this is through

our campus-wide Agree to

Degree campaign, which

encourages students to

sign a pledge that they will

commit to earning their

associate degree or career

certificate. This helps them

affirm their dedication to

finishing, and they know

they can rely on our support

every step of the way.”

This initiative has led to

a 44 percent increase in the

total number of degrees

and certificates awarded

by the college over the

previous five years. Nearly

61,000 degrees and certificates

have been awarded

since the college first


Moraine Valley’s fall

semester classes begin

Monday, Aug. 22.

Submitted by Moraine Valley

Community College, 9000

College Parkway, Palos

Hills. For more information,

call (708) 974-4300 or visit


Back to School

with Young Living

Essential Oils

with Young Living Independent Distributors

Oh Lardy LLC (#1765483) and Jodi Grant (#3514149)

www.ohlardy.com www.fieldstowellness.com

Now in Orland Hills & Homer Glen

House of Music

The Future of Music Education!


Now registering new students for any

and all instruments at both locations.

Flexible scheduling, private lessons,

rockband program and more!

15900 South Haven Ave

Orland Hills, IL 60487


15760 S Bell Road

Homer Glen, IL 60467



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22nd century media | August 11, 2016 | 11

St. Michael School opens

third kindergarten classroom

Hardworking students,

a dedicated and professional

staff and overall excellence

fill the hallways

of St. Michael School, a

Catholic elementary institution.

St. Michael School

strives to educate a diverse

group of students

from the large Catholic

community of St. Michael

Parish and beyond the Orland

Park community. The

school’s teachers and staff

are not only committed to

promoting academic excellence

but also to educating

students within the

practice of the Catholic


As the St. Michael Parish

community continues

to grow, the school has

grown as well. Due to high

demand, St. Michael has

opened a third full-day

kindergarten class.

The St. Michael School

kindergarten program

provides hands-on experience,

academics, unit

activities and purposeful

play which allows for each

kindergarten student to

learn in all areas. Through

these experiences, each

student’s different developmental

skills are discovered,

practiced, reinforced

and refined.

The full-day kindergarten

will be held from 7:20

a.m. to 2 p.m. The curriculum

for each kindergarten

class, along with math

and reading readiness, includes

religion, Spanish,

art, computers, music and

physical education.

St. Michael School has

been recognized by the

National Blue Ribbon

Schools Program. The

school has a mission not

only to teach the message

of Jesus Christ, but to

educate each student and

strengthen his or her ability

to succeed.

It is one of the leading

Catholic-faith schools in

the Chicagoland area, with

more than 600 students

Goodwill Store

& Donation Center

- Orland Park -

7400 W. 159 th Street | Orland Park

(708) 429-9030


from prekindergarten

through eighth grade. St.

Michael School believes

that Catholic education

provides an opportunity

to reinforce the values of

church, home and community

in an effort to mold

tomorrow’s citizens.

St. Michael School

works closely with the

parent community which

has built deep and lasting

relationships between students,

teachers and parents

to meet their goals.

Submitted by St. Michael

School, 14355 Highland

Ave., Orland Park. For more

information, call (708) 349-

0068, or visit www.saintmike.




2013 National

Blue Ribbon




Award Winning



St. Michael's has limited space still available in Pre- K

3 - 5th grade.

Curriculum for all grades includes Religion, Spanish,

Art, Computers,Musics & Physical Education.

After school care & hot lunch available.

14355 Highland Avenue

Orland Park, IL 60462



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Always Connecting Moms




Be in the know about family events,

coupons and great giveaways!

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Palos Orland Swim

Association promotes

exercise, integrity, fun

Keeping up with Michael

Phelps’ comeback at

the Rio Olympics? Children

who want to be like

Mike can get involved

with the most fun sport

there is! By joining a swim

team, children get so much

more than exercise. The

Palos Orland Swim Association

(POSA) offers an

environment where athletes

can excel to the best

of their abilities in competitive

age-group swimming,

while developing the traits

of integrity, sportsmanship

and teamwork. POSA

is a nonprofit organization

founded more than

50 years ago. The team is

open to all youth aged 5

through 18 years old. PO-

SA’s coaches are professional,

educated and experienced

in competitive


The fall season starts

mid-September at Carl

Sandburg High School.

POSA offers a fully refundable

trial period for

new swimmers the first

two weeks of the season.

Submitted by Palos Orland

Swim Association. For more

information, visit www.

posaeagles.org or email


22ndCenturyMedia.com education Guide

22nd century media | August 11, 2016 | 13

Internships, alumni network draw students to Capri Beauty College

World-class education, internship opportunities

and the support of a strong

alumni network play a significant role in

making Capri Beauty College’s cosmetology

program one of the most successful

and respected in the area.

As a Pivot Point International member

school, Capri offers students a top-notch

education with the added support of Pivot

Point’s Learn About Beauty, or LAB. According

to Pivot Point’s website, LAB is

“an integrated social learning environment

that combines best-in-class educational

content with creativity and customizable

education solutions for today’s

connected learners, and their instructors,

in an environment for optimum beauty


Today’s students are digitally engaged

and LAB satisfies their need to connect

classic textbook education with modern


“We prepare students for the workforce

and offer a Pivot Point education,” said

Tom Seil, co-owner and director of Capri’s

New Lenox campus. “Within eight

months, our students are intern-ready and

fine-tuning employable skills for all types

of salons.”

Capri’s internship program further enhances

the education process by providing

students with the opportunity to train

with a licensed stylist in a salon for 150

hours. Upon completion, the student graduates

and is ready for employment in the


“We have an amazing network of alumni-owned

salons in our internship program,”

Seil said. “This year, Capri had

numerous salon owners and managers on

each campus recruiting our students.”

In addition, “Capri has a salon link coordinator

on staff, out in the field visiting

salons and assisting the owners with Capri’s

internship process.”

Ross Bartolomei, one very successful

alumnus and the owner of Salon Hype,

takes time to provide internship and salon

employment opportunities for Capri


“Capri is very grateful for the support

given by Ross and so many other successful

salon owners in our vast alumni

network,” said Amy Ruff, president of

the college. “Ross is very accommodating.

He owns three thriving salons and

always finds time to mentor Capri student


Students looking for a change or the

opportunity to fulfill a lifetime dream

of becoming a salon stylist can visit the

college’s Admission Department and receive

a personalized plan for starting their

education. With locations in New Lenox

and Oak Forest, Capri’s cosmetology

and instructor educational programs have

trained thousands of graduates for careers

in the beauty industry.

The college also offers a full service,

supervised student salon and spa. Clients

experience a salon-like atmosphere at student-service


During homecoming and prom, Capri is

always packed with students getting that

perfect special-occasion style or Balayage

color technique, and on weekends younger

clients frequently celebrate birthdays

with Capri’s birthday party package. Visit

Capri’s website to view monthly specials.

Submitted by Capri Beauty College, 1938

Lincoln Highway (Suite 115), New Lenox, and

15815 Rob Roy Drive, Oak Forest. For more

information, visit www.capri.edu.




No other discounts apply

Good thru 12/01/2016



1938 E. Lincoln Highway



15815 Rob Roy Drive


recommended for all services,

performed in our supervised

Student Salon and Spa.



as a salon stylist

With an education from Capri, you’ll develop

the talent and skill set needed for a new you

and a new career.

Capri offers world class cosmetology

education right in your hometown, a variety

of schedules to choose from and financial aid

for those who qualify.

Classes now forming.

Book your campus visit today.

Gainful employment information available at:




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“Where Leadership Begins”

See why more young men are

choosing St. Laurence for their

high school experience.

Sign up for a Viking Visit Day

by emailing jspano@stlaurence.com

St. Laurence High School

5556 West 77th Street, Burbank, Illinois

(708) 458-6900



Leading the way toward success at

St. Laurence High School

St. Laurence High School is developing

young men from all across the Chicagoland

area with a blend of modern high

-school learning, successful athletic programs

and spirituality rooted in the vision

of Blessed Edmund Rice.

The unique StL STEM philosophy allows

students to earn a 21st century education

driven by problem solving and

discovery through individual exploration

and classroom collaboration. University

and corporate partnerships with industry

leaders, free dual enrollment credits and

a free, on-site ACT prep program provide

students opportunities that add even

more value to their education while still

remaining one of the most affordable high

schools on the South Side.

The first state semifinal football appearance

in 36 years, first sectional baseball

title in 23 years and a Final Four appearance

in the Chicago Catholic League basketball

tournament are just a few among

many athletic highlights that show a commitment

to putting student-athletes in a

When’s the last time you had

Schedule an appointment

to learn how spinal health

affects your overall wellness.


position to win championships.

As part of the Edmund Rice School

Network, St. Laurence is part of an international

consortium of more than 250

schools that provides service opportunities

across the United States and the

globe. This promotes a community responsible

for preparing leaders to expand

a just society.

This year, St. Laurence will experience

a 10 percent increase in enrollment, the

only Catholic school in the area to witness

an increase. With a student body

comprised of young men from 120 different

grade schools throughout the South

Side of Chicago, the school represents a

diverse group of cultural, socioeconomic

and geographic backgrounds.

See why more young men are choosing St.

Laurence for their high school experience.

Submitted by St. Laurence High School, 5556

W. 77th St., Burbank. For more information,

call (708) 458-6900, visit www.stlaurence.com

or email vikings@stlaurence.com.



22ndCenturyMedia.com education Guide

22nd century media | August 11, 2016 | 15

Academic, athletic achievement thrive at Providence Catholic

Providence is a Catholic, coeducational,

college preparatory

Augustinian high school in New

Lenox, Illinois.

A dedicated and caring faculty

and staff integrate the core Augustinian

values of truth, unity

and love into all dimensions of

student life. A demanding curriculum,

inclusive service programs,

competitive athletics and

comprehensive extracurricular

offerings challenge students in a

safe and nurturing environment.

One hundred percent of Providence’s

Class of 2016 students

will continue their education at a

college or university. This class

earned scholarships valued at

nearly $30 million.

Eighteen percent of these

graduates were named Illinois

State Scholars, while 28 percent

of student-athletes signed National

Letters of Intent or made

commitments to continue their

respective sports at the collegiate

level. These seniors also performed

more than 25,000 hours

of community service during

their high school careers.

In addition, Providence Catholic

recently earned a state championship

title in baseball. This

achievement made the school

the owner of 30 state championship

titles, the most among private

high schools in the state of


Those interested in learning

more about Providence Catholic

are encouraged to attend the

school’s annual open house,

which is scheduled to run from

10 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 20.

Beginning in September, eighthgrade

students may witness firsthand

what it is like to be a Celtic

by scheduling a “shadow day”

visit. To check available dates,

visit the Providence Catholic

High School website or call

(815) 717-3160.

Submitted by Providence Catholic

High School, 1800 W. Lincoln

Highway, New Lenox. For more

information, visit www.providence


More than two decades of excellence

continues at Noonan Academy

Noonan Elementary Academy is a private,

independent school with a classical,

Catholic curriculum.

Faith formation was the inspiration for

the school and continues to be its mission.

Founded in 1995 by Roberta and Joseph

Noonan, the academy has grown from a

few dozen families to nearly 400 students

enrolled in preschool through eighth


“As the founder of Noonan Academy,

I found it my vocation to help guide

children spiritually and provide the best

educational experience,” said Dr. Roberta

“Bobbie” Noonan. “It is here, in

this school, where students will develop

a foundation needed to lead a successful

and fulfilling life. It is a privilege to

open the minds and hearts of children to

the love of Christ, and I am proud to say

Noonan Academy offers students both a

superior education and the support of a

warm Catholic community.”

Located in Mokena, the academy recognizes

that each child is unique. The

school is committed to providing each

student with an individualized plan for

educational success and a structure for

development of the complete person —

mind, body, and spirit.

Noonan Academy maintains an environment

that is a catalyst to learning. The

school has a teacher-to-student ratio and

various resources that allow gifted, average

and at-risk students to maximize their


Noonan distinguishes itself by providing

maximum classroom time, smaller

class sizes, the broadest curriculum, extensive

extracurricular activities and a

culture that fosters strong character formation

and spiritual growth.

Students at Noonan Academy, on average,

attend school 185 full days per year.

This time combined with an extended

school day translates into as much as 30

more days per year, or 20 percent more

classroom time than that of other local

schools. By the time students graduate,

they will have benefitted from nearly

two additional years of instruction. Also,

Noonan offers before- and after-school

daycare. Registration forms are available

on the school website.

Submitted by Noonan Elementary Academy,

19131 Henry Drive, Mokena. For more information,

call (708) 479-8988 or visit www.


Queen of Peace brings

STEAM curriculum to life

Queen of Peace High

School has been educating

young women for

more than five decades

and has created an environment

that nurtures and

empowers each individual

to become a confident,

competent and courageous

women ready to succeed in

the world.

“Queen of Peace is

committed to offering a

STEAM [science, technology,

engineering, arts and

math] education to young

women,” said Queen of

Peace Principal Hedi

Belkaoui. “We bring our

curriculum to life in many

ways. Recently, we added

an AutoCAD computer

laboratory, partnered with

Khan Academy and enhanced

our commitment

to Project Lead the Way

by adding additional engineering


“Current PLTW course

offerings include: Introduction

to Engineering

Design, Principles of Engineering,

Civil Engineering

and Architecture and

Biomedical Science.”

In addition to the

STEAM curriculum,

Queen of Peace offers 10

competitive sports, more

than 35 clubs and organizations

and a vibrant performing

arts program that

includes the Peace Theatre

Company and Peace

Dance Company.

Queen of Peace is sponsored

by the Dominicans

of Sinsinawa.

Submitted by Queen of Peace

High School, 7659 Linder

Ave., Burbank. For more

information, email Aubrie

Rizzo at rizzoa@queenofpeacehs.org

or call (708)


16 | August 11, 2016 | 22nd century media education guide


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