We will take the complexity out of electronic catalogues

We do all the work

There is no cost to you and very little of your time required

Exclusive Tabell features to provide you with a competitive


Tabell Communications

Producing Customized Printed and Digital Sales Catalogs

for Wholesale Distributors for over 25 years


The global marketplace is in the midst

of an unprecedented generational

shift from “paper to electronic” –

your seasoned buyers that insisted

on paper catalogs for reference are

leaving the workforce, and are being

replaced by a new age of buyers born

with a «mouse in their hands or a

touch screen device».

The driver to any catalogue or other

communications – paper or electronic –

is data. The purpose is create additional

demand, either upscale of product

or volume for increased revenue and


And if you have ever tried to collect data to produce your own corporate catalogue, you

undoubtedly have found that time and cost are your biggest enemies.

Vendors need to be continually hounded for their data. One company spent three years collecting

their data. Once it is finally received, it then needs to be “scrubbed” in order to fit your data storage

template. And once you have collected the final data from the last vendor, the data collected from

the initial vendors has become stale.





-year-old global



Tabell offers a unique vendor supported

cost containment program, that most of our

customers take advantage of to reduce or

eliminate the cost of improving their B2B

business communications tools we produce.

Tabell Communications is a 25-year-old global

communications company. We have clients in

over 30 countries in 5 continents.

Our sponsoring companies include majority

of the Forbes Global 2000 and Fortune

500 corporations. We have well over 7000





of the Forbes Global



of the Fortune





Your custom catalog

offering cutting edge

technology features that

makes it easy for your

customer to find, select, then

reference the item for easy

order placement, with or

without an e-commerce


We are pleased to introduce the new

Distributors’ Customized Digital Catalog. After

receiving a great deal of feedback on our

paper catalogs and profiles, we will now be

providing our products electronically to you as

an independent distributor:

1. Provide up-to-date product listings and

information through ongoing, real-time

updates for new product introductions,

formula changes and line extensions.

2. Provide multiple means by which to easily

find a product or class of products, through

alphabetical and category indexes.

3. Speed and provide greater ease in finding

a product(s) through hyperlinks by which

your customers can look up a product or

category in the various indexes and click

through to the appropriate page, rather

than having to leaf through a number of


4. Save paper and natural resources, however,

you may elect to print a copy or pages from

your catalog if you so choose, and use your

catalog as Spec Book.

5. Deliver a real-time, interactive catalog to

your customers by which you can better

serve them.

Smartphone-Friendly Format

Take your catalog on the go! The new interactive catalog is compatible with smartphones and

tablets. Whether you use an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device, your customers can now flip

through the pages of your catalog, no matter where you are.

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