Christie CP2220 Datasheet - Christie Digital Systems

Christie CP2220 Datasheet - Christie Digital Systems

Christie CP2220

Digital cinema projection

Color correction/Timing rooms

Digital intermediate suites

Executive screening rooms

Post production

Lowest operating costs in its class

Designed for ease of use and maximum reliability with the majority of screens in

commercial exhibition, the Christie ® CP2220 is an all-in-one digital cinema projection

solution that is the brightest, highest performance projector with the lowest

operating costs in its class. The new user interface and electronics showcase speed

and performance that help make the Christie CP2220 the workhorse of the industry.

As part of the Christie Solaria ® Series of digital cinema projectors, the Christie

CP2220 is based on Texas Instruments’ Series 2 DLP Cinema ® technology and

is compliant with the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specification.

Now available with Christie Previsto

High Frame Rate technology

Christie CP2220


Purpose-built for exhibitors, the Christie CP2220 delivers 22,000 lumens with only a 3kW

lamp, making it the most cost efficient projector in the industry. The Christie CP2220 is

built on proven and reliable 1.2" 2K DMD DLP Cinema technology, featuring a contrast

ratio greater than 2100:1 and is upgradable to 4K.

Featuring an internal universal switching lamp

power supply, the Christie CP2220 provides

maximum performance and reliability.

Additionally, the Christie CP2220 is up to 50%

smaller by volume than other projectors on

the market and can be placed on a variety

of rack stands and pedestals. Available as an

optional accessory, the motorized lens mount

is the fastest and most accurate available on

the market. It is compatible with Christie’s

complete line of zoom lenses.

Based on the popular CP2000-ZX platform,

the Christie CP2220 offers Brilliant3D full 2K

resolution triple flash for 3D projection and

built-in support for HDCP and de-interlacing of

alternative content. Using the Texas Instruments

1.2" DMD allows for bigger and brighter

3D movies and more efficient cooling which

extends the life of the projector. The ergonomic

design offers simplicity of use in a robust and

reliable package.

With an optional motorized lens mount,

designed specifically for use in theatrical

exhibition, the Christie CP2220 promotes

longer lamp life, lower cost of ownership

and greater reliability than the competition.

In addition, the Christie CP2220 was designed

to allow a convenient field upgrade to 4K,

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providing you with an additional return

on your investment.

Now with Christie Previsto High Frame

Rate (HFR) technology, your investment

is ready for the next evolution of digital

cinema. Display premium 2D/3D HFR

feature film and alternative content in its

original format, giving your audiences the

best visual experience possible.

2K, Series 2 DLP Cinema technology

DCI compliant

Easily upgradable to 4K

3D ready

Lowest cost of ownership

Accessories – for easy integration into any

environment, Christie’s full range of digital

cinema accessories includes the Christie

Integrated Media Block (IMB), Christie

Cine-IPM 2K for alternative content, the

Christie SKA-3D for economical Audio/

Video processing, the Christie ACT

automation control system, and a full suite

of lenses and lamps.

Standard support for HDCP, SNMP and VNC

Split power operation for use with UPS

Local control via flexible Touch Panel

Controller (TPC) and full access from

anywhere via web service based GUI

One-piece compact design for flexible

mounting and installation

Operates with standard 2kW, 3kW and high

performance 3kW cinema lamps

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Performance specifications are typical. Due to constant research, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Printed in Canada on recycled paper. 3410 Oct 12

Specifications CP2220

Brightness¹ lamp • 2.0kW (CDXL-20) 003-000598-XX

• 3.0kW (CDXL-30) 003-000599-XX

• 3.0kW (CDXL-30SD) 003-001165-XX




frame rates

Contrast ratio


micromirror device

Input line voltage

Number of colors


Power supply



Top view

Independent sales

consultant offices


ph: +39 (0) 2 9902 1161

nominal • 22,000 lumens

• 70' screen 1

• 2D up to 120 fps,

3D up to 60 fps/eye 2

• >2100:1 full field on/off

• 1.2" 2K 3-chip

DMD DLP Cinema

• 2048 x1080 pixels

• Upgradable to 1.38" 4K

(4096 x 2160 pixels)

• Single phase 220V

• 35.2 trillion

• See

• 3.3kW low-ripple switch mode

lamp power supply

• As installed: 256lbs max (116kg)

Christie Integrated Media Block

(IMB) 108-384107-01

• Variable aperture kits 38-813028-51

• Nema-L6 30A 250V male PWR

plug w/1.5m cord 116-102104-01

• Rack mount stand 108-416102-01

• 3 phase to 1 phase 208V/120V

power distribution unit


200.0 [7.88] 570.8 [22.47]

200.0 [7.88] 570.8 [22.47]



158.4 [6.24]

158.4 [6.24]






**WITHOUT LENS** 466.7 [18.38]

466.7 [18.38]

Side view

R 265.5 [10.45]



265.5 [10.45]




1174.8 [46.25]

1174.8 [46.25]

1063.7 [41.88]

1063.7 [41.88]


311.2 [12.25]

[12.25] 640.6

640.6 [25.22]






1 Maximum screen size depends upon various factors such as

screen gain, lamp age, geometry, etc. Consult your Christie

representative for detailed analysis. Measured at screen center.

2 To learn more about high frame rates and the next evolution

of digital cinema display see Christie’s High Frame Rate

technology overview.

DLP Cinema

2009 Academy Scientific and

Engineering Award for Color Accuracy

® Technology

A.M.P.A.S. ® Recipients of the 2009 Academy Plaque are

D. Scott Dewald, Greg Pettitt, Brad Walker and Bill Werner.