Caribbean Times 72nd Issue - Tuesday 16th August 2016


Caribbean Times 72nd Issue - Tuesday 16th August 2016

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Tuesday 16th August 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Everton Barnes

Prime Minister, Gaston

Browne, returned to the island

over the weekend with

his family following a vacation

to discover that his

home had been broken into

during his absence.

Public Safety Minister,

Steadroy Benjamin said the

matter is the subject of an

intense investigation and

when caught the culprit

will be prosecuted through

the legal system.

Reports are that the thief

or thieves made off with a

cont’d on pg 2

The 3rd Trinidad Sea Scouts paid a courtesy call on the Chief Scout, His Excellency Sir Rodney Williams,

Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda yesterday. The 48 strong contingent is celebrating

their 85th year in existence with a camp which is being held in Antigua from 8-18 August. The group

is presently camping at Wesleyan Junior Academy on Fort Road.

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Tuesday 16th August 2016

Nominations open for 2016 National Youth Awards

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By Joanna Paris

The Department of Youth

Affairs has opened nominations

for the 2016 National

Youth Awards.

Social Marketing and

Media Officer within the

department, Daryl George

indicated that the National

Youth Awards over the years

has been used as a catalyst

towards encouraging youth

to reach their fullest potential.

George noted that the

annual event also highlights

the individual and collective

contributions of young people

in Antigua and Barbuda.

Among the past winners

of this prestigious award is

athlete Tahir Walsh, who is

currently at the Rio Olympics

with the Antigua and

Barbuda delegation.

Others include publisher

of the online magazine

Black Girl in the Ring, Linisa

George and soca artiste

Tian Winter.

George encouraged the

By Everton Barnes

Former parliamentarian, Eustace Cochrane,

will receive an ‘official’ funeral

when the nation honours the former Cabinet

Minister on August 26th.

The funeral service will take place at the

St John’s Pentecostal House of Restoration

Ministries on Lauchland Benjamin Drive.

Both Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, and

Opposition leader, Baldwin Spencer are expected

to participate in the service.

Cochrane represented the All Saints East

and St Luke constituency from 1984 to 1994.

public to nominate persons

under the age 35 who are

making positive contributions

to their community and

nation building as a whole.

The nominees should be

in good standing in society

and also should be nationals

of Antigua and Barbuda.

George added that the

submission forms are available

from the Department of

Youth Affairs. He said that

each area has specific guidelines

to assist persons in selecting

deserving youth.

Among the categories for

nomination are: Education,

Sports, Agriculture, Media,

Tourism, Corporate Awards,

Entrepreneurship, Barbuda,

The Phoenix Award, Visual

Arts, Community Service,

Young Activist, Lifetime

Adults Award, Young Professional,

Cultural and Performing

Arts, Literacy Arts,

Visual Arts and Young Pioneer.

The deadline for the submission

of nominations is

September 30 th .

George said that the actual

date for the 2016 National

Youth Awards is still being


Official funeral for Cochrane

cont’d from pg 1

number of electronic items

such as laptops, I-pad, kindle

and other such devices.

“The Prime Minister

is very disappointed and

peeved that his home had

been the subject of a breakin

when it is supposed to

be under 24-hour surveillance

by both eh police

and the Defence Force,”

his spokesman Lionel Max

Hurst stated.

The indication is that

a member or members of

one of the security services

charged with responsibility

to guard and protect the

home may have been involved

in the crime.

Benjamin said the police

wrote in the diary that

there were suspicious signs

But he also served in the Senate for fifteen

years. He was the Minister for Public Works

and prior to being in government he was an

airline executive for many years.

He served for many years as a member of

the executive of the Antigua Trades and Labour

Union. It is expected that on the morning

of the funeral, Cochrane’s body would

be open for viewing at the union’s headquarters,

46 North Street.

Cochrane’s death was ruled to be from

natural causes dispensing the idea that he

was a road fatality.

at the home which he described

as ‘interesting’.

Hurst noted that if in

fact someone from one of

the security branches was

found to be involved in

the crime then this would

constitute a ‘betrayal’ of

the trust placed in this individuals.

“This type of behaviour

is unacceptable,”

he declared.

Tuesday 16th August 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Senate approves Barbuda Land Bill

By Everton Barnes

The Upper House, the

Senate, has approved the

amendment to the Barbuda

Land Act that will to the

Local Government Council

to grant 99 year leases

to Barbudans and investors


Leader of government

business in the Senate,

Lennox Weston, however

made an appeal for consensus

on the development of

the sister island Barbuda.

He made the call when

he introduced the bill in

the senate. Senator Weston

said Barbuda has the potential

to generate hundreds

of millions of dollars

annual for the Antigua and

Barbuda economy and the

amendment is part of the

necessary conditions to

make this happen.

He said it should not be

difficult for all parties to

come together and arrive

at common ground on the

way forward for the sister


According to Weston

Barbuda’ with a land mass

of 62 square miles, makes it

a bigger that islands such as

Nevis, Anguilla and Tortola

all of which have thriving

tourist-based economies.

He said it’s the government’s

intention to see Barbuda

performs just as well

or better.

The leader of government

business said there’s

no reason why Barbuda develop

can’t similar to these

islands without undo harm

to the environment.

“What is so complex

about saying that Barbuda

will be a place for expensive,

high-end tourism

and high-end cruise tourism.

What is wrong about

Family homeless after

fire destroys home

By Joanna Paris

A family of seven has been left homeless following a

devastating house fire at Creekside over the weekend.

Firemen indicated that they were unable to save the

10x20 structure that caught fire around noon on Sunday.

Reports suggested that there was no one at home when

the blaze began at the two-bedroom house occupied by

Donald Morgan along with his fiancée and their five children.

Fire police revealed that the home was not insured and

there was no electricity attached to the building.

Investigators have not ruled out foul pay and the cause

of the fire is currently under investigation.

This is the thirty-fifth house fire for the year, bringing

the total number of fire calls to 255.

saying Barbuda will have

high-end facilities where

guests are charged thousands

of dollars per night,”

he queried.

Weston, who is the junior

finance minister, said

it was unrealistic to expect

investors to want to undertake

major developments in

Barbuda without long-term

leases, which he said is the

next best thing to free-hold


He also noted that while

investors will benefit from

the amendment the people

of Barbuda will benefit as


“This mechanism will

also allow Barbudans to

negotiate mortgages with

commercial banks based on

the longer-term leases.

“This will also enable

more Barbudans to enter

business as it will make

access to financial more accessible,”

he observed.

He disclosed that the

government is asking investors

proposing major

developments in Barbuda

to assist with critical infrastructural


For example, the government

is trying to raise

the money necessary to undertake

major redevelopment

of the island’s airport.

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 16th August 2016

By Joanna Paris

After an intense session of debate,

the Senate sent back the Statutory Corporation

(General Provisions) Bill to

the Lower House of Parliament particularly

for the revision of Clause 7.

The bill applies to provisions of the

act to statutory corporations for the

purpose of utilizing the available administrative,

professional and technical

resources within the service of the

government, to improve administrative


It seeks to regulate the administration

of statutory corporations in Antigua

and Barbuda.

The debate began with the leader of

Government Business, Senator Lennox

Weston outlining the contents of the


“This is what is being proposed by

the Cabinet and the parliament as they

judgement as to what would reduce

conflict, enhance efficiency, prevent

victimization, prevent political savagery

and to prevent Ministers from

just firing and hiring at will”, indicated

Senator Weston.

However, Senate Minority Leader,

Senator Harold Lovell was not buying

it. Lovell described the bill as “one

Three face drug charges

By Alecia Mc Pherson

Police arrested three last

Friday for illicit drugs following

a search warrant execution

at the home of Arthur

Salmon at Rose Street


Andre James 38 of All

Saints Village was charged

with unlawful possession

of 11.4 grams of cannabis;

Kelesha Octave 36 of

Grays Farm and Lensford

Clarke 26 of Ottos were

jointly charged with unlawful

possession of 23.9

grams of cannabis.

All three accused were

present at the home when

officers from the CID

and Narcotics Department

arrived to conduct

the search at about 2:30

p.m. on August 12 th , 2016.

Two small transparent

bags containing cannabis

were found in a northern

bedroom which the accused

Clarke occupies, the substance

weighed 23.9grams

with an estimated street

value of $239.00 EC.

Accused James claimed

ownership of another quantity

of cannabis found in

the grocery shop situated

on the said premises,

it weighed 11.4 grams

with an estimated street

value of $114.00EC.

In court, James pleaded

guilty and was ordered to

pay a fine of $350 forthwith

or serve three months in

prison; for the joint charge

Octave pleaded not guilty

and the charge was withdrawn

against her; Clarke

pleaded guilty and was

fined $500 forthwith in default

two months in prison.

Senate rejects Statutory Corporation bill

of the worse piece of legislation that I

have ever seen”. He went on to say that

the bill gave too much power to Ministers

of Government and added that contrary

to what is being purported, it will

not increase efficiency.

He strongly voiced his lack of support

for the legislation.

“They will want us to be misled that

the act will improve efficiency but in

fact, when you go through it, it is the

complete opposite, instead it is not to

improve but rather to create a deceptive

veil and framework which will give the

Minister power to do as he feels when

he feels”, said Senator Lovell.

Similar opinions were voiced by

colleague Senators, Damani Tabor, Jacqui

Quinn and Shawn Nicholas. Senator

Quinn memorably described the bill

as “a dictatorship bill”.

Government appointed Senators

Wrigley George, Londel Benjamin and

Osbert Frederick in a surprising turn of

events voiced their dissatisfaction with

the contents of the bill and asked for it

to be sent back to the Lower House for


Senator Mary Claire Hurst, however,

chose to stand by her party’s decision

and indicated that she had con-

Senator Lennox Weston

fidence that the Gaston Browne led

administration would not in any way

“try to victimize anyone or practice any


In his wrap up, Senator Weston sort

to clarify the “misconceptions” he said

that was voiced by some members of

the house.

He too indicated that the bill does

not support any illegal practices or dictatorship.

Senator Weston emphasized that the

bill is aimed at maintaining a structure

of good corporate governance.

In the end, the Senate voted to send

the bill back to the Lower House with

specific concern about Clause 7 of the

legislation, which outlines the provisions

for the secondment of employees

of statutory corporations.

Tuesday 16th August 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Alleged thief remanded to HMP

By Alecia McPherson

Corwayne Campbell,

George Baron, Jason

Weekes, and Ashley Chin

all inmates at Her Majesty’s

Prison have been jointly

charged with Unlawful Possession

of 93.8grams of cannabis,

and Unlawful Possession

with Intent to Transfer.

Last Thursday officers

from the Narcotics Department

responded to a report

that Illicit drugs were found

in the inmates’ cell at the

prison. Prison officers stated

that they found one transparent

bag consisting of 238

Juvenile facing attempted

murder charge

By Alecia McPherson

A 16-year old male of Cassada Gardens having been

charged with the attempted murder of a Potters Village

man appeared yesterday before Magistrate Clarke at the St.

John’s Magistrates Court.

It is reported that last Wednesday the complainant was admitted

to MSJMC with a single stab wound to the upper left

chest. Reports are that the stabbing incident was as a result

of a confrontation between both parties around 3:00pm that

day, during which the accused allegedly used a pair of scissors

to inflict the wound.

The accused has been remanded to HMP and will return

to court on November 11th, 2016 for committal date for Trial

at the High court.

By Deborah A. Parker

Legal matters against Soca Monarch

Tian Winter were adjourned yesterday.

Winter, who was charged with

battery and threatening language in

May, made his third court appearance

before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel on

Monday morning.

By Deborah A. Parker

A known offender, who was in court

last week on house break-in and larceny

charges, has been slapped with additional


Jhonte Scotland appeared before

Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel yesterday

for the alleged theft of alcoholic

beverages and other items valued at


Scotland allegedly broke and entered

into a York’s Village property on

August 7th, and allegedly stole the said


In the previous offence, Scotland allegedly

stole items valued over $8,000.

This includes a cable drill, an electric

sander, a weed Wacker and the keys

to a Rav 4 Jeep.

It is understood that the Criminal

Investigation Department (CID) also

has further interest in Scotland, regarding

other matters.

The offender has been remanded to

St John’s Police station.

He is scheduled to return to court

on August 18th.

Tian’s matters adjourned

The prosecution however asked for

a short adjournment, since only earlier

in the morning a statement relating to

the case was received.

Winter’s attorney, Everton Gonsalves,

also made application for disclosure

of the file.

The matter will be heard again

on August 29th.

Inmates facing charges for illicit drug

small zip lock bags each

containing cannabis.

The drugs were stashed

in the roof of the cell which

is occupied by all of the defendants.

None of the defendant’s

admitted to the allegation.

They each claim that

they do not know how the

drug got there. The substance

weighed 93.8 grams

with an estimated street value

of $2, 380.00EC.

They all pleaded not

guilty to both charges when

they appeared yesterday before

Magistrate Clarke at the

St. John’s Magistrates Court.

They will return to court

on November 19th, 2016 for


$4,000 bail for Jamaican

By Deborah A. Parker

A Jamaican man charged with receiving obtained bail,

when he appeared before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel yesterday.

Andre Robinson, who has a pending drug-related matter,

was held in connection with goods valued over $2,000.

Bail for the accused was set at $4,000.

He was required to deposit $2,000.

Robinson has also been ordered to report to the St John’s

Police Station on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays between

the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Robinson’s matter will again be called on Thursday of

this week.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 16th August 2016

Health City and “Have a Heart”

successfully operate on 100 children


Cayman Islands – Health City

Cayman Islands has achieved

the initial target set by its

founder, Dr. Devi Shetty,

when it successfully completed

100 heart procedures for

children from families with

limited financial resources.

In partnership with the

Have a Heart Cayman organization,

Health City was able

to operate on young patients

from the Caribbean, Central

America and countries as far

away as Kenya and Mongolia.

Encouraged by achieving

its 100-procedure goal,

Health City and Have a Heart

Cayman are aiming higher by

planning to treat 365 children

with severe heart problems in


Dr. Shetty, Chairman of

Narayana Health and Founder

of Health City Cayman

Islands, is determined that

no child is refused healthcare

due to a lack of financial resources.

As the personal physician

of the late Mother Teresa,

who inspired his philanthropic

undertakings, Dr. Shetty

has performed more than

4,000 pediatric heart surgeries

in India at no cost to families

in need.

This charitable mission

was expanded to reach sick

children in the Caribbean

and South America when Dr.

Shetty built Health City Cay-

Founder of Health City Cayman Islands, Dr. Devi Shetty

man Islands in partnership

with the U.S.-based Ascension.

Dr. Chandy Abraham,

CEO and Head of Medical

Services at Health City, appreciates

deeply the partnership

with Have a Heart Cayman:

“It is truly an honor to

be partnering with Have a

Heart in order to give these

children hope for a long and

healthy life.

“Our team works hard to

ensure these children are given

access to the highest quality


Resident Health City

physicians Dr. Binoy Chattuparambil,

Dr. Sripadh Upadhya,

and Dr. Sumit Modi,

and their medical teams have

performed medical procedures

which saved, or vastly

improved, the lives of children

from Bolivia, Dominica,

El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras,

Jamaica, Kenya, Mongolia,

Nicaragua, St. Kitts, and St.

Vincent through their partnership

with Have A Heart.

Other charitable organizations,

including Ascension,

Digicel Foundation, Haiti

Cardiac Alliance, Operation

Blessing International, Rotary

Club of Grand Cayman,

Samaritan’s Purse, and World

Pediatric Project have contributed

to the expenses of the

children and their families.

“It is an honour to be able

to help these children get

the procedures and surgeries

that they need,” said Harry

Chandi, Chairman of Have a

Heart Cayman. “Without the

support of all these organizations

these children would

not have had access to such

world-class medical care. As

always, a big thank you to

those at Health City for offering

their skills to help these

children get well.”

Founded in 2015, the vision

for Have a Heart Cayman

evolved from Have a

Heart India which has helped

some 8,000 children to date.

Just over a year after

Health City Cayman Islands

opened in 2014, the facility

earned the prestigious Gold

Seal of Approval from Joint

Commission International

(JCI), the worldwide leader

in accrediting the quality of

healthcare. (Caribbean360)

Tuesday 16th August 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Students and schools benefit from FCCA

Foundation Children’s Essay Competition

Pembroke Pines, FL - The

Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association

(FCCA) is pleased

to announce the winners of

the 2016 FCCA Foundation

Children’s Essay Competition.

The competition invites

students from schools around

the Caribbean and Latin

America to submit essays and

then awards the students and

schools to help further their

education. In total, this year’s

contest will provide nearly

$20,000 to the participating

students and their schools.

“There is nothing more

fulfilling than helping children,

and I am proud of all the

ways the FCCA Foundation

achieves this,” said Michele

Paige, President, FCCA. “The

Essay Competition is particularly

special because it directly

benefits children’s futures

and encourages them to continue

striving in their scholastic

endeavors, while helping

their schools develop more

exceptional students.”

This year’s essay contest

attracted entries from 21

countries, who wrote what

they would want to see and do

in their destination as a cruise


All the essays showcased

the students’ excellence in

writing, as well as knowledge

of their destination and the

ability to entice the FCCA

readers to experience new


Understandably, it was difficult

to choose winners, but

first, second and third place

was awarded to participants

from the junior division, consisting

of students between

nine- and 12-years-old, and

the senior division, featuring

students between 13 and s16.

The 2014 winners are:

First place in the junior

division was Janae Elisha

Rodriguez from Belize, and

Jacinth Hunkins from St.

Maarten took the gold in the

senior division.

The first-place winners

and their schools will receive

$3,000 academic scholarships,

and the winners and

a chaperone will be invited

to accept their prizes at the

FCCA Caribbean Cruise Conference

& Trade Show Opening

Ceremony in San Juan,

Puerto Rico on Tuesday, September


Second place in the junior

division was Danny Kish

from Cayman Islands, and

Hailey Morris from St. Kitts

earned the honors in the senior

division. Second-place

winners and their schools will

receive $1,500 scholarships.

Third place in the junior

division was Jordan Fleming

from St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin

Islands, and Alanis Matos

Plá from Puerto Rico took

bronze in the senior division.

Third-place winners and their

schools will receive $1,000


To reward all the students

and schools for their great

efforts, all other finalists and

their schools will receive

$200 scholarships.

The FCCA and the FCCA

Foundation is proud to offer

opportunities like these to assist

the youths in its partner

destinations throughout the

Caribbean and Latin America.

The FCCA Foundation

provides a tangible mechanism

for the cruise industry to

fund a range of humanitarian

causes in Caribbean and Latin

American destinations.

Since its establishment in

1993, the Foundation has benefited

thousands of citizens by

providing funding and countless

hours to causes and charities

throughout the regions. In

addition to assisting deserving

institutions like charities and

hospitals and aiding during

crises like natural disasters,

the Foundation executes annual

projects, including the

Holiday Gift Project, which

delivers thousands of presents

and smiles to underprivileged

children during the holiday

season, and poster and essay

competitions to award students

and schools.

Created in 1972, the FCCA

is a not-for-profit trade organization

that provides a forum

for discussion on tourism development,

ports, safety, security,

and other cruise industry

issue and builds bilateral relationships

with destinations’

private and public sectors.

By fostering an understanding

of the cruise industry

and its operating practices, the

FCCA works with governments,

ports and private sector

representatives to maximize

cruise passenger, crew and

cruise line spending, as well

as enhance the destination

experience and increase the

amount of cruise passengers

returning as stay-over visitors.

Informative, reliable, enriching!

Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 16th August 2016

New Zealand cops inaugural

Miss Regal International Crown

By Joanna Paris

The winner of the inaugural

2016 Miss Regal International

competition is Miss

New Zealand Adele Krantz.

The prestigious pageant

took place at Runway 10 located

at Barnicle Point Saturday


The event featured 15

talented and beautiful young

women from across the

world, who competed in the

swimwear, performing talent

and evening wear segments.

Miss Philippines Tracey

Del Rosario was adjudged

2 nd runner up, while Miss

Nigeria, Chizoba Ejike, was

awarded the 1 st runner up position.

Krantz, a photographer

by profession, is now the

new ambassador for the

pageant and is expected to

represent the brand internationally.

CEO and founder of the

pageant, Calvin Southwell

expressed that he is pleased

with the production and congratulated

all of the participants

for their commitment

and dedication throughout

the entire process.

He expressed that the

competition has raised the

international awareness of

Antigua and Barbuda.

Tuesday 16th August 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

Board of Education hosts beach cleanup

On Saturday, August 13th, 2016, the

Board of Education’s Social Club undertook

its first outreach programme. The

group, which recently adopted a section

of Shell Beach in Coolidge, braved the

inclement weather conditions and came

out in their numbers to clean the beach.

As a socially responsible corporate organization,

this is just one of many projects

which will be aimed at improving the

communities within which we live. As

part of that thrust, the group placed two

garbage drums at the site in the hopes of

encouraging persons residing in the area,

visitors and the general public to do their

part to keep our beaches and nation clean.

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 16th August 2016

Monday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Down the quarterback

5. Emmets, e.g.

9. USPS alternative

14. Privy to

15. It went nuts on October

27, 1986

16. Mother-of-pearl

17. November 2000 event

20. Ended an argument amicably

21. Onassis nickname

22. Life’s building block

23. ‘’___ by any other name

. . .’’

24. Venomous snakes

27. Flights with no instructor

29. Word with dish or dust

33. Ardor

37. Cyclotron particle

38. Groups of plants

39. Big-time sport

42. His wings melted in the


43. Eggs partner

44. It rides on runners

45. George W. Bush, e.g.

46. Serenity

48. Old Testament book

50. Sunday supper, perhaps

55. Homophone of so

58. Very petite

59. Slide fastener

60. Words of warning

64. Nettle

65. Inert gas

66. Luminosity measurements

67. Rolls of film

68. Satisfy completely

69. Small opening


1. Greek letter

2. Lend ___ (listen)

3. Oceanfront flat, often

4. They’re covered with caps

5. Memo acronym

6. Art Ross Trophy org.

7. Woods’ prop

8. Light dishes

9. Surround

10. Antislip device

11. Hydrochloric solution

12. Word with curtain or lung

13. Horne or Olin

18. Laments

19. Prior to, in poetry

24. Burn relief

25. Former Winfrey rival

26. Untidy ones

28. They can be essential

30. Type of exam

31. An account of incidents

32. Grabbed onto

33. Send forth

34. Intertwine

35. Tragedy by Sophocles

36. Ephron and Dunn

38. Boil

40. Easy victories

41. Olympian Devers

46. New York City borough

47. Cause one to stumble

49. N.Y. museum

51. Starts the bidding

52. Time for an umbrella

53. Brief argument

54. Rendezvous

55. Boom or gaff

56. Sea eagle

57. Dine partner

59. Geographic region

61. Remote letters

62. Pod dweller

63. Malarkey

Tuesday 16th August 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Mainly sunny.

High - 85ºF

Low - 78ºF

Wind: East 12 mph

Sunrise 5.51 am; Sunset 6.31 pm

Monday’s Crossword Solution


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). A person

who is willing to put the

best of their effort toward creating

with you is about as amazing

a gift as you could wish for

at this point in a project. Don’t

take this opportunity lightly.

Devote yourself fully to the collaboration.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

You have easier access to the

heart of your love than you have

in a long time. What gives you

this open door? Trust. You’ve

earned it by doing as you say

you will or better.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Motive — that’s what you’re

in tune with. You know human

nature. It’s why no one can

get away with anything seedy,

sneaky or sketchy around you.

They’ll act right, if only because

they’re scared of you.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

You won’t have to talk about

your work, defend your actions

or explain yourself in any way.

You’ve earned this. You’ve already

proven yourself and now

they’ll step back and watch you



21). If the efforts are strong

but the plan is weak, the results

will fail. Check the foundation.

Gather opinions about the blueprint.

Ask the old-timers for advice.

With this approach, your

hard work won’t go wasted.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Who’s going to play for

Team You if you don’t? Pick

yourself and do it early in the

draft. Whatever doubts you

showed before, now is the time

to compensate for them. Vote

for yourself loud and proud.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18).

People are generally on their

best behavior for the first week

on the job, or in the new relationship

or residence. It doesn’t

take too long for old habits to

set in, though. Heed all early

warning signs as prophecies.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

You can’t help but have a kind

of admiration for the one who

breaks the rules. But the one

who doesn’t even realize there

are rules to begin with will astonish

you, and likely follow

that up by getting on your last


ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Wanting isn’t an entirely uncomfortable

emotion, although

it certainly has its agitating

qualities. Those are the aspects

that motivate and focus you.

Embrace your hunger as a unifying

and energizing internal


TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

You put yourself in a good

mood because you’re drawn to

high-minded activities. You’ll

dwell on inspiring text, contemplate

expansive spiritual concepts

and revel in the beauty and

creativity that’s all around you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

You’re more interested than you

were, less than you will be. This

is the sweet spot of attraction,

impossible to savor because

you’re too deep in the chase of

it. Retrospect will bring a lot of

attention and love on this day.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

You don’t need a miraculous

twist of fate to make this relationship

work. All you need is a

clear understanding of what you

want and what the other person

wants, and a sincere desire to

learn how to bring those things


12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 16th August 2016

Are you a farmer, artisan, tour operator or resident of the

Jennings, Bolans, Urlings or Old Road communities? Are

you interested to hear how climate change and environmental

issues are going to be tackled in your community? Then

join the Department of Environment on Monday 22nd from

6pm to 8pm at the Jennings Primary School, so that we can

ride the climate wave together!

The principal and staff of the Ottos Comprehensive School

wishes to inform the general public of its registration date,

for students who have gained scholarships to the Ottos Comprehensive


Registration of new students and collection of text books

will be held on Tuesday 16th August, 2016 on the school

compound, between the hours 9:00am – 12:00pm.

Parents/ Guardians are asked to bring along the following

documents when coming to register your child/children:

• Registration Fee of $225.00

• Book Clearance form from previous school

• 2 RECENT passport size photos

• Original and photocopy of Birth Paper

• Original and photocopy of Health Card

• Copy of Passport information page and original


• Non- Nationals- Copy of Passport page showing

time in the country and Passport

• Pen and note book to write down the name of books

issued to the students

The collection of textbooks for students transferred to the

Ottos Comprehensive School will also be on Tuesday 16th

August, 2016 at 9:00am.

Education for Advancement hosts “Open House” on Wednesday

24th August 2016 from 5:00 pm at the NATIONAL


Participants will receive information on ONLINE EDUCA-




All unemployed persons who are between the ages of 17 - 50

years and who are interested in participating in ABSTEP Temporary

Employment Programme and ABSTEP Training Programme

and have not participated in ABSTEP previously are

asked to register as a Jobseeker at the One Stop Employment

Centre. During the registration process Jobseekers need to indicate

their interest in ABSTEP so that they can complete a Social

Security Consent Form.

The documents required for registration are a copy of your

resume, original and a copy of relevant certificates, passport,

social security and medical benefits cards, and driver’s license

(if any).

Jobseekers who have registered with ABSTEP before October

2015 and have never participated in ABSTEP are asked to

come in to the Centre to sign a new Consent Form.

OSEC is located on Old Parham Road next to Antigua Motors.

Please call 562-8533 or 462-STEP for more information.

The missions department of the Kentish Pentecostal Church invites

you to a grand street fair on Saturday 27 August, on Armstrong

Road, Gray’s Farm.

This will be held under the theme: Missions is who we are,

Missions is what we do.

Our Street Fair will be held from 10am to 4:00pm.

There will be lots on sale including food, drinks clothes and

much more.

Do support this worthwhile effort in sending the Gospel out into

the world.

The fair will end with a great gospel concert from 4:30 to


Come on out on Saturday 27th August on Armstrong road and

support this worthwhile cause.

It promises to be a great day of fun and fellowship for the entire


The 49th Annual ABABWF National Bodybuilding, Body

Fitness, Womens Physique, Fitness, Bikini & Male Physique

Championships is slated for August 27th 2016. Advance

Tickets Only: EC$60, Venue: Grand Royal Antiguan Resort,

7pm sharp. Tickets are available at National Fitness Gym,

Torturers Gym, Lifetime Fitness, Xtreme Health & Fitness &

Athletic Club. Special thank you to our sponsors: The Ministry

of Sports, Global Bank of Commerce, Biohealth Medical

Laboratories, Frank B Armstrong, Occasions Party Rentals,

Torturer’s Gym, Roberts & Co Attorneys at Law, Stingray

City, Tiger Fitness, Mingles Salon, Barbuda Express, Marble

Inc Pro, Anjo Wholesale, Anjo Insurance Company Ltd,

Hadeed Motors, Transcaribbean Marketing, Dion Haywood,

Flo’s Perfumery & Signs & Impressions & Burt Kirchner.

Tuesday 16th August 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

WICB Chairman of Selectors

response to PM Ralph Gonsalves

Dear Prime Minister

Thank you very much for your correspondence

dated August 10, 2016.

I have known for a long time of

your deep interest and commitment to

West Indies Cricket, but having said

that, I must admit that I was taken by

surprise by your letter.

Therefore, I think I need to correct

and/or clarify the process that was followed

by myself as Chairman of Selectors.

Please note that Mr. Courtney

Walsh, Mr. Eldine Baptiste, Mr. Phil

Simmons and myself consider cricket

matters only when selecting teams and

recommending a choice of West Indies

captain to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Sammy has served well as T20

Captain and he along with the current

group of players have delivered two

World Cups and brought much pride

to the Caribbean.

However, as we look forward to the

next World Cup and begin to develop

a team for our defense of that title, the

selectors had to assess the suitability

of the captain to take the team forward.

The fact is Mr. Sammy’s personal performance

as a bowling all-rounder has

been lagging for over a year.

A prime example of such it that

Mr. Sammy bowled ten (10) overs between

January 2015 to April 2016 in

eleven matches which is less than an

over a match and also has a batting average

of 10.20 runs per innings for the

same period.

The Captain of any West Indies

team must have solid performances

and Mr. Sammy did not meet such

a standard, and therefore could not

make the squad of thirteen as a player

at this time.

Mr. Carlos Braithwaite who is a

former captain of the Barbados team,

West Indies High performance team

and the West Indies “A” team has a

leadership background.

The selectors firmly believe that

Mr. Brathwaite’s strong performance

as a cricketer, his deep commitment

to West Indies cricket as evidenced by

his service to regional and international

cricket and his excellent attitude on

and off the field, strongly qualifies him

for the position. Mr. Brathwaite has a

group of experienced players around

him who can assist in the transition

which the team needs to become one

that can defend our title at the next

World Cup.

As a former West Indies cricketer

myself I would never hold a thirty-seconds

conversation with Mr. Sammy on

such a serious issue of captaincy. I do

not think it serves any useful purpose

at this stage to contradict Mr. Sammy’s

interpretation of that event.

However I made many efforts to

get in touch with Mr. Sammy and finally

reached him to convey the selectors’

decision which we intended to

recommend to the Board.

The typical process would be that

the Board would meet to review the

selectors’ recommendation and make

a decision, as it is only the Board that

can appoint the captain. However Mr.

Sammy broke established protocol by

choosing to go to social media to announce

his removal before the Board

met to review our recommendation

and make a final decision.

I note your suggestion regarding

Mr. Sammy’s further involvement but

these are matters that should be handled

by West Indies selectors and team

management only. The role would suggest

that Mr. Sammy has retired from

T20 cricket and we have received no

such official notification.

I would urge Mr. Sammy to take

advantage of the regional competitions

and put in strong performances

and attempt to regain his position in

the ODI and T20 teams. Note, many

cricketers and even great cricketers

have been dropped, have re-established

themselves and have returned to

the West Indies teams. The next World

Twenty20 is due in 2018.

I think your action in writing to me

on these cricket matters as Chairman

of Selectors, is unprecedented. That

notwithstanding, I have responded to

you as honestly and as frankly as I can.

I hope that you would have confidence

in the capacity and judgment

of the selectors and myself to take the

best decisions in the interest of West

Indies Cricket based purely on the

principles of selection that we follow.

On occasions, selectors are required

to make tough decisions including

the removal of a captain, but

cricket performance and the best interest

of the team always guide these

decisions as it does now in the case of

Mr. Sammy.

Finally, on a more positive note I

hope you are enjoying the fighting

performance of our young Test team

against number two-ranked team India;

many of whom are beneficiaries of

the new Professional Cricket League

(PCL) that was implemented recently

by the West Indies Cricket Board.

That League is about to start its third

season in November this year.

Sincerely Yours,

Courtney Browne

Chairman of Selectors

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 16th August 2016

By Carlena Knight

With a number of injuries

plaguing our Olympic team

a moment of true hope and

pride was felt for the twin island

nation as Cejhae Greene

left his heart on the track in

the men’s 100m semifinals.

Greene who barely qualified

for the semis in a time of

10.20 looked unfazed as he

sprinted down the track by his

world class counterparts, Usain

Bolt of Jamaica and Andre

De Grasse of Canada in the

first semifinal race on Sunday


The 20-year old athlete

who despite finishing in 7th

Greene inspires a nation

in a time of 10.17seconds

and not moving on to the finals

felt an outpour of love

and support from Antiguans

and Barbudans and much deserved

respect from the region

and the international body.

The first time Olympian

expressed his gratitude to the

public for their unwavering

support via Facebook.

“OMG! Where do I start.

The energy, love and support

that I’ve been receiving from

the people of Antigua and

Barbuda since the start of the

Cejhae Greene

games has been ridiculous.

I went out and competed the

only way I knew possible,

with all my heart!!! Gave it

my all! And without the support

of my people reaching

this far would’ve been an

even more difficult task. So

for that I say Thank you guys

so much.”

“I am proud to say that at

20 years of age, I competed

with the best of the best and

made it to the semi-finals.

By Carlena Knight

A number of injuries have now

plagued the 4x100m relay team at the

Rio Olympics.

Medal hopeful, Miguel Francis, sustained

a hamstring injury on August 6th

with speculation stating that he would

not compete in the 200m.

A released statement by Doctor

Philmore Benjamin, who is also in Rio,

confirmed the country’s fears as Francis

was ruled out of the Games completely

not only for the 200m on Tuesday

but also the relay team in which he

is a key part of.

The downward spiral continued

after Daniel ‘Bakka’ Bailey failed to

start his race in the 100m semifinals on

Sunday night, leaving the country disappointed

and confused.

Benjamin confirmed yet again our

worst fears as Bailey who under went a

surgery approximately 11 months ago

for right inguinal hernia complained of

pains thus resulting in his absence from

the race.

‘Despite the discomfort, Bailey

tried to give it a go but the pain became

unbearable which forced him to

withdraw from the race’, stated Doctor


‘It is a high possibility that Bailey

will not compete in the 4x100m relay

team on Thursday’, stated Joel Rayne,

the journalist in Rio.

Rayne also hinted in a previous interview

that Chevaughn Walsh, another

member of the team is battling with an

Something that was once a

dream to me now a reality.

My goals are much greater,

for I know my abilities and

where I want to be.”

Greene then went on now

focusing his attentions on the


‘The job is not done however,

we still have the 4x100m

left and the guys here and I

will go out and put our best

foot forward and represent

with Pride!”

Injuries plague Olympic relay team

injury but did not comment further on

him instead making claim that the team

itself may not participate.

“We know Miguel is out and Bakka

could also be but I have received

reports that Chevaughn Walsh is also

battling an injury.

“The status on him is however not

concrete but it is highly likely that our

relay team may not compete seeing as

we only have two extras here, Jared

Jarvis who will replace Francis and Tahir

Walsh who would step into Bailey’s


With the heats for the 4x100m relay

only days away, the status of our

team is very uncertain.

Caribbean Times will bring you updates

on this story as it develops.

Tuesday 16th August 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

WICB Retired Players Foundation

plans massive event in 2017

By Vanroy Burnes

The West Indies Cricket Board

(WICB) Benevolent Fund, also known

as the West Indies Retired Players Foundation

is targeting March 2017 to host a

massive event to release information on

all those who have represented the region

in international cricket.

The planned event which will coincide

with the 2017 tour to the West Indies

by England will consist of three one day

internationals in Antigua & Barbuda and


Chairman of the foundation, Dr. Nigel

Camacho said they are looking at initiatives

which they hope to have completed

By Vanroy Burnes

The West Indies Cricket

selectors has named 24 year

old Trinidad & Tobago left

handed batsman Evin Lewis

to replace his fellow country

man Lendl Simmons in the

ICC world T20 Tournament

in India.

The 24 year old will join

the team ahead of the global

event, he is yet to play at the

international level, but has

played for Trinidad & Tobago

Red Steel in the Caribbean

T20 and the champions

League. He also played for

the Trinidad & Tobago Red

Steel and the St. Kitts & Nevis

Patriots in the Caribbean Premier


Chairman of the West

Indies selection panel Clive

by year end.

These he listed as the complete database

with all the retired players for the

West Indies.

Camacho said, this is critical as they

plan to get it done as one of the major

projects for this year. To date there are

307 players in the test format, 171 in the

ODI’S and 63 in the T-20.

The chairman noted that since the inception

of the foundation in 2014 a number

of events has been hosted to include

launches in at least five countries and a

golf tournament in Barbados last year

which raises funds to assist several retired

players and the fund has distributed

Lloyd said Evin is a young

and excited batsman who the

selectors believe will fit into

the team set-up, he has the

ability to perform at this level

of the game.

Lloyd said, his selection

is in keeping with their policy

to expose young & talented

By Carlena Knight

The Benna Princesses ended their run in

the 2016 Under 15 girls CONCACAF Championships

winless after falling to Bermuda in

their final game of Group E on Sunday in Orlando,


A 7-1 thrashing by Bermuda ended any

hopes of the young team advancing on from

the group stage after losing their other matches

to The Bahamas and Cayman Islands.

Zolique Samuel was the lone scorer for

players that will carry West

Indies Cricket forward. Simmons

became the third player

to with draw for the team that

was selected.

The West Indies arrived

in Kolkata on Monday after a

two week camp in the UAE,

where they won all four warm

US $15,000.00 from various pledges.

The Directors along with chairman

Camacho carrying on the work of this

WICB initiative are Major Radcliffe Daley

of Jamaica, Sanjay Amin of Barbados,

Nixon Mc Clean and Wavell Hinds

of WIPA.

Among the activities planned in the

upcoming year are a fund raising dinner/

outreach public awareness to collate information

for retired player’s database.

There will also be an advertising campaign

to complete the database.

The next fund raising event will be a

golf tournament in the Cayman Islands

later this year.

West Indies selectors name 24-yearold

Evin Lewis to replace Simmons

up matches. They will have final

warm up matches against

India and Australia on March

10 th & 13 th .

The West Indies are in

group 1 of the super 10 stage

with England, South Africa,

Sri- Lanka and one team qualifiers

from the first round.

Benna Princesses fall to Bermuda

Team Wadadli.

Despite the outcome, goalkeeper coach,

Nikiesha Samuel expressed her love and support

for the young and upcoming team congratulating

them on their efforts.

‘Tough loss for my girls but I’m still very

proud of them. The future of female football

is bright once we continue to push for improvement’.

The all female contingent is expected to

return home later this week.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 16th August 2016

Holder takes aim at Windies

batsmen after recent defeat


– West Indies captain Jason

Holder has taken a swipe at

his batsmen after his side

crashed to a humiliating

237-run defeat against India

in the third Test here on Saturday.

Facing a victory target

of 345 after India declared

nearly an hour into the morning

session; West Indies imploded

for 108 in about two

sessions to hand India the

series at the Darren Sammy

National Stadium.

India now lead two

games to nothing with the

final Test scheduled to start

on Thursday.

“We haven’t been able

to put up reasonable first-innings

totals which have

hampered us in the recent

past. If you don’t put up a

good first-innings total, then

you are chasing the game,”

Holder said.

“We need to knuckle

down. As batsmen, we

need to be accountable for

our actions. At the top, predominantly,

we haven’t been

consistent; not getting starts

we’ve been looking for.”

Left-hander Darren Bravo

top-scored with 59 but

was one of only three frontline

batsmen to reach double

figures and the only one to

pass 12, in a humiliating display.

In the first innings, the

homeside was bowled out

West Indies captain Jason Holder

for 225 after being placed at

202 for 3.

The young Windies skipper

says his batsmen were

overly cautious and failed to

learn from flaws made in the

first innings.

“I think the difference

from here to Jamaica is that

we also spent time but we

didn’t score. I think most

of the batsmen have spent

some time initially but they

haven’t tick over the scoreboard

as well as we would

like,” Holder said.

“I can’t speak for every

batsman and it is a situation

where each batsman needs

to cope, how we are going

to score and how we are going

to occupy the crease. So

sitting here is difficult to answer

but all I can say is that

the responsibility is on the

batsmen at the present time.”

Holder has also lamented

what he termed a disparity

between first class cricket in

the region and Test cricket.

“It is a situation where

many of us coming to international

cricket and are trying

to learn on our job. It is

far different from first-class

cricket,” he said.

“For instance you get

a first-class game where a

fast bowler hardly bowls the

amount of overs we have

bowled in this series. For the

last five to 10 years we have

had spinners dominating

first-class cricket in terms

of wickets taken. So it is a

transition that we have to try

to open up and adjust to as

quickly as possible”. (CMC)

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