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Message From John Tower


The property market is being

stimulated by investors.

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A quarterly magazine

published by

Tower & London

2 3

The property market is being stimulated by investors.

Confidence is returning to the property market largely as a result of interest rate reductions; in fact, it

generally started late last year when we noticed offers matching the asking price were coming in soon

after the property was listed. One measure that many commentators use is the Auction Clearance

Rates: in February and March 2013 these rates in Sydney were 65% and 64% respectively, according

to Domain’s APM. Overall, Sydney’s house prices have increased slightly over the past 12 months from

December 2012; yet, home unit prices increased by about 6% over the same period, this could also

be attributed to increase in sales

of, the usually higher priced, new


The same pattern is followed

in Sydney’s Lower North shore

property where the house values

increases have been modest

over the same period above,

unit prices have increased at a

higher pace; for example, in the

North Sydney Local government

area, prices jumped by 8%

according to figures obtained

from REINSW Property Profile.

These figures will have to be

seasonally adjusted, but it is

a marked increase in values,

and more interestingly over a

relatively short period of time,

largely the second half of 2012.

Despite these encouraging

figures, The December 2011

base figures were an aberration








House Sale Prices


Jun-09 Sep-09 Dec-09 Mar-10 Jun-10 Sep-10 Dec-10 Mar-11 Jun-11 Sep-11 Dec-11 Mar-12 Jun-12 Sep-12 Dec-12

North Sydney 990 1,135 1,130 1,300 1,258 1,201 1,186 1,215 1,200 1,195 1,276 1,400 1,362 1,452 1,475








Mosman 1,950 2,050 2,000 2,150 1,988 2,110 2,285 2,350 1,850 2,010 1,780 2,175 2,010 2,030 2,050

Willoughby 1,150 1,164 1,250 1,312 1,345 1,285 1,250 1,301 1,327 1,240 1,250 1,235 1,230 1,250 1,265

Apartment Sale Prices





Jun-09 Sep-09 Dec-09 Jun-10 Sep-10 Dec-10 Jun-11 Sep-11 Dec-11 Jun-12 Sep-12 Dec-12




North Sydney 519 550 610 635 645 616 630 620 619 598 590 625 621 627 640

Mosman 529 527 620 695 603 643 645 651 618 610 570 622 623 640 655

Willoughby 499 520 563 570 600 581 582 600 605 600 570 580 580 585 600

in my view because they dipped in December and

then quickly bounced back in March 2012 in the

three lower north shore local government areas

we cover in this report. When the March 2013

figures are released, we’ll have a more informed

look at the previous 12 months movement, then

the figures will probably show a slower rate of

increase; albeit, an definite increase.

One can only explain this increase in values by

the increase of number buyers returning to the

market; and perhaps the lack of properties on the

market to satisfy this new level of demand; but,

what we have found to be of substantial increase

is in the property investor segment; particularly, in

the $500,000 to $1million bracket for apartments,

near the railway stations in good buildings. In the

September quarter 2012, I reported ever so slight

increases in property values and more or less

pronounced the bottom of the market had been

reached earlier that year. This was partly because

investors had begun enquiring, making low offers,

and being prepared to negotiate a reasonable sale;

those early investors have, by now, already saved

their Stamp Duty as there values have increased

enough to cover their purchasing expenses.

Investors drive these types of properties that

attract quality tenants; when they’re not buying,

property values stagnate. As interest rates

tumbled over the term of 2012; rents increased

steadily during that period, and the year before,

despite doldrums in sales. This combination of

rising rents and reduction in interest rates usually

passes unnoticed for about six months to a year;

the cleaver investors can sense it, and pick up a

couple of bargains; and then, the rest will be in

on the action. Until, what we saw in 2003, where

some solicitors and accountants from the suburbs

where colluding with developers to sell to their

clients investment properties will guaranteed

returns, that would never be achieved once the

guarantee period had expired, leaving them well

short of servicing their loans; culminating in forced

sales. Lastly, right at the tip of the cycle: property

spruikers appear, selling sham developments

to mums and dads in high pressured sales


Six months have definitely passed since investors

started buying again, and as mentioned, the

cleaver ones had started earlier. A full quarter in

2013 has passed, with a high percentage in auction

clearance; asking prices are being matched on

Private Treaty sales; and the early signs are that

values have continued to creep upwards. We are

well into the year now, there’s still a shortage of

properties at around the popular $1 million mark.

Investors are well and truly stimulating the market.

John Tower

M.D. Tower & London

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Registered Property Valuer

4 5

Refurbishing Properties

Are you the owner of an investment property that has seen

better days? It may be time to think about refurbishing your

property to maximise your potential income.

Refurbishing your investment property has many benefits

beyond the pure cosmetic. A well designed, well maintained

refurbishment can increase the immediate rental value of

the property, impact the quality of tenants you attract, and

influence the value of the property if you decide to sell.

Whilst refurbishing may seem daunting, with large upfront

expenses, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Simple changes

such as new light fittings, carpet or a fresh coat of paint, are

affordable and are the best ways to add quick value to your

property. Similarly, giving your kitchen or bathroom a quick

facelift with new doors and handles can drastically change

the look of a room.

In addition to increasing the rental value of your property,

a well presented & well maintained property will not only

increase the your rental value, more importantly it will

impact on the quality of applicants you receive and also can

eliminate lengthy vacancy periods between tenancies.

Regardless of the size of your refurbishment project, any

expenses relating to updating your investment property not

only increase the property’s value, but also increase your

depreciation allowances, meaning that you can claim back

on expenses in the future.


Jessica Brincat

Property Consultant

Tower & London



Almost 80% of property investors (www.bmtqs.com.au)

are missing out on thousands of dollars in depreciation

deduction from their rental property. In the current

economic climate, it is important for the investors to obtain

the greatest return from their investment property.

There is a common misconception that only new properties

are eligible for depreciation. This is not the case. Whilst

it is true that new properties attract higher returns

of depreciation, older properties can produce attractive

returns also. In fact, in 99% of cases (www.austtaxonline.

com.au), a deduction of some tangible value is attainable.

As a building gets older and items within it wear out, they

depreciate in value. The ATO allows Property Investors

to claim a deduction related to the building and plant and

equipment items it contains. This deduction essentially

reduces the investment property owner’s taxable income

– they pay less tax!

All ATO specified plant and equipment items as well

as building write-off allowance (where the building qualifies)

can be claimed. Plant and equipment items are basically

items that can be ‘easily’ removed from the property

as opposed to items that are permanently fixed to the

structure of the building. Plant items include mechanically

or electronically operated assets, even though they may

be fixed to the structure of the building. Some examples of plant

and equipment items include: hot water systems, carpets,

blinds, ovens, cooktops, rangehood, garage door motors,

air conditioning, and free standing furniture. The building

write-off allowance is based on historical building costs

of the building and includes the bricks, mortar, walls,

flooring, wiring etc. From the date of construction

completion, the ATO has determined that any building

eligible to claim depreciation has a maximum effective life

of 40 years. Therefore, investors can claim up to 40 years

depreciation on a brand new building, whereas the balance

of the 40 year period from construction completion

is claimable on an older property.

Sophie Wang


Tower & London

What can Tower & London do for you?

Executive Leasing

The main thrust of the business is its leasing department. The majority of the residential leases are negotiated

to company executives, general managers and diplomats. The properties leased are middle level to exclusive

apartments, most with prime harbour views. Many major Australian and international companies have entered

into leases with Tower & London.

Property Sales

Apart from considerable private treaty and auction experience Tower & London assist in decorating the property

for sale or auction in order to realise the highest possible sale price. The sale price often exceeds their valuation.

Tower & London have sold every property listed within the exclusive agency period.

Property Management

Our property management team is focused on delivering the highest quality of customer service and in turn

ensuring our clients’ interests are a top priority. At Tower & London we have a full time Trust Account who is

dedicated to ensuring our clients financial matters are given the attention they deserve.

Property Refurbishment

Tower & London manage small refurbishment projects. Often apartments in prime locations require upgrading

in order to maximise returns and increase owner’s equity. Over the years, Tower & London have accumulated an

efficient team of tradespersons to undertake such projects with high quality and care.


Property valuations for any purpose are prepared within 48 hours. Expert advice is provided on many technical

issues concerning property values. Comprehensive feasibilty studies and Discounted Cash Flow analysis (DCF)

are conducted on small to medium developments and refurbishment projects.

Commercial Sales and Leasing

Tower & London has a dedicated commercial department specialising in sales, leasing and management of

commercial offices, industrial and retail premises. Our clients love the prompt efficient service they receive as

we treat them like a big fish in a small school. No property is too big or too small, from small office suites to large

industrial facilities. John Wood can tailor a sales or leasing campaign to put the focus on your property.

6 7

Residential Sales

709/2 Dind Street, Milsons Point

For Sale $1,350,000

Residential Sales

Spectacular Harbour Views From The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is a luxuriously appointed modern building in prime location in

Milsons Point, with first class amenities and 24 hour concierge. Set in midlevels,

this superb 2 bedroom apartment enjoys sweeping harbour views

from every room; the harbour bridge, in full view, is prominent from every

window; like a post card from the living room. Two marble bathrooms, the

master is lavish; and a delightful kitchen with quality fittings and stone

benches. The balcony, accessed from the living room and the main bedroom,

is private, sheltered and capacious with a great view. Not just car space, but

a separate lock-up garage on title.

2 2

Details and Viewing:

John Tower or Jessica Brincat

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: reception@towerlondon.com





Residential Sales

2003-2013/30 Glen Street, Milsons Point

For Sale $900,000

11/1 Harbourview Crescent, Milsons Point

For Sale $1,700,000

Residential Sales

Dual Apartment With Spectacular Views


Mirvac on Lavender Bay

The Colonnades is a famous building located diagonally across the park from

Milsons Point station; and it comes complete with resort style amenities.

This dual key apartment occupies the 20th floor capturing spectacular views

of the harbour and the Opera House from the rounded point of the building;

resembling the fabulous buildings of a bygone era in New York. Internally

this cleaver property has two separate flats, in fact most of them on this side

of the building were designed to this type, but few have such spectacular

views. Currently returning about $1,000 per week; an impressive and solid

income, at a fair and reasonable asking price.

2 2 1

Details and Viewing:

John Tower or Jessica Brincat

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: reception@towerlondon.com


Away from the bustle of Milsons Point, opposite Clark Park there is an icon

in the area: Helmspray, is one of the original quality buildings in Lavender

Bay/Milosns Point area developed by Mirvac, arguably, Australia’s best

development company; a relatively small well-built block, substantially

owner occupied, with another access form the side lane to Milsons Point

station. Unit 11 is perfectly positioned to capture pleasant views of Lavender

Bay and the tranquil sounds of ropes ringing the boat masts. Accommodation

comprises three bedrooms with ample hanging storage, two superbly

renovated bathrooms, a quality kitchen with breakfast area, semi enclosed

dining room, lounge and all the bedrooms are wrapped in balconies, laundry

and storage.

3 2 2

Details and Viewing:

John Tower or Jessica Brincat

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: reception@towerlondon.com




Residential Sales

1205/38 Alfred Street, Milsons Point

For Sale $1,350,000

507/2 Dind Street, Milsons Point

For Sale $1,000,000

Residential Sales

North Eastern Aspect In Port Jackson Tower

A Quintessential Milsons Point Apartment

Port Jackson Tower is a tightly held quality building in a perfect a location

in Milsons Point. Apartment 1205 is ideally positioned, high on the north

eastern side of the building; bathed in sunshine in winter; floor to ceiling

glass walls wrapped by balconies with some main harbour views. Three

bedrooms, all with built-in; two bathrooms, breakfast area in the kitchen,

laundry and ample storage, lends this apartment to a very comfortable

home. The building: one of the best managed in the area, has a great indoor

lap pool and gym/sauna facilities. Two side-by-side parking spaces on title

and ample visitor parking. Freshly painted and updated, ready to move in;

this property is an absolute gem.

3 2

Details and Viewing:

John Tower or Jessica Brincat

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: reception@towerlondon.com



The Pinnacle has been described as “the benchmark in Architectural

Excellence this level of quality certainly ranks it as one of the best buildings

in Milsons Point; ideally positioned at the edge of the high-rise precinct, with

resort like facilities including a lap pool and a great gym. This elegant two

bedroom apartment has a massive living area finished with solid parquetry

timber floors spanning 8.4 meters, on one end is the kitchen on the other a

large window with diagonal views of the western end of the harbour. Two

fully fitted bedrooms with ample storage, the second is larger than most;

two marble bathrooms that only pictures do justice; the kitchen is a delight

with quality appliances, a square useful balcony and a lockup garage.

2 2 1

Details and Viewing:

John Tower or Jessica Brincat

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: reception@towerlondon.com




Residential Sales

611/88 Berry Street, North Sydney

For Sale $540,000

6/187 West Street, Crows Nest

For Sale $420,000

Residential Sales

Stylish One Bedroom in North Sydney

Located on the edge of North Sydney in the “Harbourwatch building, this top

floor one bedroom apartment boasts modern spacious interiors combined

with an ideal location, only moments from the heart of North Sydney’s CBD

and a short drive over the bridge to the city.

The property includes a generous bedroom with built in wardrobes, modern

kitchen with combined living and dining area, well-appointed bathroom and

balcony capturing water views over Neutral Bay.


1 1

Details and Viewing:

John Tower or Jessica Brincat

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: reception@towerlondon.com



Newly Refurbished One Bedroom Apartment

With Lock Up Garage

This bright and well maintained one bedroom apartment is located in a

quiet yet convenient position within a small security building. The building

is ideally located within walking distance to all amenities and offers rapid

access to the CBD. The property has a balcony off the living room and lockup



1 1 1

Details and Viewing:

John Tower or Jessica Brincat

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: reception@towerlondon.com




Residential Sales

401/206 Ben Boyd Road, Neutral Bay

For Sale $485,000

902/12 Glen Street, Milsons Point


Residential Sales

Spacious & Bright One Bedroom Apartment

With Sunroom

Located in a prominent medium rise building in the heart of Neutral Bay, this

spacious one bedroom apartment with sunroom would make a perfect first

home, or an ideal investment. Featuring a modern kitchen, internal laundry,

open living room with the added space of an adjoining sunroom. The

bedroom is perfectly positioned with sweeping views across Neutral Bay.

Situated in a secure, well located building with beautiful gardens and

outdoor pool, the property includes one secure car space and is minutes

away from Neutral Bays fabulous shopping and dining district.


1 1

Details and Viewing:

John Tower or Jessica Brincat

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: reception@towerlondon.com



Modern Apartment with Great Views

Large and modern one bedroom apartment with great views over Lavender

Bay. The property features a generous bedroom with built in robes, a well

appointment bathroom plus powder room, beautiful timber floors and an

expansive balcony to take in the wonderful views of Lavender Bay.

Secure parking for one car, gym & pool in building


1 1 1

Details and Viewing:

John Tower or Jessica Brincat

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: reception@towerlondon.com




Residential Lease


202/5 Harbourview Crescent, Milsons Point

For Lease $2,000pw

Brand New- Chic harbour front



501/20 Alfred Street, Milsons Point

For Lease $2,500pw

Residential Lease

Spectacular Views From ‘The Point’

Situated on the second floor of Milsons Point’s newest

development, Halcyon, this is a truly impressive apartment

offering style & luxury as well as a level of appointment

suitable for the most discerning executive.

Located on the picturesque Lavender Bay, the property

offers spectacular views & sits only minutes from all that

one of the world’s most desirable cities has to offer.

Open plan living areas lead seamlessly onto the spacious

balcony with unsurpassed views of Sydney Harbour.

Occupying the premium corner position in The Point

development, this is a truly impressive apartment offering

award winning design and luxurious appointment. Floor

to ceiling glass encases the open plan living area providing

jaw-dropping Harbour Bridge & Harbour Foreshore

views. The living area wraps around to the spacious open

Winter Garden with unsurpassed views of the Harbour

and Bradfield Park below, perfect for those lazy weekend

brunches or relaxed entertaining.

3 3 2

3 3 2


2301/37 Glen Street, Milsons Point

For Lease $1,250pw

Breathtaking Views Across the



19 Bayview Street, Mcmahons Point

For Lease $1,500pw

Fabulous Harbour Views

Situated on the 23rd floor of the Peninsula Tower, this

three bedroom apartment encompasses magnificent

views from every window. The property boasts generous

open plan living spaces framed by two balconies opening

up to sweeping views of Sydney Harbour stretching as far

as the Blue Mountains. Featuring three bedrooms each

with their own unique views, the master includes a walk

in robe and ensuite, whilst the remaining bedrooms are

equipped with built-ins.

This prestigious two bedroom town house boasts priceless

harbour views capturing both the iconic Sydney Harbour

Bridge & Opera House. Watch the boats sail past from the

entertaining deck or the beautifully landscaped courtyard.

The split level townhouse offers spectacular views from the

formal lounge & master bedroom. The spacious kitchen

has a beautiful marble bench & European appliances as

well as plenty of storage. The bathrooms are beautifully

appointed, ensuite includes a spa bath. The property also

includes a study, wine cellar, & parking for one car.

3 2 2

2 3 1



Residential Lease

Residential Lease

1707/30 Glen Street, Milsons Point

This prestigious two bedroom apartment boasts serene harbour views

over Lavender Bay captured by the beautiful floor to ceiling glass that

encases the living room. The apartment offers a modern kitchen with

hardwood floors, gas cooking, stainless steel Bosch appliances & plenty

of storage as well as an internal laundry. The property has recently been

updated with fresh paint and flooring.

2 2 1 $850pw

1204/38 Alfred Street, Milsons Point

Located in the landmark building Port Jackson Tower this apartment

features a large living area with, and floor to ceiling glass capturing

amazing views. Two spacious bedrooms, large kitchen and bathroom,

sunny balcony with Internal laundry & one security parking. This building

offers a gym, sauna, pool and spa.

2 2 1 $850pw

604/8 Glen Street, Milsons Point

This is a truly impressive fully furnished apartment offering style &

luxury as well as a level of appointment suitable for the most discerning

executive. The spacious open plan lounge and dining area has wonderfully

high ceilings and opens to a fabulous entertaining deck with spectacular

Lavender Bay views. Available for lease until NOV 2013

2 2 1 $1,250pw

908/12 Glen Street, Milsons Point

This one-bedroom apartment is perfectly located, close to the harbour

foreshore, cafes, ferry wharf, and Milsons Point train station. The

apartment itself features a large bedroom, combined living & dinning,

modern bathroom, and balcony. Building facilities include a swimming

pool and gym.

1 1 $480pw




60 Upper Pitt Street, Kirribilli

A Light and Airy One Bedroom in Neutral Bay. Enter a house brimming

with classic Victorian charm and tranquility. The property offers formal

lounge and dining areas with high ceilings, large windows capturing plenty

of natural light. The house features a spacious kitchen, which is extended

by a family room overlooking a magical, child-friendly rear garden.

4 2 1 $1,200pw

131/48 Alfred Street, Milsons Point

Peaceful One Bedroom Apartment with views over Lavender Bay.

This one bedroom unit situated in the heart of Milsons Point offers

superb views over Lavender Bay. The property is furnished, and features a

stunning balcony overlooking the harbour. In addition there is one security

car space and the building offers a gym and indoor pool.

1 1 1 $680pw

1305/38 Alfred Street, Milsons Point

Modern high rise building in the most prominent location in Milsons Point.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom apartment perched on the 13th floor enjoying

outstanding views of the Harbour & Kirribilli. Security building, balcony,

internal laundry, , parking, pool, gym, spa & sauna facilities.

3 2 1 $950pw

34B/2 Brady Street, Mosman

This immaculately presented spacious 2 bedroom apartment in the exclusive

Bridlewood Gardens complex. Generous size open plan lounge and dining

which flows out onto a fabulous under cover balcony making it ideal for

alfresco dining and entertaining. Gourmet granite eat-in kitchen with gas

appliances and dishwasher. Ducted air-conditiong and 2 security parking.

2 2 1 $775pw







Commercial Sales

What Drives Yields?

Welcome to the commercial section of our

Autumn Quarter edition of The Property Review.

In this article we will look at some of the principal

drivers of property yields that influence returns

on commercial, industrial and retail property in


The Australian Dollar

In the short term the Australian dollar is supported

by a strong association with Asian markets, the

strongest growth region in the world. There has

been a 400% increase in merchandise exports

from Asia since the late 1980s. This has resulted

in an increasing demand for our commodities

resultant in stronger terms of trade.

In addition to our stronger terms of trade our

much higher interest rates compared to the US

dollar reflect the higher return position of the

Australian economy. Given monetary policy in the

US and Europe and, very recently, the dramatic

devaluation of the Japanese yen, this position is

likely to persist for the medium term.

Overall the above influences indicate a relatively

stable Australian dollar with any downside

counterbalanced by an improvement in the

affordability of our exports.

Borrowing and some technical stuff...


Real Estate Investment Trusts , “REITs”, are listed

property investment entities which can be traded

on stock exchanges. Net Tangible Assets “NTAs”

are calculated as the total assets of an entity,

minus any intangible assets such as goodwill,

patents and trademarks, less all liabilities and the

par value of preferred stock. Also known as “net

asset value” or “book value”.

The property sector has seen a reduction in

REIT leveraging to less than 30% during the last

5 years. This has resulted in lower borrowing

costs and an increase in price to NTA ratios.

The lack of confidence in growth in the non

mining sector has held back demand for increases

in leverage notwithstanding a general trend of

borrowing costs falling below property yields

across most sectors.

Re-emergence of property as a preferred


The post GFC period saw a strong demand for

secure deposit and cash linked offerings plus

a higher level of super fund inflow into deposit

accounts. The resulting fall in deposit interest

rates plus stable property returns is likely to

attract investors back to the property sector. This

sentiment is reflected in strong REIT returns.

Super funds looking to fund long term annuity

streams will encourage the creation of

development/financial models to meet this



The “boom and bust “ cycle which afflicted the

economy in previous cycles has been largely

avoided in the post GFC due to an absence of over

supply of investment property. Non residential

approvals indicate this situation will continue for

at least the next two to three years.

Despite falling borrowing costs, stable rental

growth and moderate market confidence there

is little to indicate an improvement in supply.

Once growth expectations take a more positive

outlook the impact on capital values and yields

will begin to improve. There is also an expectation

of improved activity once the tight financial

conditions ease.

Property yields

Falling bond yields and stable rental returns have

resulted in below average yields in the industrial

and office markets. There are expectations that

the yields will increase in the medium term

however net face rental growth has exceeded

long term averages in the office and industrial

sector indicating a built in slowing of forward

pricing and yield.

The retail sector is heading into largely unknown

territory as the impact of on line shopping

on demand for speciality retail space is fully

understood and addressed. Lower demand for

retail space will inevitably result in longer vacancy

periods which will impact on yield and growth


Yields by Sector

Sep 12

20 Year


Retail – Regional Centre 6.1% 7.0%

Prime CBD Office 7.5% 7.5%

Industrial – Grade A 8.5% 8.8%

Source: CBRE

Net Face Rental Growth

Last 12


20 Year


Current Growth

Relative to 20

Year Average

Retail 1.8% 3.6% -1.8%

Office 3.9% 2.6% 1.3%

Industrial 3.1% 1.3% 1.8%

Source: CBRE

In summary falling lower bond yields and falling

interest rates are indicative of softer growth

expectations and stable property yields. Current

conservative market pricing should ensure a

stable market in the foreseeable future resulting

in limited downside to capital values.

I hope this gives you an insight into the business

end of property investment and some of the

more technical aspects of that market. In the

next edition we will see how this affects the

commercial market on the lower north shore,

particularly the most popular and affordable local

strata commercial, industrial and retail sector.

Until then remember “An investment in knowledge

pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin

John Wood

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Commercial, Industrial and Retail



Commercial Sales

G01/15 Atchison Street, St Leonards

For Sale $560,000 + GST

Lot 12/26 Ridge Street, North Sydney

For Sale $165,000 + GST

Commercial Sales

Ground Floor Professional Suite

-Super Super Investment

Small Office - Big Ideas

•Near New Building...

•74 Sq Metres

•Extensive fit out consisting of reception area,

meeting room, general office area and large private

executive office

•Own Kitchenette

•Maximum Exposure To Atchison Street

•Fully Leased Until 31st March 2013

•Gross Annual Return $36065 Gst Exclusive

•33 Sq metres

•Functional fit out

•Character building

Consider the opportunity to join the corporate world at an

amazing $165000 (+ GST) entry point. This is a character

building with an eclectic mix of owners and occupiers.

Level 6 location enjoys a broad vista of Sydney all the way

to Botany Bay!




Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com

56 Beaumont Road, Mount Kuring-Gai

For Sale $36,160 + GST






Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com

9/9-11 Chaplin Drive, Lane Cove

For Sale $625,000 + GST






Last Large Vacant Block In

Mt Kuring-Gai

•Zoned general industrial

•Ideal contractors yard

•Near level approx 3460 sq metres building area

•Very secure site

•7 Metre wide access to beaumont road

•High side location

The last opportunity to acquire a substantial site in the

mt kuring-gai industrial estate. Mostly vacant land with

existing approx 216 sq metre metal working/welding shed

at rear - council approved

Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com







High Tech Industrial Unit- Hugely

Motivated Vendor- Security Estate

Modern high tech industrial unit located in the Lane Cove

Industrial area. It consists of ground floor warehouse

area (104 sqm) and mezzanine level air conditioned office

space (88 sqm). The total strata plan area is 248 sq metres

inclusive of car parking - 4 car spaces in total.

Chaplin Drive is a precinct of modern, recently developed

industrial buildings and has easy access to the Gore Hill,

M2 & M7 freeways. All major Sydney industrial areas are

serviced by this network

Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com

Commercial Leasing

302/161 Walker Street, North Sydney

For Lease- Realistic Market Expectations

Shop 4/59-67 Strathallen Avenue, Northbridge

For Lease $48,000 + GST

Commercial Leasing

Sharp Fit Out - Sharp Pricing

Main Road Retail With All Day Parking

Retail Exposure At Office Rental





•125 sq metres approximately

•Internal Kitchen



•General Office Area

•2 Offices/Meeting Rooms

This 125 sq metre office has a lot to offer with a very

versatile layout. Walker House is conveniently located near

Berry Street. Security car space in basement of building.

Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com



91sq 7

•91 sq metres

•Central location

•10 minutes to the 3 cbds

•Modern refurbished centre

•Look at the rent only $48000 pa + gst

Looking for exposure and client parking??

Look no further!!

Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com

47/221 Miller Street, North Sydney

For Lease $20,800 + GST

Shop 1/144-150 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst

For Lease $39,300 + GST

Top Of The Town

Level 13, 221 Miller Street

Prime Street Frontage Retail

•52 Sq Metres

•Quality Furniture Included

•2 Offices Reception Utility Room

•Massive Window Space And Natural Light

•Top Quality Executive Suite

•Busy Precinct

•50 Metres From Oxford Street

•Good Exposure and Signage

•Long Term Lease Available

•Approximately 32 sq metres

1 Security basement car space @ $380 pcm + levy + gst

This is a great opportunity for the switched on retailer to

capitalise on this inner city location. Busy yet friendly with

an eclatic mix of bypasses and neighbours.



52sq 1

Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com




Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com



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