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Dubai Police Celebrates the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Awareness and Cultural Magazine Quarterly- ( 24 Issue ) July 2016, Published by The General Department of Anti-Narcotics - Dubai Police

My journey from the hell of drugs to the bliss of life

The story of a family and its

patience and love towards its addict son

Family Time Management

Taking Care of Minor Addicts

Drugs…the Poisonous Evil

Dubai Police Celebrates

the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Dubai Police arrested an Asian man and

seized 6.5 kilograms of heroin from him

Under the patronage of His Excellency Major General Khamis

Mattar Al Muzainah, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police

and Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant

Commander of CID, the International Day Against Drug

Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was commemorated at Dubai

Festival City. The event was organized by the Awareness

and Prevention Department of Dubai Police by the name,

“Cohesive Family”, with the participation of more than 10

police departments as well as the members of the public.

Major General Al Mansouri, while honoring the attendees

for their support for the cause, passed on the greetings

of Major General Khamis Mattar Al Muzainah, Commanderin-Chief

of Dubai Police, for their participation and sincere

efforts in cooperation with the Dubai Police to eradicate

illegal drug activities from the Emirate of Dubai.

He expressed his appreciation for His Excellency Al

Muzainah, for his interest and support in the vital field of

security, and his adherence and eagerness to embody the

strategic visions of His Highness Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin

Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of

Interior. He also thanked the various competent authorities

involved in combating drugs and related criminal activities

in Dubai.

The Major General also said that the interest in building a

cohesive and healthy family is the right way to overcome

the evils of drug abuse. He noted that the UAE is not a

manufacturing base, and that most of the illegal drugs

were confiscated from smugglers who took advantage

of the open skies and the lenient economic legislation

on tourists and other visitors. He emphasized that the

war against drugs was a public responsibility that was

to be taken seriously. He concluded the ceremony, once

again expressing his gratitude for the parties supporting

the General Department of Anti Narcotics of the Dubai

Police in the year 2016, including the Emirates Nationals

Development Programme, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

Islamic Cultural Center, Emirates Islamic Bank, Dubai

Festival City and the Beit Al Khair Society.

For his part, Colonel Eid Mohammed Thani Harb, director

of the General Department of Anti-Narcotics, explained

that the department was keen to make this year’s events

balanced in its message to the public, and to make the

occasion suitable for a more diverse class of age, education

and culture. He also expressed his sincere appreciation for

all those who participated in the activities of the day.

The opening ceremony was attended by Brigadier Abdullah

Al Ghaithi, Director of the General Department of Protective

Security and Emergency, Colonel Eid Mohammed Thani

Hareb, Director of the General Department of Anti-

Narcotics, Lt. Colonel Juma Sultan Al Shamsi, Director of

the Department of Drug Awareness and Prevention of the

General Department of Anti-Narcotics and Ms. Nora Abdul

Aziz Amiri, representative of Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

Islamic Cultural Center of Department of Islamic Affairs

and Charitable Activities in Dubai, as well as several other

members of the Dubai Police.

Dubai Police found 6.5 kg of heroin in possession

of an Asian man who hid the heroine above a

false ceiling in his house located in Al Jafiliya in


According to Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al

Mansouri, Assistant Commander in Chief of Dubai

Police for Criminal Investigation Affairs, the Anti-

Narcotics Department arrested an Asian farmer,

24 years old, for possessing, consuming and

promoting narcotics. The department received

confidential information upon which the security

teams set a plan to arrest the criminal and seize

the narcotics, through an operation characterized

by accuracy of the information, and the quality

of planning and performance. This reflects the

adherence of the Anti-Narcotics Department and

competent authorities in Dubai to the security

of the society, and their devotion and dedication

to the tracing and arresting all criminals who are

trying to smuggling or promotion of drugs on

the UAE.

Colonel Eid Mohammed Thani Hareb, Director of

the Anti-Narcotics Department, said they received

information about a man living in Al Jafiliya Area

in Dubai abusing and promoting drugs among the

young Emirati nationals and residents in Dubai.

After verifying the information, a security team

raided his apartment and arrested him, and after

searching the apartment, the team found 6.4kg

of heroin in blocks and capsules that he kept

in plastic bags, cardboard boxes and a wooden

box. They were all found in the false ceiling in the


Accordingly, he was referred to the concerned

authorities, and subjected to laboratory tests

which tested positive for consumption of opium.

Colonel Eid Hareb confirmed that the Anti-

Narcotics Department is keen to unite its cadres,

and exploit all human and technical capabilities

to thwart more drug-related criminal activities.

He also praised the team which carried out the

operation, stressing the importance of the role

of the various segments of society in the fight

against drugs, and asked the people to call

the free hotline 800 400400 or email dpan@ if they suspect anyone of

being involved in drug activities.


Heroin is one of the most dangerous types of

drugs, because it affects directly on the nervous

system in humans, as well as other damages,

including disorders of mental function, sleep and

breathing, a sudden disruption in the high or low

blood pressure, causing damage to heart valve,

causing clots in the arteries of the brain which

cause different types of paralysis and seizures,

followed by death as a result of inflammation of

the spinal cord.

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Taking Care of Minor Addicts

Fadila Al Moaeini- the Director of the External Offices of Al Bayan Newspapers

My journey from the hell of drugs to the bliss of life

The story of a family and its

patience and love towards its addict son

The subject of the Cover

By Khadija Ali Al Shahi – Watani Al Emarat Foundation

We face a massive problem when it comes to cases

of drug abuse, especially when we have to deal with

teenage addicts who are a result of an absence of

their families and competent society institutions that

deal with these addicts and their life.

The influence of friends on our teenagers is very high

and sensitive, and many problems are caused by bad

friends in the school or neighborhood.

In most cases of drug abuse, parents do not know

that their child is abusing drugs, and only find out

after a huge incident has taken place and the police

and courts begin to handle the case for prosecution.

Here is the difference between the adult addict

and the teenage addict . We beg our authorities to

cooperate with local society institutions and help the

minors to delay their prosecution as much as possible.

If minor addicts are quickly sent to prosecution, they

will not have time to consider what they have done

and seek repentance. They will learn there how to

be criminals when they communicate with the real

criminals in the central prison.

Sending teenagers to the public prosecution means

preventing them from school and them failing to

attend university. They will not be able to work no

matter how hard they try, even if they have already

repented, because they will not be able to obtain a

certificate of good conduct.

This is the most crucial point, and we are trying very

hard to highlight the importance of repentance with

a little amount of understanding and consideration

from the government authorities (police before any

other authority). We have witnessed many cases

where the teens involved in problems received help

from the police to overcome those issues.

The occasional lack of flexibility, understanding, and

consideration for the minor addict to not be seen as a

criminal before the court will ruin his life and prevent

him from living a healthy future.

We have to develop the role of the police and link

them with local institutions in protecting and taking

care of society’s minors. Convicted minors should

spend their punishment period in special camps or

social services institutions, and after completion of

their punishment period, we should take care of them

and convince them to continue their education no

matter what.

The convicted minors shall spend their punishment

period in special camps or social services institutions

I will tell you today a true story with all its painful

details. It is the story of a young man who has had

a lot of relapses and failures and suffered from the

addiction of drugs. But he was not the only one who

suffered; his family suffered with him too.

The purpose of telling you this story is to spread

awareness against drugs and know the amount of

agony that this family lived because of their reckless

son who bad friends and lost his closest friend because

of overdose.

The exaggerated pampering and staying up late

hours in the night are the first step to drug addiction

My mother used to give me a lot of money, but my

parents were very busy in their works and they

neglected me. I started to stray and used to stay up

late at night. Months passed and I started to look

very weak and I lost a lot of weight, and I stopped my

studies. All this happened, and nobody noticed that I

had become a drug addict.

My sister collapsed when she found out that I am a

drug addict and I tried to commit suicide:

The morning my family discovered that I was a drug

addict was a great shock for everyone. I really was

disappointed because I let my family down. I felt sorry

for my sister who was the first one to know when the

police came to arrest me.

She did not know what to do, and ran to my room

and opened the door to look for me. But I was a huge

mess, and bruises covered my face and body.

My family confronted me and I confessed that I am a

drug addict and it is hard for me to stop doing drugs.

They tried to convince me to stop but I said I could

not, and my brother told me how bad the addiction

had become to my health and me. But I just could not

stop. After many years I decided to commit suicide

by cutting my throat with a blade, but my brother

stopped me from doing so.

I caused pains to my mother, and lost my close friend

because of drug overdose.

That night I went out with my friends to do some

drugs; we were gathered to spend the night and we

did not know that one of my best friends would die

due to overdose.

He suddenly passed away, we were stunned, and I felt

that I would be the next one. We did not know what

to do with his body. How would we tell his family? We

decided to throw his body next to his parents' house,

and escape.

My mother collapsed and she has been in a critical

medical condition for a long time, especially after

knowing that my best friend had died. But she did not

give up on me and insisted to bring me back to home.

I was reborn. My blood now is poison free.

I did not escape the punishment, and through the

years of my jail I decided to repent and go back to

the rightful path. I was really touched by my mother’s

sickness and the death of my friend. I am strong now

and determined to beat this vicious monster. With my

family’s support and the prayers of my mother, I was

able to become a free man once again.

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United Arab Emirates University signed Memorandum of

Understanding with the National Rehabilitation Center

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) signed a Memorandum of

Understanding (MOU) with the National Rehabilitation Center in Abu

Dhabi at the university’s main campus in Al Ain. This is to strengthen

coordination and cooperation in areas of common interest, and

contribute positively and effectively to health, research and social issues

that serve the community.

His Excellency Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chancellor of UAEU, signed the

MOU on behalf of the University, while Dr. Hamad Abdullah Al Ghafri

signed the MOU on behalf of the Center.

His Excellency Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chancellor of UAEU, stressed

the importance of strategic partnerships and their role in supporting

and developing community institutions. This opens up new and exciting

prospects for students by providing training opportunities delivered

by experts. He pointed out that the national university is working to

cooperate with the authorities to deal with different societal problems

and contribute to community awareness.

Dr. Al-Nuaimi said “Signing an MOU with UAEU enhances cooperation

and academic coordination. The exchange of expertise benefits both

parties. Part of its importance lies in the joint efforts to address the

problem of drug abuse in the United Arab Emirates. It also aims to

develop efforts to raise awareness and prevent this social evil”.

The agreement includes developing and delivering academic training

programs and courses that aim to raise awareness and provide

information about addiction. It also provides training opportunities for

students and cooperation in terms of research and other studies.

National Rehabilitation Center

Lifeline for patients of addiction on very confidential basis

Teachers Training School Program

About the early intervention in the problem of the use of psychotropic drugs

The National Rehabilitation Centre, in collaboration with the Abu

Dhabi Education Council, launched a training awareness program

for teachers and the school panel on early intervention for the use

of psychotropic drugs. More than 140 teachers joined the training

program in five schools spread over different areas of the Emirate,

including the eastern and western region.

On this occasion, Dr. Ali Al Marzouqi, Director of Public Health and

Research Department and Spokesman of the National Rehabilitation

Center, said that the launch of awareness programs was the result

of the cooperation between government authorities and private

sector entities that aim to develop a unique and innovative model

in the field of awareness programs. It also aims to employ national

capabilities in the field of social responsibility to combat one of the

deadliest risks in the society, especially to the youth category.

The program included many different topics, including identification

of the types and nature of psychotropic substances, early indicators

of abuse, mental disorders in adolescence, as well as the role of the

academic staff in dealing with students who use drugs, if any.

All school principals have expressed their admiration for the program

and themes presented, which achieve the students’ interest. The

participating teachers have introduced a number of suggestions

for the program derived from the importance of bonding and

communication with the family, such as the development of common

platforms for social networking among students and parents, and

encouraging families to participate in family prevention programs

developed by the National Rehabilitation Center.

The National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) joined the Ministry of Interior

in the global celebrations on the occasion of the annual International

Day Against Drugs on 26 June, which took place at Bawabat Al Sharq

Mall for three days.

International Day Against Drugs focuses on the big role the family unit

plays in the community as the primary barrier of protection against the

dangers of society.

On this occasion, HE Dr. Hamad Abdullah Al Ghafri, Director General

of National Rehabilitation Center, stated that upon the directives of His

Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the NRC will provide

specialized medical services to patients with addiction based on the

best therapeutic practices in this field, and spread awareness against

this scourge through all segments of society. For this reason we have

established this outstanding medical edifice, which is considered as

the first of its kind in the Middle East, in the emirate of Abu Dhabi,

based on our faith in the significant role being played by the center

for the rehabilitation of the addicts. The centre will also help them to

become productive members in society. Treatments are being done

in full confidentiality and anonymity, maintaining the privacy of the

patient and his family.

Dr. Ghaferi also added that the rehabilitation services and therapeutic

programs are designed to build confidence and skills in the character

of the patient to help them overcome their struggle and fully integrate

back into society.

These programs, including outpatient programs and the Matrix

Program, are comprehensive and structured programs aiming to

prevent relapses. These programs include individual therapy sessions

and group therapy sessions for patients and their families through

therapeutic practice. The Matrix Program has for more than 30 years

helped thousands of patients and their families all over the world to

recover from the disease.

There is also a Detoxification program, an Avoiding Relapses program,

and a Stimulation Therapeutic Cognitive program, which is a specialized

treatment program based on the latest cognitive behavioral therapy

and approved by specialized scientific forums, including WHO.

Moreover, there is a Aftercare program, Addiction Treatment program

for teenagers, and the Therapy Program for females.

The most prevalent types of addiction at the moment are, according to

Dr. Al Ghaferi, "heroin, cannabis and alcohol, as well as the drugs used

to treat psychiatric patients or cancer patients, and other drugs that

have psychological impact, such as Tramadol and Allarica, the family of

Benzodiazepines like Rifutral, and Zanaks, and Lacavks, and stimulants

such as Captagon, and Crystal methamphetamine.”

Dr. Al Ghaferi noted that the total number of patients who were

received at the center since its establishment in 2002 until the end of

2015 is 2268 patients, and the vast majority of patients are male (2220

patients- 97.88%), while the number of female patients is 46 patients

(2.03%), taking into account that the center began providing treatment

services for women in 2012.

The percentage of non-voluntary cases is 15.3%, while the percentage

of voluntary cases is 42.1%. As for the special category of teenagers,

there are 102 cases that were recorded between the years 2012 to 2015.

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Conversation with the Devil .. !!

By: Mohammed Yasin (Papa Yasin)

Papa Yasin: I am not a writer or a journalist but I am an artist, teacher

and father. I owe my friends and every member in our society a huge

responsibility for encouraging good deeds and fighting evil.

an international problem, but they are not a

threatening affliction.

Papa Yasin: I am not, but if we kept our mouth

shut and ignored this disease we will lie to

ourselves. No, my friend, we have to face this


The Man: (Laughing): You told me you are not

a writer or a journalist! So what is it with you

sticking your nose in everything? Your only job is

to entertain people.

Papa Yasin: (Angrily): Who told you that it is not

my job? You do not know the real message of

the artist. We as artists shall support the society

and elevate it to new levels of development and


The Man: You? You will find the solution for drugs

by your art? I do not think so.

Papa Yasin: We will not stand alone all the society.

We will be united in the face of this monster, and

by we I mean parents, lawyers, teachers, doctors,

judges, all of us.

The Man: Take it easy, old man.

Papa Yasin: I am not afraid for myself, we were

raised in a time when we used to take care of

each other. We were strongly tied to our religion’s

values, following the steps of our beloved Prophet

Mohammed (peace be upon him). In that time

drugs were not available like they are nowadays.

The Man: So what happened? Why did your

society change?

Papa Yasin: We still have good young men.

The Man: So what is it that bothers you?

Papa Yasin: STOP! Do you know how many

families were destroyed because of drugs? How

many mothers lost their children? How money

fathers wept on the grave of their brother or

sons? How many young men we lost because of

this monster?

The Man: Why are you pessimistic?

Papa Yasin: I am not, but I am also not blinded by

my optimism, and really appreciate all the people

who stand in the face of this plague. I really salute

the soldiers who are protecting our borders from

this evil. And I ask my God to keep this country

safe and away from Satan's paths.

The Man: (Angrily): Do not say this! What is his


Papa Yasin: May the devil burn in hell with all his


The Man: DO NOT say that!

Papa Yasin: Who are you?

The Man: I am Satan!

((And Satan will say when the matter has

been concluded, "Indeed, Allah had promised

you the promise of truth. And I promised

you, but I betrayed you. But I had no

authority over you except that I invited you,

and you responded to me. So do not blame

me; but blame yourselves. I cannot be called

to your aid, nor can you be called to my aid.

Indeed, I deny your association of me [with

Allah] before. Indeed, for the wrongdoers is

a painful punishment."))

Surah Ibrahim (22)

The Man: What are you trying to say?

Papa Yasin: Excuse me, but who are you?

The Man: It does not matter, you will later find

out who I am.

Papa Yasin: OK I wanted to say that it is a big

problem we are facing in our society. I want to talk

about the affliction that is destroying some of our

young men.

The Man: What are you talking about? What is

that big problem?

Papa Yasin: Drugs.

The Man: Drugs!

Papa Yasin: Yes, our biggest problem these days

is drugs. It is a poison.

The Man: Do not exaggerate it. Drugs are

Papa Yasin: I am afraid for some young men,

afraid for their mental states. If this continues they

will become sick, and lose their morals, which will

ruin then.

The Man: All this because of "some young men".

Papa Yasin: Why do you take this matter so


The Man: Is it an earthquake or a Tsunami?

10 11

Advice from the heart to the drug addicted:

Forget this false path, remember your country

and be proud of the glory of your grandparents

Drugs…the Poisonous Evil

The international Emirati Referee: Yaqoub Al Hamadi

Dr. Issam Semaha:

Psychiatrist and Specialist in Addiction Treatment

You have to remember the glories of your grandparents

and how they respected customs and traditions

To those addicted to drugs who are plagued with

this chronic illness: you should now leave this path

that is full of false concepts and misconceptions, and

should leave your bad friends who give you narcotic

substances. You should be aware about the facts

of drug addiction. All parts of the body of an addict

become disabled, the liver starts to increase enzymes

and is no longer able to perform the metabolic

processes or block toxins. Day after day drugs and

alcohol cause total liver failure and then liver coma

that leads to high levels of ammonia in blood, not

mentioning the occurrence of esophageal varices and

ascites. All of this is enough to kill anyone no matter

what type of health care is provided to the patient.

Moreover, the kidneys are damaged as a result of the

abuse of drugs, and kidneys fail in the performance of

their functions and the level of blood urea increases

and causes serious complications. The nervous system

is damaged too and hands tremble in early stages.

Addict suffer from forgetting things in addition to

anxiety, tension and sleep disturbance with dreams

and nightmares.

Addict has to visit many doctors and medical centers,

and suffers from fainting spells and convulsions,

which may happen suddenly without logical reasons.

This is just an example of what might happen to the

addict and this varies from one addict to another,

depending on the quantity and type of the substance

and the period of taking the substance.

I assure you, through the nature of my work in the

field of psychiatry and addiction treatment for a long

period and in different countries, that bad friends who

sell drugs, claiming that the drugs give happiness and

comfort, and that it is impossible to discover drugs

in blood through laboratory tests, and are lying and

spreading illusions for the purpose of selling drugs

and earning financial profits.

The question is what is the purpose behind these

sad stories? What did you get from drugs? Have you

heard about the death of a young man because of


So I whisper in your ear, how long will you remain in

this vicious cycle?

My dear son, you are suffering from a mental illness, so

do not despair of repeating attempts to recover from

this illness and stop using drugs. All you have to do

is go to an authorized treatment center for addiction

and have a sincere desire to get rid of addiction.

My dear son, you have to remember the needs of

society for healthy citizens enjoying health and

wellness to be active members of the society. Above

all, do not forget your homeland, where you were

raised and educated; it is now your turn to participate

in the building your country.

You have to remember the glories of your

grandparents and how they respected customs and

traditions, and their attitudes towards the interests

of the country. The result is an advanced country and

one of the most progressive countries in the world in

various areas of modern life.

Most people who tend to abuse drugs are weak, cannot handle the problems of their life.

Drugs are one of the most dangerous wounds that

threaten the future generation. People tend to try it

when they are teenagers. Because of that, the youth

should be under the supervision of their family,

who should stay informed about their children’s

environment and friends to keep them protected.

Most people who tend to abuse drugs are irresolute

and struggle to handle the problems in their lives. In

addition to that, the biggest influence is through friends

who drag their mates down this abyss. Addiction then

becomes full of violence and degrading behavior,

because the mind is not fully functioning under the

influence of the drugs.

Drugs give their user a positive feeling and make

them forget all the damaging feelings. They detach

the abuser from his life and give him the illusion of


All this harmful behaviors should be fought by

spreading awareness about the bad effects of drug

abuse, and our entire society is responsible in this war.

If families embrace their children and properly warn

them about the dangers of drug abuse, this will

become the first step to totally eliminating this plight.

Finally I would like to thank everyone standing in the

face of this lethal danger, and all the distinguished

initiatives taken in this regard. Their efforts help all of

society stand as a united force against these injuries .

Developing a culture of fight against drugs is a collective responsibility that requires the

participation of all spectrums of society, and it is not the sole responsibility of the official

authorities. All members of society are responsible in this war against drugs.

12 13

Prevention is Better than Tramadol

Khadija Al Mansouri

Nutritionist – The Health Education Dept. - Supreme Council of Family Affairs

No matter what the commercial names be,

the usages and effects are the same. We hear

some familiar names of medications such as

Tramadol, Paracetamol, Panadol, Morphine,

etc. Each has its own features and all of them

work as painkillers.

In this article I will talk about Tramadol, a

medicine that is considered to be one of the

strongest painkillers. It is usually used as

a painkiller for chronic diseases, especially

cancer. It is prescribed to patients for short

periods of time, so that patients will not

become addicted to it.

Therefore, Tramadol is classified as a drug

under the applicable laws and it should

not be given without an approved medical

prescription from the doctor or hospital.

Why is Tramadol considered a drug?

Tramadol stops the work of neurotransmitter

receptors in the brain so the person loses the

feeling of pain or fatigue. If the dosage exceeds

its limit it will become an addiction, which will

then be hard for the person to quit.

What are the common forms of Tramadol?

There are white tablets and red tablets in the

flavor of strawberry or apple. There are strong

and fair colors depending on the manufacturer

and the manufacturing country. Only one

dosage of Tramadol is enough to affect the

body severely.

The Symptoms of Tramadol Abuse

Dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, sleep

disorders (especially insomnia), neurological

excess and violent behavior, involuntary jerking

in some parts of the body, indigestion, nausea,

vomiting, intestinal disorders (especially

constipation), loss of appetite, dry mouth and


And there are some serious effects: convulsions,

unconsciousness, inability to breathe, loss

of functioning of the central nervous system,

hallucinations, violent behavior, and rapid


So people who use Tramadol have to avoid

many things like:

• Driving after taking Tramadol.

• Carrying heavy things that may cause severe


• Avoiding spices and making sure to divide

meals, taking high fiber foods such as

vegetables that help with the constipation. The

gum is used to reduce mouth dryness.

Finally, patients prescribed Tramadol should

keep it hidden so that it cannot be stolen or

turned from a medicine for a patient to drugs

for an addict.

The method of treatment is very important,

and addicts should accept it. One might seek

the Drug therapy, Nutritional therapy, and

Behavioral therapy.

The first step is that the addict shall trust in

the treatment and fight the addiction gradually.

Addicts should seek the help of a specialized

doctor who can help him in reducing the

withdrawal symptoms. Doctors will be able to

give the addict some information about the

required medications during the withdrawal

stage and inform them of what might happen

after they quit..

The medicine prescribed to the addict works to

compete with Tramadol on the central nervous

system receptors that lead to narcotic effects.

Nutritional Therapy:

The nutritional balance and the obtaining of

basic body needs of metals and vitamins is very

important. One should eat food that contains

the compound vitamins of B12, B2, B6 and that

strengthen the nerves and enhance the mood.

High fiber food will help the body to get rid

of constipation, and people should drink plenty

of water to give the body a great amount of

oxygen and rebuild new cells.

Behavioral Therapy:

Taking the decision to quit taking Tramadol is

very critical in enabling the addict to recover.

Quitting should happen gradually to reduce the

withdrawal symptoms, and it is easy to achieve

that under medical supervision. Also, patients

should receive all the support from his family

at this point.

Avoiding Tramadol is the

best way to be safe from this


14 15

Leaving the valley of death for the light of happiness

By Jina Torner - Supervisor of Pfizer Products, Dubai

The effects of drug ..

abuse on our society

By Dr. Qais Ibrahim Abbas

The United Arab Emirates seeks to become one of the

happiest countries of the world. Some people, however,

achieve contentment more easily than others.

Depression and anxiety affect millions of people each

year. Depression has been seen to be associated with an

increased risk of morbidity and mortality, as well as other

psychological behaviors, such as drug abuse.

I recently read the words of a clinically depressed man,

"Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be happy with myself.

I worry that if I can't be happy with myself, then nobody

will ever be happy with me."

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Do you often feel sad?

Have you lost interest in things which you loved?

Do struggle getting out of bed every morning?

Have you noticed a change in appetite?

Do you feel guilty or responsible for the negative things

that happen around you?

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Do you often have thoughts about death?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, you need to

consider what your next step should be.

Some individuals suffering from depression resort to

excessive consumption of alcohol or the abuse of drugs,

however, these behaviors only provide a false sense of

relief and instead aggravate the condition.

Your brain is constantly on the run, with nerve cells

transmitting powerful electric impulses to each other

every second. When information is received through a

nerve cell, it stimulates the release of neurotransmitters

in a healthy mind. In some people, however, the process is

disruptive due to a certain reason, which may then lead to

notable conditions such a depression and anxiety.

Researches believe depression can be treated with the use

of anti-depressive medications which may aid in stabilizing

and establishing a healthy flow of neurotransmitters

through the brain. The exact mechanism of these pills

requires further study, but what has been proven is

that they play a vital role in the effective treatment of

depressive and anxiety disorders.

There are many types of antidepressants to choose from.

A few of the most common antidepressants contain the

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI), Serotonin

Noradrenaline Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRI) and the

Norepinephrine-Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor (NDRI).

These antidepressants stimulate the secretion of

serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters

associated with stabilizing the mood and the feeling of

happiness, respectively. They also influence the release

of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter increases blood

pressure and heart rate and is known for its fight-or-flight


These chemicals are normally produced in the brain

naturally, but their production may be affected in certain

individuals, leading to depression or anxiety. The most

important point to be taken of this is that antidepressants

can bring more stability into your life if you suffer from

any of the two disorders, provided they are prescribed by

a psychiatrist.

It is important to seek professional help in the form of

a psychiatrist who can correctly determine the type and

dose of medication that best aids you in your treatment.

Antidepressants do not work overnight, and thus require

careful monitoring to determine how long an individual

will require their assistance and whether a different type

or a combination of two may be required.

Antidepressants help you deal with the struggles of

everyday life and increase your chance to become a happy

person once again. When the antidepressants start to

work, you have more energy and may begin to participate

in the things that you previously enjoyed before the

depression developed. Often the feeling of chronic pain

fades and quality of life improves drastically.

Let us work together to make UAE one of the happiest

countries in the world, as well as helping each other regain

the inner contentment we may have lost.

“Your brain is constantly on the run, with

nerve cells transmitting powerful electric

impulses to each other every second.”

The youth are most vulnerable to drug addiction, which is a problem

that requires the attention of every member of the society, from

families and executive authorities to the community as a whole.

Due to the severe negative effects that drug abuse and

addiction have on individuals and on societies, governments

all over the world take strict measures to combat its

prevalence. As a Muslim country, it’s important to note that

Islam strongly prohibits substance abuse because it goes

against the basic teachings of Islam and because of the

threat that it poses on a person’s spirituality, honour, family

and mind and soul.

The youth are the foundation of a society. They are

representatives of its present and its future. This, however,

makes them all the more vulnerable to the dark paths of

drug addiction, a problem that requires the attention of

every member of the society, from families and executive

authorities to the community as a whole.

The question I ask is: if our young men and women turn to the

ways of drug abuse, who is going to help build the economy?

Who is going to lead the country to its development?

Allowing the young to be consumed by substance abuse will

bereft the country of potential doctors, engineers, teachers

and officers. We will be left will be the remains of what were

once humans, now living in state of misery.

Thus it is you and I, and every single individual out there, who

needs to step forth and say “NO” to drugs!

I would like to tell you a short story to explain the moral and

social implications that drug abuse and addiction have on a


Mohammed was raised in a poor yet educated, and religious

family. He was a smart child who loved his parents and obeyed

every word they said. He did exceptionally well memorizing

and studying the Holy Quran.

Mohammed was a brilliant student until he reached secondary

school. He was very ambitious and aspired to become a

doctor so he could support his family and serve the people of

his country. Through hard work and dedication, he was able

to obtain high marks and got accepted in a reputed medical


The driven young man was, however, soon influenced by

his entrance into an alien environment consisting of people

of different class and backgrounds. Mohammed began to

search for new friends to help him integrate and that is when

he met Sadiq and Adel.

Sadiq and Adel studied in the same college and lived in the

same dormitory as Mohammed. A few months in, these new

friends of Mohammed started to convince him to try some

pills which they claimed would help him better concentrate

on studies. Mohammed refused at first, but eventually agreed

to give them a try.

The few days Mohammed took the pills, he began to notice

a change in his temperament and so decided to stop taking

them. When Sadiq and Adel found this out and failed to

pursue him a second time, they started to slip the pills into his

food and drink. Mohammed soon developed dependency on

the drug and did not realize that he had become an addict.

This is how a bad company of individuals posing to be

‘friends’ and drug dealers trick their victims into addiction.

Nonetheless, if a person is well aware of the dire effects of

drugs, they will not be easy to fall prey. This is where the

family and society play a crucial role which involves spreading

awareness against substance abuse.

As years passed by, Mohammed began to struggle with his

addiction and started to lie to his parents instead of telling

them the truth. Towards the end of his graduation, he began

to withdraw from his family.

Mohammed’s father heard about the medical students’

graduation ceremony on the local radio and decided to

surprise his son with his attendance, along with his mother

and siblings.

Upon arrival, Mohammed’s parents began to worry when they

couldn’t find him. They begin to inquire about him when they

learned the bitter truth about his addiction. His father fainted

from the shock and his mother broke into uncontrollable

sobs. It seemed as if their world had come crashing down

on them.

The news left Mohammed’s father feeling completely

hopeless so that he quit his job in grief. Further misfortune

was brought upon the family as some of his younger brothers

also fell into the destructive habit, while others could no

longer continue their education due to financial restraints.

Friends and extended members of the family slowly began to

break ties with the family. Even neighbors avoided crossing

paths with them.

It is apparent from this story that family and friends of

those affected by drug abuse are crucial members in the

prevention, as well as the treatment of substance abuse.

Had those around Mohammed’s family acted with more care

and concern rather than judge them for it, the results could

have been more positive. It was the society’s responsibility to

support the family in their time of need.

The problem in this story arose from the selfish acts of

individuals who were driven by greed and were insensitive

towards the plight of their fellow humans.

Anyone who suspects drug activity in their vicinity should

play their part and contact the police immediately.

16 17

The pharmacist responsibility towards

the selling of medications

By: Mohammed Al Yafie/ Legal Researcher in Dubai Judicial Institute

Misusing Free Time is the Way to the Addiction

By the Student / Bahieddin Ragab Abdel Razaq

11th Grade - Westminster School Dubai

Medications represent the link between the

pharmacist and the patient. This responsibility

becomes heavier on the shoulders of pharmacist

when he deals with the medications that are

considered drugs or psychotropic substances

that have the capability of affecting the brain or

the psychology of the patient. The pharmacist’s

role is very important in protecting the health of

the community’s members. Unfortunately, some

pharmacists act unethically, as if they had sold their

soul to the devil, and become drug dealers.

A pharmacist’s duty is to obey the law, and he

should be accountable on his practice in all aspects:

practically, scientifically, and socially.

Every pharmacist should ensure of the patient’s

identity by asking to see their ID cards. Pharmacist

should obey the rules regarding quantity and quality

of medications to be sold to the patient, and they

should register the medications in special registry

system. They should also make sure that the patient

understands the risk of the medication and the

correct way to use it.

A trainee pharmacist has to be very careful when

dealing with medications and should not be allowed

to prescribe without the supervision of an expert

pharmacist or asking the help of the manager of the


Scientifically speaking, pharmacists should educate

themselves medically and legally, and they should

stay updated with the latest information related to

medicines and drugs by reading leaflets of each

medicine in the pharmacy. They should also be

familiar with the laws of the pharmacy and all their

legal rights and duties.

Many pharmacists neglect these laws, and this puts

them in critical situations. Many people feel safe

when they are dealing with pharmacists because

most of them know about their jobs and do it


Socially speaking, a pharmacist's role is very

important when dealing with patients and providing

them with all the necessary information for the best

use of the medicine. The pharmacist complements a

doctor’s work and should make sure that the patient

will be able to use the medicine appropriately and

without any complications.

The Pharmacist Rights:

A pharmacist has the right to refuse giving any

prescriptions to any patient, unless it is stamped

and signed by the doctor. If the pharmacist suspects

that the medicine mentioned in the prescription

is wrong he is allowed to refuse to give it to the

patient. He is allowed to refuse the prescription

even if he is unable to read the prescription because

of the poor handwriting of the doctor.

A pharmacist is allowed to refuse to change or add

extra contents on the prescription. They can also

refuse to correct the prescription even if it is wrong

- this way he will be respecting the doctor’s work.

The most dangerous aspect of this profession is

when a pharmacist sells expired, fake, or copied

medications. Some might use their jobs to sell some

medications as drugs and misuse their pharmacy as

a cover for their dirty deeds. Some pharmacists may

also give patients an addictive medicine so that

patients would be forced to come again and buy

the same drug.

Time is a divine grace given to people in order to

invest it as long as the heart beats. If we invested

time in a good way, it will be considered as profitable

investment, but if we misused time, this will lead to the

loss and destruction of the entire community.

Islam pays great intention to the importance of the

time, and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

says: "There are two blessings which many people lose:

(They are) health and free time for doing good.”

Is there a relationship between free time and health?

Free time is considered as the disease of our modern

life, and it is a silent disease that has no symptoms; we

do not feel it until it is too late and it is an imminent

danger staring at us that we don’t realize until after it

is too late.

There is no doubt that taking advantage of free time

in exercising sports will make us strong young men, as

well as if we invested it in some project which generates

returns, or if we used our free time in reading or writing.

We may ask ourselves, is there a connection between

free time and drug addiction? There is no doubt that

the answer would be yes.

There is a certain and clear relationship between free

time and drug addiction, because if young people did

not take advantage of the free time by developing and

practicing useful hobbies, they will spend their free

time doing nothing of benefit. And their free time will

become their enemy which kills them and destroys

their future and families, and the whole of the nation

will suffer from this affliction.

Studies have determined that the second factor which

encourages addiction after bad friends is the failure to

use the free time, because free time will turn the life of

the young man to boredom. Due to the lack of faith,

the young man will try to escape by watching videos

on illegal sites, or by playing useless games like cards,

because he will be looking for something to break

the feeling of boredom. Some young men may try

narcotic pills at first, thinking that it is the treatment

of boredom, but soon they will become the victims of

addiction with other types of drugs.

their children that is caused by neglecting them or by

excessive protectiveness towards them and keeping

them away from the social relations with their friends

and others, and not giving them enough personal

freedom, which pushes them to wrongdoing.

My advice to my young brothers is to organize their

time by practicing sports and reading. Educate

yourselves by reading useful books. You should invest

your free time in good things.

Also, I would like to say to parents, you should discover

the habits and desires of your children and keep them

away from the trap of addiction.

One of the main reasons that leads to the bad spending

of free time is laziness and lack of exercising or sports

on a regular basis, especially in the time of adolescence

where the risks are high and may lead to addiction.

We also should not forget the negative role of some

parents and their responsibility for the addiction of

18 19

Abu Rashid Advice for Parents

Dear Parent …

Pay attention to your children, do not let your interaction be

limited by providing food, drink, clothes and education to them.

Yes, they are the basic necessities of life, but you should watch

their behaviors and note any changes.

If you noticed that your son does not stop lying, deception, fraud,

theft, that he has lost a bond with his brothers and sisters, is not

taking part in celebrations and events, or not paying attention to

their problems, then this a serious indication that your son has

turned to drug addiction and entered its ugly world. Here, you

have to intervene quickly to save his life before he drowns in the

sea of darkness and loss. Addict steals money from their parents

and destroy their family and its future.

Imagine how sad parents are who see their addict son walking in

the way of perdition, approaching death every hour!

Imagine how miserable the lives of wives and children would be

if their father was a drug addict, when he is the person who is

supposed to protect them and ensure their future. Imagine how

the image of the father and husband will be destroyed in their

eyes. It is the ugliest picture when an addict loses the respect of

his family and society.

Awareness Messages

Drug addiction affects the mental state of the abusers and cause

general weakness, and be exposed to the infection with many

incurable and chronic diseases.

Drugs make the abuser lazy,

superficial, unreliable and careless

person in his dealings with people.

God has forbidden drugs on everyone

because they lead to perdition.

Rashid Advice for the Young People

Dear young man …

Social relations among addicts are not relations of friendship

and brotherhood, such as those arising between the good

and righteous people, but a relation of interests disguised as


This community is a unusual one with misconceptions that the

addict has of society, from which he escapes with drugs and

becomes an active member of the addict community. As a

consumer he can then become a dealer and start to invite his

friends so that they may fall into the trap of addiction too.

The addiction community does not comprise only of addicts

but also includes the drug dealers who feed this society with

extremist ideas driven to increase hostility to the society and

the country, and to spread the spirit of separation between the

addicts themselves. Dealers invite addicts and provide them with

money and drugs to decorate through criminal deviation.

You should be careful my young brother of these friendships that

give rise to the desire for drugs through the influence of those

corrupted groups.

Be careful young man of the friends of addiction, even if they

were your childhood friends, because this will not protect you

from falling into the trap of drugs.

My dear young man: Close your eyes and your ears before any

invitation to try drugs and do not be fooled with emotional words,

because drugs are the shortest way to death and destruction.

Drugs are lethal toxins and we all shall

be cautious of them and avoid them.

My dear young brothers, you shall be aware

that each person begins with himself to

build healthy society free of drugs.

Student: Mohamed Issa Ahmad Yousef

Class: Eleventh Grade / Ajman Modern School

20 21



The False


First Lieutenant

Adel Muhammad Al Ali


This competition aims to interact with

the Magazine readers.

Dear Readers..

Kindly find the emblem of the Higher

Committee on Drug Control that is hidden

in two pages inside the magazine

Kindly mention the number of the two

pages and be one of the winners.

A man fooled as he seeks the pleasures of a pseudo-life, and

he tries all these pleasures thinking that he had happiness.

But if he thinks a little, he will find out that the pleasures of

this world are diverse and constantly changing shape and

description, but not every pleasure gives us happiness.

Many people get confused between the concept of

happiness and the concept of pleasure. The fact is that the

happiness and pleasure meet in one part and separate in the

other part. They meet in the fact that each of them bring

pleasure to oneself, but the difference between them is that

pleasure disappears immediately after the completion of its

cause, and perhaps then could be regret and misery. But

happiness remains for a long time.

This is the confusion between the concept of happiness and

concept of pleasure when someone thinks that pleasure

means happiness. To be famous is a great pleasure, but the

question is, is every famous person happy? We've heard

many stories about celebrities who have committed suicide

because they did not feel happy.

Kindly send your answer to the following address:


Fax: +9714 217 15 99

Awards :

First Winner: AED 600

Second Winner: AED 500

Third Winner: AED 400

Note : All participants should give their full name and

valid phone numbers.

Deadline for this contest is on: 15/09/2016

Winners of the last competition

The First Winner: Haifa Ahmad Hassan.

The Second Winner: Kamal Abdullah Taher Al Faqeeh.

The Third Winner : Mohammad Mohtashim Uddin.

Congratulations for the winners and hard luck for other


Some people believe that drugs give the feeling of

happiness and will make them forget the worries of life, but

this pleasure is a temporary one and regret and perdition

will come later. A lot of people are trying to promote drugs

as a source of happiness and pleasure, and their goal is to

control the minds of addicts to ruin the future of nations

through the elimination of youth.

Dear young man, beware of the false pleasure of drugs,

because you will not find happiness in taking drugs. Drugs

will destroy you, your family and your society.

Awareness Links

Video.. Say No to Drugs

Video.. Perdition Poisons

Video.. Loss Way

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