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3. What we could do better

Virtual Trial Holing

4. Movement of Plant

We reflect on how we can control the

movement of plant following an incident

(not on eight 2


5. In the Courts

Looking at inspections and Latest

environmental prosecution

6. Topic of the Month

Working on previously developed land

10. xx


10. In the spotlight

Ecologists go surveying for Great Crested


12. What’s been happening

We look at the raft race, notice boards

and HAVS workshops last month

14. Site security

We look at how one project has

optimised their site security

15. SMB reporting

Latest SHE statistics

16. Safety alerts

Latest safety alerts for dissemination

What we could

do better

Use of BIM:

Virtual Trial Holes

What are Virtual Trial Holes

Trial holes can be carried out

without accurate knowledge of

what lies beneath the ground,

leaving operatives open to risks of

contaminated ground,un-mapped

underground services, side wall

collapse and many other health and

safety concerns.

Virtual trial holes can eliminate these

concerns and even the requirement

to break ground.

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

surveys can be carried out at ground

level and the results can then be

analysed by design.

REMEMBER - this does not eliminate

the requirement for soil analysis

if ground needs to be broken in

potentially contaminated land.

Benefits of this method

• No digging

• Reduced costs (e.g. excavators,

banksmen, permits etc.)

• Reduced time

• Increased safety

Watch virtual trial holes


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