Top Tips on How to be More Productive with Your Time


5 tip that can be used to help you be more productive with the time that you have, after all there are only 24 hours in each day!

5 ong>Topong> ong>Tipsong> on How to be More Productive with Your Time

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By tdwalsham

Learning how to be more productive with your time can be a key factor in weaong>theong>r people succeed or fail. Here are 5

tips that you can impliment to help you be more productive in any aspect of your life:

Do ong>theong> job right ong>theong> first time

Wheong>theong>r it’s simply washing ong>theong> dishes or ong>comong>pleting ong>theong> extra work you had to bring home that evening get it done

right ong>theong> first time round. Therefore, you don’t have to waste your time redoing jobs you have already done just

because you were too lazy to do ong>theong>m properly ong>theong> first time. It’s simple really…. Do a good job once and you won’t

have to do it again!

Reduce time spent in front of ong>theong> TV and on social media

When looking at how to be more productive with your time social media is one of ong>theong> major places people waste

ong>theong>ir time. The average person spends around 8hours 41minutes per day on social media and in front of ong>theong> TV. In a

week that’s 60hours 37minutes and in a year 3150hours 16minutes (131 DAYS A YEAR!). Imagine what you could

get done in that time instead of sitting ong>theong>re wasting your time away! You could be investing your time into learning a

new skill, or working towards a goal you have always wanted to achieve.

Keep a track of your daily activities

To see how you really spend your time each week keep a track of what you do on an hourly basis. This is a great

way to get an insight on how you actually spend your time. It will also make you realise how much time you waste on

meaningless activities. By knowing how you spend your time you will be more aware and conscious of not wasting

as much time and will help you know how to be more productive with your time .

Plan your time

So many people waste hours upon hours every week simply because ong>theong>y haven’t planned ahead. If you have a

rough idea of what you do on a weekly\daily basis write it down so you can see exactly how much free time you do

have. You can ong>theong>n use this time you didn’t realise you had to start getting that dream body or even starting your

business idea you never thought you had ong>theong> time for.

Read Time management books

It may seem like an obvious thing to do but not many people actually do it. Reading a time management book will

give you a more in-depth analysis to how you can be increase your time productivity. So you will no longer have to


e ong>theong> person who says I don’t have time for that. You’ll instead be able to manage your time so you do have time to

achieve ong>theong> goals you truly desire. A great book to read for this would be 15 Secrets Successful People Know About

Time Management: The Productivity Habits of 7 Billionaires, 13 Olympic Athletes, 29 Straight-A Students, and 239

Entrepreneurs. It gives you a great insight on how to be more productive with your time from many very

successful people.

I hope that this gives you an insight of how you can be more productive with your time and find ong>theong> time to do what

you really want to. Liked this post and want more marketing and general life tips/motivation information, sign up here

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Until next time… Keep hustlin.

Tom and Dan Walsh – The Lifestyle Seekers


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