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Commando News Aug16


Australian Commando Association NSW Inc. om PO Box 1313, Sutherland, NSW 1499 Commando for life 1941 - 1946 1955 - Barry Grant, President Kevin Mahony, Secretary ry Ivan Kelly, ly, Treasurer 0414 914 615 0425 279 111 0417 042 886 NSW President & Editor’s Report At recent National Association committee meetings, the future of our State Associations has been discussed. Among those issues were membership and what we are doing for our returned diggers. We need to focus less on being a "beer and BBQ" group and more on welfare issues. Part of this strategy is to form closer ties between kindred bodies such as the RSL, Legacy and other ESO's. Earlier this year we sought approval to join the Alliance of Defence Organisations (ADSO) and membership was granted. We join such Associations as, the Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA), the Naval Association of Australia (NAA), the RAAF Association (RAAFA), the Royal Australian Regiment Corporation (RARC), the Australian Special Air Service Association (ASASA), the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (VVAA), the Australian Federation of Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Service Men and Women, the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia, Partners of Veterans Association of Australia, the Royal Australian Armoured Corps Corporation (RAAC), the National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association Australia (NMBVAA), the Defence Reserves Association (DRS), the Australian Gulf War Veterans Association, the Military Police Association Australia (MPAA), the Australian Army Apprentices Association, the Australian Commando Association, and the War Widows Guild of Australia. This will give our State Associations more strength in dealing with government agencies. There are a number of common issues affecting the members of ADSO, such as DVA Culture and processes, Veterans Disability Payments, Military Superannuation, ADF pay, Defence Housing support, care and accommodation needs of homeless veterans, mental health support programs, the issue of anti malarial drugs such as Mefloquine and many more issues common to sister organisations. This will be on - going and will require the support of all members of all States. As a former Prime Minister stated, “They went forth willingly to do their duty to Australia; Australia must be equally ready to do its duty to them”. Prime Minister Billy Hughes The parade to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the first beret presentation in 1956 was held on Sunday, the 24th July 2016. As many of the older members stated, it was an event not to be missed as within a few years many of the veterans of that parade will not be with us. Well done to the Regiment, most of us recognise that marching on parade is not one of our core skills in Special Forces, but after watching the parade, we also recognise that we are quick learners. The issue of new State Associations has been raised and tentative talks have been held to see if there is enough interest in States such as Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia. If you are in these States, and wish to participate please contact us and we will pass on your details. C4L Barry Grant Australian Commando Association (NSW) Inc COMMANDO NEWS ~ Edition 8 I August 2016 3

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