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DevMynd obtains

DevMynd obtains strategic investment from Motorola Solutions CHICAGO, IL, Aug. 18, 2016 – DevMynd, a leading-edge digital innovation consulting firm, announced today that it received Series A funding from Motorola Solutions Venture Capital. JC Grubbs, CEO, DevMynd, said the investment opens new collaborative opportunities that include the wave of innovation occurring in public safety and commercial communications. “We couldn’t be happier to be working with a partner that has such a rich tradition of solving problems that have a meaningful impact on people in critical situations,” Grubbs said. “Those are the types of challenges that we like to work on at DevMynd – things that really give us purpose. “Our experience in human-centered user research, user experience and service design will help Motorola Solutions and its customers develop products and apps that solve nextgeneration challenges,” he added. “And, we’re excited about opportunities to apply software engineering expertise to mobile, web and device needs that will result in robust, enterprise-grade solutions.” Paul Steinberg, chief technology officer, Motorola Solutions, said, “Both of our organizations look forward to working together on several fronts. DevMynd is an excellent example of our support of and collaboration with the entrepreneurial community in Chicago. “The adoption of broadband technology is driving innovation in public safety and commercial communications,” he added. “We know that tailored software and services will be required to deliver solutions and capabilities to our customers. We’re pursuing technological advances such as interoperable mobile applications for mission-critical communications and collaboration, enhanced situational awareness, real-time rich messaging, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. All of these are on the immediate horizon and we are looking for DevMynd to help us get these capabilities to our customers.” The strategic investment will allow DevMynd to expand its team, add new capabilities and enter new markets. It also will support access to strong strategy, design and custom software development services for Motorola Solutions and its customers. 36 About DevMynd DevMynd is an innovation firm in Chicago and San Francisco with practice areas in digital strategy, human-centered design, UI/UX, and custom mobile and web application development. The firm’s mission is to help its clients use technology to solve meaningful problems that have a profound impact on life, society and business. They serve clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 firms that are investing in design, digital transformation and innovation. Learn more at About Motorola Solutions Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) creates innovative, mission-critical communication solutions and services that help public safety and commercial customers build safer cities and thriving communities. For ongoing news, http://www.motorolasolutions. com/newsroom or subscribe to a news feed.

Albuquerque police fight violence with intelligence-led policing The state of New Mexico has long held the dubious honor of high placement on the FBI National Crime Data Report. In 2014, the state was ranked the #2 most dangerous state in the Union. The city of Albuquerque has suffered a particularly high rate of violent crimes, with the number of murders in the city almost doubling between 2009-2013. Among the problems contributing to the high crime rate in Albuquerque is a proliferation of gangs. The Stop Albuquerque Gangs Task Force maintains an online list of known violent groups in the city. At the time of this writing, more than 100 gangs were listed on the website. The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) is not one of exceptional size, and has historically struggled to provide enough officers to effectively combat the problem. The APD is not the first and will not be the last police department to face this dilemma. Criminals have become more numerous, craftier, and are quick to take advantage of new technologies. Reactive police action, the traditional model of law enforcement in which police respond to crimes as they happen, has been steadily losing ground in the war against crime. Instead, more and more police departments, the APD included, are turning to a new paradigm known as intelligence-led policing. The core of this law enforcement model is “Work smarter, not harder.” In an intelligence-led police department, officers collect and analyze data using a variety of technologies and techniques. The data is used to decide where police resources should be committed to have the greatest effect. Intelligence officers are tasked with identifying repeat offenders and high risk areas, so that a department’s limited human resources can be utilized most efficiently. Intelligence-led policing is a revelation within the law enforcement community. In a study conducted by the non-profit Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), 54% of responding agencies reported that 37 they planned to increase the use of the practice within the near future. According to Wikipedia, intelligenceled policing has also found widespread adoption in Canada, Mexico, the UK, and New Zealand. A subset of intelligence-led policing is the burgeoning field of predictive policing. Intelligence officers within a department use collected data to construct heat maps and other models in an effort to predict where crimes are likely to occur, days or even weeks before they do. The heat map incorporates a vast amount of data about criminal activity over an area, allowing officers to visually identify the locations where crimes most densely concentrated. This technique allows “boots on the ground” to be sent where they can have the greatest positive effect, without wasting time patrolling quiet, low-risk areas. By patrolling the most crime-dense areas of Albuquerque, the APD is able to benefit the entire city by targeting the root causes of criminal activity. In Albuquerque, predictive policing requires the high volume collection of data about gang members and other likely criminal elements. The APD has successfully leveraged technology to accomplish this task in several ways. In 2013, the APD opened the Re-