Congratulaons to Conquering Waves on their Bronze medal win at the 2009 Rio Tinto

Alcan Dragon Boat Fesval in Vancouver!

For six years, the Conquering Waves dragon boat team has been challenging the sgma

of mental illness by bringing together individuals living with mental illness, their friends

and families to compete in the dragon boat fesval.

The team is sponsored by The Kele and the BC Schizophrenia Society –

Vancouver/Richmond Branch.

Photo Credit: Shelagh Dwyer

35th Anniversary Memory Book

Producon Commiee

Nancy Keough

Jackie Novik

Raphael McKitrick

Denis Piper

Coreen Douglas

Cynthia Christensen

Special Thanks to:

The Members, Sta and Board at the Kele

for the contribuons

Leef Evan, Front Cover Artwork

Kele Members, Prose and Poetry

Design and Producon:

Splash Creave Services

Renata Antonic

Suzanne Jean

Message from Current Board Chair

Some Thoughts as the Kettle turns 35

Nancy Keough, Execuve Director

Hello Everyone!

I have actually been thinking about the Kele’s 50th

Anniversary. I will be 70 and am planning on aending the

big party to celebrate with the Kele members,

volunteers, employees, funders and community

supporters what a wonderful half century it has been!

What I want to commemorate are the people in our

neighbourhood who are part of the Kele and the larger

community as well. I want to see that we have vibrant

and acve programming for youth to seniors, that the

waing list for housing is almost nonexistent, that we

have social enterprises to hone people’s work skills,

provide employment and help them maintain a livable

standard of living. I want to be able to visit our retreat

where members can go to enjoy some me out of the

city; where they can get help to deal with trauma or

addicons; where they can spend me with their friends

geng respite from some of the day-to-day challenges. I

want to be part of and support the rebuilding of lives. This

is what I hope to see at our 50th anniversary!

For these past 35 years I think we have been on the

right track. I think we have so many reasons to celebrate.

THANK YOU to our members, our volunteers, our

employees and our supporters for staying with us on this

journey. Thank you to Beth and Suzanne and that small

group of volunteers for making your vision a reality.

Mark Smith, Former Director

Happy 35th Anniversary!

The Kele Friendship Society connues to hold a

very special place in my heart even though it’s been

twenty years since I last worked there. I started work for

The Kele in November of 1978 and le in October of

1991. During those 13 years I made many friends and

was able to work with wonderful people. I know I am

forgeng several but Pat and Gene West, Vaughan

Evans, Sco Williams are just a few of the names that

pop up for me (if I wasn’t so old I’d probably recall more

names). Nancy, Ken, Denis, Beth and Suzanne are all

people I remember with great fondness (well, Nancy is

the mother of three of my kids -- I beer remember her

with fondness).

This maudlin stroll down memory lane isn’t what’s

important though. What is important is that The Kele

has, for 35 years now, been a hub for so many of us that

needed a friend, a place to hang out, a home. Talk about

grass roots. Even though it’s a prey big organizaon

now, somehow The Kele has managed to keep its feet

rmly on the ground (maybe those grass roots are

binding). The Kele Friendship Society says it all.

Congratulaons on turning 35 and keep up the amazing


Roger Swetnam, Board Chair

Congratulaons to The Kele on its 35th Anniversary!

It is a real honour to be on the Board of The Kele

and now its Chair. In my two years of working with the

society I have learned a lot and have been moved by the

lile organizaon that has grown up over the past 35


But, as much as The Kele has changed in the past

three and a half decades, it has kept its grassroots

approach – towards its members/clients, volunteers and

the community. As a member-driven organizaon, the

Kele has always had a commitment to including Kele

members on its Board. I can’t tell you how much I

appreciate the member's contribuon to both The Kele

and the Board. And I can say, I have learned a lot from


As we celebrate our 35th Anniversary, it is a me to

reect on The Kele’s past and the contribuons of so

many that have kept the organizaon relevant and

successful in its mission. Thank you to Nancy, our

Execuve Director for her passion and commitment and

to my fellow Board members for their loyalty and

dedicaon to our work. Thanks also to the sta for oen

going “beyond the call of duty” in their work.

I know the coming decade will bring many challenges

to both The Kele and to the enre non-prot sector. But

I also know that our Board and The Kele are up to those


2011 Board of Directors

Roger Swetnam, Chair (Sept. 2009)

During Roger’s 20 years as an entrepreneur,

he was GM of Paperchase Recycling Society

(Edmonton), helping to make it one of the

largest oce paper recycling companies in

western Canada, co-founder and President of

Nora Technologies (Vancouver), which

provides communicaons & training soware

aimed primarily at the sports sector and now

Principal of Check30 Integraon, supplying

technology to help organizaons manage

training and communicaons requirements.

Denis Piper, Vice Chair (July 2002)

Denis has been a member of The Kele

Board of Directors for the past 10 years, the

last 2 years as Vice President. He enjoys

public speaking for The Kele on behalf of

the Board and The Kele members. He

considers The Kele his sanctuary.

Suzanne Jean, Sec-Treasurer (June 2010)

Suzanne has 40+ years experience in

organizaonal/project management in the

social service eld. She contracts with government

and social service agencies on quality

assurance, policy development, program

evaluaon, training and program development

strategies. Suzanne also administers

‘Fit4Defense’, an asserveness training

program designed to address violence preven-

on and increase empowerment for children

and youth.

Brenda Lea Brown (June 2011)

The Kele mission is so important to the

overall health and welfare of Vancouver.

Brenda Lea welcomes the opportunity to

bring her skills and experience to the Society

and its clients to help further the Society’s

strategic priories. She is an accredited

business communicator working in investor

educaon and markeng communicaons

with experience and experse in strategic

planning, group facilitaon, and project


Sandi Green (June 2007)

Sandi is a senior markeng and communicaons

professional with over 19 years of experience in

a wide range of fast-paced, customer-focused

industries, with a strong commitment to

volunteerism. She was introduced to The Kele

while developing a Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategy for a large property management

rm who wanted to partner with an organiza-

on making a dierence in the area of homelessness

and mental health in the community.

Maria Holman (June 2011)

Maria is an associate counsel and registered

trademark agent with Boughton Law,

focusing in the areas of intellectual property,

privacy and condenality, technology and

the internet. She also has a pracce preparing

wills and trusts, and assisng with the

administraon of estates and applicaons for

probate. Maria has contributed to Connuing

Legal Educaon and has taught many

courses at the community and college level.

2011 Board of Directors

Verna Jewell (June 2010)

Verna has been at The Kettle from the very

beginning, and was on the Board in the

earliest days. With friends she made at The

Kettle she established a Support Group for

Kettle Friends, at a restaurant in West

Vancouver. When her husband died in

2010, she rejoined The Kettle Board.

Sarah McCarthy (September 2009)

Sarah works as an Association Executive with

Malachite Management Inc., an association

management firm. She serves as the Executive

Director for the International Society of

Nurses in Cancer Care and the American

Society for Apheresis. Sarah holds an MSc in

Pharmacology and Therapeutics and an MBA

in strategic management. In her spare time,

she enjoys home design and international


Lynn Nole (September 2011)

Lynn was born in Halifax, but grew up in

Montreal. She studied physiotherapy

before attending UBC to study architecture.

In 1998 Lynn decided to pursue a career in

policing. She works in the downtown

eastside with the Beat Enforcement Team.

Lynn enjoys any activity that involves being

outside, like hiking, biking and paddling ...

and if she can do it with her golden

retriever, that’s even better.

Joanne Onerheim (June 2010)

Joanne works as a Concurrent Disorders

Clinician with Vancouver Coastal Health.

Joanne previously sat on the Board of From

Grief to Action, a non-profit agency which

promotes awareness and advocacy for those

struggling with addictive disorders. Joanne

advocates for social justice in the areas of

both mental health and addiction and has

been a Kettle Board Member since 2010.

Kirk Osen (July 2000)

Kirk has had a long-standing relationship

with The Kettle, and has served on the Board

for many years. Some of his most rewarding

experiences come from his involvement in

the Dragon Boat races, where he has participated

and won several medals with The

Kettle paddlers. Recently, Kirk has been

recovering from triple by-pass surgery, and

he says he is feeling great.

Tamara Taggart (Honorary Board)

Tamara anchors CTV News at Six and has

recently been named The Kettle's first Honorary

Board Member after six years as a Kettle

Director. Tamara is a committed community

volunteer, sitting on several Boards throughout

the Lower Mainland. She looks forward to

making a positive difference with The Kettle

in this new capacity.


Coreen Douglas

Execuve Assistant

Cynthia Christensen

Membership of Kele

Board of Directors

Board Commiees

Execuve Director

Nancy Keough


Heather Cleland

Human Resources

Janice Dungate


Linda Teichroew

Financial Assistant

Marcia Dunbar



Ken Paquee



Janet Smith



Angela Davies RN


Receponist .8

Chrisne Oviedo

CLS Outreach Worker 1.0

Homeless Outreach

Worker .8

Volunteers Coordinator .53

Sarah Jasmins

SEED Coordinator

Jenee MacArthur

Supported Employment

Worker .53

Drop-In Manager

Chris Keough

Supervisor 1.0

Outreach Worker 1.0

Mental Health Worker 6.4

Advocacy Manager

Kris Yuris

Advocate 3.8

Privacy Ocer

Kris Yuris

Health Clinic

Housing Administrave


Jackie Novik

SIL, SSIL Med Monitoring


Karen Johnson

Mental Health Worker 10.5

Triumph Apartments

15 Apartments


Ron Skolney-Elverson

Mental Health Worker 4.6

Friendship Court

17 Apartments


Tony Corrigan

Mental Health Worker 4.8

Camille House

10 Beds Licensed

Mental Health Worker 4.8

Peggy’s Place

10 Beds Licensed


Cathy Campbell

Clinical Coordinator 1.0

Advocate .8

Mental Health Worker 6.81

Environmental Services


Raphael McKitrick

Maintenance Worker 2.0

Occupaonal Health &


The Kele Friendship Society Organizaonal Chart

The Kettle - A Sentimental Journey

Kele celebrates its 1st

Annual Christmas dinner

at Kits house

First programs developed at Connaught Park, Kitsilano Hall and

Kitsilano Beach.

First brief wrien to dene mission and goals.

The Kele opens its doors in response to the needs of

individuals in psychiatric treatment in the community


Centre established at

944 Commercial Drive.

Federal funding

created rst paid

posions. Hired rst


Programs oered at

Briania Centre and

commitment to

development community

based programs


Volunteer Training Program developed.

Kele is run 100% by volunteers


Programs oered in partnership

with Mental Health

Community Care Team.

Expansion of programs to community centres.

Work on policy and personnel policies begin.

Beth Reale

Kele logo made on rubber stamp;

could not aord leerhead.





funded by City

of Vancouver

and Ministry

of Human


Beth Reale is

Society’s rst


The Potboiler was created


Thri shop opens at 940 Commercial Drive.

Endowment from Vancouver

Foundaon received

Cost of lunch is 25 cents.


Mark Smith is named

Center Supervisor

Thri Shop closes in

order to use space

for Drop-in


Transfer of funding to Ministry

of Health to create greater

opportunies for growth and


1983 1985

Gaming funding increases

program opportunies.


Client count reaches


Beth Reale and Suzanne Jean rere. Mark Smith

becomes Execuve Director

Mental Health

Symposium is organized.


Centre moves to

1993/1983 Commercial


Constuon is amended

to include mandate of


First housing commiee is


Core funding is achieved

through Ministry of


Kele acquires four

unstaed homes

Thri shop opens at 940 Commercial Drive.



Goals are reset - a home of our own - a

shelter for women, increased housing and


Advocacy service

expands and rst Self

Advocates programs


Cost of lunch is now 35 cents.

Proposal for a Women’s

Emergency Transion

House is wrien


Nancy Keough becomes

Execuve Director


Camille House



Architects and contractors

hired for new Centre

Kele Day on the Drive

and rst annual rummage

sale conducted as major


New programs oering

independent subsidized

supported housing units

added to housing services

Kele receives

rst dollars

towards a

building fund.

Livingston Eggs, a

building at 1725

Venables Street is


Capital Building Construcon begins

Fund is formed and on a 19-unit

fundraising begins apartment building

on East 8th

Feasibility study done to

build permanent centre



Dissoluon of Greater Vancouver Mental Health

Services Society and transfer of funding to

Vancouver/Richmond Health Board




secured for a



house for


Kele moves

to 12th and


as new

centre is


The new Kele Friendship

Centre opens at 1725 Venables

St. Services include drop-in,

advocacy and housing

Peggy Ingram Mitchell and

Forest Mitchell

Anger Skills Program is

developed in

partnership with ve

other agencies


published the

Self Advocates


Art Teck



Peggy’s Place opens - a 10-bed transion

house for women, the rst of its kind in


New 19 unit


Court” opens

1997 1998

Advocacy funded to

specialize in family

support, apprehension

and tenants’ rights issues

Board of Directors hold

Visioning Workshop for

future of Kele

Outreach Services




First annual

Luncheon with

Nancy Hall

Ten Super SILs

Semi-Independent Living


Approval received for a

15 unit Lakewood

Enhanced Apartment


Funding secured for Self

Esteem and Employment

Development Program


Housing expands its


Living program by



Cost of lunch hits 75 cents

Launch of Kele website

Opening of Triumph

Apartments - 15 unit

Enhanced Housing

Kele Co-Founder

Elizabeth Reale passes

away in January

New Medicaon

Delivery Program

Kele enters the

Eastside Cultural


Friendship Court renovated and converted to

Enhanced Housing - 37 new Supersil/Sil units

2003 2004

The Kele

Clinic opens

Dolly’s Fund is introduced

in honour of Kele sta

member, Dolly Roy


2005 2006

Kele chosen for

Burrard Housing

project - 141 units of

housing which

breaks ground

November 2011

The Kele has new

plan for strategic




Tamara Taggart joins

The Kele Board

Purchase of

new Hasngs

Street site


returns to The


Expansion of





the Spirit of 2010

on the Drive

The Kele’s



New partnership with

Cadillac Fairview is



Get Crazy for Life Campaign

with Victoria Maxwell

Peggy’s Place 10th


Kele Board adopts a

new governance



Members of the

Common Thread

Sewing Co-op






MOU for new

56 units of


housing to be


Kele reviews

constuon and

adopts new Bylaws

aer 35 years


2010 2011

The Kettle’s “Making a Difference” Luncheons

For the past ten years, the Kele has hosted this major fundraising event. This annual luncheon

strives to raise awareness and address concerns about mental health issues in the workplace and

the community. Those in aendance care about building a beer Vancouver and aim to face the

challenges presented by issues of homelessness on our streets.

The Kele wishes to thank, once again, all of those who have supported us throughout the years.

You are truly ... making a dierence.


Tamara Taggart has commied six years to the Kele

Board, and we are honoured to have her passion and

connued support. In appreciaon, Tamara has been

named the Kele’s rst "Honorary Board Member".


A Dialogue with Mayor Larry Campbell

MC – CTV’s Tamara Taggart


Tamara has been our amazing MC at the "Making a

Dierence" Luncheons since 2004 and the public face of

our "Home for the Holidays" campaign.

Tamara, we can never show enough appreciaon for

everything you have done for The Kele. Thank you to the

wonderful people at CTV who have generously "loaned"

Tamara to us and for all the support at CTV, from the

employees to the execs. Our sincere appreciaon from

the Board, volunteers, sta and of course, Kele

members. We look forward to many more years of

working together.

Tamara with Board

member Kirk Osen.

Ellen Woodsworth,

Vancouver City Councillor

Rafe Mair, Larry Campbell

and Michael Kirby at the

2008 Luncheon

Dan Robb, Tech-Web

Graphics accepng a

thank you gi

Poster from the 2004

Annual Luncheon

“Making a Dierence” Luncheons

Astorino’s Catering Hall

2002 Nancy Hall, former BC Provincial Mental Health Advocate

2003 Victoria Maxwell performing her one-woman play, "Crazy

for Life"

2004 Rafe Mair, Broadcaster & Writer, "Mental Healthcare -

Now & In the Future - The Path We Must Follow", with

MC Tamara Taggart

2005 Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell, "The Four Pillars - A

Dialogue with the Mayor", with MC Tamara Taggart

2006 Victoria Maxwell, performing excerpts from her play,

"Funny, You Don't Look Crazy?!" with MC Tamara Taggart


Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel

2008 The Honourable Michael Kirby, Chair of Canada’s New

Mental Health Commission, "An Inspiring & Challenging

Call to Acon to Bring Mental Health Issues Out of the

Shadows", with MC Tamara Taggart

2009 Victoria Maxwell's one woman show, "Funny, You Don't

Look Crazy?!", with MC Tamara Taggart

Four Seasons Hotel

2010 Senator Larry Campbell, "A Post-Olympics Discussion of

Homelessness in Vancouver with Lessons from the book,

A Thousand Dreams", with MC Tamara Taggart

2011 Lloyd Craig, former CEO of Coast Capital Savings, "The

Progress in Mental Health & Homelessness in the Last 35

Years", A Kele 35th Anniversary event, with MC Mike

Killeen, CTV Newscaster

Kettle Supporters

1 2 3

4 5

6 7

While this is by no means a complete list of Kele supporters, here are a few captured moments of our generous friends. We thank you and all the others who have donated money, me and gis. We

could not do this without you. 1. Supporter Dorothy Ryan (le) at the Kele Hasngs Track Benet. 2. Telus Mobility employees present a cheque and 50 “comfort bags” with socks, razors, shampoo,

etc. 3. DDB’s Richard Sandor, Senior VP & Markeng Director presents a donaon. 4. Western Potash supports the Kele generously. 5. The Big Brolly Gala, put on by Cadillac Fairview, raised major

funds. 6. CTV employees kindly donated Christmas turkeys. 7. Kele’s fundraiser extraordinaire, Coreen Douglas, (right) with Board member, Denis Piper.

Once there was a woman who was homeless and

struggling with addicons at the drop in center. A

stranger to her gave her the money to buy

a dress and have her makeup and hair done for

the Christmas Dance. She was so happy.

The annual picnic is so

special because it brings

people together and gets

everyone interacng from all

the houses.

Meeng my boss, I

have a really good boss!

The Kele is a place that

you are always able to get

help - you are never

sent away. There is

always someone to talk to

in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Kele drop in has a pulse,

members have the freedom

to grow; they are like

owers to me.

My favourite memory is my

very rst night

working at the

Kele and it was

the Halloween

Party. When I

walked in the hall

I saw a guy over 6

feet tall dressed

as a woman

bobbing for

apples and having

the best me ever. I

laughed and thought

to myself, this place is


What’s Your



A favourite memory is seeing all the

happy faces when enjoying acvies

at camp. Camp Jubilee is just


Camping is a break from the

city that gives me peace of


My favorite memory is every

day, just geng to come here

and see my friends. It makes me

want to get up in the morning.

The rst me I went bowling is

a special memory, it was

so much fun. I am a student

working on a praccum but

I am so inspired by the

Kele that I am going to

apply for a full me job.

My favourite moments are

when clients tell “you

helped to save my life” or

just “thank you” it makes it all


I have to say the Kele cured me of my

dancing phobia. I never danced in

front of others but at the Christmas

Dance the members are so liberated,

they just took my hand and got me out

there on the dance oor to enjoy

myself dancing for the rst me!

My favourite memory is having a

chance to get dressed up fancy for

the Christmas dance, so much fun!

The rst day I arrived at the Kele I was dirty

and snky, underweight and depressed.

The sta here treated me with so much

kindness and respect, like a human

being. I was not accustomed to being

treated like this and that day I realized

that I was not alone.

The Kele simply ‘saved my bacon’

having help when I needed it and somewhere

to move to when I literally had my

possessions on the sidewalk!

The early Kele Christmas when

we had no budget for the

dinner. Planning would start

in July because everything

needed to be donated.

Community and member

volunteers were the

only reason it

happened. It was

always a warm

sasfying event

that embodied

the true spirit of


Dancing with the

sta at the Christmas


The Christmas Dinner

has to hold my favourite

memories. To see

everyone dressed up and having

such a good me.

My favourite memory is the annual winter dinner and dance. It is great

having all the sta from various departments and houses together with

members from all the services plus family and friends together. I love

dancing and dining together, pung aside all problems for one

evening just to have fun together.

The bus was leaving for camp and everyone was excited,

I jumped on at the last minute and hammed it up

having my legs hanging out of the bus - the

laughter thunderous!

I admire the compassion of the sta

and how they always go the extra mile to

help members.

I have to say I love the food; it is

cheap, restaurant quality and generous


The sta is very kind and understanding.

At the 2009 Annual Picnic we had a really fun baseball game.

Everyone was laughing and having a great me. A bystander on

the bleachers was also laughing along with us. They remarked that

it was the best baseball game they had ever watched.

The Kele BBQ’s because everyone parcipates. I love

the friendship and how it brings out the good in people.

If it were not for the Kele I would not have met all of

these wonderful people!

I love the understanding sta, fantasc fabulous

Fridays and picking out clothes from the closet and

eang great food with nice people and geng

help to nd a new place.

The Kele feels like a second home to me.

Appreciaon Day for all the volunteers and sta who

help make the Kele what it is today. Thank you to all of you!

One day a very good arst at the

Kele saw one of my drawings

and gave me a compliment on

it and it made me feel so

good about myself.

My favourite memories are

always of the art program,

thank you Kele for

having an art program.

A Kele member knew I was going downtown for something stupid and she suggested, why

don’t you go in the opposite direcon so as not to go to Hasngs Street? I did. I ran into a

friend I hadn’t seen in years and we had a coee and went to the record shop and I found

something I had been searching for. An excellent day that without a fellow Kele

member but it could have been a horrible day. Thank you my friend.

I wish for ...

More summer camping trips

More enhanced housing apartments

More outreach services

Mental health services for youth

A Members Commiee

More educaon concerning the negave sgma associated with mental illness.

People do not always look so great on the outside and so people stay away

from them and never get to see how beauful they are on the inside.

Increased funding for all the things we need.

Thri store for employment training

An out of city retreat for members to de-stress, connect with nature and enjoy

a break from the city.

More variety shows

A full me nurse

More music programs - singing too

Ten years ago, Kele members made a wish list and we are proud to say that the

Society has delivered 75% of the wanted items. Here is our checklist from 2001.

Adolescent mental health services Women’s mental health centre

More seniors programs

More room for creave endeavours

Employment programs

Volunteer co-ordinator

More oungs

More sta

Larger space

Open longer hours

More Housing

Arts/cras supplies


Literacy program

Van for trips out of city

Educaonal opportunes

Towels, bedding dishes, etc. Country retreat for members

Pet care for when members are

in hospital

Kettle Programs

Programs at the Kele support the recovery, health and well being of the Members.

Friendship is the ‘heart’ of Kele programming and serves to create a range of

opportunies for persons to get together and share experiences. They are oered at low

or no cost so that persons have the opportunity to enjoy community acvies and special


Since the doors were rst opened, Kele Members have always had input in deciding

what programs they would like to parcipate in. They volunteer to raise funds and

organize social and recreaonal acvies. As you can see by the program schedules on

the following pages, Kele Members have favourite programs that have lasted the test of


Schedule 1979

Schedule 2011

Drop-In Centre

Oen called the heart of the Kele, the Drop-in’s low barrier approach makes it easier for individuals who fear the sgma of mental illness to begin to

access support and services. Individuals may be living with both a mental and physical illness, substance misuse, and be homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The Drop-In oers a women’s lounge, hot showers and laundry facilies, a Tuck Shop – run by a Kele member, clothing store, a computer room, recreaonal

acvies, cooking classes, and special events. Kele members can enjoy socializing and parcipang in acvies at the Drop-In. The Kele

Drop-In life skills training and leisure social-recreaonal acvies last year had over 45,000 visits.

The Kele Drop-In is open 365 days a year. The meal program serves over 26,000 meals to 3,600 individuals annually including every holiday. Meals are

provided at 11:30 am daily and cost $1.00 for mental health consumers. The Kele’s Homeless Outreach workers help spread the word on the street

about the Drop-in and Kele services.


The Kele has 200 units of supported housing. The programs within strive to provide individual

services that will prevent and reduce hospital care and promote the opmal level of funconing to

achieve each individual’s personal sasfacon, growth and highest potenal. The programs place a

strong emphasis on psychosocial rehabilitaon principles and recovery. They are designed to give

individuals the ability to choose the neighborhood they wish to live in, within their own self contained

apartment. Each client works with an outreach support worker to assist them in succeeding at their

self-determined goals and enhanced quality of life. The goal is to maximize independence by acquiring

or maintaining personal condence, social supports and skills for daily living. Individuals will move

along the connuum of housing to the level of support that they need to maximize their quality of life.

SIL/SUPER SIL Supported Housing Program: The supported housing team assists individuals to achieve

a higher level of independence and personal happiness in the community, gaining self condence and

nding a quality of life not experienced in the past.

Enhanced Community Services: The Community Medicaon Monitoring Program supports clients to

stay in the community by providing medicaon

and nutrional supplements in the home. With a

dedicated sta who provide excellent quality and

care of service, clients remain medicaon compliant

through a home medicaon delivery and

monitoring program as well as the delivery of

nutrional drinks to those with compromised

immune systems.

Licensed Care

Peggy’s Place Transion House and Camille House oer women-only licensed care. Women oen experience mental illness dierently than men, so they require safe, caring places to

recover and rebuild their lives. Women access trauma, drug and alcohol counselling, mental health, medical and dental care and eventually move into support and independent housing.

Camille House, a 10 bed long-term care mental

health facility for women, celebrated its 20th anniversary this

year. So many women have come and gone over those years –

some have been here since it opened, others have returned

for another stay. Some have passed on and have le us with

good memories.

The Kele feels honoured that women are comfortable

returning to stay or to visit and feel that this is a good, safe

place to be. The philosophy is that recovery is a connuum

and somemes a pause to rest, reect and regroup is needed

in that process. The Kele likes to think of Camille House as a

place where that can happen.

The residents work hard and strive to live as rewarding a life

as they can and also deserve recognion for the challenges

they overcome each day and the steps they make in the

process of recovery. The happy partnership with SEED

landscape workers is ongoing and our grounds have never

looked more tended to.

“I never felt so cared about before and for the

rst me in my life I care about me.”

Peggy’s Place opened in 1997, a transion house

for women disabled by mental illness and who have

experienced domesc violence. Peggy’s Place connues to be

extremely successful with just over 95% of our residents

transioning into aordable housing aer compleng their

program stay. 90% of all residents are homeless when they

arrive at Peggy’s Place.

Our sta group is exceponal at oering the empathy and

support the women need to successfully move forward in their

lives. Sta’s knowledge around issues of abuse, trauma, mental

health and addicons is what assists the women foremost in

understanding the cycles of their lives and from there

developing the skills needed for change.

During the women’s stay they are referred to trauma

counseling, drug and alcohol programs, mental health

supports, GP and densts. In addion, sta supports the

residents in obtaining their personal goals which include

spiritual, recreaonal and educaonal endeavours.

“For the rst me in

my life I feel safe and

cared for and I am

actually taking

enjoyment out of


“I feel empowered

to take charge

back of my life and

I do maer.”

Environmental Services

The Kele’s Environmental Services department ensures that Kele buildings,

equipment and grounds meet all safety standards and they carry out preventave

maintenance procedures to keep all sites clean, well run and in good repair.

The Environmental Services department completes most projects through in-house

trained sta with experse and experience in the areas of carpentry, simple electrical

work, painng, dry walling and plumbing.

The manager of Environmental Services plans, coordinates, schedules, monitors and

budgets for all maintenance and repairs, as well as performs jobs that require a more

comprehensive skill set.

Burrard Street Project

The provincial government is working with eight municipalies to create more

housing with support services for people who are homeless or at risk of


In Vancouver, the Province has paid pre-development costs and provided capital

funding for 14 city-owned sites. These sites will provide approximately 1,575 new

supporve housing units, create more than 2,100 direct jobs, and represent a capital

investment of $333.4 million. The City of Vancouver contributed all the land for the 14

sites valued at about $64 million. Through a partnership between the Province and

Streetohome Foundaon, the laer is providing $20 million toward the development

of supporve housing on eight of the 14 sites. All of the sites are being designed to

LEED Gold standards.

Non-prot sociees will manage the sites and provide vital support services to the

tenants. These new buildings will help homeless people move beyond temporary

shelter to secure housing, gain greater self-reliance, and improve the quality of their


The Kele is grateful to have received the parcel of land located at 1134 Burrard

Street, and the building will contain 141 apartment units. Opening is scheduled for


1784 East Hastings

With the Kele connuing to strive for beer means to support people with mental

illness to lead healthier lives, room to house all these programs was at a premium.

In answer to this space shortage, the Kele has expanded its administrave oces

to include a building at 1784 East Hasngs. Within these walls are the oces for

the SEED Employment Program, as well the Kele Housing Program.

The “I Love Art” project is one of many excing art projects that was organized at

the site. Some of the wonderful pieces of members’ work is proudly displayed on

the walls throughout the building.

SEED Sewing Training Room

In 2010, the Kele’s supported housing program

acquired a garden plot in Pandora Park Community

Gardens, at about the same me Triumph

apartments did. The groups have amalgamated and

meet every Friday. Kele members who aend the

gardening group learn all there is to know about

gardening, from planng to harvesng and also

benet immensely from being outside, meeng

other gardeners and taking home freshly picked


The group is a supporve, safe and empowering

acvity, an important part of the rehabilitaon and

recovery process. Last year we grew enough to

prepare a delicious community meal, which Kele

members helped harvest and cook for each other.

This meal was prepared at the Kele Drop-In.

There is consistent parcipaon and interest .

Members have described the group as soothing,

peaceful, healing and “the best part of my


Here is a poem wrien by a client inspired by the

garden group.

Where Is Your Quiet?


Silently I wait for chaos to die down

Every day it’s the same

Where is the quiet this fast paced world has to oer?

Quiet is created

either on the inside or out

What does it look like?

Quiet is necessary

It restores, it heals and it teaches the soul

My quiet is contained within four walls

There is variety and it is full of life

Quiet can be shared or self-guided

mine is both

It is simple, it is rewarding and it’s

Found across the street in a garden.

Outreach Program

The Kele Outreach Services program assists members to connect with appropriate

community agencies in order to have full access to services and resources they require.

The program provides outreach services to Kele members in treatment facilies –

hospital, mental health teams, detox and treatment centres – through weekly visits. The

outreach sta work with hospital sta and social workers on the community care plan

to bridge members back into the community successfully.

In Spring 2011, the Kele began

a new program to bring even

more awareness to the community

about the services they

provide in order to reach out to

more mental health users.


E Skills







The SEED Program assists individuals with chronic mental health issues to build the

vocaonal skills, condence and stamina necessary to make the transion from

unemployment to sasfying work opportunies.

SEED works with the larger community – creang innovave partnerships, providing

skilled workers to local businesses, and breaking down sgma about mental illness.

Over the last year, the program has successfully employed in long and short term

posions over 70 clients in the following job sectors: landscaping, kitchen preparaon,

painng, moving, photography, janitorial, esthecs, and oce work.

The SEED Program is also part of a creave partnership with the Commercial Drive

Business Improvement Associaon. The SEED “Clean Team” has been keeping The

Drive clean ve days a week since 2003, and gives parcipants an opportunity to learn

new skills and to interact with the community.

A new partnership with the Common Thread Co-operave gives training and work to

women in recovery by recycling and sewing street banners into usable items such as

tote bags and knapsacks.

Common Thread Sewing Co-op

The Common Thread cooperave combines ve local social

enterprises: the Kele Friendship Society, the Afghan

Women’s Sewing and Cra Co-op, Sewing with Heart,

Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) and

Eastside Movement for Business & Economic Renewal

Society (EMBERS). The women of the group have been

repurposing 2010 Olympic banners into tote bags and book


The co-op’s current project is to make tote bags for the

Internaonal Year of the Cooperave (2012) out banners

including PNE 100 year anniversary banners, local Business

Improvement Associaon’s colourful street banners, and

ocial signage from the Naonal Capital Commission.

“It just builds their


People are responsive to their products because of the

commitment to both environmental sustainability and

social enterprise. The co-op uses only donated banners and

event fabric for its merchandise.

With industrial sewing machines purchased from the

Vancouver Olympic Commiee at a reduced price, and

space donated by Vancouver’s Flag Shop, the co-op has

been able to assist women with barriers to employment,

which range from mental health to new immigrant issues.

The women come from all walks of life and for those who

work on contracts for Common Thread, they are able to

work as lile or as much as they want, in a variety of

locaons — even at their homes.

Many of the women didn’t even know how to sew when

they joined. Now they are in a factory with other people

who are doing the same work, and making money. It just

builds their self-esteem.

Love Kerri Gryzelak


The Kele Advocacy provides much needed

informaon, support, and representaon to

resolve income, housing, and family law

problems. Our Advocates also help to resolve

debt, welfare, tenancy, and child and family

disputes. The oce is open 9:30 am to noon

and 1:00 pm to 4:15 pm, Monday to Thursday.

The sta work with our members, government

agencies and other service providers to ensure

that persons with a mental illness have access

to housing, nancial supports, legal and mental

health resources, and are treated fairly in their

interacons with government, community and

the mental health system.

Pro Bono Legal Clinic: With the support of the

Kele Advocacy Service, the Western Canada

Society to Access Jusce runs a free legal clinic

on Thursday aernoons from 2:00 pm to 4:00

pm. The clinic is staed by volunteer lawyers

who can give advice, look at and review legal

documents and answer quesons about civil

law maers. The clinic is by appointment only.

The clinic is open to anyone as long as they are

low income.

The Reigns of Love - A Free Perspecve

Certainly the rose takes root

In the blood,

The soul opens and takes light.

Light is open

Freely spaced

And rooted

In life.

In which heart

Will the blood -red rose

not bloom in certainty?

Only in a darkened


Cold lonely


Don Steele

Welcome Friends

Hail friends, we ask not what thou art

If a friend, we greet thee hand and heart

If a stranger, such no longer be

If foe, our love shall conquer thee

For us this poem exemplies the friendly,

warm environment and sta you will nd at the Kele.

To all who enter the doors, our warm sincere WELCOME.

Remember that this is your home away from home.

Author Unknown


Health Clinic

The Kele Health Clinic is a safe and accepng place to get medical help. Everyone is welcome.

Nurses at the Kele clinic oer wound care, treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, immunizaon,

tesng for sexually transmied infecons, women’s health care and PAP tests, chronic

disease management, health educaon, foot care, and referrals to other health care providers.

The clinic is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“We want people to know that we are a

safe and non-judgemental place for

anyone in the neighbourhood to get

health care. You don’t need to be a mental

health consumer or a member of the

Kele to come see us. We’re LGBT-friendly

and you don’t need a Care Card.”

Eternal Jones’

I have high friends in low places,

I’ve sailed the seven sins.

I can walk on re,

but I can’t walk away from the posion I am in.

Cowering beneath the sun,

my le is alright but my right is all wrong.

Tick the days o like they were ies on the wall,

I asked for the shorter version and it’s too long.

When God was handing out happiness,

my coat was stuck in the gate.

When God gave out his love,

all I got were scraps of hate.

Shut me up but don’t shoot me down,


I deserve to display my illustrious crown,


I wish I could hold 10 seconds of eternity,

just to throw it in your face.

I wish I could lose 10 seconds of uncertainty,

but I realize this isn’t my place.

I am excess baggage on the carousel of life,

so what if my smile comes upside down.

It’s like being trapped in a maternity ward

dressed like a clown.

- Robert McGillivary

Volunteer Programs

The Kele Friendship Society welcomes

volunteer involvement. We are

commied to respecng the contribuon

volunteers make in allowing us to

enhance our services.

We need Volunteers to:

No act of kindness,

no maer how

small, is ever



When you cease to make a contribuon, you begin to die. Eleanor Roosevelt

• Facilitate acvity groups (cras,

music, etc.)

• Co-facilitate exisng groups with sta

(swimming, bowling, etc.)

• Assist with meal preparaon in our


• Come to the drop-in centre and visit

with our members

So, what’s in it for you? You will:

• Increase your understanding of

mental health issues

• Have an opportunity to share your

skills and talents

• Be part of posive change in your


• Parcipate in fun and engaging


We appreciate the parcipaon of

community members whether the

movaon is community involvement,

personal growth, work experience,

praccum placement or the compleon

of community hours. If you’re interested,

please call or stop by the centre to pick up

an applicaon form.

We can do anything we want, if we sck to it long enough. Helen Keller

"First Person Singular" by Winter Hammell



RSVP to 604.251.7633

or cchristensen@

1725 Venables Street

at Commercial Drive

Friday, November 26, 5 - 10pm

Saturday, November 27,11 - 6pm

Sunday, November 28,11 - 6pm

350+ pieces of multi-media art by

Kettle Members




The show designed to shaer the preconcepons

that people have with “mental health disability”

You are

invited to

VIP Opening


Friday, Nov. 26,

5 - 7 pm




Art & Artists that

Fight Stigma Against

Mental Illness

Art Raffle for exciting

artwork – funds supporting

art supplies for artists living

with mental illness

What immediately

struck me was the

quality of the art.

Several mes a new

piece would be placed in

front of my lens and I

would think “wow, that

would look good on my


Greg Masuda,

Freelance Photographer

The following is an excerpt that appeared in the Vancouver Courier,

November 7, 2007

Marj Kidd, an arst showing at the Kele Friendship Society during

the Eastside Culture Crawl, says she somemes senses condescension

toward arsts diagnosed with mental illness. But the work that will be

displayed at the Art Against Sgma show at the mental health society

is nothing to sneer at. Art cards lled with poetry, abstract

expressionist mulmedia painngs rich with texture, landscape and

portrait painngs, photographs, intricate drawings and

thought-provoking sketches--up to 150 works by as many as 30

arsts--will be on display at the non-prot at 1725 Venables.

Jackie Novik, who helps coordinate the exhibit and has a background

in art, says arsts price their works from $10 to $450 for the event.

She said typically half of the works sell--and one arst sells out every

year--with all of the money going to the arst.

Norm Chodirker showed a stack of yet to be framed eight-and-a-half

by 11-inch acrylic and mixed media works. A vibrant mixture of

colour, form, metal and fabric, the works by the 54-year-old Emily Carr

College of Art and Design grad beg to be touched.

Kelley Montgomery showed the Courier the sketches he did while he

was living on the street, when the 35-year-old, who was diagnosed

with schizophrenia eight years ago, would sneak paper from the

library for his art materials. He's proud he has substanal work to

show for the me he spent living outdoors. He previously studied

photography and lm and will show his drawings and photos--social

commentaries and nature shots--at the exhibit.

While Montgomery and Chodirker have professional aspiraons,

Novik has had to persuade some amateur arsts--some of whom are

homeless--to submit works to the show.

"For some people it's a big deal just to see someone cares enough

about their work to put a frame on it," Novik said.

Aer Kele member and poet John Watson died, his mother, an arst,

gave the society $1,500 for a memorial fund. Since 1995, the Kele

has used the fund for grants of up to $100 for members to spend on

creave endeavours.

The Kele has given $20,000 in memorial bursaries for theatre

workshop fees, piano lessons, recording studio fees, instruments and

kning supplies.

My Rebellion

I march to my own beat

Circles you may not see

But in my mind they are

I’ve been learning disabled since 3

Walking in a parallel world

learning what i may see

is not what you see




A multi-venue art show on Commercial Drive featuring 200 pieces of original art incorporating the Olympic and Paralympic

values - all by individuals living with mental health disabilities.


Merry Christmas!




Missy and Smudge, the Kettle

“service” cats hand out love and

kitty support whenever needed.









untouched by

passing years





of a friend

are held forever.



Dolly (Kele Sta)


We live our lives from day to day

Spend me with our loved ones

We encounter


every day

Life is so ...




Time slips away morning through night

I pray and pray ...

We live our


lives from dusk to dawn

Life is so ...

Our loved ones here and gone

Michelle Olson


Ivan Anne (Kele Sta) John

Jake Mike Gloria Gene

John Wayne



Roland Jack

Life is a gift

Too oen we forget

Another’s death


Can also

A gi be ...

When it reminds us






Liveby Leslie













Greta Bill Patricia (Kele Sta)

Dolly’s Fund

The Kele Emergency Assistance Fund or Dolly's Fund helps clients needing

special, emergency support, ie: a bed for a night if they lose their housing or are

coming out of detox; travel to visit their children in care; dishes and supplies for

a new home; specialized medical equipment or food supplements for someone

coming in o the street and extremely malnourished.

"Dolly's Fund" is a memorial fund created in honour of long me Kele

employee Dolly Roy (Mercredi). Close to Dolly's heart was helping those who

were trying to "start over". Dolly's rst priority was always to nd a safe place

for someone to rest their head; food for their stomach and the tools to regain

the lost self. Many of those she assisted were struggling with drug or alcohol

abuse as well as mental illness.

Dolly would go that extra mile to nd the resources that someone might need

to start over. She knew more landlords than anyone at the Kele and oen

acted as a "matchmaker" for those looking for shelter and those who could

provide it. It was oen her vision of the potenal in someone that gave others

the inspiraon to take a chance too.

A small amount from this fund can save a life and even turn a person’s life

around. Anyone can contribute to Dolly's Fund online or by sending a donaon

to The Kele.

Congratulaons to The Kele Friendship

Society on your 35th Anniversary.

Thank you for your years of friendship

and support for those living with mental


Working For You

Jenny Kwan, MLA

Vancouver-Mount Pleasant


1070-1641 Commercial Drive

Congratulations for

35 years of outstanding


A Message from the Mayor

October, 2011

On behalf of my colleagues on Vancouver City Council, I want to send my sincere

congratulations to the Kettle Friendship Society on your 35 th Anniversary.

Unfortunately, mental illness remains largely stigmatized and inadequately

acknowledged in society. The need for greater education remains acute, particularly at a

time when mentally ill citizens find themselves homeless and vulnerable to addiction.

Until mental illness is properly acknowledged as a condition requiring the same medical

and social resources as any other health problem, our community will need the

commitment of organizations like the Kettle Friendship Society to fill the gap. Your

efforts to deliver mental health services and support to those in need is a tribute to your

community spirit and a contribution to our entire city's well-being.

On behalf of all the citizens of Vancouver, I want to thank you all for your tireless work

and congratulate you on the occasion of your 35 th Anniversary celebration.

BC Housing applauds the Kettle Friendship Society

the community over the past 35 years.

BC Housing works with the Kettle Friendship Society

British Columbians who need it most.

Follow us on:

Yours truly,

Mayor Robertson with Kele sta

member, Angela Davies

Gregor Robertson


Amrin Amrolia of BC Housing

accepng artwork in appreciaon



September 2011

A Message from the Premier

As Premier of the Province of British Columbia, I am pleased to congratulate

everyone involved with The Kettle Friendship Society as you celebrate the 35 th

Anniversary of supporting people living with mental illnesses.

Here’s to 35 years of

making a difference.



Shane Simpson, MLA


I understand the organization started off with a small group of concerned

individuals and now your mission and your work is supported by a much larger

group of people, including a Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and citizens

who work together to ensure social, recreational and life skills programs are in

place to help people with mental illnesses lead healthier lives.

I commend you for your efforts and dedication and wish you all the best in the

years ahead.


Christy Clark


The Kele shows its appreciaon to its funders at the

2011 Making a Dierence Luncheon

Province of British Columbia

Office of the Premier

PO Box 9041 Stn Prov Gov

Victoria BC

V8W 9E1

November 18, 2011

Dear Friends at the Kele Friendship Society,

Happy 35th Anniversary! For over 3 decades, I’ve known of the excellent

work of The Kele and think that it is an ideal community agency.

Time and again, The Kele has demonstrated its leadership in building

community capacity. It has comprehensive knowledge of the challenges of

mental illness and empowers consumers to cope with them. It builds up

self -esteem, and supports people in their journey.

The Kele has helped many individuals and their families over the past 35

years and in so doing has made our community profoundly beer o. The

experse, dedicaon and commitment of The Kele has enriched, and

transformed, lives and created a stronger community by helping to

remove the sgma around mental illness.

Thank you to all the sta, volunteers, parcipants and partners of The

Kele for their valuable work, and I wish you all the best for connued




Libby Davies, MP (Vancouver East)

2412 Main Street

Vancouver, BC V5T 3E2

Phone: 604 775 5800

Fax: 604 775 5811



The Kele has had a long and strong relaonship with Vancouver Community Mental Health

Services (VCMHS), formally Greater Vancouver Mental Health Services. Looking back, what

stands out is that The Kele was the original "Lile Agency That Could", one of the mainstays

among the smaller agencies contracted with VCMHS (previously GVMHS) since the 1980s.

They worked out of an old storefront on Commercial Drive, oering services to anyone in

need, giving help to people with major challenges. Oen a last resort for some people,

helping those whom other agencies turned away, the Kele was always about the basics –

helping feed people, giving them support and housing, and advocang for their rights. Over

the years The Kele has grown in size, but has never lost its focus on the individual.

Always exceponally strong advocates for the needs of women, it was The Kele’s persistence

that resulted in funding being made available fourteen years ago for Peggy's Place –

the only transional house focused on housing women who have mental health issues and

are oen refused by other transion houses.

The Kele pioneered a program allowing medicaon delivery and monitoring to mental

health clients who want to live in their own homes. This remains the only program of its type

in VCH, helping people maintain their individuality in their own community rather than

facing hospitalizaon.

The Kele oers two other programs: a Resources Centre ( the original service), where

people can go for food, showers and engagement in a range of acvies which build a sense

of community and cizenship, and an advocacy program which helps people access entlements

such as nancial benets to housing and to problem solve through mulple daily

issues from debt to childcare.

The Kele’s Leadership Team provides strong leadership, vision, and dedicaon to the people

it serves as well as to the maintenance of The Kele and its programs

Congrats on your 35th Anniversary!

On behalf of all the people who have received service, thank you!

Lorna Howes and Kim Calsaferri

Vancouver Coastal Health

Thank you

to our funders and community partners







Know your limit, play within it

Lohn Foundaon

Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward’s


John Hardie Mitchell Family





We also express our appreciaon to all the

individuals who donated to the Kele during this,

our anniversary year, and over the past 35 years!

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