Paper Comets: Words

Volume One, Issue One

Volume One, Issue One


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Editor’s Note i.

Meet the Contributors


Adaryn, by Sophia 1-2

Authenticity, by Abbiee 3

Intention, by Rachel 4

Be, by Rose 5-6

Beauty, by Mackenzie 7-8

Experience, by Autumn 9-10

Ineffiable, by Hannah 11-12

Lovely, by Grace 13-14

Sillage, by Bethan 15-16

Sonder, by Morning 17-18

Vellichor, by Anna 19-20

Yonderly, by Ava 21-22


There are so many words can summarize the entire growth of this project. A summer collaborative

slowly morphing into something far greater than any of us could have imagined. Conversations filled

with all caps, exclamation marks, and laughing tear emojis. Pancakes. Waffles. Albion, 2K16. Embarking

on new beginnings can be such a crazy experience that taking everything all in and recollecting it later,

perhaps due to the sense of euphoria accompanied with nostalgia, can be difficult. Still, we try our best

to express it within the right connotation, to fully capture the memory in whatever media we are most

comfortable expressing memories and thoughts with-- sketches, music, poetry, the list is never-ending.

Unlike its sister zine, Sacred Zine Club, Paper Comets focuses more towards the writing aspect of art,

the cultivation of one's personal voice. Personal voice is important, especially in artistry-- it takes much

effort and precision to truly convey the meaning of the thought or memory we are trying to convey.

Often, we will often be inspired by mundane objects and instances we happen to stumble across, such

as a collection of quotes or paintings. Words cannot begin to fathom the amount of brainstorming it

took to finally stumble across our first theme's issue, until one day, the idea settled.

Words-- what they mean to the author and how it is connoted by each author-- slowly grew from a

mere idea thrown out during heavy brainstorming sessions up to a wild, frenzied storm ready to burst

out into the world and be heard. We hope that you enjoy this issue as much as we had while creating

everything, under the light of the midnight sun, the sparkling stars, besides the comfort of a fire (or

under a blanket, in bed), learning a bit more about these artists and potentially, uncovering something

for yourself, as you journey through their creative lives.

Face it: the creative journey never ends. But there will always be a beginning step, the step ready to

jump from a precipice and fly into unknown grounds-- and for us here at Paper Comets and Freckled

Minds, this is it. The new step. The new leap.

And potentially, a lasting new opportunity.

xx the editors of Paper Comets

ABBIEE // Abbiee

I’m Abbiee, a singer/songwriter, novelist, professional waffle-eater, and

blogger. I spend too much time on Pinterest, watching British dramas,

and listening to music. I’m a creator, an artist, a wandering soul who is

too in love with the world to let it stay this way. In the process of

producing my debut album. In the process of burying

myself in books. In the process of singing my heart out. In the process of

drinking tea, dancing in the kitchen, and discovering who I really am. I

live in the woods of Vermont with my family and two small white dogs.

TWITTER: @abbiemusic | INSTAGRAM & PINTEREST: @abbieofficial


ANNA // Demigods and Unicorns

I'm Anna. I'm 16, kind of awkward, addicted to music, an ENFP, a shy

extrovert, an obsessive reader, a want-to-be artist, and I attempt to

write. And take photos. And blog. I watch too much anime (when I

have the time), & if there were such a thing as "reading too many

books,” that would definitely be me. I (occasionally) play violin &

piano (both intermediately), & I am usually using my earbuds to feed

music into my brain. I love clogging and dancing awkwardly around

my kitchen. I love talking to my friends. I love animals. I love driving.

I love books. I love Jesus.

INSTAGRAM: @demigodsandunicorns | FACEBOOK: Continuing

Forever Triology | GOODREADS: Anna McAuley


AUTUMN // Autumn’s Readings and Writings

Hey! My penname is Autumn, and I’m an ENFP who’s passionate

about writing, blogging, and capturing the beauty of life with my

camera. If I’m not doing any of those, I’m probably making a big (but

delicious) mess in my kitchen. Living original and living creative are

two things that are important to me, and my goal is to live this life

with intention and stay focused on what’s important. But most

importantly, without Jesus, I am nothing. Other things I like to do?

Eat, sleep, think, and live in and beyond the moment. Life is so

beautiful and God is so good.

TWITTER: @autumn_raelin_ | PINTEREST: autumnraelife



AVA // Quiet Land

Hello! *waves* I'm Ava: a teen that enjoys such riveting pastimes as

sketching, writing (lame) poetry, listening to the 1951 Alice's

Adventures in Wonderland soundtrack, and pretending I'm a




BETHAN // Fiction and Tea

Hello there! I'm Bethan, a (nearly) seventeen-year-old introvert with a

passion for reading, writing and Star Wars. I'm a worrier and a

procrastinator, which isn't a wonderful pairing, I drink an excessive

amount of tea, I'm far too sarcastic for my own good and I correct

grammar at the most inappropriate times. I'm a pale-skinned, curlyhaired,

quick-witted Official Brit (yes, I have The Accent) with a

tendency to fit a little too perfectly into the category of “Nerd.”

PERSONAL INSTAGRAM: @bethan_downs | TWITTER: @bethandowns

BOOK INSTAGRAM: @fiction.and.tea


GRACE ANNE // Totally Graced

Hello! Grace Anne here. I’m a sixteen-year-old blogger from the

Southern U.S. As you would probably guess from learning that I’m a

blogger, I’m an introvert (INFP/ISFP) who falls in love with cats &

fictional characters. Musical theatre is my passion, and I believe in

dancing through life. I also believe that waffles and chocolate make

life better, and that the written word is the most powerful tool that

there is. Most importantly, I believe in a grace that is greater than

anything in the world.

INSTAGRAM & PINTEREST: @totallygraced | TWITTER: @Totally_Graced



HANNAH // Grace in Everything

Hello! Hannah here. I am a princess, daughter of the King. I am also a

ballerina of over twelve year going towards forever, & a lover of

beautiful things, especially pink beautiful things. I often stop to smell

the roses and put wildflowers in my hair. I love to bake (but mostly

eat) desserts, but I also try to live a healthy lifestyle. Ideas motivate

me & drive me to keep going. I believe that chocolate can help

almost any situation, and if chocolate can't, then cats might. I know

for sure, Jesus is enough and His grace changes everything. I am on a

mission to find out how to live in God’s grace in everything.

TWITTER & PINTEREST: @graceforhannah |

INSTAGRAM: @graceineverythingblog


MORNING // The Ups & Downs of My Not-So-Average Life

Hi! I’m Morning, an INFP currently residing in one of the most

northwestern of the fifty states. Often times, I can be found in the

"real" world, as one of my theatre directors calls it, with a

(note)book at hand or taking photos with friends inside of a photo

booth. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, theatre, spending time with

friends, & indulging lots of chocolate. The color orange, mint chip ice

cream, bookstores with coffee shops, folk and indie music are some

of my favorite things, alongside unique words, interesting quotes,

exploring and discovering the world. Perhaps we can be friends?

GOODREADS: @mynameismorning



MACKENZIE // think. eat. write. read.

I’m Mackenzie, but you could call me Kenz or Kenzie. I am an

introverted perfectionist, procrastinator, and over-thinker. I have

an undying love for pizza (the holy food). In my spare time, I find

myself having full blown conversations with my dog. It’s wonderful.

I’ve been a creator for as long as I can remember, and I don’t plan

on stopping any time soon. I am creativity, creativity is me; we are





NICOLE ROSE // Self Known

Hi, I’m Nicole Rose - but you can call me Rosie. I am 18, introverted

and happy you’re here. I’m passionate about singing, blogging,

albinos and building stories out the weirdest scenarios I can dream

of. I like to create and laugh at my own jokes. I’m a music obsessed

INFJ whose only weaknesses happen to be high notes and pretty

boys with Nutella. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. There’s still a

lot I need to figure out, like what I’m doing and where I’m going,

but I’ve found that it’s okay not to have everything planned to a T.

My mission: to create, make and discover until the end of time.

INSTAGRAM: @self.known | PINTEREST & GOODREADS: @selfknown



Hey! I’m Rachel Alison, a writer (novelist & occasional poet), blogger

(almost 4 years strong!), & photographer / lover of Instagram who

aspires to travel the world someday and capture her experiences

with her pen and camera. As of now, however, I’m living in Southern

California with her family and dreaming big dreams, entering into my

senior year of high school. When I’m not blogging or doing

schoolwork, you can find her dancing wildly to Jon Bellion or Tori

Kelly, eating way too much brie cheese (it's so good!), or reading my

latest children's book obsession.

INSTAGRAM: @silvermess | TWITTER & PINTEREST: @rrachelalisonn


SOPHIA // The Teentrepreneur

Hi!! I'm Sophia, teen entrepreneur, blogger, student, & world changer.

I blog over at The Teentrepreneur, where I focus on inspiring fellow

teens to be entrepreneurs. Feel free to stop over! When I'm not

working (I run a piano teaching studio and summer camp business,

also cofounding a startup / app & working for my family's honey &

consignment businesses) or studying (currently a senior planning

on studying international business / political science / startups in

college), you can find me playing piano, running, painting, or

reading a hopelessly large stack of books. I also believe that

brownies & ice cream could probably solve the world's problems.

INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, & PINTEREST: @ tteentrepreneur






















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