2016 NV Nurses Association Yearbook

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Membership Meeting Announcement

Nevada Nurses Association

Meeting of the Members

Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

• B.S. in Nursing

• RN to BSN

• M.S. in Nursing

o Clinical Nurse Leader

o Nurse Educator

o Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

o Family Nurse Practitioner

o Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

• DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)

o BSN to DNP:

• Nurse Practitioner Tracks

o Post-MSN DNP:

• Advanced Practice

• Nurse Executive


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Table of Contents

NNA Mission, Goals, & Objectives. .......................................... 3

Annual Meeting Agenda .................................................. 5

NNA Board of Directors. .................................................. 7

Annual Meeting General Information ........................................ 9

Report of the President. ................................................. 10

Treasurer’s Report ..................................................... 11

Professional Development Committee. ...................................... 12

Environmental Health Committee. ......................................... 13

Legislative Committee Report ............................................. 14

Membership Committee ................................................. 15

State Collaborative on Lateral Violence. ..................................... 15

Healthy Nevada Nurses. ................................................. 16

Nursing Practice. ...................................................... 17

Rural & Frontier Nursing Advisory Committee. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

NNA Job Board. ....................................................... 18

District I. ............................................................ 19

Nevada Nurses Foundation. .............................................. 21

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2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

RN-BSN Online Program

Accepts students both

Spring & Summer semesters

Application Deadlines:

Spring-November 10 th

Summer-March 10 th

Registration by last name:

(A-J) 435.879.4813

(K-Z) 435.879.4803

For more information:



2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

NNA Mission, Goals and Objectives


The Nevada Nurses Association promotes professional

nursing practice through continuing education, community

service, nursing leadership, and legislative activities to

advocate for improved health and high quality health care

for citizens of Nevada.


• Promote and uphold excellence and integrity for the profession of nursing.

• Educate and advocate for accessible, affordable, quality health care for clients/


• Monitor the evolving role of the professional nurse.


• Sustain a leadership role that actively supports individual nurses in their professional


• Educate nurses about professional practice advocacy.

• Provide a proactive presence in legislative and regulatory activities for health related


• Participate with consumers and health care groups in establishing health care policy

• Encourage, promote, and support political candidates who demonstrated support of

the mission, goals and objectives of the Nevada Nurses Association

• Be Strong, proactive presence in working with local, state, and national regulatory

agencies involved in healthcare.

• Collaborate with programs of higher education for nurses to enhance the image and

integrity of the profession.

• Promote nursing as a career option for men, women, and minorities targeting the

elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education settings.


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Nevada Nurses Association


Wednesday, October 19, 2016 5:30-7:00 p.m., Locations TBA

5:00-5:30 Networking

Call to Order

Welcome, Opening Statements, Announcements,

Officers Reports


Vice President



District I President

District III President

Committee Reports

Legislative Committee

Membership Committee

Professional Development

Bylaws Committee

Environmental Health Committee

Healthy Nevada Nurses

Rural and Frontier Nurse

Advisory Committee

Suicide Prevention Initiative

State Collaborative on

Lateral Violence

Member Assembly Report

New & Other Business

Election Results & Officer Installation Ceremony

President’s Awards & Recognitions

Incoming President Address to the Members

Adjournment of Meeting

Scott Lamprecht

Elizabeth Fildes

Bernadette Longo

Nicki Aaker

Julie Wagner

Donna Miller

Carol Swanson

Amy Pang

Nicki Aaker

Tracy Singh

Bernadette Longo

Elizabeth Fildes

Heidi Johnston

Margaret Curley

Margaret Curley

Elizabeth Fildes and Sandy Olguin


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Nevada Emergency

Nurses Association

Thank you to our ER nurses

on the frontline in our ever changing


Please join ENA and you will be a part of

40,000 other ER nurses that do what you

do and are dedicated to safe care & safe

practice. ENA provides education, research and

scholarships. ENA’s annual conference is an

amazing way to network and learn.

If you have any questions please email Melane’

Marsh, BSN, RN, CEN, Nevada ENA President

at rnrescuer@sbcglobal.net or Jodie Lane,

EDD, MSN, RN, Secretary Treasurer at


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Physician, Fellowship trained in pain management is

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2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

NNA Board of Directors 2016


Scott Lamprecht, DNP,




Elizabeth Fildes, EdD, RN, CNE,




Nicki Aaker, MSN,




Bernie Longo, PhD, RN,



Director at Large

Heidi Johnston, MSN, RN


Director at Large

Mary Brann, DNP, RN


Director at Large

Amy Pang, BSN, RN, CCRN


District One President

Julie Wagner, PhD, RN


District Three President

Donna Miller, RN


Legislative Chair

Carol Swanson, DNP, RN


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

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Psychiatric Nurse Opportunities

Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services

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Community Outpatient clinics. Req. NV license. Psych

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2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

General Information

Nevada Nurses Association

Notice of Annual Meeting of the Nevada Nurses Association Members

To the Members of the Nevada Nurses Association:

Please be advised that the regular annual meeting of the members of the Nevada Nurses

Association will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 19, 2016. Locations in

Reno, Elko, and Las Vegas will be announced on the NNA website, www.nvnurses.org,

& by email closer to event date. Nurses in rural and frontier Nevada can attend by

computer & telephone. Please call Margaret Curley at 775-747-2333 for login or

location information.

Please bring your membership card or some other form of identification for admittance.

Proposed Standing Rules for the NNA Meeting of the Members

Rule 1.

Only NNA members may vote.

Rule 2.

To obtain the floor, a member may raise hand or rise

and be recognized by the chairperson. member gives

his/her name and city prior to speaking.

Rule 3.

A member may speak no more than two times to the

same question and may not speak the second time

until all others have been given the opportunity to

speak. Each speech may be no longer than three


Rule 4.

All main motions and amendments to the motion,

except those of a routine nature, shall be in writing,

signed by the maker, and shall be sent at once to the

secretary. Members may propose motions. Voting

may be by voice vote or colored card as designated

by chairperson (Green-yes, red-no)

Rule 5.

Any substantive resolution, not of an emergency

nature, must receive and affirmative 3⁄4 vote for

consideration and a 2/3 vote for adoption by the

members attending the meeting.

Rule 6.

Debate on each proposed resolution, motion, or

position statement shall be limited to 20 minutes.

This may be extended by chairperson.

Rule 7.

Members shall act only on the resolve portion of

a resolution and the recommendation portion of

reports. Clarification regarding intent and meaning

of the resolution and recommendation shall be

handled according to procedure.

Rule 8.

Business interrupted by a recess of the meeting shall

be resumed at the next business meeting at the point

where it was interrupted.


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Scott Lamprecht, DNP, APRN

Report of the President


It is hard to believe that 2016 is half over and fall is coming. This

has been an extremely busy and productive year for NNA. So much

has already been accomplished with many exciting projects in the

near future. I am truly amazed at what NNA has accomplished

in advancing nursing and patient care in the State of Nevada. As

you read through the following pages, articles and reports, please

remember that all of this has been accomplished by volunteers

giving their time to support nursing in Nevada. I am very honored to

be working with such an outstanding group of professionals.

Scott Lamprecht

This past year, ANA President Pam Cipriano visited Nevada for a Nursing Awards Event

sponsored by multiple nursing groups. I had the honor of spending the weekend with

Dr. Cipriano and was extremely impressed with her dedication and her “down to earth”

approach to the needs of nurses across the United States. We discussed at length

what NNA has been working on over the past year. Dr. Cipriano stated that Nevada is

at the forefront in many educational and nursing advocacy areas and other states are

implementing similar programs based on the Nevada designs. NNA is gaining national

attention as a leader due to the tremendous efforts of our members.

Nurses Day at the Legislature (NDAL) 2017 will be coming in February 2017 in conjunction

with the State of Nevada 2017 Legislative Session. In 2013 and 2015, NNA made a strong

showing in Carson City and we are looking forward to an even larger attendance next spring.

It is crucial for nurses to play a pivotal role in the changing healthcare policy platform.

Please plan on attending or contacting NNA to become involved in the legislative process.

Upcoming events for NNA include ongoing Horizontal Violence and Healthy Nurse

initiatives and a variety of other educational CEU programs. NNA has offered multiple

Horizontal Violence trainings throughout Nevada including Train the Trainer courses. We

believe this is an important issue in Nevada and that “nurses eating their young” has to

end now and this program is the beginning of that process. NNA is also meeting with key

stakeholders related to staffing issues throughout our state. Nevada needs to take a stand

on providing safe staffing in all of our healthcare facilities, but this is a difficult process

with many diverse groups. NNA needs your support and input to effect change that will

benefit nurses and our patients.

NNA is growing and we need your help to promote nursing practice in Nevada.

Organizations can only be successful when members are involved. Networking,

education, advocacy, and practice are all part of what we do as nurses and being part of a

professional organization is a great way to accomplish a great deal. We need to encourage

and support each other and the students getting ready to enter our profession. What better

way to show the value of nursing than by encouraging nurses and students to get involved.

Call or email NNA today to promote nursing practice and change healthcare in Nevada.


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Treasurer’s Report

Nicki Aaker, MSN, RN

The State Board reviewed the 2016 – 2017 projected income and

expenses at the Board Retreat in January. The organization is

financially stable at this time but we need to be financially prudent

now and in the future. NNA relies on dues for the majority of the

organization’s income which means that building our membership

is crucial for our income base. As we plan for the future, the

organization is looking for other revenue opportunities. One

project is the NNA Job Board. The goal for the Career Center is to

increase revenues, along with providing a benefit to members. The

Bioterrorism continuing education course continues to be an income Nicki Aaker

generator, although this revenue has been declining slightly. Once

the new course is functional, hopefully this declining trend will turn around. NNA has a

financial reserve which has been set aside to ensure NNA’s ability to continue to address

future needs.

On the expense side, legislative efforts are part of NNA’s mission. The expense for the

lobbyist continues to be one of the largest expenses. Our lobbyist is Jessica Ferrato

from Crowley & Ferrato. She assists the legislative committee and NNA’s President,

Scott Lamprecht, in making decisions required to address legislation affecting nursing

in Nevada. She also networks with the legislators, other lobbyists, and legislative staff in

order to provide education and information where needed. This year is not a legislative

year; however, there have been a lot of activities with interim committees, plus the

legislative committee will be getting ready for next year’s session. Please read the legislative

report for more details. Other expenses include continuing education, contract fees for the

accountant and Executive Director, contributions to the Future of Nursing Awards Dinner,

travel expenses for the NNA Board Annual Retreat to plan for the upcoming year, January’s

NNA State Board Reception, and general operating expenses.

Please attend the Annual Membership Meeting, planned for October 2016, to receive a

more detailed Treasurer report.


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Professional Development

During July 2015 – June 2016, CEU opportunities offered to nurses include:

• Bioterrorism,

• Bullying and Incivility Training,

• Care of the Caregiver – Healthy Tips for Nurses,

• Hospital Hazmat Operations Level Training for First Receivers,

• Lateral Violence,

• Lateral Violence Train-the-Trainer Course,

• Licensure Issues Related to Cannabis,

• Motivational Interviewing,

• NNA’s Annual Meeting – Educational Presentations,

• Public Health Rural Summit, and

• Radon Stakeholders.

Nurses in Nevada have a licensure requirement to take a one-time four (4) hour

educational course “relating to consequences of an act of terrorism that involves the

use of a weapon of mass destruction” (NRS 632.343). NNA offers a course that fulfills

this requirement and is approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing. This course is

being updated and is near completion. Once the course is completed, the PowerPoint

presentation will be narrated with quiz questions throughout the course. Once this post

test is passed, the CEU Certificate will be printed immediately. As an additional benefit,

nurses will be able to retrieve their certificate electronically if lost.


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

NNA’s Environmental Health Committee

“When one tugs at

a single thing in

nature, he finds it

attached to the rest

of the world”

John Muir

In 2016, the Environmental Health

Committee continued to inform nurses

on a variety of issues that improve the

health and wellbeing of nurses and the

public across our state. In our 3rd year

as a committee, we presented topics and

encouraged action by all Nevada Nurses

Association members:

• Be prepared ahead of time for all

types of disasters – gather supplies,

plan for your family & pets, and assist Bernie Mae Longo

your local neighborhoods. Healthy

People 2020- Preparedness: www.healthypeople.gov

• Start asking if your patient has tested their home for radon

– APRNs & RNs include during annual physicals. Obtain

supplies and refer patients to Nevada’s Radon Education

Program: unce.unr.edu/programs/sites/radon/

• Participate in The Great Nevada Shake Out – join other

nurses, hospitals and residents across our state in being

prepared for earthquakes. Sign up at: www.shakeout.org

• Advocate for clean air in Nevada – actively support

initiatives in your neighborhoods such as “idle-free zones at

schools” and efficient energy sources. Advocate to protect

children’s developing lungs and person’s with asthma from

damaging ozone pollution. This year was the worse Report

Card so far for Nevada.

• Keep recycling & carry your own personal water bottle. Role model and teach others,

as well as advocate for more recycling in the rural areas of our state.

Interested in joining the EH Committee? Please visit our informative web page.

Bernadette Mae Longo, RN



2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Legislative Committee

Carol Swanson, RN, DNP, NNA Legislative Chair

The Legislative Committee continues to meet monthly by phone

while the Nevada Legislature is not in session with a core team of

voting members and consultants. Currently we are monitoring and

discussing staffing survey/issues, possible candidate meet & greets,

post-acute care and Interim health care status.

Our paid lobbyist Jessica Ferrato, monitors legislation issues of

interest on a daily basis and interacts with legislators and lobbyist

of other nursing and healthcare organizations. She forwards

information of interest for our committee. Other members of our

Carol Swanson

committee discuss any pertinent activities that occur during the

month. Together we intend to maintain a strong presence on nursng issues and contribute

to any legislative changes.

The first set of bill draft requests have been released. As we get closer to the end of August

Jessica will send you a tracking list of those that could be relevant to the NNA. http://leg.


The final meeting of the Study on Postacute Care was held this month. They did a work

session and voted on what policy measures they plan to recommend to the Legislature.

Here is the full work session document if any of your members want to read through it.


The legislative committee is supporting the Nurses Day at the Legislature and Suicide

prevention training. A new area of interest and possible involvement is the Governor’s

Prescription Drug Abuse Summit that will be held at 8/31 and 9/1 in Las Vegas. We also

have a subcommittee working on the enhancing the committee’s presence on the NNA web



2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Membership Committee

Amy Pang, BSN, RN, CCRN

The Membership Committee meets every few months to discuss

ways to engage current members and recruit new members. We

continue to work with other NNA Committees and Board Members

in Northern, Southern, and Rural Nevada to offer our support and

to help plan events for Nurses in Nevada. All NNA members are

welcome to join our meetings; we are always looking for new ideas

on ways to reach out to our nurses across Nevada.

The Safe Staffing Taskforce continues to meet to discuss staffing

issues for bedside nurses across Nevada. We put out a survey in

Amy Pang

July to gather more information about the effectiveness of the

Nevada Safe Staffing Law passed in 2013. Results of the survey will be presented during

Nurses Day at the Legislature in February 2017. Results will also be used to create a joint

educational seminar with the Nevada Hospital Association. Have thoughts on staffing?

Speak out and get in touch with us!

Nevada State Collaborative on Lateral Violence in Nursing

Margaret Curley, BSN, RN

The Nevada Collaborative on the Prevention of Incivility and

Bullying in the Healthcare Workplace (formerly the State

Collaborative on Lateral Violence in Nursing), made up of

stakeholders from around the state, is committed to working to end

lateral violence, incivility, and bullying in nursing workplaces. We

meet every 1-2 months to discuss goals, progress, and future plans

to address this persistent and unacceptable pattern of behavior in

nursing. We continue to grow and expand.

Since the fall of 2012, we have been presenting training on the

Margaret Curley

topic to nurses from various venues, and we continue to provide

the training free of charge to facilities when invited. Understanding the problem is the first

step toward ending it. This has been an active year for training, which has been presented

around the state. We did our first national presentation in June.

The Collaborative is open to any interested nurse. Please email me at

MCurley@nvnurses.org to find out more, request a training, or join the Collaborative.


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Healthy Nevada Nurses

Elizabeth Fildes, EdD, RN*, CNE, CARN-AP, APHN-BC

On October 5, 2012, the NV Nurses Association accepted the

challenge of helping Nevada nurses become healthier by launching

the Holistically Healthy Nevada Nurses (H2N2) Initiative. H2N2’s goal

is to motivate Nevada nurses to prioritize their own physical, mental,

emotional and spiritual health through activities that promote these

including healthy work environments and communities.

Our current activities include:

1. A permanent column, in the RNformation which describes

recommended practices, featuring success stories of nurses

Elizabeth Fildes

quitting smoking, losing weight, etc.

2. Quarterly health initiatives, the most successful activity, is our annual North/South

10,000 Steps competition during the month of February. Nurses, their families, and

friends compete for the most number of steps. Our new north and south chairs, Annie

Carlos and Mariana Peterson, are planning hikes, Zumba events, walks to encourage

physical fitness for nurses, community gardens, and many other activities.

3. H2N2 Text Buddies where nurses in pairs agree to support each other’s health goals.

4. Partnerships with organizations that promote health including health districts, health

clubs, spas, health food stores, yoga studios and dance studios.

5. We have solid relationships with the Nevada Student Nurses Association and

successful relationships with new graduates.

6. Our north and south Chairs intend to enhance the social media presence at the

healthy nurses via Facebook and Twitter. Their plans include launching Motivation

Mondays; recipe exchanges, “How did it work?” interactions.

7. H2N2 is a partner in the prevention of lateral violence in nursing training. We are

exploring adding/integrating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and

wellbeing as a strategy to prevent violence. We will add this to the lateral violence


8. We are in the process of identifying workplace champions to disseminate H2N2

activities in schools, hospitals and other places where nurses work.

The H2N2 committee thank you for the opportunity to share what we are doing in NV to

help make nurses and other Nevada citizens healthy!

During the 2016 American Nurses Association’s Membership Assembly in Washington DC,

I presented the work that we are doing in Nevada. Awesome News! We have been asked

to be a beta tester for the American Nurses Association Healthy Nurses, Healthy Nation’s

Grand Challenge! We will keep you posted!


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Nursing Practice

Mary Brann DNP, MSN, RN

This has been an interesting year regarding nurse practice

decisions. The Nevada State Board of Nursing Nurse Practice

Advisory Committee took up many topics.

One of the topics requiring clarification regarded EMS-RNs duties

while working for and in an acute care facility. Legal counsel for

the NSBN explained Nevada law and the committee agreed that

EMS-RNs may only function in the advanced EMS-RN role in a prehospital

setting. In the acute care facility, the EMS-RN has the same

scope of practice as other RNs.

Mary Brann

Other discussions surrounded the role and expectations of camp nurses, intrauterine

insemination, and the administration of nasal versed in the school setting. The upcoming

agenda for the committee will discuss the administration of Ketamine by RNs.

Rural & Frontier Nursing Advisory Committee

Heidi Johnston, MSN, RN

The mission of the NNA Rural and Frontier Nurse Advisory

Committee is to be a unifying body to connect rural nurses by

promoting networking and mentorship through the sharing of

resources, skills, and knowledge. Nurses are required to have the

knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to care for increasingly

complex patients across a variety of settings that include acute

care, primary care, tertiary care, and community care while also

providing services such as case management, health promotion,

and disease prevention (National Advisory Council on Nurse

Heidi Johnston

Education and Practice [NACNEP], 2010). Coyle and Narsavage

(2012) have suggested that nurses in rural areas also need additional knowledge and

skills, including the ability to practice autonomously in an environment that often

involves close relationships and limited resources. Over the past year, the committee has

strived to meet our mission to support rural and frontier nurses by offering educational

opportunities, scholarships, and a place to begin networking. The first educational

opportunity was Legal Implications of Medical Marijuana for Nursing Licensure, presented

by Fred Olmstead, legal counsel for NSBN. In August, a symposium with a variety of expert

speakers on topics that included Managing Sepsis, ANA Safe Staffing Update, and Using

Health Coaching for Improved Patient Teaching Outcomes was offered live and online

for nurses in rural and frontier Nevada. The committee also established two $500.00


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

scholarships for rural and frontier nursing students which will be awarded by the Nevada

Nurses Foundation. In addition, to increase networking for rural and frontier nurses,

we created a Facebook page as part of the NNA page. If you have a passion for rural and

frontier nursing and would like to be a part of this committee please contact me at heidi.



Coyle, S. B., & Narsavage, G. L. (2012, March 1). Effects of an interprofessional rural rotation on

nursing student interest, perceptions, and intent. Online Journal of Rural Nursing & Health

Care, 12(1). Retrieved from Boise State University Albertsons Library at www.boisestate.edu

National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice. (2010). Addressing new challenges

facing nursing education: Solutions for a transforming healthcare environment [Annual

report]. Retrieved from Health Resources and Service Administration: http://www.hrsa.gov/


NNA Job Board

2016 is the first full year of operation of the new NNA Job Board, managed by NNA. We

took over this operation in December 2015 to make our Job Board more of a service to

NNA members and Nevada employers. Revenue earned by advertising jobs benefits NNA

and Nevada nurses.

Job Board Goals for 2016 are:

• Revenue target for NNA $10,000

• Data base to exceed 1000 Nevada Employers.

• Instant notification for Job Postings 350

We need your help to reach our goals!

• Talk to your Human Resources Department about using the NNA Job Board to

advertize their nursing jobs.

• Sign up for the instant email notification about new job postings to the job board.

• Be a regular visitor to the NNA Facebook page.

Don’t forget! NNA members receive 1 free job posting each year as a thank you for your



2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Julie Wagner, PhD , MSN, RN, President

District 1

The year was begun with Julie, NNA D 1 President attending the State

board meeting in January 2016, where State goals for the year were set.

This was followed by our District 1 board retreat Saturday, February 6,

meeting for an “in person” retreat (attended by seven board members

and Margaret Curley).

NNA D 1 goals, which are closely related to the State include: providing

professional development and education/training to nurses/students,

increasing membership, supporting student scholarships, improving

Julie Wagner

social media, supporting nursing legislation, supporting rural nursing,

supporting healthy nurses and environmental health for community, supporting safe staffing,

and supporting the NNA Foundation, State, and District 3 activities when opportunities arise.

On March 9, 2016, Julie and Haley presented a D1 professional development during a breakfast

at Black Bear Diner, which was well attended and was a great networking opportunity following

the event. Two attendees became new members joining NNA that day!

We are now planning a District 1 Symposium to be held Saturday, September 17, 2016. Besides

evidence based practice topics and current research, we will host a meet and greet at the end of

the day with legislators. Free to all NNA members so please attend!

Julie has been involved this year in speaking about safe staffing initiatives, pushing healthy

nurse initiatives, providing continuing education for nurses, providing continuing education for

certified nursing assistants, initiating conversations with nurses and students about the benefits

of joining NNA, assisting master’s level nurses with their master’s thesis and projects, and

getting conversations among nursing teams on how to prevent lateral violence.

It is with great pride that I present my board and some of their various achievements this year:

Darlene Bujold, MSHI, BSN, RN - Vice-President

Darlene is currently working with the Foundation as the Entertainment Liaison, coordinating

performances for the upcoming High Tea event, and an advisory board member involved in

fundraising. She serves on the workplace incivility committee and have assisted in one training.

She has presented the benefits of NNA involvement to last semesters graduating nursing class at

WNC. She is currently an assistant professor, teaching level III clinical at Orvis, encouraging them

to join NNA. She also works part time in the behavioral health units of Carson Tahoe Health.

Glenn Hagerstrom, PhD, A.P.R.N. - Treasurer

Glenn was just appointed as the treasurer of the Nevada Nurses Foundation, was re-elected as

the treasurer of the Nu Iota chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, is serving on the planning

committee for the 2017 Future of Nursing event for the Nevada Nurses Foundation, is on the

planning committee and assisting with the coordination of the NNA D1 Symposium scheduled

for September 17 at the Redfield Campus of UNR, was elected to serve a 3-year term on the


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

District 1

Faculty Senate at UNR, and has been appointed to chair the Campus Affairs Committee at UNR

for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Linda Bowmen, RN - Secretary

Linda is NNA D1 Secretary. She will be joining the rural and frontier committee to help gain

access to care for those individuals who can’t get access. Her current position and expertise as a

manager for Nevada Medicaid will help tremendously.

Christy Apple-Johnson, BSN, RN - Director at Large

Christy is starting UNR this fall for her masters/APRN in adult acute gerontology. She is a

trainer for the NNA Lateral Violence Prevention initiative for her facility Humboldt General

Hospital, Winnemucca. She continues to advocate for this training and raise awareness among

staff, students, and the public.

She works with students through the Nevada Student NursesAssociation as the state

consultant, keeping them connected with NNA and schools in the northern part of the state.

She works in conjunction with NNA for bi-annual convention. They have a solid board this year

and she hopes to assist them in accomplishing great things. She works with rural nurses and

students to join NNA.

There is a major staffing initiative going on with nurses at NNRH in Elko. She also works in

conjunction with Show Me Your Stethoscope (SMYS) Official non-profit as the state director to

work towards raising safe staffing awareness. They hope to organize a rally in the state capitol

within the next year. As a board, we continue to work with NNA Legislative committee on the safe

staffing initiative and connect with the legislators. It is important to combine efforts of SMYS and

ANA in working together to meet this important state initiative.

Christy will be attending the rural and frontier nurse symposium on August 27th in Elko to see

how NNA can become more involved.

Kristina Efstratis, BSN,RN

Kristina has been our social media committee chair and has met with the social media experts at

ANA, working on streamlining all of our social media accounts as well as daily monitor the posts

for relevant conversations and approve appropriate members. She has promoted NNA FaceBook

page and adding new members. Our current following is twice what it had been at the beginning

of the year, which is a success! NNA will utilize our budget to promote the page further, but more

importantly the events that NNA hosts and has potential to profit from.

Kristina completed her BSN this year at Chamberlain College of Nursing, and is over half

completed her masters of nursing, FNP specialty track at Chamberlain. She is a Renown Daisy

award recipient as of February 2016. She also was a nominee for critical care at Northern

Nevada Nurse of Achievement this year. We are very proud to announce that Kristina was one of

the Nevada Nurses Foundation 40 under 40 award winners.

Other NNA D1 board members include Debi Ingraffia-Strong, MSN, RN; Hayley Coley, BSN, RN;

Jeremy Martinez, ADN, RN; and Jami Sue Coleman, PhD, RN


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Sandy Olguin, DNP, MSN, RN

Nevada Nurses Foundation

The Nevada Nurses Foundation (NNF) is comprised of a Board of

Directors (Board) and Advisory Board. The Board members are

all nurses and include: Denise Ogletree McGuinn, Vice President;

Glenn Hagerstrom, Chief Financial Officer; Doreen Begley,

Secretary; Elizabeth Fildes, Director, and Sandra Olguin, Chief

Executive Officer.

The Advisory Board, made up of nurses and community

representatives, include: Yara Anaya Lugo, Mary Bemker, Judi

Sandy Olguin

Carrion, Jackie Chapman, Ian Curley, Kelly Farley, David Gamble,

esq., Chris Griego, Michele Hughes, Linda Jacks, Peggy Lee, Lillian McMorris, Mark Miller,

Lyle Pritchett, Betty Raxor, Leonel Sanchez, and Dave Tyrell.

Thank you to the Board, Advisory Board, and Margaret Curley, NNF/NNA Liaison, for

demonstrating continued commitment, resilience, determination, and loyalty to the

Foundation and sharing valuable expertise, time, passion and innovative ideas!

In 2016, the NNF introduced the first Future of Nursing in Nevada (FONN) dinner held

at the Suncoast Casino and Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada on May 14th. The highly esteemed

and internationally recognized nurse leader, Dr. Pam Cipriano, President of the American

Nurses Association, virtually presented Debra Scott with the FONN Lifetime Achievement

award. Ms. Scott, in her absence, graciously accepted and thanked everyone for her

distinguished award in a pre-recorded video. Over 200 nurses were recognized at the

dinner, including 181 Professional Progression nurses who advanced their practice by

obtaining certification or an advanced degree and 40 Nevada nurse leaders under the age

of 40.

Due to an amazing team of nurses, nursing organizations, nursing educational

institutions, health care facilities, legislators, nursing students, and other consumers of

health, the 2016 FONN was a success!

Please join me in recognizing the charitable “named” scholarship donors. Because of

them, the NNF will be awarding an additional 20 scholarships to advance the profession of

nursing and increase access to quality health care for Nevada citizens.

• Arthur L. Davis Scholarship

• Betty Razor

• Catherine “Kat” Cylke

• (2) Choe and Praus, APRN

• Christine Watson Scholarship by Dr. Susan and Paul Michael

• Debra Scott

• Flying ICU by Donna Miller


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

• Elizabeth Fildes

• Emma Marrujo Redmon Scholarship by Sandy Olguin

• Jami-Sue Coleman

• Mary Lucell Johnson Scholarship by Denise Ogletree Mc Guinn

• Martha Drohobyczer



• (2) Rosemary Witt by NNA District 3

• Rural Nurses

• Southwest Medical On-Demand Scholarship by Dr. Eugene Somphone

Today, NNF is proud and blessed to have awarded $16,000.00 in scholarships since its

creation in 2014. The 2015 winter scholarship recipients were not included in the NNA

yearbook last year.

Nevada Nurses Association Scholarships

Nevada Nurses Foundation

Delene Volkert, MSN, RN graduated from Great Basin College with her

Associates Degree in Nursing and Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She

received her Master’s Degree from Waldens and is attending the University

of Nevada, Las Vegas pursuing a PhD. She received $1,045.00 from Nevada

Nurses Foundation on behalf of the Nevada Nurses Assoication.

Arthur L. Davis Scholarship

Amalia “Amy” Edelman graduated in 2016 from Roseman College in

Henderson, Nevada and is now a Registered Nurse. As the winner of

the Arthur L. Davis Scholarship, she received $1,000.00 for writing a

compelling article reviewed and judged by the RNFormation Editorial Board.

The 2016 spring recipients were awarded $1,000.00 each.

Hannah Kapczynski, Orvis School of Nursing student nurse, has been a

NV resident for 23 years and serves in the Nevada Air National Guard. She

aspires to advocate for patients and Healthy Nevada Nurses. Hannah will be

graduating in 2017.


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

Nevada Nurses Foundation

Melissa Washabaugh attends the Great Basin College as a RN to BSN

student, lives in rural Nevada, and has been a NV resident for 21 years. She

is an emergency nurse in rural Nevada and is working on a grant program

aimed at improving behavioral health services in rural Nevada.

Patricia LoGuidice, is pursuing her MSN as Western Governors University,

lives in Las Vegas, and has been a NV resident for 3 years. She holds the

position as a RN Clinical Educator at United Healthcare. She helps lead

a drive-thru clinic in her community, utilized a team model approach

in clinics to help with patient access and improve patient outcomes and


Katie Bruels, Chief Nursing Officer at Mountain View Hospital, is advancing

her education with a doctorate in nursing practice from Graceland

University. She has been a NV resident for 9 years and is actively involved

in ANA, NANE, NNA, and other nursing organizations. Her graduate work

involves evaluating preceptor frameworks to enhance graduate nurse’s

experience in the first year.

The 2017 FONN will be held on Saturday, May 20th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The nomination

process for the 40 Under 40 (40 nurse leaders who are under the age of 40) and the

FONN Lifetime Achievement Award begins January 1 until January 31st, 2017. All

nominees must submit their acceptance letter by February 28th. All nominee names will

be posted on the Website prior to the event. Winners will be announced and recognized

at the 2017 FONN Awards dinner. The Professional Progression recognition will open

beginning January 1 to April 30th, 2017. A new recognition beginning in 2017, honors and

recognizes NURSES on BOARDS. Names for this special recognition must be submitted

between January 1st to April 30th, 2017.

A fabulous event is scheduled on October 1, 2016 to tantalize your pallet, put a smile to

your face, and maybe have you humming a familiar tune. In the theme of Mary Poppins, a

sophisticated yet fun, Big Hat High Tea will be served at the Nevada Governor’s Mansion

to support the NNF mission, recognize named scholarship donors, and award nursing

scholarships. All ticket sales are sold prior to the event. No tickets sold at the door. Please

visit the website at nvnursesfoundation.org or call 775-560-1118.

Thank you for helping the NNF be the change we wish to see in the nursing profession and

quality health care for Nevada citizens.

Have great days.


2016 Nevada Nurses Association www.nvnurses.org

NNA continues to

grow and thrive,

and that is because

of our outstanding


We appreciate all

you do for NNA and

Nevada nursing.


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