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Designed Especially for Active Seniors!





Glorious Days in


Book Now

and Save

$ 200. pp

This vacation is

one of Collette’s

“Leisure Stays”,

tours featuring

a more leisurely

pace with time

to explore these

exciting destinations

on your own


• 3 Nights on the Algarve Coast

• 3 Nights in scenic Cascais

Plus so much more:

• 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites,

• 2 Winery tours and tastings

Overnight in a country resort among

the vineyards of Alentejo

Book Now!

Save $200 per person thru 11/12/16

Air is included

from Las Vegas!

Double reduced to $3474*

Single reduced to $3774

Triple reduced to $3444


Sunny Portugal

Visit Estoril Coast, Alentejo & Algarve

with Optional Madeira Island Post Tour Extension

Day 1: Friday, May 12

Welcome to Portugal and its famous

castles, Roman ruins, groves of lemon

and almond trees, and whitewashed villages

along its beautiful coastline.


Day 2: Saturday, May 13

Your home for the next three nights is

Cascais, a scenic coastal resort on the

“Portuguese Riviera”. Mansions in

Cascais and nearby Monte Estoril

hint at its history as a haven for exiled

Europeans royals and nobility. (D)

Day 3: Sunday, May 14

Enjoy Lisbon’s Panoramic City Tour by

Coach or a Walking Tour of the Alfama

District. It’s your choice, but it won’t

be easy to decide, because the city tour

features Jeronimo’s Monastery (a

UNESCO World Heritage site), and

more; while the walking tour visits Lisbon’s

medieval village of Alfama,

which really takes you back in time as

you wander through its narrow streets

and charming squares. (B, D)

May 12-21, 2017

10 days of extraordinary



Day 4: Monday, May 15

Cascais - Sintra - Obidos - Fatima

- Cascais Start your day with exploring

Sintra, the favorite summer residence

of Portuguese kings for six centuries.

Then travel to Portugal’s “Silver

Coast”. It’s spectacular with its vineyards

and ancient castles. Then visit Fatima,

the world-famous Marian pilgrimage

site. (B)


Day 5: Tuesday, May 16

Cascaie - Evora - Monsaraz - Alentejo

Enjoy the beautiful Portuguese

countryside and visit historic Evora

(UNESCO). Inside this medieval walled

city you’ll see the 2nd century Roman

temple to Diana. Then visit the walled

village of Monsaraz a “jewel in

the crown” of the Alentego., a small

medieval town which has preserved its

original charm. Then there’s a winery

tour and your overnight stay at a

country resort in the heart of Alentejo

set among 3,000 acres of farm land,

vineyards and cork trees.(B, D)

Days 6 through 10...

Call 702-419-0550 for the

complete itinerary of this spectacular

Collette Vacation. There is so much

more to this fantastic vacation, you

won’t want to miss it!


Local professional airport transfers

provided by Vegas Vacationers for

every Collette Vacation w/air!

Call Crystal for more info:

702 419-0550

*All prices subject to change.and

are based on per person, double occupancy.

Single room upgrades available

at extra cost. MasterCard, VISA,

Amex accepted or private checks.

Visit us online at:

september 16


Designed Especially for Active Seniors!

. . . . . . . . . . .

It’s . . the . . . Berries! . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . .

My first visit to Europe started in

the beautiful city of Lisbon, and I’ll never

forget it. There were ancient castles,

spectacular walkways, and the tiniest

strawberries I had ever seen!

I was surrounded by grandeur and

charm, but the thing I remember most

were the miniature berries I ordered at

a sidewalk cafe.

They were served

in a dainty silver

goblet and topped

with a dollop of whipped cream which

was unlike anything I’d ever tasted.

I’m sure the topping must have been

completely natural with no sweetener,

processing, or even pasteurization. It

was unusually smooth and creamy, and

a delightful hint of what

lay beneath it. There in

all their glory were the

miniature strawberries.

No larger than a dime,

each berry was sweeter

than the last, and I was

dumbfounded that anything

so simple, could

be so delicious. Why, I wondered, had

I never heard of or seen these incredible

little fruits before. They were such a

wonderful surprise, they made my first

day in Portugal unforgettable. And it’s

the unexpected delights that make a Collette

Vacation so memorable.

Book Now!

Save $200 per person thru 11/12/16

Air is included

from Las Vegas!

Double reduced to $3474*

Single reduced to $3774

Triple reduced to $3444

What will you discover in Portugal?

A historic and beautiful land of

great explorers or maybe the sweetest

berries you’ve ever tasted.


Sunny Portugal

Visit Estoril Coast, Alentejo & Algarve

with Optional Madeira Island Post Tour Extension

Day 1: Friday, May 12

Welcome to Portugal and its famous

castles, Roman ruins, groves of lemon

and almond trees, and whitewashed villages

along its beautiful coastline.


Day 2: Saturday, May 13

Your home for the next three nights is

Cascais, a scenic coastal resort on the

“Portuguese Riviera”. Mansions in

Cascais and nearby Monte Estoril

hint at its history as a haven for exiled

Europeans royals and nobility. (D)

Day 3: Sunday, May 14

Enjoy Lisbon’s Panoramic City Tour by

Coach or a Walking Tour of the Alfama

District. It’s your choice, but it won’t

be easy to decide, because the city tour

features Jeronimo’s Monastery (a

UNESCO World Heritage site), and

more; while the walking tour visits Lisbon’s

medieval village of Alfama,

which really takes you back in time as

you wander through its narrow streets

and charming squares. (B, D)

May 12-21, 2017

10 days of extraordinary



Day 4: Monday, May 15

Cascais - Sintra - Obidos - Fatima

- Cascais Start your day with exploring

Sintra, the favorite summer residence

of Portuguese kings for six centuries.

Then travel to Portugal’s “Silver

Coast”. It’s spectacular with its vineyards

and ancient castles. Then visit Fatima,

the world-famous Marian pilgrimage

site. (B)


Day 5: Tuesday, May 16

Cascaie - Evora - Monsaraz - Alentejo

Enjoy the beautiful Portuguese

countryside and visit historic Evora

(UNESCO). Inside this medieval walled

city you’ll see the 2nd century Roman

temple to Diana. Then visit the walled

village of Monsaraz a “jewel in

the crown” of the Alentego., a small

medieval town which has preserved its

original charm. Then there’s a winery

tour and your overnight stay at a

country resort in the heart of Alentejo

set among 3,000 acres of farm land,

vineyards and cork trees.(B, D)

Days 6 through 10...

Call 702-419-0550 for the

complete itinerary of this spectacular

Collette Vacation. There is so much

more to this fantastic vacation, you

won’t want to miss it!


Local professional airport transfers

provided by Vegas Vacationers for

every Collette Vacation w/air!

Call Crystal for more info:

702 419-0550

*All prices subject to change.and

are based on per person, double occupancy.

Single room upgrades available

at extra cost. MasterCard, VISA,

Amex accepted or private checks.

Visit us online at:



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We are very pleased to announce that Debbie Landry has joined The

Vegas Voice as Account Executive.

“I can’t begin to tell everyone how proud and thrilled we are to have

Debbie as a member of The Vegas Voice” remarked Publisher Dan.

“Ray and I have known Debbie for several years and there is no one

better, capable, and more professional than “Debbie Redhead.”

Debbie, from everyone at our publication and TV/Podcasts: “Welcome

to our Vegas Voice (dysfunctional) family!”


september 16


Dan Roberts

My Stupidity Begins Again!

Roberts Rules

“Come on Rana, big smile! It’s the best

time of the year.”

As the photo shows, my Ladylove not only

disagrees with my assessment, but confirms

her belief about her “lunatic” significant


I realize that (as always) she’s correct. But

like some junkie, I admit, I cannot resist this

feeling of joy – it’s football season once again.

I grew up in New York and along with my

younger brother happily remember watching

the Giants games with our dad. I always

said that the phrase, “best seats in the house”

meant sitting on the couch between them.

While I acknowledge the idiocy of my actions,

I marvel at how this football team has

directly affected my life. Without any exaggeration,

I have missed family/community

activities, refused to pick up people at the airport

(Don’t believe me? Ask travel editor/my

friend of over 40 years, Stu Cooper) purchased

cars, changed jobs and even conceived children

(don’t ask) because of the Giants.

And as Rana can confirm, our Vegas Voice

quest for guardianship reform can also be

traced to this football team. Two years ago,

after she broke her shoulder and as I played

24/7 caregiver, Rana wanted to discuss her

proposed guardianship crusade.

I had absolutely no interest in this issue,

and wanted to get away by catching the game.

Unfortunately, (and once again) the Giants

began to lose (and lose) becoming unwatchable.

Without them as my “escape excuse” I

was stuck listening to her as she went on and

on about this scandal. There we were, home

alone, and yours truly deliberately refusing to

turn on the TV in protest.

That was when Rana’s pounced on her

opportunity. She obsessively and forcefully

stressed that the guardianship system was a

disgrace (just like the Giants, I remembered

thinking) and that The Vegas Voice had to do


With all the accolades we received for our

(and especially Rana’s) efforts on guardianship

reform, if the Giants had won just a few

more games that year, I’ll always wonder if

The Vegas Voice would have devoted all that

time, space and effort in reforming the law.

My Rana also (sadly) realized that I was

not kidding when I continuously told her that

my devotion to her is so absolute that I will

go anywhere, do anything she wants, anytime,

day or night – except during the game.

If she wants to go shopping so we can see

the latest fashion trends in Dillard’s or Nordstom,

or perhaps some new cosmetics at Ulta,

I’m there with a smile. But not during the Giants


Believe me, we nearly had our first “disagreement”

(and that would be an understatement)

when I told her I wasn’t going to

some event since it conflicted with the game.

“You can argue, raise your voice or even

start a fight” I remarked as she asked me (for

the umpteenth time) if I would accompany

her. When my answers stayed consistent, she

thereafter (as only women can do during a

“discussion”) somehow changed the topic

and started questioning my value as her life


“Now darling,” I patiently explained as

I impatiently eyed the big screen waiting for

the game to begin. “I don’t drink, smoke,

gamble, do drugs, chase women, or pass

gas” (well, at least not in front of her).

“I always take the garbage cans to and

from the curb, empty the dishwasher and

never leave the toilet seat up. How bad can

I really be?”

To her credit (and my relief) she just smiled,

shook her head at my stupidity and walked

away. Luckily for me (and our relationship)

we never had this type of conversation again.

Are you ready for some football?








Beverly Washburn

Remembering Bill Bixby

Hollywood Memories

I thought this month I’d write about the

very charming Bill Bixby. I’m sure most

of you will remember him from “My Favorite

Martian”, “The Courtship of Eddie’s

Father” or “The Incredible Hulk.”

At the risk of sounding redundant, I have to

say that he was one of my favorites. He truly

was a wonderful, kind and caring (not to

mention, handsome) man.

The year was 1964 and I received a call

saying that I had been chosen as one of the

Hollywood Deb Stars. It was held at the Palladium

in Hollywood and was televised.

It was sponsored by the make-up and hair

departments of the major studios and they

would nominate 10 girls whom they thought

would achieve stardom. It wasn’t a beauty

contest, or a contest of any kind, but rather

just a group of girls.

Every girl had to have a sponsor and an escort.

The sponsor could be a studio, producer,

celebrity or a specific production company.

My sponsor was Jack Benny, which of course,

Yvonne Cloutier

was a thrill for me since I’d known him since

I was eight years old when I first worked with

him. The escort was chosen by NBC and lucky

for me, mine was Bill Bixby!

I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to

Alexander Hamilton Rises Again

meet him. Much to my delight, he was

as nice as he could be and took me out

to dinner after the show.

It was a wonderful time for me and

I’ll always hold that memory dear to my

heart. Some of the other Deb stars that

year were Raquel Welch, Barbara Parkins

and Mary Ann Mobley.

Each escort would walk out with their

assigned girl, give them a long stemmed

rose and the host would ask us one

question. The host that year was George


Unfortunately, the Deb Stars only lasted

a few years and then it simply faded away.

I always felt grateful to have known Bill

Bixby. Sadly, he died of prostate cancer

at the very young age of 59, while on

the set of a sitcom called “Blossom” in which

he had directed over 30 episodes.

He became so weak that he actually directed

while sitting in a recliner and then one

day, he collapsed on the set. Sadly, it was said

that he never got over losing his six-year-old

son Christopher in 1981 due to a rare throat

infection. And then less than a year later, his

actress-wife, Brenda Benet died from a self inflicted

gunshot wound.

It’s incredibly sad to know that he had to

endure such sadness in his life. He was a dear

man and so loved by the Hollywood industry.

How blessed I am to be able to say that I

knew him. I will never forget him.

Until next time, remember: If life gives you

LIMES, just rearrange the letters and you’ll

have a SMILE

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and is the author of Reel

Tears which can be bought online at or ordered through Barnes &

Noble bookstores. You can contact Beverly at: Check out her

awesome, new website:

Musical Moments

More than two centuries after his death, Alexander

having written at 15 and starred in his first Hamilton became one of Washington’s

Hamilton, the first U.S. Treasury Sec-

musical, In the Heights, based on the Latin most trusted advisers. He worked to bring

retary is enjoying a renaissance of attention.

and immigration flavors of his childhood about a strong central government because

The Broadway musical hit about him, Hamilton,

neighborhood. It won a best score Tony Award. of weaknesses of Congress and how state and

which opened off Broadway in January

Hamilton’s blend of American history with local jealaousies were hurting their war effort.

2015, is a smash hit and recently won a Pulitzer

hip-hop and theatre music with a cast of black He wanted to make sure that the new gov-

Prize and 11 Tony Awards. The musical,

and Latin actors in all leading roles, moved to ernment would have the powers it needed to

Hamilton, is coming to Las Vegas in 2017.

Broadway in 2015 and was an instant hit. Miranda,

deal with the problems it faced after it won

The production features a multi-ethnic cast,

a graduate of Wesleyan University, is a independence from Britain. Many of his sug-

superb acting, snappy dialog and hip-hop musical

rapper, writer, composer, actor, and is married gestions became law.

scores. The series of hip-hop influenced

to Vanessa Nadel, a lawyer and MIT grad. The duel with Aaron Burr was the result of

songs are based on Hamilton’s rise and fall.

They have a son born in 2014. He said his Hamilton calling Burr the most unfit and

It recasts Revolutionary Era history in the language

wife is the reason he gets anything done. dangerous man of the community and stood

of today.

Alexander Hamilton was the first American against Burr’s bid for New York governorship.

It covers Hamilton, an immigrant, born

cal captures Hamilton’s energy, complexity,

strengths, flaws, his conflicting personality

Secretary of the Treasury and one of the leaders Burr lost the race and angrily challenged

out of wedlock, young, passionate, scrappy, assertive,

and impatient. The musical is about

of the Federalist Party. He was born in 1755 on Hamilton to a duel.

and great intellect.

the island of Nevis, in the British West Indies After setting it up, the two men exchanged

young rebels, (our first government leaders)

In the musical, there is a good deal about

to James Hamilton, a Scotsman, and Rachel gunshots. Hamilton was mortally wounded

shaping the future of an emerging country.

his romantic affairs, his marriage, and his relationship

with Aaron Burr, the then Vice Presi-

Lavien, the daughter of a French physician. but will always live in history.

They are self-confident, arrogant, and have

outsized ambitions for themselves and their

dent, which culminated in their duel in 1804 Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music background, specializes

cause. They demand attention and commitment.

They are all about action.

that ended Hamilton’s life.

in ragtime piano. She is an author and has written an easy-to-read book on Scott

Lin-Manuel Miranda, of Puerto Rican heritage,

the creator of the musical, and until re-

Joplin. She reports about music on Alive! You can contact her

The play uses much of Ron Chernow’s, 800-

page book Alexander Hamilton. The musicently,

played Hamilton, is himself a genius,





















Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must have a

Boarding Pass and valid ID. Must be 50 years of age or older.

Movie matinees before 6pm. Complete details at Rewards

Centers. Sign up for Station Casino’s MyGeneration today!

eptember 16


Evan Davis

Look What’s Coming Up

I Know a Place

As the summer comes to an end and the 100

degree days dwindle into the 90’s we look back

at what we did and what we neglected to do.

I try to never regret any of the opportunities

that come my way. But as fate may have it, I

can’t be everywhere all the time. I try to see,

hear and experience as much of life as possible.

You should try it yourself, and come to the

premier of The Vegas Voice’s “Twilight Affair”

in the Veil Pavilion at the Silverton Hotel

on September 20 th at 6 pm. This may sound

like a shameless plug for a variety show that

I will be hosting, but the talent is to die for –

and you can’t beat the price!

To name a few of the performers that will

be highlighted in the show: Chadwick Johnson,

Michael Monge, Rita Lim and more

(See next page).

With our thanks to the Silverton Hotel,

Health Care Partners and Humana the show

will be FREE. And we will even have 50% off

for the Silverton buffet. How can you beat such

a fantastic evening out?

Many people tell me they live their lives

Rita Lim will be performing at our Twilight Affair

precariously through my comings and goings,

and others jump on the band wagon and

come out to some of the venues that I visit.

That both humbles and excites me because I

want to make a difference in the local entertainment

world here in Vegas.

As I look back on the past 8 years, I’m in

awe at the talent we all take for granted. My

first weekend in town was highlighted

by a White Party to celebrate the

birthday of Skye de Miles.

There I met the likes of Clint

Holmes, Kelly Clinton and many

other stars and headliners. I never

realized just how fortunate I would

be to see them perform over the

next 8 years. There are hundreds

of other immensely talented entertainers

playing in many of the local

restaurants and clubs in town.

I try to bring to you “What’s Happening

On the Local Scene” in an

effort to support our entertainers

and restaurants and clubs. I am not

able to hit all the clubs, as yet, but

I’m trying.

***Ichabod’s Lounge will now be bringing

their patrons top local entertainers, seven

nights a week. With a smoke-free restaurant

on one side and a large horse shoe bar and

lounge on the other, Ichabod’s provide extensive

gaming plus cabaret style table seating for

about 100 or so.

All the entertainment is headlined right

by the Baby Grand Piano. In the upcoming

weeks, Ichabod’s will be introducing some

new and some of your familiar favorite talents

that we’ve all come to love and appreciate.

Ichabod’s is at 3300 East Flamingo Rd. (Pecos

& Flamingo) with music starting every

night at 6:30. I’ve found the food very good,

very reasonably priced and a staff that makes

you feel like family from the minute you walk

through their doors.

Let’s support the clubs and restaurants that

help keep music alive in Vegas!

Evan Davis is the entertainment editor of The Vegas Voice. You can

read his entertainment blog and sign up to receive his free email weekly

Calendar of Events at You can also email

him at:


and it’s FREE!


Doors open at 5:30 pm

Show begins: 6-7:30 pm

To reserve your searts in advance, or for

more information call Evan Davis:



Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016

Your Host:

Evan Davis

Gary Anderson

Musical Director


off buffet


Rita Lim

Chadwick Johnson

Join us in the Veil Pavilion

Daniel Emmet

Christina Balonek

Sponsored by:

Ashley Fuller

Michael Monge

september 16


Vicki Wentz

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Swagger

Vicki’s Voice

Okay, I’m going to be extremely candid


I have never done illegal drugs. I’ve only

been truly drunk once in my life; kind of “tipsy”

twice more. That’s it. Hand to You-Know-


Never smoked pot. Never did a beer-bong...

beer bong? Never played a chugging game.

Never huffed, puffed, smoked, toked, shot-up,

lit-up or did lines.

No pot brownies, mushrooming, or LSD

candies (although these last three could have

been right up my alley, since they seem to be personal addiction).

Once, I was required to take a polygraph test

for a job. The man asked, “Have you ever used

illegal substances.” “No.”

He hesitated. “No, it’s okay,” he said, “I

mean like ever, in your life, nothing big, just

like smoking pot, I’m sure you’ve smoked pot,

right?” “Nope.”

He looked up, his eyes kind, but stunned.

“Seriously. You’re telling the truth. You’ve

never smoked pot?” “Uh...nah.”

“Wow,” he murmured. “That is totally a

first for me.”

The one time I was ever drunk, in college

in Ohio, was with a roommate from Boston

who promptly asked me, her snooty nose in

the air, her snooty voice dripping with disdain,

“So, is there anything in Ohio...I mean, besides


I sat in a dorm room with new friends and

drank Cold Duck, a sparkling wine that makes

you think you are, oh so sophisticated, when

you are just a stupid 18-year-old coed who

hates her roommate.

I drank six water-glass-sized servings of

Cold Duck. That’s all I remember, until two



days later when (I am NOT

making this up) my worried

friend called my parents.

My mom immediately drove

up, ostensibly to show me some

new dresses she thought I’d

like. I hadn’t been out of bed

in two days, but you can bet I

jumped up and put on a smile

when she walked in, those hideous

dresses over her arm.

She was simply checking to

make sure my extreme reaction to alcohol

was not a coma-inducing brainlessness that

would render me unable to give her grandchildren

one day. Imagine how fun it was to

try on dress after dress for her and for my astonished

friends...with the blinding headache,

the chill-sweats and the dancing nausea I was


Best. Day. Ever.

So: mentally, I couldn’t remember my

name; emotionally, I had no control (which,

when you’re already Italian, is a frightening

prospect); intellectually, I’d missed every class

for two days; and physically, it was like being

in hell.

There was absolutely nothing positive

(okay, I got to stay in a friend’s dorm room instead

of with the Boston Baked B@#$%...sorry,

see God in everyone, see God in everyone). It

was nothing I ever wanted to repeat.

And, that’s all it took. No need to do it again.

Been there, done the ghastly dress to

show for it.

Now after a life virtually without the use of

recreational substances, I’ve been prescribed

a 10-day course of a steroid medicine, which

has put me on a 10-day bad, bad “acid” trip,

my friend. The only thing different from an

actual acid trip is that I haven’t seen giant

bunnies dancing in my oatmeal or truly believed

I was the Pope.

Nothing tastes right, but I’m starving! I’m

eating everything that isn’t nailed down! I

haven’t slept in five days, so I’m a tad irritable.

People have begun to avoid me because I’m

randomly crying, and angry


And, I am SWEATING, people! Almost every

second of the day AND night, sweating like

I’ve spent twelve hours working on a road

crew, re-tarring a highway in the blazing sun

of mid-July in southern Florida! Oh, yes, a bad


On the plus side, when this is over, people

will remember what a great gal I normally

am - before the steroid horror show and they’ll

recognize the princess that’s always been on

the inside. Deep inside...way, way, way inside.

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North Carolina. Readers may

contact her - and order her new children’s book! - by visiting her website at

The Bridge at Paradise Valley welcomes you to our newly

renovated assisted living community. Join us for an exclusive tour!


702 .369.6964 • 2205 East Harmon Avenue • Las Vegas, NV



Adrea Nairne-Barrera

All I Wanted Was a Meal Deal

It was a typical day. I was late and


I saw a sandwich shop and stopped to

get a quick meal deal. And that was when

I realized there are no quick solutions to

anything anymore.

I had to think about which store to go

to because no one has the same sizes. If

you’re not hungry, go to the one with 4

inch sizes, but the smallest you can get at

another is 6 inch.

How about 8? They go from 4 to 12

inches in four-inch steps. A local company

offers a really awesome one they call

“small” but it’s actually 12 inches. How

much meat is in it depends on which location.

Another consideration would be the

burger chains, but they all have paper

thin burgers with so much mayo, ketchup,

mustard, pickles, tomato and lettuce,

that the simple burger is a thing of the

past. Then you look at the fat count and

your chest tightens just thinking it over.

As for chicken and fish chains, the real

decision is how much batter you want on

it. The chicken and fish are pretty hard

to find. I reserve my visits

to them on days when

I enjoy emotional eating


I picked one of the national

chains and watched

my sandwich go down the

line, added the side and

asked for a drink. So far,

so good.

I paid with my debit card

and then took a couple of

seconds to put it away, get

my empty cup, grab my

bags, look for napkins and

saw that the people and

other sandwiches were piling

up behind me.

That made me rush

more and accomplish

less. I felt like Lucy on the

candy line for those of you

who love vintage TV.

Off to the drink machine…

and it’s a damn

computer! You have to

push something to get the

60’s to 60

ice and I pulled instead. Then you have

to dial up what you want and go through

two more screens to pick the exact drink -

but when it’s time to push, it’s not in the

same place.

And how do they keep 50 different

drinks in there?

A young woman was behind me, one of

many by now, and she was kind enough

to help me out. I let her go first so I could


The line was getting longer and now

people were reaching over each other to

find cup lids and straws, ready to pounce

when I completed my task.

I gathered all the necessary components,

balanced them as well as I could

and waddled off to my car. Since I really

was hungry, I thought I would take a bite

before going to work.

I now know that no matter how you

plan ahead, any amount of shredded

lettuce on your sandwich is destined to

fall out where you can’t reach it. There’s

nothing quite like driving with lettuce in

the sun smelling up your car.

So much for the quick meal deal.

september 16


Marty Allen

Marty’s Top Ten

1. There will definitely be an unfulfilled

Christmas tradition this year in Washington.

They couldn’t find three wise men.

2. My friend Len said: “Marriage is like a

deck of cards. In the beginning all you need

is two hearts and a diamond. By the end,

you wish you had a club and a


3. If swimming is so

good for your figure, how

do you explain whales?

4. A guy was throwing

darts at his wife’s

picture and not a

single one hit the target.

His wife was in another

room and called her husband: “Honey,

what are you doing?” The husband replied:

“Missing you!”

5. My friend Paul is a real man’s man. He

didn’t just walk out on his marriage…he


6. Women are like cell phones. They like

Hello Dere

to be held and touched often, but push the

wrong button and you’re disconnected.

7. Something to think about: “If all is not

lost – where is it?”

8. Times are so tough, I have a friend who

will sit on the back of your car and bob his

head for money.

9. Two married men were

talking. “So how’s your sex

life?” one asked. The

other replied: “Oh, it’s

nothing special. I’m

having pension sex.”

“Pension sex?

What’s that?” He

asked. “You know. I

get a little each month, but not enough to

live on!”

10. She loves his company. He loves his

company – It grosses $6 million a year!

Bonus: The good news is that gas is now

cheaper. The bad news is that we have no

more money to pay for it!

For over the past decade, Marty Allen has performed with his on and off stage

singing partner Karon Kate Blackwell.

Bill Caserta

You Have to Laugh

The Lie Detector: A

father buys a lie detector

robot that slaps people

when they lie. He

decides to test it out at

dinner one night.

The father asks his

son what he did this afternoon.

The son says,

“I did some schoolwork.”

The robot slaps the


The son says, “Ok, Ok.

I was at a friend’s house

watching movies.” Dad

asks, “What movie did you watch?” Son

says, “Toy Story.”

The robot slaps the son again.

Son says, “Ok, Ok, we were watching

porn.” Dad says, “What? At your age I

didn’t even know what porn was.”

The robot slaps the father.

Mom laughs and says, “Well, he certainly

is your son.” The robot slaps the


The Confession: John’s next door

neighbor sends his buddy a text that

reads as follows:

Hi John: This is Alan next door. I am

sorry buddy, but I have a confession to


I’ve been riddled with guilt these past

few months and have been trying to tell

you to your face, but I am now sending

you this text as I can’t live with myself

without you knowing.

The truth is, I have been sharing your

wife when you’re not around. In fact,

probably more than you.

I haven’t been getting it at home recently,

but that’s no excuse I know. The

temptation was just too much.

I can no longer live with the guilt and

I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies

and forgive me. I promise that it

won’t happen again.

Please come up with a fee and I’ll pay


Regards, Alan.

John, feeling betrayed, grabbed his

gun and shot his neighbor. He returned

home, poured himself a drink and sat on

Bill’s Blurbs

the sofa.

He took out his phone where he saw

he had a subsequent message from his


Hi John: This is Alan again. Sorry

about the slight typo on my last text. I

expect you worked it out anyway, but as

I’m sure you noticed, my smart phone’s

“autocorrect feature” changed “Wi-Fi”

to “Wife.” Technology hey??

Regards, Alan.

The Next Step: The people who lived

at the assisted living center have small

apartments but all eat at a central cafeteria.

One morning, one of the residents

didn’t show up for breakfast.

An aide knocked on his door to see

if everything was OK. She could hear him

through the door and he said that he was

running late and would be down shortly.

An hour later, he still hadn’t arrived so

she went back to his room and found him

struggling coming down the stairs. He

seemed to have trouble getting his legs

to work right.

The aide wanted to call an ambulance

but he told her no, he wasn’t in any pain

and just wanted his breakfast. So she

helped him the rest of the way and he

had his breakfast.

When he tried to return to his room,

he was completely unable to get up. The

aide then called for the ambulance. A few

hours later, she called the hospital to see

how he was doing.

The receptionist there said he was fine

- he just had both of his legs in one leg of

his boxer shorts.

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and has a very “unique” sense of

humor. He welcomes all funny submissions at:



The Phat Pack:

The Best of Broadway!

Bruce Ewing

Kevan Patriquin

Matthew Tyler

Philip Fortenberry,

(Musical Director

& Pianist)

Sat., Sept.24 th , 2016

Doors at 6:30 pm.

Show begins at 7 pm.

Tickets: $20. in advance

$25. at the door

Call Evan Davis:


For more information call:


This extraordinary group

of artists met while

performing in


Vegas Spectacular” and

together formed their

own highly-acclaimed

spectacle that continues

to thrill audiences



Broadway Performers join together to sing

some of the best music of Broadway, while sharing

personal stories from their individual journeys

in this intimate, funny & entertaining evening of

music, laughter & dreams!

WINNER of the Las Vegas Review Journal

“Best Of Vegas - Best All Around Performers!”

Sun City

MacDonald Ranch

Community Center

september 16


Sam Wagmeister

Bronx Wanderers Land on Strip

People & Places

“Somewhere…the dreams that you dare

to dream really do come true.” For Vinny the

Dad, that “somewhere” is The Las Vegas Strip.

After years of sold-out performances and

packed audiences at the South Point Casino,

Vinny and his band, The Bronx Wanderers,

take their high energy 50s, 60s and 70s musical

tribute to The Strip and Bally’s Casino for

what promises to be one of the town’s hottest


For Vinny the Dad, this is just the latest

dream coming true. Vinny grew up in the

Bronx when it was developing its own poetic


He hung out with some pretty famous guys:

Chazz Palminterri, Danny Aiello and Dion

Dimucci who shortened his name to Dion

upon beginning his singing career. Vinny

had his own personal Annette Funicello: high

school sweetheart Carol, whom he married

and they raised two sons.

Now adults, the boys still call Carol “the

greatest mom in the world.” Vinny started a

family business with sons Vinny Jr. and little

Nicky, the nostalgic musical group that plays

to audiences who quickly become loyal, enthusiastic


(L to R) Vin Jr, Vinny the Dad and Nicky, the Bronx


When Vinny the Dad was Vinny the Kid, he

wanted what every kid from the Bronx wanted:

to be a rock and roll star. He was dissuaded

after going to work for producers Terry Cashman

and Tommy West who each had had

their own recording success. A Gold Record

career developed and Vinny found himself

producing music for George Strait, the Spinners,

Alabama, Jim Croce and old friend Dion.

By the time his sons were 10 and 14, they

had each developed

musical skills

beyond their ages.

Friends encouraged

Vinny to start

a family band.

Calling on his

record producing

skills, Vinny developed


“The boys wouldn’t

take their eyes off

me,” he says, “because

they were

afraid to look at the


When not touring,

Nicky had

been drumming for the New York Jersey Boys

show and Vinny Jr. had talks with producers

for a Broadway show chronicling the career of

a rock legend of the Bronx Wanderer’s era. But

now, there’s Vegas!

There’s more than DNA that bind the dad

and sons together on stage. Their affection

is obvious as they share songs, instruments,

smiles and hugs with each other and their


“They have a deep appreciation for their

fans,” says Chicagoan Diane Lopez, a member

of the Front Row Ladies group that has travelled

the country following the band. Lopez, a

retiree, credits the band, “They make time for

us. They make us feel so young.”

The respect Vinny Sr. has for his fans is exhibited

in the rainbow of rubber bracelets he

wears for the ones who are cancer patients.

He’s energized by the survival stories of patients

who faced hopeless futures.

At their most recent South Point show,

one new fan told Vinny the Dad, “You really

connected with the audience. I feel like I’ve

known you for a hundred years.”

Details are still not complete. Check Bally’s

website for the latest information: www.Ballys.


Sam Wagmeister, a local Realtor specializing in Las Vegas senior communities, covers

the hidden gems of Las Vegas Entertainment for The Vegas Voice. He would love to

hear what you think. Contact Sam at: or (702) 245-6556

“Clint Holmes: Between The Lines” Dazzles in the

Newly Redesigned Palazzo Theatre

The mark of the world’s greatest singers is

the ability to take music and lyrics and deliver

them with an emotional authenticity that gives

people chills. Clint Holmes bears that mark.

The longtime Las Vegas artist, and the city’s

quintessential showman, delivers a powerful

performance nightly in his new show, “Clint

Holmes: Between The Lines” at The Palazzo

Las Vegas.

“Sometimes when we hear a song, we just

concentrate on the words or the notes,” said

Holmes. “But if you look closer between the

lines of the music, there is deeper meaning

that creates beautiful shared experiences.”

Experience is certainly something Holmes

has under his belt and provides audiences during

every show. Born in England to an African-

American jazz musician and a British mother

who was a classically trained opera singer,

Holmes has traveled the world from a young


“My father taught me to sing well, my mother

taught me to sing right,” Holmes joked.

While his showmanship

and stunning vocal ability

made him well known

in entertainment circles, it

wasn’t until the 1972 release

of “Playground in My Mind”

that Holmes garnered a Billboard

chart-topping single

and became a household


Holmes went on to serve as

Joan Rivers’ sidekick and announcer

on “The Late Show,”

as the musical feature and

event correspondent for “Entertainment

Tonight,” and

as the host of his own Emmy

award-winning talk/variety

show – all of which gave him

a unique perspective on the evolving entertainment


“Clint Holmes: Between The Lines” presents

an eclectic set list of classic

songs and modern hits,

delivered by an outstanding

band, led by Musical Director

Christian Tamburr on piano,

featuring Rocco Barbato on

saxophone, Jakubu Griffin on

drums and percussions, David

Ostrem on bass, Jamie Hosmer

on keyboards. Noybel Gorgoy,

a Cuban-born vocalist and

dancer, completes the stellar

list of professionals who perform

with Homes every night.

The carefully curated production

features songs that are

personal to Holmes and his

emotionally raw and technically

proficient delivery forever

changes the way that you hear them. From

classics like John Lennon’s “Imagine” and The

Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There” to modern

hits including Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way

You Are” and Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop

This Feeling,” there is no song that Holmes

cannot make his own.

Holmes is a musician Las Vegas audiences

have always connected with, not only because

he is one of the brightest shining stars in the

city, but also because Las Vegas is truly his

home. He has developed a career here, raised

a family here, and alongside his wife Kelly

Clinton-Holmes, does everything he can to

give back to the community.

It’s the sense of connection with Holmes that

makes “Clint Holmes: Between The Lines” an

intimate production. Through music, lyrics,

and storytelling, he reminds you that he’s just

like anyone else – someone learning, growing,

and searching for meaning between the lines.

“Clint Holmes: Between The Lines” performs

Tuesday through Saturday at 9:30

p.m. in the Palazzo Theatre.


september 16


Visit or call 866.242.2872 for tickets.

Rich Natole

Harry Basil & The Laugh Factory Comedy Club

The Laugh Factory Comedy Club is fast

becoming THE place to be for laughs on the

famous Las Vegas strip! Located in the heart

of Las Vegas Blvd, the Tropicana Hotel and Casino

is home to what I think is the number one

comedy club in Town.

Comedians always like to find a local club

that they feel most comfortable in. The Laugh

Factory clearly singles itself out as the place to

be for hilarious comedy talent!

Without a bad seat in the house, the best

of the best in the world of stand-up comedy

take the stage nightly in the perfectly designed

comedy showroom. The talented man at the

helm is none other than veteran comedian,

actor, writer, and producer Harry Basil.

Originally from New Jersey, Harry was a favorite

at the world famous Comedy Store in

Hollywood, California. This is the club where

so many notable comedians got their start.

Everyone from Robin Williams to Sam Kinison

to Rodney Dangerfield to Jim Carey,

all graced the stages of this comedy hotspot.

Since then, Harrys been performing his great

standup comedy, characters and routines all

over the country.

He has a resume of credits that rivals the

very best performers in the world of standup

comedy. Over the years, Harry has also appeared

on virtually every standup comedy

television show.

He was also the exclusive opening act for

comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield for an

impressive 17 years. Rodney thought so highly

of Harry, that he was cast in two of Rodney’s

HBO specials as well as co-writing,

producing and directing five of

Rodney’s films.

Such films to his credit were

“Meet Wally Sparks”, the hit soccer

comedy “Lady Bugs” and “My

Five Wives” co-starring comedy

great Andrew Dice Clay. During his

journey he’s worked with such star

as Liza Minelli, The Pointer Sisters,

The Beach Boys, Gloria Estefan,

Chuck Berry, Julio Iglesias and

countless others.

Harry’s brilliant comedy performances

are full of fantastic props

and costumes, combined with voices

and movie characters. While seeing Harry’s

show, fasten your seat belt because you just

might find yourself onstage!

He takes his audience on an unforgettable

journey. I promise, you will be totally entertained.

The Laugh Factory is also home to the legendary

impressionist Rich Little, so there’s no

telling what stars you might run into. So come

laugh and enjoy the very best comedians in

Las Vegas (and around the country) at the one

and only Laugh Factory.

For more information on the Laugh Factory


*In the near future, I hope to interview

some of the comedians on our brand new live

streaming TV/Podcast Show. We’re very excited

about “Watching The Vegas Voice” on the

WCOBM Network.

I’m proud to host this show and feature the

finest talent Las Vegas has to offer. We’re on

“live” every Wednesday from 11am -12 noon


The weekly shows are also archived on the

WCOBM website as well as “always on” The

Vegas Voice website:

Rich Natole is a comic/impressionist headlining entertainer & host of The Vegas Voice

Television/Podcast Show. For more information visit: You can

also contact Rich at:

NMLS #2052




With a reverse for purchase, you can purchase a home

that meets your physical needs, move closer to family

or buy a home with features designed for aging in place.

Speak with our LOCAL REPRESENTITIVE, Cory Carstens.

(702) 496-6506 or

NMLS #473360

NMLS #2052. Nevada – One Reverse Mortgage, LLC., 8275 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 200,

Las Vegas, NV 89123. ©2015 One Reverse Mortgage, LLC. All rights reserved.


eptember 16










for a vibrant



2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 7:30 pm

4, 10, 11, 2:00 pm


This award-winning

comedy hip-hop theatre

adaptation of The Comedy

of Errors is refreshingly current

but retains the integrity

of Shakespeare’s original

language with a live DJ and

four actors spitting lyrics

nonstop. Are you a fan of

Hamilton? Then Bomb-itty is

for you.

By Jordan Allen-Dutton,

Jason Catalano, Gregory

J. Qaiyum, Jeffrey Qaiyum,

Erik Weiner

Judy Bayley Theatre


14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 7:30 pm

16, 22, 23, 30, 2:00 pm


A Scottish general receives

a prophecy from a trio of

witches that changes the

course of his life. Driven by

ambition to become king,

Macbeth will kill anyone who

gets in his way. Paranoia,

deception, and treachery

consume Macbeth and his

wife, as they come to terms

with his prophesied fate.


2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 7:30 pm

4, 10, 11, 17, 2:00 pm


A youthful, light and playful

adaptation of Jane Austen’s

beloved novel that is a current

Off-Broadway hit. The play

follows the fortunes (and

misfortunes) of the love-struck

Dashwood sisters. When

reputation is everything, how

do you follow your heart? This

is Jane Austen for people who

may not like Jane Austen.

By William Shakespeare

Black Box Theatre

Adapted from the novel by

Jane Austen

By Kate Hamill

Judy Bayley Theatre


september 16



17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 7:30 pm

19, 25, 26, 2:00 pm


Based on Ovid’s transformation

myths, Metamorphoses

subtly mixes the ancient

stories of pathos and tragedy

with contemporary language,

humor and thought. The

characters experience love

and loss, joy and pain, as

they discover the inevitable

consequences of their own




31, 1, 6, 7, 8, 7:30 pm

2, 8, 9, 2:00 pm


Amir, a successful Pakistani-

American lawyer, is moving up

the corporate ladder. He and

his wife, Emily, who is white,

host a dinner party. What starts

out as friendly conversation,

escalates into something far

more devastating.

Winner of the 2013 Pulitzer

Prize for Drama, Disgraced is an

unflinching exploration of

infidelity, religion and assimilation.

By Mary Zimmerman

Judy Bayley Theatre

By Ayad Akhtar

Black Box Theatre



28, 29, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 7:30 pm

29, 30, 6, 7, 14, 2:00 pm


Peter and his mischievous

fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell,

visit the nursery of the Darling

children late one night and a

sprinkle of pixie dust begins a

fantastical journey across the

stars and to new lands that

none of them will ever forget.

Bring the entire family to enjoy

this co-production with the

Rainbow Company.

Music by Mark “Moose”

Charlap, with additional

music by Jule Styne, Lyrics by

Carolyn Leigh, with additional

lyrics by Betty Comden and

Adolph Green

Judy Bayley Theatre

In NCT’s 2016/17 season we are pleased to present plays

that resonate with inventiveness, cultural significance and a

youthful exuberance that captures all that is unique about Nevada

Conservatory Theatre and Southern Nevada.

Continuing our commitment from 2016 to commemorate

the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, we will follow

last season’s musical comedy Kiss Me, Kate with plays by and

adapted from “The Bard.” Last year’s audiences were reminded

to “Brush Up Your Shakespeare.“ This year we will take

a look at Shakespeare shaken-up with the hilarious hip-hop

rap musical The Bomb-itty of Errors and an eerie salon-style

production of Macbeth.

Along with Shakespeare, our cravings for fresh adaptations

and brand new plays urge us forward with Kate Hamill’s

vibrant and moving adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and

Sensibility. We start 2017 with Mary Zimmerman’s hauntingly

beautiful and contemporary adaptation Metamorphoses, followed

by Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar; the incendiary Pulitzer

Prize Winning drama about sex, religion and cultural assimilation.

Finally, rounding out the season we will all learn to fly

with the fanciful family favorite Peter Pan.

This season is for young and old alike! NCT strives to

produce world-class theatre in Southern Nevada and we are

excited to share the work of nationally recognized playwrights,

directors, designers and actors supported by our conservatory

of early career artists.

We invite you, your family and friends to come and join in

the festivities!

Brackley Frayer

Executive Director

More info:

Order tickets:


Christopher V. Edwards

Artistic Director

Subscribe today and receive:

Preferred Seating

Ticket Insurance


Free Ticket Exchange


september 16


Charlie Christy - Executive Director

Hail to Our New Queen

The 31 st annual Pageant is over. We now

begin another year of service to seniors and

another lovely, talented lady is Ms Senior Nevada.

Terri MacTaggart

won the honor of being

our Ms Senior

Nevada for 2016 and

representing seniors

throughout Nevada.

We are looking forward

to a most productive

year and will

have more information

about our new

Queen next month.

The Pageant was

spectacular. The Pageant

opened with the talented Aliante Steppers,

under the direction of Margo Young.

They did a number choreographed by the

late Pam Baltz. It was outstanding and the

dancers made sure their tribute to Pam was


Our guest performer was the incomparable

Mark Giovi. Mark can sing it all, from opera

to rock. He also is so generous with his talent

and his time. He did the outstanding rendition

of “The Prayer” with Genevieve Dew.

Wes Winters did a

guest appearance and

as usual “knocked it

out of the park.” We

have such talented and

wonderful performers

in town. If you missed

this year.

Our new Queen is

off and running - an

interview on Channel

13 and also appearing

with Suzy Saline of Las

Vegas Life Styles in her

first week as Ms Senior Nevada. We have great

things planned and we invite all to attend our

events as we dedicate ourselves to making the

lives of our Nevada senior citizens better and


For more information, visit our web site:

Anyone that’s heard about meditating has

most likely heard the word “mantra” associated

with it. However, it can baffle people as

to why they must repeat meaningless sounds

and how, if they don’t understand them, it

can possibly work?

In Sanskrit, “Manana trayate iti” means

freeing you from repeating your worrisome

thoughts. Every mantra is an infinite sound

that vibrates.

From our personal DNA to our entire planet,

every cell is in a constant state of vibration.

This results in the emission of subtle sounds.

Because mantras contain every possibility

of creation, they can actually reprogram the

vibration of malfunctioning cells and restore

sound patterns that realign the cells with

harmonious health. These vibrations also

have positive effects on our emotions, aura

(energy field), and intellect.

In life, we are conditioned by our experiences.

That is why certain words trigger emotional

responses for some and not for others.

All mantras reach beyond the cognitive

mind. Though confused at first, the mind

eventually surrenders and dissolves into a

meditative state.

Chanting purifies the mind and prepares

it for meditation. Depending on the sound

vibration, different patterns of the mind rearrange

themselves to become tranquil.

This is no different than the sounds we

make when we laugh and are happy, cry to

release emotions, or yell to release frustration,

etc. Words can only affect our realm of


Psychic Phenomenon

Ali Guggenheim

Why Mantras Work

Sound vibration accesses deep psychological

and mental expression. This is why simply

learning about mantras only satisfies the

intellect and, therefore, doesn’t translate into

an experience.

Turning the beads, while reciting your

chosen mantra, keeps you in the present and

grounds you.

This enables you to experience complete

peace, profound silence and ultimate joy.

There are a few easy steps to choosing a


Use the traditional “OM.” If that isn’t a

good fit for you, try “Ahh” or “Mmm” or

choose from any of the numerous other ancient


You can use a positive affirmation to negate

your self-defeating inner chatter - “I commit

to loving myself” (avoid using “I don’t”).

You can also use modern technology. Did

you know that iTunes has apps that can help

you pick, already recorded, calming Sanskrit

mantra phrases? Using positive words, create

your own short mantra - “I will, to will, thy

will.” Create mantras that reprogram you by

chanting the virtues you’d like to embrace;

i.e. patience, hope, acceptance, etc.

To learn more about Ali, spiritual consultations, coaching, classes, workshops, and

readings, call, give her a call: 702/373-9081.


Dianne Davis

A Great Trip Down Memory Lane

That’s Entertainment

The sounds of the Righteous Brothers fill the

Harrah’s Showroom to the delight of enthusiastic

audiences. Bill Medley is back on stage

singing songs that many of us remember.

By his own admission, he tells the crowd,

“‘I’m having the time of my life.” After a summer

hiatus, the duo returns September 7 th for

an extended run. The duo began with a three

month run, but have been extended based on

attendance and audience reaction.

Bobby Hatfield passed away in 2003, but

Bill is back with a new partner – Bucky Heard.

Bobby is not forgotten. A video and photos on

screens recall his performances.

Together, they were magic on stage and

friends off stage. Now Bill is back with the title

of the Righteous Brothers and with Bucky who

brings his own vocal versatility to the act.

But, you wonder - is the magic still there,

can they recreate the sound? If you were a fan

of this famous duo, my bet is that you will

enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to hear

the songs of “blue-eyed soul” once again done


Bucky is by no means fresh off the boat. This

50-year-old (as compared to Medley’s 75) is a

seasoned performer. He tells the audience, “I

grew up a big Bobby Hatfield fan.”

Which brings us to this entertaining show.

Bill and Bucky, separately and

together perform the songs that

made the Righteous Brothers an

integral part of American musical


You’ll hear the Grammy-winning

hits including “You’ve Lost

That Lovin’ Feelin’,” (the most

played song in radio history and

the one featured in the movie

“Top Gun”), “Soul & Inspiration,”

“Unchained Melody,”

(featured in the movie “Ghost”)

“Rock and Roll Heaven,” Medley’s

Grammy-winning “The

Time of My Life” which everyone

remembers from “Dirty

Dancing”, and more.

Medley doesn’t have the entire vocal range

he once did, but the audience loves him and

his new partner as they take us on a journey

back in time beginning in the 1960s. As for

Bucky - he is a seasoned performer with years

of work on stage in Branson, Missouri.

The Righteous Brothers show at Harrah’s is

a good time; most especially for those who remember

the years when they topped the charts,

but also for those who simply like songs with

lyrics that you understand, music that doesn’t

crush your ears, and performers that look and

feel like the real thing.

The Righteous Brothers appear Tuesdays

through Thursdays and some Fridays at 6:00

pm in Harrah’s Las Vegas showroom. Check

out the Righteous Brothers at:

In addition to The Vegas Voice, Dianne Davis is a reporter for Sun City Anthem TV (SCA-

TV) specializing in entertainment and is a columnist for www.lasvegasroundtheclock.

com. She is the Las Vegas Editor of , She also bowls, hikes, scuba

dives, travels with her husband Burt, and works on her standup comedy routines.

september 16


By the time you read this, My husband,

Ray Sarbacker, and I will have returned from

our fourth trip to Santa Fe since last December.

You might wonder why we’re so drawn to this

Southwestern city. But the reason is quite simple.

Santa Fe is the second most important art

Crystal Czerkas- center in the US. Only New York City nationally

Sarbacker tops Santa Fe in sales and impact, and it’s a

much more appropriate and convenient location for showing my

Dad’s artwork than anywhere else.

His fascination with the Southwest started with his private teacher,

Nicolai Fechin, who loved the area and insisted my Dad spend time there.

Fechin had already

established an


reputation as an


artist before he

fled from Russia to

the US. He traveled

through many of

the States, but only

one area stole his

Three Ovens /Watercolor

Pueblo at Dusk/Oil Painting

heart with its

rural beauty and that was Taos, sixty miles from

Santa Fe. He along with several other well known artists, including Georgia

O’Keefe, settled in that region and built a reputation for their community

in the art world that has lasted over a hundred years. Each of these artists

had their own style and interests but many of them like Fechin were

especially drawn to the Native Americans who resided nearby. The unique

customs, ceremonies, and habitats of the tribes really intrigued Fechin and

he instilled that fascination in my Dad.

The Mystical Pueblos

Pueblo Gathering / Watercolor

Czerkas’ Mystical Pueblos

series of paintings and giclees

focuses on the spirituality and

timelessness of our Native

American populations. Like

Fechin, my Dad sought to preserve

the heritage and beauty

of the Southwest. And the

result is an ethereal quality in

this art collection that tells us these are scenes from bygone days,

when pueblos dominated tribal communities with an ageless,

almost surreal appearance. My Dad believed it was the responsibility

of the artist not to copy but to interpret a scene. And each

image seen here emphasizes the historic adobe structures, but

Pueblo Grande /Oil Painting

also reveals their

vulnerability. Even

the tribal inhabitants,

attired in their

colorful robes, are depicted

without facial

features to suggest

they are souls from

countless yesterdays.

The resultant effect

demonstrates the

majestic strength

of tribal pasts tempered with the fragility of a modern mirage,

a treasure that we sense might disappear at any moment. The

paintings shown here are only a sample of the original oils and

watercolors in the Mystical Pueblos collection. Limited edition giclees

on canvas are also available, and each comes with a signed/

numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

For more information, please call me at 702-463-0966.

The paintings shown here are only a small

sample of the original oils and watercolors in the

Czerkas Collection.

Limited edition giclees on canvas are also

available, and each comes with a signed/numbered

Certificate of Authenticity.


For more

information call: 702/463-0966

Or visit our website at:


Rana Goodman

Roots Still Run Deep

On My Soap Box

The Nevada Guardianship Commission

is finally winding down with its final


Next comes its conclusions, in the

form of recommendations to the Supreme

Court. Once the court reviews

them, it goes to the Nevada legislature

to see which recommendations can be

implemented for guardianship reform.

In the meantime, Publisher Dan and

I have been working with several legislators

on our Vegas Voice bill drafts for the

guardianship changes. Notwithstanding

the Commission’s rhetoric, we have been

“out in the field” working with the victims

of this guardianship debacle.

We believe very strongly that our proposals

are easy to implement, will forever

break up the “insider’s” action to this

guardianship gulag and - just as importantly,

not subject the citizens to additional

bureaucratic/legal paperwork.

Last but not least, there will be no cost

to taxpayers.

Our calendar is rapidly filling up with

meeting as many Nevada

senate/assemblymen candidates

as possible and

The Vegas Voice endorsements

will be non-partisan.

Our concerns will be

limited to a candidate’s

stand on senior issues

- namely guardianship

and protecting

senior rights. Whether

they are Republicans or

Democrats is immaterial.

While we waited for

these meetings, I told Dan

we both really needed

time to decompress and a

ten-day escape was most

assuredly in my line of

vision. It had been a very

long time since I had

been “home” and the pull

of England was getting

very strong.

We planned a trip starting

with two days in London,

then rented a car and mapped out a drive

to Cotswold, Stratford-on-Avon and continuing

north to Scotland.

My youngest daughter and her husband

had accompanied us, so all Dan and I had to

do was sit back, relax, enjoy the magnificent

countryside and take pictures, (I fell asleep a

lot too).

It’s really hard to describe the landscape of

the English countryside unless one is a poet,

but looking out of the window is like looking

at a beautiful patchwork quilt of shades of

green and gold dotted with white and cream.

The white and cream are sheep, everywhere

you look - sheep, sheep and more sheep.

Suddenly a village pops up consisting of

wonderful little cottages that seem to whisper

the history of kings and queens long gone.

Driving through an area thick with trees made

me fantasize about Robin Hood. The Village

of Stratford is reminiscent of that era, cobble

streets and all.

Ah yes! My British roots are deep in my

heart. No matter how long I live here in the

States and LOVE this country, England will always

somehow be “home.”

As we drove, I would see exit signs for Leeds,

Manchester, Peckham; one city or another.

Memories would jump into my head of visiting

a shop my mother had in one of those


Or I would remember a funny gift my dad

brought home for me from a business trip

he took to another. I’d assume those were the

times I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

In Scotland, we visited St. Andrews and my

son-in-law, the avid golfer was in heaven and

played a round on its famous course. But all

too soon, it was time to head back and return

our life to reality.

september 16


Richard Black

Educating Leadership

Guardian Concerns

Congressman Joe Heck addresses the crowd

My wife Terri and I attended Nevada Attorney

General Adam Laxalt’s 2 nd Annual

Basque Fry last month in Gardnerville.

There were about 1,500 party faithful in attendance.

We had an agenda as I have sponsored

hundreds of communications (phone calls,

letters, emails) over the last two years attempting

to educate Nevada elected leadership

to the issue of involuntary fraudulent

adult guardianships approved by Family

Court judges throughout the state.

During this time, several Nevada leaders

have demonstrated a sincere interest in listening

and acting to protect Nevada’s vulnerable.

Sadly, I can count them on one hand.

I started calling and writing previous Attorney

General Catherine Cortez Masto and

Sheriff Doug Gillespie in mid-2014 and got

no response after dozens of attempts. I have

attempted to reach Ms. Masto several times

since then and also got no response. She is

now running for Harry Reid’s Senate seat

against Republican Joe Heck and continues

to ignore all requests for comments on

guardianship abuse.

The progress we have realized was initiated

when I began soliciting Adam Laxalt as

he was running for Nevada Attorney General

in 2014. After he took office, Rana Goodman,

Dan Roberts, my wife and I went to Carson

City to present evidence of fraudulent guardianships


Next came Clark County Commission

Chairman Steve Sisolak when he sponsored

a meeting to hear

from the public on

the matter. His leadership

engaged Nevada

Supreme Court Chief

Justice James Hardesty

who then sponsored

the Nevada Supreme

Court Guardianship

Reform Commission.

Our Rana Goodman is

a member of this Commission.

Finally, Barbara

Buckley, Executive Director

of the Legal Aid

Center of Southern

Nevada listened to the

complaints and began

soliciting funds to hire

attorneys to represent the victims conscripted

or being conscripted into suspect guardianships.

Her team of two are now representing

over 40 cases.

Back to the Fry. We networked with Nevada’s

statewide elected leadership and

personally shared the bigger story of guardianship

abuse sponsored by unscrupulous

lawyers and their influence of the judiciary.

We met with Adam Laxalt, Wesley Duncan,

Barbara Cegavske, Joe Heck, Danny Tarkanian,

Senator Tom Cotton, and Milwaukee

County Sheriff David Clarke.

Concerning Dr. Heck. We met with the

congressman’s senior staffers in Washington,

D.C. in August to personally share the

story affecting hundreds of Nevada’s vulnerable

seniors and thousands of Americans

nationwide. The congressman called me in

mid-August to express his outrage at what

I had told his staff and his commitment to

take action.

Many of Nevada’s public officials have

denied any knowledge of what has occurred

the last two decades in Clark County Family

Court. However, the trail of complaints tells a

very different story.

Negligence, apathy, and complicit corruption

prevailed. Many insiders knew how the

system had been perverted to benefit a few

insiders and they had steadfastly defended

the system and blamed family issues.

Be assured, The Vegas Voice will continue

to demand results.

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september 16


Stu Cooper - Travel Editor

Coming to Our Meeting?

Happy Destinations

As I have written before, my most favorite

place to visit in the whole world is

Israel. Since the age of 17. I have been

there at least six times and one of those

visits was my honeymoon.

Israel, is just a magical wonderful destination.

From a religious, historical and

cultural perspective, there is just no other

destination that captures the feeling and

emotion that Israel has.

That’s why the VEGAS VOYAGERS is

very proud to promote an interfaith tour

to Israel, March 15 - 27, 2017. Come to

one of our VEGAS VOYAGER meetings

on Saturday, September 10th and learn

about this trip from a representative of

the Israel tour operator who has created a

very special Israel tour.

Our first meeting on Saturday, September

10th will be held in Anthem - REVERE


in the morning. A continental breakfast

will be served.

Our second meeting, for those who live

in Summerlin/Siena will be at the SUN-


Conference Center Room 3) at 1:00 pm.

Snacks will also be served at this meeting.

Because space is limited, please RSVP

by calling me at 800-698-1101. Or you

can email at:

On another note, (pun intended) I have

always equated music with travel. I must,

and I mean must, have my music library

with me, handily stored in my IPhone,

when I travel.

I pop on my head phones on all of my

flights, and listening to music makes

the trip go

quicker. It


me a

comfortable feeling of listening to familiar

favorite standards. And as some of

you might agree, music also can evoke

strong memories of the who, what, where

and when of the period that song you’re

listening to represents.

Music is just a big part of my life -

whether listening on my head sets or

playing the guitar for my grandchildren

or seeing any number of great concerts

here in Las Vegas or back in New York.

That’s why the VEGAS VOYAGERS is really

looking forward to our VOICES OF


RICH NATOLE March 9 - 13, 2017. Sailing

along the Pacific Coast and Mexico,

join Tony and Rich as we sing, dance and

party on our four-night cruise.

We will be sailing on Princess Cruise

Lines. Tony and Rich will do a private

command performance as well as host an

exclusive cocktail party just for the group.

Pricing for this cruise includes the

cruise, all port charges and taxes, round

trip bus transportation from Las Vegas to

the pier in Los Angeles, the private group

activities including the private show and

cocktail party and a few other surprise


Prices start at just $679 per person

based on double occupancy. Call me for

complete VOICES OF VEGAS cruise details.

And don’t forget to attend one of our

VEGAS VOYAGER meetings on Saturday,

September 10th.

Kathy Manney

Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin

Around Our World

Philadelphia’s favorite citizen was never

President of the United States. By the time

our country gained independence, Benjamin

Franklin was too old to hold the top office. The

man who graces the hundred-dollar bill was

technically, “President of the Supreme Executive

Council of Pennsylvania.”

Among Franklin’s other known achievements

was first Postmaster General. His postal

career began as postmaster of Philadelphia in

1737 under the British.

As postmaster, Franklin could send letters

free, a current practice that allows some public

office holders to send official government

correspondence at no cost. The person’s signature

on the upper right corner of the envelope

acts as their stamp since government officials

are permitted to communicate with constituents

without compensating for postage.

Born in 1706, Franklin apprenticed at sixteen

to his brother, the founder of Boston’s

New England Courant. A voracious reader,

by the time Franklin was twenty-two he traveled

to Philadelphia and purchased The

Pennsylvania Gazette.

The paper published his popular Poor

Richard’s Almanack. It coined sayings such

as, “In this world nothing can be said to be

certain, except death and taxes” and “God

helps those who help themselves.” The Almanack

secured his wealth.

When Franklin was appointed postmaster

of Philadelphia by the British Crown, newspaper

publishers commonly served in this position.

Their publishing experience aided them

in gathering and distributing news.

Franklin supported establishment of the

penny post where letters were delivered for a

penny. It was his financial management that

aided in the Crown’s first North American


Benjamin Franklin also helped engineer a

revolution. In 1771 he revealed letters from

Colony officials who secretly collaborated

with British authorities. A few years later, the

Crown dismissed Franklin as their postmaster

believing he was too sympathetic to the colonies.

As a member of the Second Continental

Congress, he was appointed Postmaster General

July 26, 1775, serving for 15-months. As

Postmaster General, he received an annual

salary of $1,000 and was responsible for post

offices from Massachusetts to Georgia, with

authority to hire as necessary.

Franklin was on the Declaration of Independence

committee and moved to Paris to

secure French support for the war with England.

The Treaty of Alliance he negotiated was

vital to the success of the American Revolution.

Later, he helped negotiate the peace

treaty with Britain.

In addition to being Postmaster General,

he helped establish a library, a fire company,

academy, philosophical society, militia, hospital

and improved streets and street lighting

in Philadelphia. His scientific influences included

the study of electricity and lightning,

theories of heat absorption, measurement of

the Gulf Stream and invention of the lightning

rod, bifocals and the Franklin stove.

The Postmaster General of the United States

is the chief executive officer of the United

States Postal Service. From 1829 to 1971,

the Postmaster General was a member of the

President’s Cabinet.

In 1971, the Post Office Department reorganized

into the United States Postal Service,

an independent agency of the executive

branch. The Postmaster General is no longer

a member of the Cabinet and no longer in

Presidential succession.

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an Adventure Diva. Her

“Must See” travel journeys continue - always with enthusiasm.

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JAN. 26 - FEB. 11, 2017

16 Night Asia

Immersion Cruise

Sailing from Shanghai to Hong Kong

With Overnights in Taipei, Taiwan;

Manila, Philippines; Hanoi, Vietnam;

and Hong Kong, China.

Huë Citadel,

Huë, Vietnam

Starting from


3299. 00

Deposit of $450. is

required to

book your cabin



Pricing Per Person*

Inside Ocean view Balcony

$3299. 00 $3819. 00 $4299. 00


Departure • Port of Call • Cruise Route

Hong Kong, China at night


For more information or to make a reservation, contact:

Stu Cooper


Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com

800 698-1101

Prices are per person based on double occupancy subject to availability and include your cruise, all

port charges, taxes and fees, roundtrip air from Las Vegas to Shanghai and back from Hong Kong

and transfers to and from the pier. A deposit of $450 per person is due at the time of booking and is

fully refundable until October 20, 2016 when final payment is due.

september 16


Jennifer Salem

Valerie Del Grosso

Never Too Late to Plan Ahead

Your Partners in Planning

If you know someone paying for a nursing

home, they forgot to do this!

The huge cost of long term care like nursing

homes is on everyone’s mind lately; and

for good reason. It can cost seven to ten thousand

dollars per month, which is a burden on

even the most well off families.

We hear about families spending their entire

life’s savings on this care, impoverishing

the healthy spouse and leaving nothing for

children and other loved ones. For the 60% of

people over age 65 who will likely need nursing

home care in their lives, this is not an

unusual situation.

It does not have to be this way! If you are

unsure how you would pay for this care if

you or a family member needed it, know that

there are ways to make sure that no matter

what happens to your health, your life’s savings

will go to your family and not to a nursing

home bill.

When families are paying out-of-pocket

for nursing home care, it is often because

they waited too long to plan and had to make

many difficult decisions alone, they are without

a planning partner and usually in a crisis

situation. This creates unnecessary stress and

makes the best strategies for protecting what

is most important to you unavailable.

The most important thing to know is that

the best protection for your family (and your

nest egg) starts five years in advance. Because

most of us cannot predict the future,

that means the time is now to learn what

your options are if a healthcare crisis happens.

It is never too late, but planning ahead can

save tens of thousands of dollars because the

best strategies are available to you. This is

especially true if you have tried to purchase

long-term care insurance

and found it unaffordable

or unavailable.

We are often asked

if the estate plan you

already have is good

enough to protect

your family from expensive


care. The unfortunate

reality is almost always


Traditional estate plans like “living trusts”

have many benefits after death if there is

money left for your spouse and children,

but they do nothing to make sure that any

money is left over in the first place after the

expensive care many of us will need.

Enhancing your estate plan, if you have

one already, to protect you from rising

healthcare costs is a very good idea - especially

if you created the plan more than

five years ago or have had changes in your

family. For example, consider reviewing and

updating your plan if you have become a senior

citizen since it was created, retired, had

a health scare, or had children grow up and

move out of the home.

As we enjoy longer lives, we all want to

know that our best days are ahead of us.

For many families, that includes the peace

of mind that they do not risk losing everything

to a health issue. That peace of mind is

achievable with the right plan.

Do you have questions about whether your

estate plan is obsolete? Next month, we’ll

show you what to look for. If you do not want

to wait, please call our office for a complimentary


Jennifer Salem & Valerie Del Grosso help seniors who are concerned that they may lose

everything they worked for if they have a health issue. You can reach their law office,

Origins Legal Group, at 702/850-7799 or 702/900-1470. Visit their website:


september 16


James J. White, D.D.S

Fact or Fiction

What an amazing article recently in the

Review Journal relating the possible irrelevance

of using dental floss. I immediately

wondered how they did a double blind study

to warrant such a conclusion?

I cannot imagine a group of people who

would be willing to stink from food rotting

between their teeth, not to mention risking

periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Common sense dictates that if something

is not done to remove food particles between

teeth then there will be problems. The mouth

is the first organ of the digestive system, so the

trapped food will begin to decay in the presence

of the oral bacteria and saliva.

When food decomposes in a trash can, we

all know what it smells like. It is no different

when food remains trapped between teeth.

Brushing one’s teeth will assist in removing

pesky food particles, but brushing alone

will not accomplish what is necessary. Dental

floss and interproximal brushes are necessary

to remove the trapped food.

Plaque is the sticky substance that builds

up on the teeth. Plaque is where the bacteria

live and produce their acid byproducts that

cause the breakdown of the enamel that is

referred to as a “cavity.”

Brushing cannot remove plaque between

teeth. Dental floss safely and gently scrapes

the plaque off between the teeth.

Doesn’t it make sense that, IF bacteria live

in the sticky plaque that attaches to teeth and,

IF their byproducts contribute to decay/gum

disease, and IF a brush cannot remove all the

plaque, then whatever needs to be done to

take the plaque off the teeth should be done?

Dental floss is the best device to harmlessly

scrape away the plaque. A water pik helps to

remove food particles, but it does not take the

place of using dental floss.

It is a fact that:

(1) People are keeping their teeth longer

than in the past,

(2) That the correct fluoride concentration

in the drinking water reduces tooth decay,

(3) That bacteria live in our mouths and

are responsible for gum disease and tooth


(4) That the cleaner we are able to keep

our mouths, the better our oral health and,

for that matter, the better our overall systemic


I will not bore you with all sorts of data supporting

the value of using dental floss. I will

simply say to all the smart people who read

these articles that they can use their common

sense to determine whether or not they think

flossing one’s teeth would be beneficial.

I understand that few people like to floss.

If, however, one would floss 3 times a week,

they are greatly moving toward good dental

health and a better general health.

Smart people:

(1) Floss their teeth,

(2) Wash their dishes thoroughly and keep

their foods refrigerated since they know that

sickness and disease can occur if they do not.

(3) Know that food stuck in the nooks and

crannies of the teeth will rot just the same as

food left on the counter in our desert heat.

Nothing good can come of food rotting in our


Dental health is the one disease over which

we have some direct control. It often makes

me sad that more people do not exercise this

control and now find themselves in a very

poor dental condition.

Be good to yourself and improve the quality

of your life by keeping good dental health.

One is not in good health without good oral




This program is offered at the office of:

James J. White, DDS

1140 N.Town Center Dr., #170

Las Vegas, NV 89144

Annual fee: $280.00

Includes: • 2 routine cleanings

• 2 periodic examinations (including

periodontal & oral cancer exam)

• 1 set of diagnostic x-rays

• 1 consultation

• 17% discount on ALL restorative services

• 5% discount on automatic annual renewal

If you are one of over 100 million Americans

without dental insurance, call now:

702/ 562-8833


september 16


Mary Richard

I have just returned from the 2016 Annual

Zumba Convention in Orlando, Florida.

There must have been 8,000 instructors

from all over the world - 130 countries represented!

I have been attending these conventions

since the first one in 2008; the year I became

a licensed Zumba instructor. It’s always

FANTASTIC beyond words!

The worldwide Zumba licensed instructors

converge at the Orange County Convention

Center and overtake the Hyatt Hotel, as

well as many other hotels in the vicinity. I

cannot express my sincere gratitude to the

staff at the Hyatt Hotel for the graciousness

they showed for the Zumba fanatics!

Non-stop trainings, sessions, parties,

meeting up with old friends and making

new friends. I wondered how I was going to

keep my energy up and eat well with all this

activity? I’m a high-energy person anyway –

but needed to know the particulars of how to

keep my body going at such a frantic pace.

As in past years, I really “listened” to my

body as to how to maintain this level of energy.

The morning meal consisted of having

a decent breakfast (gotta get that fuel in!).

I had a vegetarian omelet (complete with

lots and lots of veggies!), oatmeal or toast

and some fruit. I also made sure of having

Health Fitness

A Fantastic Zumba


PLENTY of water, especially hydrating prior

to any trainings or workshops.

Throughout the day, I ate nuts, trail mixes,

or a protein bar. Again, LOTS of water!

Whenever I got my hands on some fresh

fruit, I loaded up on bananas to give me

that much-needed potassium.

And made sure of taking my daily multivitamins!

Lunch (whenever I grabbed a

quick bite!) consisted of a salad and some

protein – chicken or fish.

Afternoon snacks – more nuts or trail

mixes. At night, even though it was late after

all day sessions, I made sure of eating a

good meal.

I found these are good tactics whenever I

go to all-day trainings. It is so important to

maintain your level of eating and hydrating.

Even when I teach my classes, I tell my

students to hydrate before, during and after

class. If you are thirsty when you are beginning

a class, you are already de-hydrated!

In the past, I found that I was eating

many more calories than I normally do, but

I still lost weight! Guess the right amount

of protein and carb combination, as well as

hydrating helped me to not only maintain

my energy level – but I lost weight!



Mary Richard was crowned Ms. Senior Nevada 2006, was first runner-up for Ms.

Senior America 2006 and is a life-time dancer. She is one of the original columnists

for The Vegas Voice. She is now an aerobics instructor throughout Las Vegas/

Henderson. Mary can be reached at

Linda Bateman-Gomez

So Many Choices

There is one thing for sure living in

the desert.

The “dry” heat we face every day

can unknowingly take its toll on our

delicate skin. Hydration is an easily

overlooked beauty necessity and to

maintain the plump, youthful look

we desire, we can’t overlook it!

So, what to do about it? The answer

seems simple enough. Drinking water

is certainly a start.

If you’re like me however, I tend to

forget and I’ve found it’s not always

enough. Adding a topical moisturizer

is helpful, yet finding the perfect

one to complement

your complexion can be


Lotions, cremes, serums,

and beauty

balms. You can

spend $3.00

for Pond’s Cold

Cream that’s been

around since I

was a girl…and

that’s a long time!

Or, you can buy

the tiny promise of

“youth in a jar” from a

department store for hundreds.

Decisions, decisions!

Can these products turn back the

clock, or is it just good marketing?

Personally, I like more proof before

spending so much on anything.

So what about drug store brands?

Reading the labels is enough to put

you to sleep. The claims are amazing,

but the ingredients are undiscernible

and the results seem similar.

Some moisturizers work for a while,

then aren’t as effective, leading me

to another. I will say good ‘ole Ponds

has come through for me. It’s a bit

oily, but I find occasionally I need

that, especially around the eyes.

As a bonus, it smells nice and reminds

me of my Nana. She used it as

her “beauty secret” and passed away

Timeless Beauty

at 94 with hardly a wrinkle!

Still, I haven’t found one that’s

been life changing. So what’s the answer?

I think trial and error. The only way

to know if something works for you is

to test it.

You can read reviews and ask

friends; just keep in mind your own

skin and body is constantly changing.

What might be great for one person

may not be for you.

Luckily, with more expensive

brands, you can often ask for a sample

first. And drug store pricing allows

for personal testing

to see what works

best, without the guilt

of spending money

on something that

may not work.

And, if you don’t

love it, use it as

an all over body


The most important

advice I have

is if you’re going to

test various brands

be sure to buy direct

from the manufacturer,

or a reputable store. Buying cosmetics

online can be dangerous as they

can easily be counterfeited.

The FBI has advised of the toxic ingredients

they contain. It’s becoming

increasingly more difficult to discern

what’s real, as counterfeiters often list

and sell on popular sites right under

the manufacturer’s name.

My own product is a perfect example;

toxic counterfeits are being sold

out of China. I manufacture in the

USA for safety, as many others do now.

So please, be aware of what you are

putting on your beautiful faces!

Stay cool, hydrated and if you do

happen to find youth in jar, let me

know! Meanwhile, feel free to write

me with any suggestions!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company based in Las

Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty products. She would love to

hear from you with questions, ideas or tips you’d like to share! Contact Linda at or through her website


Kyo Mitchell

Excessive Body Weight - Part II

A Healthier You

Last month, we discussed the hormone

leptin made by fat cells. This hormone sends

signals to the brain and tells the brain how

much fat stores/energy reserves the body has.

Our modern diet damages the leptin receptor

in the brain and can cause an individual

to overeat. Before we discuss how an individual

should eat to decrease overeating and

insulin resistance, it is necessary to discuss

why we are driven to eat foods that damage

our health.

People love the taste of sugar. Walk through

a grocery store and you will see a plethora

of sugar. The question becomes, “Why do we

love and crave sugar so much?”

This is actually a very old survival mechanism.

Where food is readily available currently,

this was not always the case.

Thousands of years ago when we were still

hunters and gatherers, starvation was a major

concern for all humans. Finding food was

a crucial activity. However, to increase the

probability of survival, it was necessary to

find not simply food, but RIPE food.

Consider an apple. If it was not fully ripe,

there was, not

only less in the

way of usable

nutrients, but you

could also end up with a

stomachache from eating

unripe apples. If the

apple was fully ripe,

it was digested more

easily and your body

received more nutrients

from this apple.

Now, how did our

ancestors know that

the apple was fully ripe?

Did it have an expiration

date on it?

Of course not. They knew

it was ready to be eaten by its

taste. It was juicy and sweet.

This ability to taste the

sweetness of ripening food increased the

probability of survival of our ancestors. When

you found something sweet, you ate a large

quantity of it because you never knew when

ripe food would again be available.

Now this ability to taste something

sweet/ripe has been taken to extremes

in our modern

food. Large quantities

of pure sugar

have been

added to our

food – to

an extreme

that is beyond the

body’s ability to handle.

As an analogy, think of

rain. Rain is necessary to

maintain life in any environment,

but too much rain creates

the imbalance of a

flood and destruction

results. Although we

were designed to pursue and eat sweet things,

we have taken this survival mechanism to

such an extreme that it is now damaging us.

The other tastes that most individuals crave

are salty and fat. Both salt (sodium chloride)

and fat are necessary parts of the diet if an

individual is to survive.

Thousands of years ago salt and fat were

difficult to come by. Similar to the taste of

sweet, when an individual found a source of

fat or salt, you consumed it because you never

knew when you would encounter it again.

Your brain is designed to consume salt and

fat when they are available. Only now, they

are readily available, and rather than eating

what we need to survive, we are overconsuming.

The point of this article is to help you understand

why you crave certain foods. This is

the first step in learning to eating healthier.

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle and Wongu

University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell practices in Summerlin and

can be reached at 702-481-6216 or

september 16


Chuck Dean

War Zone to Comfort Zone

Vet 2 Vet

I’ve noticed that as I get on in life and communicate

with other senior veterans, most of

us did not expect to live into the golden years.

Therefore, being somewhat unprepared, the

reality of aging may present some stressful effects

for many of us.

We all know that aging can suggest weakness

and vulnerability, but yet we can easily remember

that as youngsters we went off to serve

our country feeling impervious to danger; the

military training gave us that confidence.

However, now our unstoppable aging seems to

contradict that reality.

For veterans, the law of the jungle (that the

strong survive and the weak get eaten) has a

deeper meaning than to most people. In the

realm of competitive business, when corporate

takeovers are part of the scheme of things, or

an employee is systematically cut out of their

job so someone else can get ahead in the

game, it is said to be adhering to “the law of

the jungle.” Only the strong survive.

But this ugly brand of jungle ethics exists

in a completely different venue than what

combat veterans have known. As part of the

training, warriors have always been expected

to be strong enough to survive life and death


That’s what it’s all about. They train for the

battlefield where they seek out the enemy -

and eliminate him.

This is far from what corporate America or

sports teams do to accomplish their goals. The

“killer instinct” that is so energetically thrown

around in locker rooms and sales meetings in

corporate America becomes a very real instinct

to soldiers in the heat of battle.

Without this instinct, a warrior is very

lucky…or very dead. At any

rate, every person who serves in

the military will always have a

different reality on the subject of


But when the once capable

body and mind begins to decline

with age, it is easy to feel more

vulnerable and challenged by

what were once ordinary life

circumstances. So, how do we

adjust to the frustrations of this

unavoidable journey?

My suggestion is to take a deep breath, get

in the moment, and then set out one step at a

time. Perhaps even re-visiting some of our past

military training is a good idea.

My favorite was “observation training.” Remember

the observation course? The idea was

to test our ability to see what was really in front

of us.

Have a good look around and assess where

you truly are in life. Observe and determine

what is in front of you before making any decisions.

As we age, nature is obviously in control, so

why not go with the flow? Mature within your

own comfort zone and not the hectic zones

dictated by the world around you.

Remember that relying on and reverting

back to some of that good old training of yesteryear

is not such a bad idea. The training is

still useful today.

It is life-knowledge (compliments of Uncle

Sam) that we are all familiar with. Enjoy the


Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam, and through that experience

was led to address the many transitional issues veterans struggle with after war. In

2008, he was honored to receive the prestigious Hirsch Foundation Leadership Award

for his writing and work in support of veterans. Visit his web page at:





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september 16


Jan Fair

A No-Brainer Minute

Staying Sharp in September and Other Scientific Stuff


september 16


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