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2 September 2016

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In this issue

3 | Freedom to Speak Up

4 | Social Work Registration


5 | Equality Delivery System

6 | Staff Friends and Family


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5 | Success in Trust’s First


6 | Mindful Moment

7 | Thank You

I regret that from time to time I have to use this column to

recognise and acknowledge the difficulties that are caused

as a result of changes in commissioning intentions. The

commissioners are keen to reduce the number of community

beds and as part of their strategy they are planning to close the

beds at Cheadle Hospital. As we own the hospital and provide

support to the wards this decision has inevitably impacted

significantly on staff in the Trust.

As a result of the proposed changes at Cheadle I recognised

that our community hospital staff may have concerns about

the future of the beds that we run in other hospitals. I was

pleased to be able to visit staff at Haywood and Leek last week

to provide assurance that there are no plans to close wards at

either site.

During my visit to Leek it was good to meet so many staff. In

addition to meeting a number of staff as a group, I was also

able to visit the wards and see and hear the enthusiasm of

clinical teams who are working to support patients. Meeting

staff is one of the best part of getting out and about, and I

was really pleased to see a number of staff who I’ve not seen

in while and have to opportunity to catch up on their progress

within the Trust.

On my visit to Haywood Hospital I was fortunate to see the

excellent rehabilitation services on Broadfield ward, where I

was particularly impressed with the way in which the multidisciplinary

team work in partnership to deliver excellent

outcomes for patients. I also met staff on Chatterley ward and

was pleased to be able to reassure them about the value of the

services which they provide.

Whilst there I took the opportunity to visit the Walk in Centre

and this was a chance for me to talk with staff about some of

the broader challenges that face the NHS nationally, and it was

good to hear strongly held views directly from staff.

In the latter part of last week a number of staffing shortfalls

were escalated by local managers for consideration by Directors

of the Trust. I recognise that the month of August can be

difficult due to school holidays and lots of staff using this time

of year to take annual leave. This coupled with vacancies and

maternity leave has led to a situation where many teams are

under pressure.

I’d like to offer assurance that senior managers and Directors

have been working closely together this week to ensure staff

are able to deliver the highest quality and safest care possible.

Some of the actions which have already been put in place

including additional support from a range of ‘corporate’ staff,

as well and looking at ways to fast track the recruitment

process so that long term clinical support can be put into teams

as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition we are sharing

our current challenges with commissioners so that we can

jointly agree how our limited staffing resources can be used in

the most effective ways.

Over recent months I have met a number of new staff and it is

good hear that they are enjoying their time with us. Some have

expressed a view that they had regretted not moving to work

in the community at an earlier point in their careers. If you’re

aware of colleagues or peers who would like to experience

work in a community setting please encourage them to get in

touch so that we can find opportunities that meet their skills

and personal circumstances.

Delivering improvement and supporting operational delivery

are key elements of any corporate support functions. In order

to improve the way in which we support improvements across

the Trust we have brought together a number of staff from

different areas to create a new ‘Continuous Improvement’

team. I visited the new team during their ‘launch meeting’ last

week and it was good to see their enthusiasm at first hand.

Finally, I hope that you all enjoyed the recent bank holiday. For

those staff who worked over the extended weekend I’d like to

say thank you for your hard work and commitment and I hope

you have leave planned so that you can have a well-deserved



Stuart Poynor

Chief Executive

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Freedom to Speak Up

Raising Concerns

Freedom to Speak Up

Raising Concerns

See something

you know isn’t right

Say something

to make it better

acted upon?


We Put

Quality First

In August the Trust launched its new Raising Concerns campaign

to encourage staff to speak up and if they See Something, Say

Something. In previous editions of The Word you have been

introduced to Emma Powell , our Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

and Ambassador for Cultural Change and Jo Davies, Customer

Service Officer who is supporting the See Something Say Something


We Focus

on People

Please help

keep me safe by

reporting something you

know isn’t right

In this edition we introduce Non-Executive Director (NED) Jane

Gaddum, who is advocating Raising Concerns in her NED role.

“As the Non- Executive Director for Raising Concerns, my role is to seek

assurance that concerns can be raised without fear, that the organisation

acts fairly, answering questions, and that the service to our patients and

users improves as a result. What I tend to ask myself is: would I wish to use

this service as a patient or service user? And as a member of staff, if I had a

concern, would I know how to raise it and would I be confident in how it would be

The NHS is experiencing multiple challenges in the way that it is organised and funded, causing change, sometimes

at short notice. The added complexity of the Partnership Trust and the geographic spread of our sites, many of you

working remotely, means that it is even more important that all of our staff know how to raise a concern and feel

confident in the way that it will be handled. Usual line management and HR processes are often the most effective

route to raise queries, but Emma, our Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, is an important independent resource

available to all staff at all levels, to ensure that any concerns raised are acted upon appropriately.

I encourage each of you to familiarise yourselves with the See Something, Say Something campaign so that you

know how to access the most appropriate support if


Jane Gaddum

Jane Gaddum

Non-Executive Director

How do I Say Something if I

See Something?

Speak to your line manager formally or informally.

If this does not resolve matters or you feel you can’t

raise it with them, speak to the Trust’s Freedom to

Speak up 07976 Guardian by calling 249701

07976 or email


We Take






Social Work

Registration Renewal

As social workers in England, renewal of the HCPC

registration must take place every two years and each

profession has fixed renewal dates.

As a registered social worker you will receive a renewal

notice requesting your registration to be renewed.

Notifications will be sent on the 1 September 2016 and

the registration end date will be 30 November 2016.

As a registered social worker a professional

declaration must be signed confirming that you


• Continued to practise your profession since your last

registration; or

• not practised your profession since your last

registration but have met the HCPC’s return to

practice requirements.

You are also confirming that:

• You continue to meet the HCPC’s standards of

proficiency for the safe and effective practice of your


• there have been no changes to your health or

relating to your good character which you have not

advised HCPC about and which would affect your

safe and effective practice of your profession; and

• you continue to meet the HCPC’s standards for

continuing professional development.

Whenever a profession renews its registration HCPC

will randomly audit (check) the CPD of 2.5 per cent of

professionals from that profession. Those registrants who

are chosen for audit must submit a CPD profile to show

how their CPD meets our standards.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can be

a range of learning activities through which you will

maintain and develop throughout your career; this

ensures you retain the capacity to practice safely,

effectively and legally within your evolving scope of


The HCPC intention is that you will make a professional

judgement as to the type of evidence you will submit

within your CPD portfolio. Your portfolio should be

based upon on-going learning and development, also

focusing on your achievements and how these are

reflected within your practice and service delivery.

For more information on how to complete your portfolio

or for support if your portfolio is chosen to audit please

contact karen.nixon@ssotp.nhs.uk

USEFUL LINK - How to fill in your CPD portfolio - click


The list below highlights some of the

activities that might make up your

continuing professional development (CPD).

Work based learning

Learning by doing // Case studies // Reflective

practice // Discussions with colleagues // Peer

review // Secondments

Formal / educational

Courses // Further education // Research //

Attending conferences // Writing articles or


Professional activity

Involvement in a professional body //

Membership of a specialist interest group //

Lecturing or teaching // Mentoring

Self-directed learning

Reading journals / articles // Reviewing books

or articles // Updating knowledge through the

internet or TV // Keeping a file of your progress

We Put

Quality First

We Focus

on People

We Take



Success in Trust’s

First Lockdown

The Trust is committed to following NHS England and NHS Protect’s lockdown guidance and we are pleased to

report that a successful test scenario was carried out in the Trust last week.

Meir Primary Care Centre became the first premises to carry out a lockdown scenario on 24 August. The team

received a visit from the security management team and were informed of an explosive device in the front lobby.

Under the guidance of Joanne Ashcroft and her admin team all staff, patients and visitors were successfully

evacuated to a designated safe area without too much disruption to patients and their clinical appointments.

Norman Walker from the health and safety team said: “This exercise is the first of its type across the Trust so we

are delighted that it ran so smoothly and most importantly, we are very happy with how staff responded to the


Lockdown tests will continue throughout the Trust over the next few months.

For more information, please contact Linda Craen or Norman Walker on healthandsafety@ssotp.nhs.uk

Equality Delivery System – your feedback is required!

The Trust has a graded Equality Delivery System (EDS2) which we have developed with feedback

from staff, service users, patients and carers and a variety of surveys and reports.

We have now begun the process of looking at the equality objectives for the period of September

2016-2019. Themes for the objectives have been identified and are featured in our latest EDS2

report – click here

We welcome your comments and/or suggestions on the EDS2 gradings and objectives. Please take a

few minutes to respond to the survey click here or send comments directly to respect@ssotp.nhs.uk

This document and the survey are available in different formats.

Email: interpreterservices@ssotp.nhs.uk call 01782 227772 or text 07540 675095 to request a

format suitable to your needs.

The survey is open until 8 September 2016.

We Put

Quality First

We Focus

on People

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Staff Friends and

Family Test

We want to hear more

The Staff Friends and Family Test was launched by NHS England in April 2014. All NHS organisations are required to

ask all of their staff members the following two questions on a quarterly basis:

1. How likely are you to recommend this organisation to friends and family if they needed care or treatment?

2. How likely are you to recommend this organisation to friends and family as a place to work?

The short and simple survey is designed to measure levels of staff advocacy within NHS organisations, provide a more

frequent opportunity for staff to have their say and to help drive and inform service improvement.

The second survey of the 2016/2017 schedule will be launched on Tuesday 6th September and will be sent to all

staff with current, active email addresses.

Please take the time to complete the survey and share your views.

Mindful Moment

Thank you to Desiree Cumberbatch, Interim AHP Manager who submitted a

quote from Joseph Goldstein for this week’s Mindful Moment.

“The greatest communication is usually how

we are rather than what we say.”

Joseph Goldstein

Please send your favourite quotes to tracy.fothergill@ssotp.nhs.uk


We Put

Quality First

We Focus

on People

We Take




Thank You

A dental team based in North Staffordshire has been

praised for the care and support which they gave to recent

patient who required emergency care.

“I would just like to pass on my thanks to the dentist

and nurses who treated me on Sunday and today for

severe pain in my wisdom tooth. Thank you for the quick

emergency appointment on Sunday morning as I appreciate

these are in very short supply.

The dentist I saw was extremely understanding that I’m an

anxious patient when it comes to dentistry and took great

care to make me feel at ease, guiding me through the

process step by step.

Unfortunately I didn’t fully catch the names of the dentists

nor nurses who treated me. However, I would be grateful

if you could pass on my gratitude for their help and


A service user of Wombourne and Kinver ILCT has sent

in a thank you note in gratitude for the help which the

team have provided.

“‘Just wanted to thank you for all of your help and support

over the last few months. It’s been a difficult transition for

me and asking for external help has been the hardest thing.

The carers were great and made a difficult time easier.

My PA’s have been with me for 6 weeks now and this has

been fantastic. I’m safe, clean, dressed and getting out of

the cottage! Thank you again for your help and respecting

my erratic sleep patterns, and responding to my queries so


Staff on Cottage Ward at Leek Hospital have received a

heartfelt thank you from a relative of a recent patients.

“On behalf of myself and of all our family we wanted to

thank each and every one of you for the tremendous care

that you all provided throughout her stay. The compassion,

humility and love that was not only provided to her but

also to her relatives was first class and you should all be

exceptionally proud of yourselves.

Please keep doing what you are doing. You are testament

to what can be achieved in the NHS.”

A health visitor (name not given) based at Gnosall GP

Surgery has been praised in an email to the Trust.

“I wanted to email to express my gratitude and thanks for

the support I have received from my health visitor, based at

Gnosall GP Surgery.

Despite being a confident, well informed person, becoming

a parent for the first time was completely life changing and

overwhelming. I can honestly say my health visitor has been

hugely influential in supporting me through the first year of


Her skills are second to none, always listening, never

making you feel like you are making a bad choice and able

to spot and support when you are having a bad week.”

A service user who has recently used the North

Staffordshire Sexual Health service has phoned to say

‘an amazing service and everyone does a fantastic job.’

Well done to the LIS team in Stafford who have received

a compliment which said, “they have been fantastic, they

are all brilliant. They’re polite and will do anything for me.

I’m more than pleased with them. “

Staff can now log their own compliments on the

Safeguard database. Please click here for a guide

on entering compliments from patients/service


When forwarding compliments please ensure

specific details of the message are included so

that all messages can be passed on, and credit

can be given, to the correct teams.

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