Social Media

& Globalization

Over the years as technology has advanced many aspects of

social media have changed and the way that we associated with one

another has changed as well.

One way that social media has changed in today’s society is the

way people have began to express there opinions on certain issues that

we are facing. Such as people posting videos of them protesting and

marching for the rights of those that may have been opressed or have

faced many difficult times. With social media these protest can now be

seen and experienced by many across the world.

Also with social media it presents a new way for many people

across the world to stay connected with one another. Which means

they are able to make a global connection and sprerad ideas with not

only one specific country but all across the world.

“With new access to virtual space and to its

technologies, populations and groups all around

the world will seize their moment, addressing

long-held grievances or new concerns with tenacity

and conviction.”

~ Rebecca Cunnungham and Kathleen Duffy

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