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Davitta Alexander<br />

Life, Love and the Law<br />

We often hear about lawyers getting a bad reputation. The profession as a whole is often given<br />

grievances for being unethical. Ironically enough, it is one of the few professions that is policed<br />

by ethical rules and failure to follow said rules of professional conduct can lead to a lawyer losing the<br />

right to practice or more commonly know as being disbarred. Do not pass GO and do not collect $200!<br />

Divitta Alexander disagrees with this notion of the profession, stating that being a lawyer<br />

is a service job. You are helping those with a problem they can’t handle themselves.<br />

As a young girl growing up she always wanted to become a lawyer and it is rare a person<br />

can live out their childhood dreams. Her story is powerful and filled with motivation<br />

for us to pull from. Why is Divitta Alexander a woman to watch? See for yourself!<br />

A City Honors graduate, she went on to the University of Michigan. It was here Divitta was<br />

inspired by her math professor to pursue a degree in applied mathematics. This would allow<br />

her to teach classes at Buffalo State College such as Algebra and Geometry. She had decided<br />

the next move for her would be to get her Masters in Business Administration (MBA). But<br />

after taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), she decided an MBA would<br />

not be the best choice. It was at this time, during the mid-90’s, that companies such as Enron<br />

were going through turmoil. As a result, she found graduates with an MBA had hard times getting<br />

jobs. Divitta then took some time off and got a job working as a secretary in a law firm. It<br />

was while working here she decided to chase her dream of becoming a lawyer and applied to<br />

law school. Our very own SUNY Buffalo Law School made the great choice in accepting her!<br />

Anyone who has attempted to pursue a degree in law understands the time and hard work<br />

required to finish. However, imagine having a six-month year when you began law school?<br />

Still not tough enough for you? Okay what if you had a second child during law school?<br />

Now, I have your attention. But let me also add to the equation that you do not take any time<br />

off from school. So now, you are a mother, full-time law student, and nothing is free in life so<br />

Davitta Alexander<br />

Counselor<br />

by Chris Killings<br />

you also work a full time job. It would have been easy to make any number of excuses.<br />

Divitta Alexander made none and completed her law degree at U.B. She remembers<br />

she took two months off of work and gave studying for the New York state Bar exam<br />

her full attention. She passed the first time stating, “I had to pass the first time because<br />

I could not afford to spend more time studying for it. My children depended on me.”<br />

And she did not let them down, as she steps up to the plate time and time again.<br />

As a lawyer, she works with a focus on transactional law as it relates to commercial<br />

real estate and affordable housing. She is the dealmaker on your team making<br />

phone calls, reviewing documents and drawing up contracts. Ultimately, bringing<br />

two parties together so that a vacant lot can begin development or two companies<br />

can agree on terms of development. With the ongoing development in the<br />

city, Divitta is keeping busy. While working in this area of law, Divitta has learned<br />

a lot from her various mentors and has developed great technical skills . She has recently<br />

started her own law firm! I know what you’re thinking. She went from taking<br />

calls as a secretary to having to put you on hold because businesses are calling her.<br />

Divitta Alexander, Esq.<br />

Divitta Alexander PLLC<br />

50 Fountain Plaza, Suite 1400-122<br />

Buffalo, New York 14202<br />

Phone: (716) 725-3123<br />

photo by Xavier’s

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