HR Nordic


Meet and work with other experienced HR executives

to crowdsource solutions to critical HR challenges


Friday 28/10:

Increasing the Impact of

HR with People Analytics


Friday 25/11:

Developing a cutting edge

High Volume Recruitment Strategy


The HR Nordic Breakfasts gather a limited number of HR leaders and senior HR professionals from

various industries who share the same passion for strategy, technology and innovation.

The participants are HR movers and shakers, dedicated to finding ways to increase the impact of HR.

Don’t expect PowerPoint presentations or to just sit and listen. These meetings are highly

interactive and your morning will consist of strategic debates, open discussions and group exercises.

Attending these sessions will help you perform better in your role and provide you with a

fresh network that will enable you to move forward when dealing with specific HR issues.

The personal and professional connections that you make at this meeting will be an

ongoing source of support and advice.


SESSION 1: Increasing the Impact of HR with People Analytics

Date: Friday 28th of October 2016 (08.45 to 12.15)

Venue: Copenhagen, Nørrebro Theater

Moderators: Tom Haak & Jouko Van Aggelen

Improving People Analytics is high on the agenda for both leadership and HR. 2016 is a year in which we

have seen the acceleration of many developments to a stage where they can now be applied. With

the combination of scientific findings and both clever and creative people analytics, HR processes

can be improved dramatically. Recruitment and Selection are going to benefit the most with Talent

development and Learning not far behind.

In this interactive session we will focus on investigating the possible impact of people analytics,

especially in the areas of talent sourcing, talent development and workforce planning.


08.45 – 09.30:

09.30 – 09.45:

09.45 – 10.45:

10.45 – 11.00:

11.00 – 12.00:

12.00 – 12.15:


Group interactive breakfast with a guided discussion on the

current state of People Analytics in Denmark

How to start with People Analytics? Model E X P L O R E * (see below)

Group work. The participants are divided into small groups. Concrete cases from the participants

will be reviewed, with a focus on the question: how can people analytics help to deal with these

issues today? Sharing of experiences and best-practices is an integral part of this session

Networking Break

Feedback on the outcomes of the different groups. Thereafter the group will draw

some conclusions, with the aim of producing some guidance for the

Danish HR community on how to benefit most from people analytics.

Final conclusions

Networking Lunch, all participants are welcome



Developing a cutting edge High Volume Recruitment Strategy

Date: Friday 25th of November 2016

Venue: Copenhagen, Dansk Arkitektur Center (DAC)

Moderators: Colin Minto & Dimmy van Zanten

People are your greatest asset, so of course you’ve got to have great recruitment

processes in place. But when you have got large volumes of candidates, the stakes are

even higher.

In attracting and sifting these applicants, it is essential to strike a balance between

efficiency and competing to attract top talent. With high volumes, you also need to

ensure you are delivering an engaging candidate experience that leaves a positive

impression of your brand.

You will get to bounce your ideas off other HR leaders, and work together, hands-on to

build an effective strategy to take away.


08.45 – 09.30:

09.30 – 09.45:

09.45 – 10.45:

10.45 – 11.00:

11.00 – 12.00:

12.00 – 12.15:


Group interactive breakfast with a guided discussion on the

current state of High Volume Recruitment

Discovering the “Six Pillar Talent Lifecycle model” as a guide

Participants will be divided into smaller groups in order to identify which elements of the model

are relevant to High Volume recruitment. They will then crowdsource best practice approaches.

Networking Break

Results will be documented by each group and a feedback wall created.

A copy of the visual model built will be shared with all participants.

Final conclusions

Networking Lunch, all participants are welcome





Opt and act

Reach out


& Monitor



Group HR Director

Global Talent Manager

Recruitment Manager APAC, EMEA & Emerging Markets

Head of Employer Branding & Recruitment

Management Partner

Chief Operation Officer


First opened in July 1886, Nørrebro Teater is a

modern theatre situated in the underground and

hip quarter of Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Every day the theatre puts on edgy

contemporary productions and rocking music

performances - all of them contemporarily written

and composed for a modern theater audience.

The theatre is characterized by its laid back

atmosphere and humoristic shows.

The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) is Denmark's

national Centre for the development and

dissemination of knowledge about architecture,

building and urban development.

Located in an old charming warehouse by

Copenhagen's waterfront, the Danish Architecture

Centre aims to set up dedicated networks to

disseminate information and share knowledge about

the origins, present conditions and value of

architecture, thus encouraging a broader recognition

in society of the importance of high quality standards

in the built environment.

From the bay window in our Restaurant, you can have

lunch, coffee or brunch in the weekends while

enjoying the unique view of Copenhagen's harbor

front and skyline.



Tom Haak

Founder and Author of the ‘Future of HR’


Tom has an extensive experience in HR Management in multinational companies.

From 2006-2014 he was the global HR Director for ARCADIS, the leading global natural

and built asset design and consultancy firm, with 27,000 employees worldwide.

Prior to ARCADIS he worked in senior HR positions at Aon, KPMG and Philips Electronics.

Tom has a keen interest in innovative HR and how organizations can benefit from trend shifts.

Tom is known as an innovator, and in the organizations where he led HR he succeeded to have a large

impact with small teams. Tom has a big international network.

Head of People Analytics


Jouko heads up Cubiks’ people analytics department. Drawing from his wide ranging

experience, Jouko understands the massive opportunities open to employers who

apply people analytics to their talent management processes.

A big data enthusiast, Jouko is passionate about connecting people and data to create actionable insight on

the trends, opportunities and challenges that matter to HR teams.

He believes that people analytics is about much more than algorithms, and he’s passionate about

helping HR understand the unique talent stories big data analytics tells about each and every organisation.

Colin Minto



After 6 years as the Group Head of Resourcing and HR Systems for G4S, the worlds's

second largest private employer with 635 000 employees in 125 countries, Colin founded

Big Idea Talent in 2015.

Big Idea Talent is a diverse network of senior HR, Talent and Resourcing Associates and relevant Service and

Solution Providers. It has the people and solutions to solve all HR, Talent and Resourcing challenges.

He is relied upon by global businesses to lead the re-engineering and transformation of

their resourcing processes.

Dimmy van Zanten

Chief Operating Officer


Dimmy is an international executive leader with expertise in state of the art talent

assessment. With a keen interest in the latest psychometrics and how these can be

best applied in HR, Dimmy is involved with numerous innovative recruitment projects for

Cubiks’ major clients.

He excels in building no-nonsense selection solutions that employers depend on to streamline their

recruitment processes while offering engaging experiences for candidates.

In addition, Dimmy assists leading employers with assessment centres for their most senior levels.

Dimmy works with leaders and executive teams all over the world to help them identify their development

needs and put strategies in place to build on them.


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