Ave Maria Living Magazine | Issue # 1 | September 2016


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While the miscarriages were

devastating, they didn?t give up.

Monica became pregnant with

Bella very shortly after her

second miscarriage. Daniel, who

was really "seeking" at that time

with an open heart and mind,

began to experience his

conversion and Monica

experienced a reversion back to

the faith. She said, "there's

something about becoming a

parent that really makes you

want to improve yourself and be

the best example you can be for

your children. Even when they

are very small and they don't

understand, you know that they

will one day, so you had better

start becoming a better human

being now."

While visiting Monica?s sister in

Steubenville, Ohio, Daniel

happened upon a brochure for

Ave Maria University's Institute

for Pastoral Theology program.

While there, they also attended a

charismatic Mass at Franciscan

University, which was unlike the

Catholic Masses they were

accustomed to. It seemed

serendipitous that he would go to

this Mass and find a brochure for

the IPT program that was located

in Naples, not far from where

they were already living; he felt

called to join, and so he started

the three-year journey. The IPT

was demanding, required

constant study and a lot of hard

work, so while this period of their

lives was extremely busy, the

young couple still always found

the time to develop spiritually, to

spend time with their family, and

for Daniel to pursue his theology


When he started the IPT program,

Daniel said, ?we had one

coffeehouse and one child. When

I finished the program, we had

four coffeehouses and Monica


was pregnant with our third

child.? Monica said, "we just kept

saying yes to God." They were

open to new opportunities and

things just kept developing.

Owning coffeehouses had become

their way of life, not just because

it paid their bills, but because

they enjoyed it. So when they

moved to Ave with a four- and

two-year old, and a six-week old,

opening the Bean made sense.

When they opened The Bean of

Ave Maria, they decided to cash

out on their other coffeehouses,

and the new Bean became a

second home to them and their

children. Bella, Gigi and Josie

could often be found helping

behind the counter and around

the -Quote coffeehouse. Author

Some years after opening the

Bean of Ave Maria, the developers

of the town approached them

about opening a restaurant in La

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