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?You have to

understand, there is

a bond in this

community unlike

anything I have ever

seen before. People

care about each

other in a w ay that is

hard to put into

w ords.?

- Daniel Dix

At this time, Monica also worked at the Montessori school

and cooked meals for a family in town as a private chef.

Monica?s experience in becoming a mom had also led her to

become a Bradley Method instructor. The objective of the

Bradley Method is to help women through a pregnancy with

the least amount of interventions. ?It was really cool too

that my mother-in-law did the classes with us, and then

she went off and took training to become a Doula. She was

there for Bella and Gigi?s births,? Monica said.

And speaking of family members being present at births,

Bella was at Rosa?s birth, which was a special moment for

the family. She had expressed interest in being there from

the beginning of Monica?s pregnancy and though Monica

was worried that it would be a long labor and Bella might

get bored, Rosa didn?t take too long to come out and Bella

got to be there for the whole thing.

So, even though they were tired and struggling financially,

they were very appreciative to be a part of this great

community; a community that was always willing to help

when there was a need, even if it was just through the

power of prayer. It was neighbor helping neighbor, truly

caring for one another. And the Dix family was

well-accustomed to their neighbors?generosity. Daniel said,

at one time, there was a regular Queen Mary patron who

asked him how much it cost to send his children to Ave

Maria Grammar and Preparatory School, now Rhodora J.

Donahue Academy. After that conversation, Daniel would

periodically receive a check in the mail for exactly that cost.

One of the local priests who lived near them in La Piazza

would often put money in an envelope and leave it at their

doorstep. ?You have to understand,? Daniel explains, ?there

is a bond in this community unlike anything that I have

ever seen before. People care about each other in a way

that is hard to put into words.?

Looking back, Daniel said he remembers many a time in the

early days of the Bean that people from the community

would come to ask if they could buy some milk or eggs. He

said they were a bit of a convenience store considering

there was nothing else around for several miles. Although

they felt the business was a success, because it was

something the community really desired, it was a

financially difficult time for the country. ?Practically

everyone in town was a customer,? Monica remembers,

?but after the housing collapse? there just weren?t that

many of us.?

Eventually, the town started to grow and the financial

situation of the Bean and Queen Mary Pub began looking

up. By 2014, both businesses were doing quite well but

Monica and Daniel were ready for a change. Monica was

pregnant with Rosa at the time, and Daniel was looking at

other career options that didn?t require rising before the

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