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sun and going to sleep early into

the next morning. They sold both


When Daniel was interviewed by

the Ave Herald after selling the

businesses, he said, "The early

years, though hard financially, will

always be fondly remembered by

my family. The faithful pioneers of

those days were a truly

remarkable group of people. I feel

very fortunate to have had a small

part in the birth of this amazing

place. I have made some of the

best friends of my life in that

coffeehouse and in that pub.?

Their current lifestyle allows them

more time as a family. One of the

activities they enjoy is running

races together. Monica said that

when Bella started running Track

& Field in the fourth grade, it

made her want to get involved. ?It

just looked like so much fun. It

motivated me. Plus, it?s something

we can do together. In fact, one

time, Bella helped me to push the

stroller with Gabby and Rosa

across a finish line,? Monica said.

?And she used to ride in it, the

same stroller that I?ve had for 11

years, and here she was pushing it

over the finish line. It was really


You can find Daniel and Monica

running around town before the

sun rises with other runners in

the Ave Maria community.

The family lives in Emerson Park

and owns a few other rental

properties throughout Ave. Daniel,

who has always been interested in

real estate, is an agent for 84 o Real

Estate, a job he really enjoys.

Monica describes Dan as a

problem solver, and he feels like

helping people to learn about the

industry, buy, sell, and find the

right homes for their families,

allows him the opportunity to help

solve problems every day. He also

manages the Braden Clinic, which

is located in La Piazza. ?I have two

very rewarding jobs,? Daniel said,

?and I continue to feel blessed by

this community. I have lived in

France, Italy, Washington D.C., all

over, and Ave Maria is where I

want to be.?

Monica has enjoyed staying home

with her five beautiful girls whom

she had been homeschooling, but

is now transitioning into having

four of them in school in Naples

and just having Rosa home with

her. She?s looking forward to

maybe taking an art class or two.

When she was pregnant with

Rosa, she would come home from

working at the Montessori school

feeling so sick, she would just sit

in a chair and rest. She recalls not

being able to read or watch TV

because it would make her feel

nauseous, but drawing made her

feel good. She started drawing her

family while they were watching

TV because it was the only time

they would sit still and realized

the drawings were pretty good.

?I noticed that people who had

known me for six or seven years

by then had no idea I was an

artist, and I thought, ?who?s fault is

that?!?? I felt like I was hiding a

part of me,? Monica said. Since

then, she?s always made time to


Daniel and Monica celebrated their

19th wedding anniversary this

August and enjoy living an active

and healthy lifestyle. They feel so

blessed to call this wonderful

community home.

These days, on a Sunday after

Mass, the family of seven (eight

including Swagger), can be found

together at home. Chet Baker plays

on their stereo, while the family

enjoys a spread of bread, gluten

free crackers, meats, cheeses and

fruit. The girls excitedly talk about

the upcoming start of school,

cracking jokes with each other and

taking turns sharing stories.

It is great to see the love and

admiration that the girls have for

their parents and their

perseverance through the more

difficult times. One of Daniel?s most

priceless memories is from when

?I noticed that

people w ho had

know n me for six

or seven years by

then had no idea I

w as an artist, and I

thought 'w ho's

fault is that?!' - I

felt like I w as

hiding a part of


- Monica Dix

he was running the Napa Valley

Marathon in California and Bella

was watching the race with her

aunt. Daniel suffered a pretty

severe injury during the race

which slowed him down

tremendously. Bella waited and

waited for him at the finish line.

After learning of the injury, Bella?s

aunt suggested they go looking for

Daniel because perhaps he

wouldn?t be able to finish the race.

Bella insisted no, they should not

do that because ?Dixes never quit!?

Shortly after, she cheered loudly

as she watched him hobble across

the finish line. She was right. If

this example alone didn?t prove it,

every piece of their lives leading

up to it has made it abundantly

clear that if one thing is for

certain, it?s that Dixes never quit.


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