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?Throughout my entire 30?s I toiled with the call to build a mission and

serve the poor? something with which I am still toiling. More than a

year ago I awoke one day utterly exhausted and unable to go on?

and yet, found myself continuing for a little while more. Plagiarizing

yet another saint, I recently read a quote saying: ?The Lord asks us to

do what we can until we no longer have the capacity? and then He

takes over and does it.?Well, I was at that point? I couldn?t go on, and

then He sent me the most beautiful angel my eyes have ever seen. Her

name is Lorelei. Our discernment for a future life together began to

burst wide open as we decided to do a 33-day consecration retreat to

Our Lady.?

During a trip to the Philippines, Paul proposed with his grandmother?s

ring. Lorelei made the courageous decision to leave everything

behind: her family, her friends, her home, and her job, to unite with

her future husband in continuing the mission. They were married on

April 26, 2016 in the Philippines and, after joining Couples for Christ,

traveled to Nicaragua as one to continue building up Guadalupe

Gardens together. They know that the road ahead will be a difficult

one and they are prepared to experience the cross of marriage.


a lay missionary, with such an initiative as this. I am sure

that it was not the easiest decision you have made, but as

your namesake, St. Paul, has written in Romans 8:28, 'to

those who love God, everything works together unto

good.' I would love to go visit Nicaragua someday and

partake in your mission, God willing. I come from a

missionary family myself (my parents have gone on

mission to India to establish Couples for Christ there), and

I have been to the southern cities of the Philippines

during my high school years to establish Youth for Christ

there. Right now I am involved in Gawad Kalinga, a

poverty eradication movement with programs for shelter,

health, education, livelihood, values formation, community

empowerment and environment. Please email me back. I

would love to hear more about your mission and perhaps

we can exchange best practices that can help us improve

in our respective missions.? Bing was also active in

Singles for Christ.

It was this response that sparked conversations that

quickly developed into a relationship, a quenching of the

thirst for companionship that Paul so desired. As they

continued to discern their vocation together, they were

amazed at the numerous confirmations Our Lady and the

Holy Spirit showered upon them. Paul writes:

At their wedding, they followed an old Croatian tradition for marriage. Lorelei writes:

?Aside from the


bouquet, I

carried a

crucifix and,

before w e

kissed, w e each

kissed the

crucifix first."

- Lorelei de la Cruz Rush

?Aside from the traditional bouquet, I carried a crucifix and, before we kissed, we each kissed the crucifix

first. It is a practice from the Croatian people of ?iroki Brijeg in Bosnia and Herzegovina that reminds

couples that their married life is their way to salvation. Each may, at times, be a cross for the other

because both are sinners, and Christ is manifested in their marriage as their salvation.The crucifix used at

their weddings is placed in a prominent place in the couple?s home, and in times of trouble, they look upon

the cross and are reminded of their wedding vows. It is effective, for indeed, no record of divorce has ever

been filed among the 26,000 residents of that town.?

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