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In the Vicinity - Help the Universe Help You

A new spiritual awakening is occurring in human culture which became evident in the late 1950’s – 60’s, but only to a few esoteric few. It is now growing and gathering momentum as evidenced with thousands of books and “new age” groups and shops. This is bringing about a critical mass of individuals who experience their lives as a spiritual unfolding; a journey in which we are led forward by seemingly mysterious coincidence. People are beginning to realise that the old paradigm is no longer working. People are choosing alternative lifestyles that include an awareness of the benefits of nature and the critical impact we are having on the planet. Health practitioners are becoming more holistic in their approach giving recognition to several modalities of treatments. Even large corporations are acknowledging the benefits of reducing stress evidenced by the amount of companies providing meditation time and more relaxed office environments for their employees. Health insurance companies provide incentives for their members to belong to physical fitness programs. It would seem that the world is readying itself for the next step in humanity’s evolution. If you are restless and not sure why; if you feel stressed more than relaxed; if you feel like your life has hit a roadblock and you don’t know why, then you may be ready to examine why you feel your life isn’t working at an optimal level. You may be ready to take the next step in your evolution. The In the Vicinity Program has been developed to help you become aware of your personal energy and how the energy of others can affect you as well and how your energy influences others. You will learn that “coincidences” aren’t always just random events and that our lives are full of synchronistic occurrences when we begin to look for and recognise them for what they are. You will learn that the Universe is endless with possibilities and is always working to give you what you need and desire. You will develop tools that allow you to be In the vicinity where you are an active participant in your life’s purpose and realising your highest desires.

In the Vicinity - Help the Universe Help

In the Vicinity
In the Vicinity